Die Into Who You Are

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Rohatsu Sesshin

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that was just a series of as the time telling stories
thank you for the chairman

sometimes and session
as the energy of sashimi growth
and as we all come together
sometimes we will hear ourselves chanting as one voice
and we begin to realize that we are one body
and actually it's easier
with the japanese chanting even though we don't understand the meaning because they're all those nice open valves and because we're not caught up in the meaning were just chanting as a yoga practice
particularly in service
but throughout says she enchanting is a yoga practice it's a practice of body and breath
only in this case the breath has also sound
and one of the difficulties with english typically when were chanting something unfamiliar were very familiar now with the english heart sutra and so we can chant in one continuous breath without stopping for punctuation
but when were chanting something i'm familiar like the ganges corn or for concerts and we tend to fall in to reading
and stopping at punctuation or breathing at punctuation
but an order that we
can have this one voice and this yoga practice
we don't chant in that way during service so for example and johan would be chanted act more like this
as all things are a buddha dharma there is delusion and realization and practice and birth and death and there are myriad voters and sentient beings as the myriad things are without an abiding self there is no delusion know realization no butter no sentient
when breathing anywhere except
at the punctuation or chemical
i think we have come together enough associate to be ready to do that now can jump on let's try
but as you see we're not having a show some ceremony
this morning
oh i think we haven't cooked yet long enough in this pressure cooker that we make for each other concession
some of us have not yet cracked open that hard outer shell of self that is an accumulation of accretions of a lifetime
to open up
the heart of our practice
our innermost request
our deepest fears and doubts
the source
of our practice
it's this openness
that we want to bring to show signs ceremony
and share with one another
this body of bodhisattvas which has created the session for us we want to share with we want to reveal ourselves
and i think we want to cook a while longer
the pressure cooker you know
session is a gift that we all give each other none of us can do sashimi along
but using the forms
that we have inherited from our ancestors
we come together
and recreate
a living re-enactment
well the buddhist awakening
through the ritual of rojas a session
we bring that ritual alive
with our breath
with our effort
with our intention
with her fears
they're longing
with all of who we are we bring to this machine
and we open it up for one another and for ourselves

there is a story i heard about suzuki roshi
in the early years at tassajara
the someone who had not been practicing so long some one of the big strong young men he was surrounded by big strong young men down there is matter of fact he once up here there was some visitors from japan coming
and he had about a half a dozen of these six foot plus
our guys he said i want you to put your shoes outside my door i want them to know i'm teaching giants
so one of these strong young men was invited to come along with suzuki roshi to help them and some project
and he went along i said most of the old people were were his senior students and how they went down there was a time when we were sort of trying to redirect the creek out by the flats move some rocks out and sort of protect the flats he had a vision of may be building a buddha hall out there one day
ah and so
this guy said okay and he went over to suzuki roshi cabin and sleep rouge it came out and as value you weren't close and his stories and is rock chisel and his hammer and they want on trailing behind him down into the creek
and there was a great big boulder in the creek that had a little had a crevice in it
and he stuck his chisel and crevice and he started to pound away at it with the hammer
and then he passed the hammer along the some of the other banks and everybody was taking black said
trying to crack this rock open
and they're all having a grand old time there and he said
you don't think it will crack open do you
but i know it will crack open
it will crackled
it is cracking with them
but we haven't much time
we have to renew our efforts
we have to sit harder
we have to take a chance to let it crack open
we have to find a way to expound the dharma with this body
we have to find a way to body the truth
we can find it here in this session
can joe collins says when you find your place where you are practice uppers actualizing the fundamental points
moments practice occurs
actualizing the fundamental point
for the place the way is neither large or small
neither yours nor others
the place the way has not carried over from the past and it is not merely arising now
accordingly in the practice enlightenment of the boot away meeting one thing is mastering it
doing one practice is practicing completely
here is the place
here the way unfolds
the boundary of realization is not distinct for the realization comes forth simultaneously with the mastery of food of norm
the boundary of realization is not distinct he said
third question and as realtor says some day we live in to the answer
thank you may expect some
fourth of july fireworks
but awakening is not like that
it's little by little
and it's all at once
it's walking in the fog
and suddenly discovering that you're all wet
we're here together
walking in the fog
and we don't have to worry about whether we're getting whether or not
we just walking in the for

breathing out
just breathing into emptiness
not looking for anything
no seeking or sign
just reading it

breathing in oh i'm alive
lou once gave a sermon
at a christian church where we remembers years ago
all no resurrection without crucifixion
it was not a popular sermon nobody
people just buy em on the steps as they left the church and nobody shifted

but there's no
there's no inhale without an exhale
there's no
birth without death
we swim upstream like a salmon's ringing swimming upstream to spawn
death and birth a current together
at the source
we want to be born again brutus and again and again and again with each breath
come into
letting it all go
and seeing what comes in fresh
what is it
the tree withers and the leaves fall
body exposed to the golden wind
her time is short
can we expose this body to the goat