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Serial: EB-00048 The talk explores the relationship between bodily awareness and mindfulness, focusing on the interaction with and awareness of various body parts such as hands, hips, and feet. The discussion delves into how often people neglect...
Rumi, Letting Go, Ceremony, Freedom, Conversation
Apr 15 2007

Developing Confidence in Buddha Nature

Serial: SF-00074 Sunday talk.Koan with the wild ducks; story of the king who questioned the Buddha; report on global warming. The talk at Green Gulch Farm delves into the concept of embracing one's true nature amidst distractions, utilizing various teachings and anecdotes from Zen Buddhism. Themes include recognizing and overcoming the delusions...
Global Warming, Buddha Mind, Hindrances, Delusion, Practice Period, Dragons, Lineage, Describe...
Mar 18 2007
Green Gulch Farm


Serial: EB-00047 The talk critiques the conventional approach of spiritual teachings that emphasize directive methods, such as instructing what to do or not to do, which is contrasted with allowing natural awareness and awakening without forced...
Big Mind, Instruction, Peace, Rumi, Don't Know Mind
Nov 12 2006

Seijiki Ceremony - Relating to Death and Dying

Serial: SF-00029 Heading into winter; what is the most important thing at the end of your life? taking refuge; how are we also hungry ghosts; six realms. The talk explores the thematic elements of the Seijiki ceremony, relating to death, dying, and the surreality of hungry ghosts within Buddhist teachings. The focus is on how the ceremony serves as a cushion between life and the...
Ceremony, Offering, Vows, Ordination, Death-and-Dying, Six Realms, Sangha, Emptiness, Samadhi...
Oct 29 2006

Right Speech

Serial: SF-00037 The eight-fold path and its relationship to the precepts. The talk focuses on the concept of right speech as part of the Buddhist eightfold path, specifically in relation to the precept ceremonies in Zen Buddhism, using koans as a mode of instruction. It discusses daily practice and the...
Right Speech, Suzuki Roshi, Conversation, Heart Sutra, Zazen, Buddha Nature, Precepts,...
Sep 16 2006


Serial: EB-00046 The talk centers on the exploration of inner conflicts and the metaphorical 'ogres' that one faces in various relationships such as those between parents and children, teachers and students, and within oneself. It...
Bell, Way-Seeking Mind, Silence, Demons
Aug 27 2006


Serial: EB-00045 The talk centers on the cultural attitudes toward food, especially in the context of waste and consumption. The discussion elaborates on the importance of treating food with care and reverence, reflecting Zen teachings,...
Culture, Ordinary Mind, Money, Way-Seeking Mind, Lay
Jul 16 2006

July 2nd, 2006, Serial No. 04351

Serial: SF-04351 The talk examines how American foundational principles, particularly those encapsulated within the Declaration of Independence, resonate with Buddhist teachings about liberation and universal happiness. It discusses the...
Happiness, Freedom, Liberation, Enemies, Interdependence
Jul 02 2006

April 29th, 2006, Serial No. 04332

Serial: SF-04332 The talk focuses on explicating the concept of "Genjo Koan" from the text *Genjo Koan* by Eihei Dogen, emphasizing its application to everyday practice in Zen Buddhism. Instead of seeking dramatic, enlightened experiences (Kensho...
Separation, Blue Cliff Record, Building, Practice Period
Apr 29 2006

The Great Matter

Serial: SF-00085 How awareness of death, and our own mortality, spurs us to greater effort in practice. The talk at the Beginner's Mind Temple centers on awareness of mortality as a catalyst for deepening commitment to spiritual and ethical practice. It draws on various literary and philosophical sources to underscore the...
Birth-and-Death, Suzuki Roshi, Impermanence, Gratitude, Heart Sutra, Ceremony, Mindfulness,...
Mar 11 2006
City Center


Serial: EB-00043 -
Enemies, Dragons, Rumi, Silence, Bell
Mar 05 2006


Serial: EB-00044 -
Enemies, Dragons, Rumi, Silence, Bell
Mar 05 2006

Practice Period

Serial: SF-00034 Origins of PP, meaning of 'ango'; Dogen's essay; resistance; hermit Jim; Rumi poems. -
Practice Period, Buddha Ancestors, Zazen, Tassajara, resistance, Bell, Duality, Aspects of...
Feb 19 2006


Serial: SF-00115 Taking refuge; our true place; funzo; placing robe on the head; story from vinaya about silk. -
Discrimination, Doubt, Offering, Attachment, Peace, Patience, Transmission, Letting Go,...
Feb 01 2006

January 11th, 2006, Serial No. 04358

Serial: SF-04358 -
Evil, Happiness, Bodhisattva Way, Commitment, Peace
Jan 11 2006

December 4th, 2005, Serial No. 04352

Serial: SF-04352 -
Patience, Kshanti, Enthusiasm, Virya, Politics
Dec 04 2005


Serial: EB-00056 -
Instruction, Posture, Sangha, training, Zendo
Oct 09 2005


Serial: EB-00042 -
training, Buddha Nature, Book of Serenity, Evil, Desire
Aug 18 2005


Serial: EB-00041 -
Impermanence, Sutra, Delusion, Patience
Aug 15 2005


Serial: EB-00040 -
Patience, Addiction, Way-Seeking Mind, Impermanence
Jul 31 2005


Serial: EB-00055 -
Patience, Addiction, Way-Seeking Mind, Impermanence
Jul 31 2005

July 11th, 2005, Serial No. 06992

Serial: SF-06992 -
Tassajara, Hongzhi, Practice Period, Zendo
Jul 11 2005

July 10th, 2005, Serial No. 07015

Serial: SF-07015 -
Buddha Mind, Tassajara, Nirvana, Practice Period, Bodhidharma
Jul 10 2005

Natural Liberation

Serial: SF-00035 Sunday talk.Buddha teaches liberation; methods of liberation; birth and death is itself nirvana. -
Birth-and-Death, Liberation, Renunciation, Nirvana, Freedom, Letting Go, Samsara, Ceremony,...
Jun 26 2005


Serial: EB-00039 -
Letting Go, Oneness, Faith, Obstacles, Hindrances
Jun 18 2005


Serial: EB-00038 -
Dragons, Global Warming, Lay, Don't Know Mind
May 16 2005

March 26th, 2005, Serial No. 04331

Serial: SF-04331 -
Bodhisattva Way, Monkey Mind, Mahayana, Global Warming, Karmic Consciousness...
Mar 26 2005

Zen Of Business Administration

Serial: SF-00036 Sunday Talk.Life at Green Gulch in the 1970s; giving, fearlessness; improv; no mistakes; parenting. -
Tassajara, practicing generosity, Interview, Suzuki Roshi, Mill Valley, Daily Life, Koan,...
Mar 20 2005
Green Gulch Farm

Way Seeking Mind

Serial: SF-00044 The route to becoming a zen monk; growing up Jewish and hanging out with the beats; meeting Suzuki Roshi. -
Monastic Practice, Japan, Way-Seeking Mind, Suzuki Roshi, Monastic Practice, Priest,...
Mar 13 2005

March 13th, 2005, Serial No. 04378

Serial: SF-04378 -
Impermanence, Attachment, Bodhisattva Vow, Rumi, Letting Go
Mar 13 2005

Two Paths to the Dharma

Serial: SF-00080 -
training, Practice Period, Liberation, Bodhidharma, Mahayana, Study Period, Lineage, Letting...
Mar 04 2005


Serial: EB-00037 -
Buddha Nature, Don't Know Mind, Ordinary Mind, confusion, Religion
Jan 30 2005

November 13th, 2004, Serial No. 04335

Serial: SF-04335 -
Vimalakirti, Priest, Manjushri, Separation
Nov 13 2004


Serial: EB-00036 -
Ceremony, Desire, Peace, Way-Seeking Mind, Big Mind
Nov 07 2004

Buddha Nature and the Ugly Duckling

Serial: SF-00056 Zendo lecture; feeling of not fitting in and not belonging that sends us towards spiritual practice. -
Lotus Sutra, Buddha Nature, Ego, Delusion, training, Precepts, stubbornness, Posture, Zendo,...
Nov 06 2004


Serial: SF-00077 Relationship with the rules while training. -
training, Practice Period, Vinaya, Emotions, Don't Know Mind, Mindfulness, Balance,...
Oct 20 2004


Serial: EB-00034 -
true dharma, Hindrances, Commitment, Vows, Desire
Jul 26 2004


Serial: EB-00035 -
true dharma, Hindrances, Commitment, Vows, Desire
Jul 26 2004


Serial: EB-00033 -
Priest, Zendo, Sutra, Ceremony, Okesa
May 29 2004


Serial: EB-00026 -
Ordinary Mind, Practice Period, Tatsugami, Mill Valley, Zendo
May 04 2004


Serial: EB-00031 -
American, Describe, Bell, Observe
May 04 2004


Serial: EB-00032 -
Ordinary Mind, Practice Period, Tatsugami, Mill Valley, Zendo
May 04 2004


Serial: EB-00029 -
Intimacy, Tenzo, Instruction, Soto Zen, Priest
May 03 2004


Serial: EB-00030 -
Intimacy, Tenzo, Instruction, Bowing, Chanting
May 03 2004


Serial: EB-00028 -
American, MM-12, Describe, Bell, Observe
May 02 2004


Serial: EB-00027 -
American, Describe, Bell, Observe
May 02 2004


Serial: EB-00022 -
Tenzo, Zendo, realization, Practice Period, Beginners
May 01 2004


Serial: EB-00023 -
Discrimination, Tenzo, Offering, Community, Commitment
May 01 2004


Serial: EB-00025 -
Discrimination, Tenzo, Offering, Community, Commitment
May 01 2004


Serial: EB-00024 -
Discrimination, Tenzo, Offering, Community, Commitment
May 01 2004