Practicing With Afflictive Emotions

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Antidotes - Shantidvea/Dalai Lama/Hui Hai

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for all
i'd rather on these once in a talks with everybody would come on a classroom of a little more intimate from this group financing some right to due process clause was too controversial for fun this phone
since of that have coincide separation

sorry for moving together at
karma guide to the been substance of life
nobody saucer of avatar
and i think that i mentioned some last week
set of
different her perfume past of
ah tibetan style
as of teaching and the zen style of teaching
i'm a ago tibet and teacher named time to come in the show
an anti-trump that version i gave a tango
teaching at congrats
ah tanto episode episode memorial
teaching us the mom when practice for transactional so much for those that is presented here about this gradual approach our graduate the path of preparation
ah watch the dalai lama space i of visual in now
in talking about it in the structure of a set and shop generations commentator for the talks about well first entice about the benefits of bullshit and then he talks about set of prepare to
preparing to
make our commitment to this mind of awakening and a preparation
ha he through or this offering and purification the seven branch or for the auditors and offerings and
retention russian and confession and now this is many steps of preparation
and i
so this is what my title club shows tissues this whole wrong preparation of the mind for
acquiring this great ah attitude or mine
this this less fortunate and an official attitude with mine called bodhicitta
and then in the afternoon of emotion was giving lectures on sand and a certain point title from
i appreciate said something like zam programs from the balloon was non-duality
and in our tradition robinson with this home gradual path and
i finally had an ability for us non drowsy is a very advanced practice
and i thought i would prefer the not an example of that
in the sensation of her hi
translated by john phone
and there
so this was a full tang dynasty same teacher and there's a question and answer going on in which someone approaches for the ins and now right is the what is the entrance
by that means can vote of our school be entered
and will i said by means of down upon enter
donna pie mutation may remember is the first of the six professions and the burnside for into the profession of driving on generosity
and monks has been removed data per meter member six planet as well and so than a into and i'm going to what about the others

by process tomato pepper third understand that clarify of all proceeds from the banner meta and that that by its practice our levels and for from
rise of car vampire hunter
donna means relinquishment
my freshmen of what
relinquishment of the dualism of opposites
it was the title relinquishment of eyebrows as to the dual nature of pretty bad being and marble a version for the non-verbal concentration and distraction pure and impure by whether all of them up who retained to a state
because our absence are seen as well
the rural practice of the banner pam to entails achieving this stuff without any far as now i see that opposite so verb but now i have relinquish them all
set a pattern would have some some really ah
site or some moment a very settled quiet concentrated zazen hall
i am experiencing somebody set ever happened to you
i have had a great inside pump
cause the bubble this
pumpkins the problem was set up this dualism now of i and an experience or i and some other projects who hasn't had this great experience or anyhow some kind of dualism has been set up by
that thought and my experiment seems that when that happens
that rather a state of mind was it goes poof
so to relinquish all tourism was at the said oh now i have relinquish them
no also and the simultaneous pilot the simultaneous cutting off of the main types of concurrent causes
for this one windsor cut off of the whole dominator becomes home and most famous of the drama nature moons the man dwelling the mind upon anything whatsoever doesn't say that doesn't say not thinking of in the none dwelling of the mind on anything whatever
we don't grasp on to thoughts
what's that state is achieved not a single from can be discerned why because i've surfed nature is a material and does not contain a single thing for him to itself
that which contains nelson the thing is true rarity the marvelous form that targeted
there was certain the diamond sutra bills will relinquish our firms or clair brothers
services or that kind of a demonstration of
actually this is called was interesting route high on several elimination this a side of the seven school
who can turn into the water institution can swim
how would get introduced to nine variety
from the verge of joining in this tradition addition ishimaru look at sunland get his mind with some care will find an a free lecture
suzuki roshi make some
reference to non-duality
even when is giving instruction on sitting posture when they remember he talks about where when you said for lotus you put your right right leg on your left thigh from the left live on your right thigh and when you're sitting this way there's no telling which side as which there's no
distinction between left and right

what the sir
this is a very compassionate approach just right now
to drop
lol distinctions
and enter into
the mind of that covered
but it's also a very compassionate approach to or to give some guidance about well if if if it's just if we can't find a way to do that
somehow we just can't get a job after one hundred foot pole quite wet is there's something we can do in the meantime
well yes we can
we can really attend to what what are all of the
pro benefits
i have cultivating this mind of awakening call bodhicitta
ah rising
ways of preparing our mind
to arrive
it was a special state of mind
when can make prostrations
we can make many prostrations which are an antidote to pride and arrogance
ah and can pay homage to all of those who have ah
tread this pass before us and shown us the way
mission make offerings we can offer
flowers incense slowed
the whole vast blue sky and all of the flowers of the few years and the entire universe to all the buddhas and bodhisattvas
and the dalai lama says how can i do that even how can we offer something that you don't own the head of it was created by the collective karma of all of us here so when participate in all of it sort of can offer at all
and then we'll take russians
in nevada
and the dharma and sangha
and it has taken refuge the die a lot of point said something that i'd like to call to your attention
have been ruling the swift
this commentary over their allowance the flash writing in the dark of night
i really recommend it at some food to right for both as most of those rowdy is
he talks about
concerning the russians and the buddha
the opens his companion with logic verse he has become authentic and knows how to help things i pressed through to the buddha the cigar gotta the protector
what analysis room that authentic man was free from suffering and fear and who knows how to through others
he helps our brings impartial and with groups and passion protecting all and need he did not however appear spontaneously without any cause that's an eternal creator who has not always been authentic he has become an asset of refuge as a result
have a definite causes and conditions to flew his desire to help others
when the boat of himself as an omen been wanting to be happy to avoid suffering he as that these feelings were shared by air others and he was moved by great compassion to free them from sorrow and bring about their happiness
searching has become authentic
the water everywhere by compassion saheb have suffered a know that the cause of their saffron as the uncontrolled turbulence of their minds she moved how to help them
he knew that their miles were uncultured ultimately because of ignorance
the mistaken belief in the reality of things
can you to how to contract counteract those with the wisdom of emptiness for a buddha is one who knows how to help beings by showing them that they should do and what they should avert and above a to reverse them the wisdom of realize
zing emptiness
and so on
in the same school
the teacher says
that's how it is give up
give up on to our the recognize the weirdness of air condition things
the pub tradition there is more
it was my preparation to that and more explanation and more logical foundation
someone in the discussion group this afternoon was saying though i was running a solution will have to find a ten of every moment and be careful every moment and want your mind every moment i can't do that then that's just it just makes it harder for me and i just this is not
the have services really hard and then
and i think i have to look at you know to look at this advice from the dalai lama
from shunted over or from the buddha's teaching altogether
models have to
that a bit too bad if you don't do it you know just add central than just the panting yourself this is just advice
from people who have practiced this practice
were found to be helpful
and we're recommending it to us
because they have found it to be helpful
were found
the emptiness of all conditions things
recognizing the non substantial reality
of the self that will cling to
alleviating suffering for himself
he recommends with the others
because the dalai lama has it's about this practice of carefulness and attentiveness and watching the mind constantly so as to not entertain negative emotions when they arise
and don't so carefully that in the long run they don't even rise
because we've seen through the basis of them which are self clinging
he's not saying you have to do this dog because i say so it's a matter of fact he says don't do it because i saw so but do it because you respect to buddha
try it and will soon
from rather than suffering triumph and see if your mind is more com
and if was this more calm mind
your life seems more joyful
at brown tells the story of going to suzuki roshi
i'm complaining about the shortcomings for the people living with resident in the kitchen he was the first tensor at tassajara
on so social work she said why don't you try to sing virtue
are people don't know working with
and that's just how can i know i was doing i was done things
and he said and to sing virtue you will have to have a calm mind
so i think what what
we've been taught in this text is
to alleviate suffering
you need a car line and for that reason we're attentive and careful
and guiding our mind
what the concerts somebody says it's good you know there's negative emotions or cause negative
because the result in suffering
not because of any no judgement on them there is a result in suffering
i was talking last week some about patients
and taking care of
when anger arises
the border in one of the earliest teachings the palmer
says right to do comes from our thoughts of yesterday
and our present fed's board a life of tomorrow
i live was the creation of our mind
revenge speaks or acts with an insurer mind suffering follows as the role of the cart follows the beast that draws the part
what we're going to be times from our thoughts of yesterday and were present bob's burgers life of tomorrow
allows us the creation of our mind
if a person spinks or eggs with a pure mind joe follows
as his own shadow
she insulted nations hurt me they defeated me she rubbed me
those who dwell on such that will not be free from hate
he insulted me and hurt me he defeated me he robbed me those who dwell on on such thoughts
will be free from hate
for he does not conquered by haute
kate has conquered by low
this is a man eternal
many do not know that we were in this world to live in harmony
those who nervous do not fight against each other
and the chronicle last week
there was a logical those a cob
ah john kerry was advice station and donna brick road
ah wrote in his space
how many of you saw it
forgiveness begins with disarming wage
it's a very very impressive column and by the spell of fell for those terms not to room
i'm going to run along now
last week i was moved and challenged by two black women's extraordinary forgiveness
i mean that would do if the condemned prisoner who voted your child and your cousin was facing the burbs that can spare his life
but would do if you're a transgressor it wasn't a person that an entire race that he believed that grievously wounded not only do but millions like you
for many both answers a simple anything but forgive
constant ritual constants met your mother and a young mode of it with this away
for the patricia robe and who saw it emerged from this against white people for diverse was the only same choice
in nineteen sixties nineteen eighty one
mitchell son albert pearson twenty and her cousin really from fifty four and four others were shot to death and rockford illinois by romans to bring a six-day killing rampage
this refers to september eighteenth execution mitchell told officials he should be spurred
she explained to the chicago tribune that she had the suburbs to for my own sake
for host city
it's the only way we can be explained virtual sixty three was correspondence with her son's remorse for clearer led to her conversion
we have to find that piece that was taken from you
nobody wants to do it with forgiveness
bill will try and often fail to pay an imagined slights hurtful words just imagined for living as much of the is exhausting
but a shocking is it might be to help people to what relevant did for giving them maybe just as hard for some back to imagine
once wrote them couldn't imagine that herself
in her book my first white friend which is so twenty thousand copies since it's made public session the trailers term college professor describes the hatred of our people that some of the meteor smiling for sad
what was a bitch i put that so am i was reading in my soul she said
millions of blacks were so bloody
from as them puts up knowing the means and boats and members and both folks crimes
from food for a living person spoke the stairs and stern opportunities from sharing bad generations of the insurance and some folks curb denial erasers of australian systems
the pope the people of every show can respect the meadows proof and her heroism and forgiving can anyone who isn't black fathom black rage
can they imagine it's relentlessness the time health and peace of mind that concerns
can we understand how laughable forgiveness mainly in the face of such rage
relevant thirty seven understood
there are a recent phone revolution surgeon could no longer bear hitting people with whom i share emotion that wasn't hurting them was killing me
i really regret and my knees and prayed
god i can't see route
right away i present the web clarity
from forgiveness lessons i've learned as a child
love your enemy
don't repay the reason for
put a little bitterness
so it was clear
oh my life i boarded a boat people saying well need to six you
but to change or road you start with yourself
ratan was love means of knowledge about people as individuals good and bad rap was leveled themselves can make a move good racial barriers such as king manuel and danby
neighbors who conquered of impossible odds
forgiveness isn't there are people have the caption says that saying i'm not going to judge me now baby who did to me in the past
ray-ban still that's angry
but most quote i wrote down the road with the understanding the through my willingness to forgive the shortcomings of others i prefer making peace with my own
in truth is the earnest where we can be healed

so this for me as an example now
the in christian goes well the all of those
teachings of patients
turn the ever cheap

look at these teachings
mm so that's too hard i can't do that show has been shedding it's not serious is this is what i remember we're still pursuing my first and to both us talking about
national rummy
church and enemy because i haven't got have me can you kick out
cultivate the practice of patients the parliament of patients
and that that he's going to be shooting
then when the bad genes the same term the other cheek was a well going to be kidding not a time not this time surely that should have learned about this
and this is the conversation that we had at the
monastic in the religious encounter a close family about will surely anger is appropriate
in the face of injustice i think i spoke of this of this conversation last week
the on there was quite a conversation about that the muslim tangent angle was appropriate and the dalai lama and some of the ever a teacher saying that an anger is always an affliction
his arrows are suffering it's never helpful
when i talk about this when we have it the microphone to maha guess amanda was there
and he said
no suffering
you know nevada
and this is how i would the story
it's the first way
to get back the piece that was taken from me
when those women who are
we have to you
who are driven to extremes
by their suffering
either anger by the rouge better wanting revenge and it's not killing them it's county
and then return to whatever on sunday school
then they turn to foot the border tensions in the very first teaching that were no of the dharma pada
how expanse
what at your own suffering
stay close to it
don't turn away from it by blaming others
look at your own suffering
and soon
what you want to do
where's your own experience
try out the advice
those who are run have gone before
see if if they're trustworthy
in category oceans
book returning to silence
in speaks of done a parameter
he speaks of done at that apartment and said more and luck doesn't give material things or monk jones fearlessness
i thought was a close
the course association
to ah
giving up
our self clinging and giving up by clinging to dualities to looking at the world as self and others good and bad as right and wrong as
but mainly as we're not me
that duality in particular is very potent
there's a good connection between that and fear or fearlessness
the january smashing in my experience
when fear arises
it has to do with protecting this ah substantial a separate bank that i call i
from some real or imagined danger
often i'm sure rafa for me than not she has to do with some imagine danger some if kind of of fat in the face of rural an immediate danger
my own experience as payment that i act without something about it
and the food comes later
well i think what might have happened
i don't know if any of you have a similar experience of reading a row and row of danger was just kind of total concentration that was happening and just more what's necessary amendments all over just kind of breaking down and fallen apart
how often i don't know mean i don't know
when i must say overtime that very often fears about projecting into the shattered sung possible danger are some possible fearful outcome
but if we're staying very close to our present moment experience
fear is not so rightly
to in congress
in clatter clatter and judgment

so another way of looking at done an apartment is the giving of fearlessness
and the dalai lama characterizes as the buddha as one who this without fear
how many sure that it happened that that the that well i guess most of you who were here the team did not see
the gym no shower tonight but there is a fifteen minute segment on on discuss them in encounter of or somebody to template from me so they can past the top around it's mostly of the dalai lama and brother david stand rest young tov
somebody here are the most afternoon i guess the song and vr and three o'clock in the afternoon
but tom
one of the things that gives me confidence
in the dalai lama and the dalai lama's teaching as observed me confidence senses and erosion teacher this is just my conscience and of a maha ago manga has to say
is the presence that i sound
damn these people
no the fact that i really don't sung anger arrives
actually i don't see anger rise
and i don't see any effort at suppressing it
you know it seems to not be there
it's quite remarkable but it seems to not bother
and when someone asks the the dalai lama what is his religion he says my religion is a simple religion is kindness
when the terrified tradition the practice of loving kindness as they had a
to anger
for to version
this is the practice that has recommended in the terrified of tradition to people who are burdened with a version

so my recommendation is mom
don't take anybody's word for it but don't try it out
tom practice with it for a while and see
how it affects your state of mind
one of my teacher severance for first priority is your state of mind
not so what are absent say
what about the my study
why practice more i said
ah oppression
i was teaching that taken care of our state of mind is our first priority
i'm of our actions
from i'm state of mind
i have observed from the opening of the donner party or sets of of yesterday
have made your life of today
i thought such a time when measure a life of tomorrow
so this practice of attentiveness and carefulness
imagine my mind
and i'm not encouraging the horizon with negative states
yes has an effect
on our life our experience will go
can we talked a little bit in in the team again to pay about the presence of call that of those things about table so that when my thoughts when i will when all my friends when i was young
i'm gonna have to reverse the results of all of that so that's kind of discouraging
and i think they have this notion that
it is i do at do
somehow inevitable sometime in the future result in damage will follow and that this is kind of run to run relationships when an action and its consequences there was certainly true that actions have consequences
and i'll of a volitional actions of body snatching land
affect our life
but my standing
i have the statue
is that
in i'm out in each my web that arises
in this illness understanding of codependent arising
the arising of natural talent
and of the causes and conditions of the past effect that member of the causes and conditions of everything that scramble for to river in combination produced this murmured
when taking up this this
similarly metaphor
whatever was tassimo crank saying that occurred to me when i was watching tassajara increase in trying to figure out what is tassajara crunch
is it
isn't the water isn't the rocks
is it the bank
when the wearer is constantly flowing it's never the same
but whenever ever know it when i wrote at the crime at this point
that is affected by everything that happened upstream from the creek
this is how i understand it
and what happens downstream depends on what happens here at this at this point
so that makes sense hm i want to throw garbage and the creek
that's going to affect the crew
so you don't to pollute it so don't want to pollute our mainstream with negative thoughts because it's going to have an effect
on the monastery
but we can't say this particular action is gonna have this particular effect at this particular time it's not it's not a time and one to one
correspondents like that they say

so close continue to
at the sky but the moon's surface way of life and the dalai lama's commentary on it continued to pay attention
was care
to remind mind and take care of your state of mind
try this practice of patients
try to a matter of it
check it out
how it affects
for state of mind