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Serial: EB-00126 -
Commitment, Delusion, Ceremony, Chanting, Bell
May 21 1997


Serial: EB-00125 -
Posture, Instruction, Letting Go, Gratitude, Liberation
May 19 1997

Mothers' Day

Serial: SF-03101 Sunday Lecture: being born from a mother guarantees two ingredients, a bit of love and suffering, both necessary for enlightenment. The essential point of zen is questioning; on questioning -
Manjushri, Commitment, Karma, Four Noble Truths, Letting Go, Religion, zen meditation, Buddha...
May 11 1997
Green Gulch


Serial: EB-00003 -
Ceremony, Thich Nhat Hanh, Concentration, Balance, Buddha Nature
May 07 1997


Serial: EB-00124 -
Ceremony, Thich Nhat Hanh, Concentration, Balance, Buddha Nature
May 07 1997


Serial: EB-00123 -
Ceremony, Greed, Passions, Silence, Death
May 04 1997

Think Neither Good Nor Bad

Serial: SF-00962 -
Sangha, resistance, Suzuki Roshi, Anger, Nirvana, Offering, Describe, Lay, confusion, Peace...
Apr 30 1997

The Most Important Thing: Just This As It Is

Serial: SF-00091 -
Gratitude, Suzuki Roshi, Monastic Practice, Don't Know Mind, Practice Period, Tassajara,...
Apr 26 1997

Buddha's Birthday

Serial: SF-03098 Sunday Lecture -
Buddha's Birthday, Ceremony, Bell, Heart Sutra, Humility, Chanting, Renewal, Nirvana,...
Apr 06 1997
Green Gulch


Serial: SF-00101 -
Hindrances, Heart Sutra, Mahayana, Zazen, Letting Go, Vimalakirti, Suzuki Roshi, Nirvana,...
Mar 15 1997

Sunday Lecture

Serial: SF-03637 -
Big Mind, Ceremony, Buddha Mind, Suzuki Roshi, Right Speech, Practice Period, Precepts, Soto...
Mar 09 1997
Green Gulch

No Species Is Only Itself

Serial: SF-03103 Sunday Lecture: Tigers are awesome, unchained wildness; species are disappearing; every species exists as an important factor in the world of many other species; for humans, creatures not only of our physical world but also of... -
Forgiveness, Dream World, Mindfulness, Ego, Four Foundations, Commitment, Beginners, Letting...
Mar 02 1997
Green Gulch

March 1st, 1997, Serial No. 04350

Serial: SF-04350 -
Manjushri, Avalokiteshvara, Thich Nhat Hanh, Priest
Mar 01 1997

Recollections of Early Zen

Serial: SF-00121 -
Lotus Sutra, Precepts, Priest, training, Lineage, Lay, Zendo, Rinzai, Fox, Demons...
Feb 08 1997
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Green Gulch Farm

Recollections of Early Zen

Serial: SF-00122 -
Priest, Demons, Vinaya, Funeral, Religion, Ceremony, Lay Practice, Six Realms, training, Faith...
Feb 08 1997
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Green Gulch Farm

Recollections of Early Zen

Serial: SF-00123 -
Priest, Rinzai, Peace, Ceremony, New Year, Mahayana, Zazen, Diversity, Funeral, Lineage...
Feb 08 1997
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Green Gulch Farm

Poetry of Enlightenment

Serial: SF-00071 Class -
realization, Emptiness, Echo, Dragons, Balance, Bell, Priest, Emotions, Freedom, Doubt...
Feb 04 1997

Song of Jewel Mirror Samadhi

Serial: SF-00072 5:00 class -
Buddha Ancestors, Four Noble Truths, Absolute-and-Relative, Emptiness, Samadhi, Concentration...
Feb 04 1997

February 2nd, 1997, Serial No. 03623

Serial: SF-03623 Sunday Lecture -
Practice Period, Mindfulness, Precepts, Funeral, Obstacles, Vows, Priest, Freedom...
Feb 02 1997
Green Gulch


Serial: SF-02725 Sesshin #1 (Post-it note from Lou "Do you have a tape player? I'd like to check this one more time") -
Intimacy, Anger, Suzuki Roshi, Bowing, Separation, Ego, Tassajara, Oneness, Chanting, Zendo...
Jan 15 1997

On Breath and Breathing

Serial: SF-03114 Sunday Lecture - if you pick up one piece of dust, the whole universe comes with it -
Emotions, Mindfulness, zen meditation, Four Noble Truths, confusion, Hindrances, Funeral, Echo...
Jan 12 1997
Green Gulch

Mindfulness Sutra

Serial: SF-00069 January PP Class; introduction of Mindfulness Sutra; quotes from Henry David Thoreau and Walt Whitman; Walden and Leaves of Grass. -
Mindfulness, Four Foundations, Four Noble Truths, Forgiveness, Concentration, Letting Go,...
Jan 08 1997
Green Gulch Farm

Willingness To Be With Our Difficulties

Serial: SF-01063 -
Hate, Four Noble Truths, Suzuki Roshi, Right Speech, Conversation, resistance, Liberation,...
Dec 28 1996

On The Dharma Transmission Ceremony

Serial: SF-03638 Sunday Lecture -
Transmission, Ceremony, Vows, Intimacy, Tassajara, Teacher-and-Student, Buddha Nature, Six...
Dec 15 1996
Green Gulch

Die Into Who You Are

Serial: SF-02711 Rohatsu Sesshin -
Chanting, Suzuki Roshi, realization, Heart Sutra, Birth-and-Death, Letting Go, Delusion,...
Dec 06 1996

Be Completely Who You Are

Serial: SF-02709B Rohatsu Sesshin -
Emptiness, Suzuki Roshi, Happiness, Anger, Emotions, Zazen, Ceremony
Dec 05 1996

Just Die On Exhalation

Serial: SF-02709A Rohatsu Sesshin "(a keeper)" -
Emptiness, Birth-and-Death, Letting Go, Composure, Bodhidharma, Impermanence, Posture...
Dec 04 1996

Expound the Dharma with This Body by Letting Life Bloom Through You

Serial: SF-02710B Rohatsu Sesshin -
Instruction, Suzuki Roshi, Hate, Zazen
Dec 03 1996

Expounding the Dharma with This Body

Serial: SF-02710A Rohatsu Sesshin -
Practice Period, Suzuki Roshi, Patience, Gratitude, Observe, Balance, Anger
Dec 02 1996


Serial: SF-03106 Sunday Lecture -
Manjushri, Samadhi, Oneness, confusion, Darkness and Light, Perfect Wisdom, Intimacy,...
Dec 01 1996
Green Gulch

Sandokai Class

Serial: SF-03176 -
Evil, Religion, Funeral, Tassajara, Discrimination, Suzuki Roshi, Emptiness, Oneness, Practice...
Nov 25 1996
Green Gulch

Sandokai Class

Serial: SF-03177 Like forward and backwards steps - phenomenon exist like box and cover joining, principle accords like arrows points meeting -
Oneness, Suzuki Roshi, Absolute-and-Relative, Practice Period, Tassajara, Attachment, Religion...
Nov 19 1996
Green Gulch


Serial: EB-00122 -
Posture, Dragons, Balance, Don't Know Mind, War
Nov 18 1996


Serial: EB-00121 -
Posture, Dragons, Balance, Don't Know Mind, War
Nov 16 1996

Lessons From the Movie 'Secrets and Lies'

Serial: SF-03215 One-day sitting -
Mindfulness, Commitment, Practice Period, Equanimity, Emotions, Letting Go, Posture, confusion...
Nov 16 1996
Green Gulch

Effort - While You're Already Perfect

Serial: SF-02761 -
Heart Sutra, Suzuki Roshi, Emptiness, realization, Precepts, Passions, Right Effort, Zazen,...
Nov 13 1996

Sandokai Class

Serial: SF-03178 -
Oneness, Darkness and Light, Practice Period, Separation, Karma, Emptiness, Politics, Light-...
Nov 13 1996
Green Gulch

Sandokai Class

Serial: SF-03180 -
Discrimination, Oneness, Darkness and Light, Letting Go, Branching Streams, Interdependence,...
Nov 05 1996
Green Gulch

Sandokai Class

Serial: SF-03181 -
Oneness, Interdependence, Branching Streams, Light-and-Darkness, Politics, Delusion, Suzuki...
Oct 29 1996
Green Gulch

Which is the Real Shin?

Serial: SF-03135 Sunday Lecture - Seeing and understanding desire -
Ceremony, Forgiveness, Addiction, Practice Period, Demons, confusion, Hate, Bodhisattva...
Oct 27 1996
Green Gulch

Being Open To Life's Process As It Is

Serial: SF-03216 One-day sitting -
Posture, Intimacy, Zazen, resistance, Ego, Greed, Concentration, Instruction, Zendo, confusion...
Oct 19 1996
Green Gulch

Including The Unincluded

Serial: SF-03136 Sunday Lecture - life, the path as the neverending journey of inclusiom that starts with ourselves where we are now, where we have been and from there just goes deep and deeper, wider and wider endlessly. -
Forgiveness, Practice Period, Silence, Offering, Anger, Diversity, Ordination, Peace,...
Oct 13 1996
Green Gulch

Practicing With Afflictive Emotions

Serial: SF-02722 Antidotes - Shantidvea/Dalai Lama/Hui Hai -
Forgiveness, Anger, Emotions, Suzuki Roshi, Non-duality, Tassajara, Offering, Conversation,...
Oct 09 1996

Jewel Mirror Samadhi Class

Serial: SF-03187 -
Five Ranks, Delusion, Lotus Sutra, Soto Zen, Observe, Forgiveness, Echo, soto, Separation,...
Oct 07 1996
Green Gulch

Jewel Mirror Samadhi Class

Serial: SF-03188 -
Five Ranks, Delusion, Absolute-and-Relative, Attachment, Emptiness, Soto Zen, soto, Right...
Oct 03 1996
Green Gulch

The Eight Stages of Monastic Life

Serial: SF-03132 Sunday Lecture - monastic way of wholeness, a sacred way, a sacred place, a clear pace that lives at the bottom of our hearts and is reflected back to us in a religious life. -
Monastic Practice, Lineage, Commitment, Letting Go, Practice Period, Renunciation, Priest-and-...
Sep 29 1996
Green Gulch


Serial: SF-00089 -
Practice Period, Study Period, Bodhisattva Way, Vows, Bodhisattva Vow, Patience, Birth-and-...
Sep 28 1996

Jewel Mirror Samadhi Class

Serial: SF-03189 -
Precious Mirror, Delusion, Teacher-and-Student, Freedom, Letting Go, Attachment, confusion,...
Sep 24 1996
Green Gulch

The Five Skandhas

Serial: SF-03634 One-day sitting -
Skandas, Interview, Balance, Heart Sutra, Attachment, Manjushri, Lotus Sutra, Soto Zen,...
Sep 21 1996
Green Gulch


Serial: SF-00050 -
Lotus Sutra, Obstacles, Chanting, realization
Sep 14 1996