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January PP Class; introduction of Mindfulness Sutra; quotes from Henry David Thoreau and Walt Whitman; Walden and Leaves of Grass.


Photos show both 1996 and 1997 (twice). The 1996 is most likely a mistake, since the date is early January.

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this case is true

here we are
just like we never left
i guess i have a on
six or seven or eight
chances to meet with you and talk about okay i guess i have six or seven or eight chances to meet with you and discussing maybe work on
the practices of the mindfulness sutra
so today i want to do is
usually i feel like it's important to introduce a text and in many contexts so today i'll try to say lots of different things so about the mindfulness to to kind of give you a sense of where comes from and the protests and the how the teachings
mindfulness fit into other buddhist teachings etc etc so i'm level to kind of like wander around a little bit excuse me and events and then
probably they'll the time for discussion and in future meetings my plan is although i haven't gotten worked out entirely my plan to
give ourselves time to do some practices in in the class meetings some mindfulness practices
so what i'm doing today as kind of like orienting us and setting us up
so i've taught them mindful of suitor a number of times actually and that's one of my favorite texts and something that i go back to over and over again and it seems to me
really foundational and basic and totally important for any buddhist practice and all buddhist practice seems to me is relates to the rifle message in some ways i'm always thinking about it in different ways and seeing more dimension to it and so on this time
and had a very strange when i contemplated the whole you know like what is mindfulness you know what is it really and what are the dimensions of it and what and what does it really about when i thought about that this time
i took me a little far field so if you knew would be very detrimental i'd like to take you a little field as well for a minute just to kind of give you an idea of how
how broad and inclusive i think mindfulness is so the sutra is in a way fairly technical you know new additionally there and you do it in this way and that way and it's really about a kind of meticulous paying attention to the body
and to the elements of mine and we're certainly gonna get into all that cause that's very important but before we get into the
the detail of it and a specific than that i wanted to talk for a minute globally about mindfulness
i was reading a biography of henry david thoreau because i have nothing else to do it
biography have
when i was young i used to read through all the time does of you from america may be very familiar with the relevant navy and as if you were from elsewhere don't know about him but he it an american real american original you know who wrote about was very independently minded
and wrote a lot about nature and also wrote about individual responsibility and the fact some his work on responsibility of a person to resist
political action on the part of the government that was
not right and that responsibility to do that in a nonviolent way was actually went
tolstoy read and gandhi read which led to their i work in nonviolent political action
so anyway one of the chapters in this biography about role
was when throw goes in ms warwick
and while women is another fantastic american original almost the opposite of thorough in many ways castro was very puritanical and sort of like focusing in on something very small he he he i said something like i have travelled extensively and conquered which was
this hometown
and we didn't live there are a few times but basically he was uninterested and anything other than what was going on his hometown and that meant not only not so much the people but plants and animals and the sky in the water
whereas whitman was the opposite whitman was like completely expansive you know just embracing everything and loving everything and incorporating everything into himself spilling himself all out oliver all people and things and so they were quite temperamental quite the opposite but when they met even though they could
barely communicate with one another they recognized each other's
we recognize the similarity of their project each one of them
no really i think
having a similar way of being american and having similar concerns as americans and so the great thing about america what everybody loves about america is that it's all about freedom in america is the land and a free everybody's free and america and everybody all of the world thinks that's just the greatest thing and that means that americans are for
three to
get a lot of stuff
they're free to
satisfy all their needs and wants
internally and externally whatever they may be hair free to use yeah
ten twenty times the resources that anybody else in the world uses
without worrying about tradition or restricting guns or anything like that you know americans can do all that for three
that's one sir aspect of
the freedom in america and the other aspect of it is that americans are free to go beyond tradition and doctrine is is a brand new country rights especially these guys you're living know one hundred years ago when the newness of the country was much more parents and so americans are also free to not be bound
hi doctor in addition
and a sort of ancient ancient power structure but to explore completely who they are
so i think that the second sense of freedom was something that thorough and women both stood for
and they both saw the pernicious of the first sense of american freedom so they were both and one has celebrating you know who they were and what their video was and and the other hand both of them were radically in protest against it and i think that these same currents
so thorough was very simple monkish and a guys i said who traveled extensively and conquered and whitman was all over the place and i thought just as sort of us off into a state of mindfulness super because i think that that some of the among many other things that throw and whitman said in their writings
i'm exactly about knife well as the spirit of let's look and see what is really going on which is what mindfulness is all about let's look and see forgetting about prejudice forgetting about doctrine forgetting about what it was supposed to see what supposed to look like and forgetting about all sorts of distortions let's have the courage to really look and see
what is actually happening so i went to just begin our month long discussion of this text by setting you up some quotes from thorough and women just to give you a sense of at least one person's my sense of how the ranger what mindfulness is really all about and this
is a quotation from thrilled that i often miss have misquoted when i talk about my progress and and this biography had actually quoted it saw or read the whole thing it's a part is a section from walden
and i'm sure you all know about this but for those who don't throw
when live in a little hut on walden pond with the purpose of basically being mindful in radical way and this is a his manifesto why his what he wants to do it while the
to live deliberately to front only the essential facts of life and see if i could not learn what it had to teach and not when i came to die discover that i had not lived
i did not wish to live what was not life
living is so dear
nor did i wish to practice resignation unless it was quite necessary
this is the party i was going i wanted to drive life into a corner
to reduce it to its lowest terms and if it proved to be mean why then to get the whole that to get the whole and genuine meanness of it or if it were sublime to know it by experience to be able to give a true account of it in my next excursion
be at life or death we crave only reality
if we are really dying let us hear the rattle in our throats
and feel cold and the extremities
if we are alive well let's go about our business
time is but the stream i go fishing in
i drink and
but while i drink i say the sandy bottom and detect how shallow it is its then current slides away but eternity remains
i would drink deeper
fish in the sky the bottom as pebbly with stars
so to me that's really
what mindfulness is all about to see what's there come what may whatever it is to have the courage to see it
i without any preconceptions
to go deep
a whitman
brings out another dimension to this whitman as the move brings out more than a higher dimension or this because when you look deep what you see is very often and eventually what you see as
a connection
in our own confusion in our own hearts
we first go through this may and confusion about what we see there and then noticed that what with what what's going on with us however messed up it is is pretty much the way it is for everybody and so in it through our awareness of our own experience we come into contact with anyone so this is a apart from her
what whitman's great work is that he wrote over and over and over again throughout her life as a book of poems called leaves of grass and maybe again they must have you know this but he had some kind of turning experience probably people think when he was lying around the grass observing a lethal grass
my grasp ear he had a powerful experience of the connection of all things
when there's a famous book called cosmic consciousness you know what is right gonna richard rosenberg who were listed with various figure throughout history who who had a cheap cosmic consciousness and a list of people like moses and jesus and what women
so this is from the preface to leave the grass
this is what you shall do
love the earth and sun and the animals despise riches gives aren't give alms to everyone that asks stand up for the stupid and crazy
vote your income and labor to others hate tyrants are you not concerning god hath patients and indulgence toward the people take off your hat to nothing known or unknown or to any man or number of men go freely with powerful uneducated persons and with the young and the mothers of families read these lives
the book in the open air every season of every year of your life re-examined all you haven't told at school or church or in any book dismiss whatever insults your own soul
and you're very flesh shall be a great poem
and have the richest fluency not only in its words but in a silent lines of its lips and face and between the lashes of your eyes and in every motion and joint of your body
and then this video i can't resist in reading you
a few sections from leaves of grass which is a i'm not leaves of grass from song of myself which is that sir
most powerful palm leaves and grass he managed to some seventy or eighty pages this part
it's the most amazing thing you could ever read in notes and there's nothing left out and he writes
he he writes about every every single thing that there could be really doesn't in leeds grass with the most sustained burst of enthusiasm probably ever and literature and in any computer
this is one of the excerpts from a couple of her for the a bunch of palms this is number thirty one
i believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars and the piss mar is equally perfect the piss my i think it's a little and right
chris meyer is equally perfect and a grain of sand and the egg of the ran and the tree todd is a shaft over of the highest and the running blackberry would adorn the parlors of heaven and the narrowest hinch and my hand
puts to scorn all machinery and the car crunching with depressed head surpasses any statue and a mouse is miracle enough to stagger sextillions of infidels
and i could come every afternoon of my life to look at the farmers girl boiling her iron tea kettle and baking a shortcake
i find i incorporate nice rock you know call
long threaded mass fruits grains escalade roots
and i'm stuck out
with crowd quadro peds and birds all over
it has grown up and i am stuck out with quadruples and birds oliver and have distance distanced what is behind me for good reasons and call anything close again when i desire it
and number thirty two was one of my favorite past his for animals
he says i think i could turn and live with animals they are so placid and self contained i stand at look and look at them long and long
they do not sweat and whine about their condition
banana they do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins
they do not make me sick discussing their duty to god
not one is the satisfied not one his demented with the mania of owning things not one neil's to another nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago not one is responsible or industrious over the whole earth
one for and then another part where he after a number of poems that this this kind of the end of a number of times where he it's actually almost the same as ticknor hands famous pawn call me by my true nature has a number of palms or he identifies with all sorts of people creatures oliver and of a sudden
he gets he freaks out and palmer three services oh christ this is mastering me driving me crazy pin at the conquer doors they crowd i am possessed i embody all presences outlawed are suffering see myself in prison shaped like another man and feel the dull
an intermittent pain for me the keepers of convicts shudder their carbines and keep watch shakes use my shoulder the carbines and keep watch it is i let out in the morning and borrowed at night
jail but i have hang up to him and walked by his side i am less the jolly one there and more the silent one with sweat on my twitching rips not a youngster is taken for larceny but i go up to and am tried and sentenced than a cholera patient lies at the last gasp but i also lie the last gasp
my face is ash colored my sinews gnarl away from me people retreat askers and body themselves in me and i am embodied in them i project my hat sits shame faced and beg
he goes on
things but this sense of identity through the practice of mindfulness and inclusion of everything sense of identity with all things inclusion of is a dimension of mindfulness that's really really important it's not going to be discussed directly in a knife on the suitor but when you consider
the implications of mindfulness and when you actually practice mindfulness this is where you get
remember that particular poem is
song of myself and leaves of grass i am
i often used it
bring it to my high school classes on about it
kids would like one
this is jennifer kind of impressionistic sense of
the dimensions of mindfulness dimensions of awareness
i looked it up and the oxford english dictionary
but what aware says an the means informed cognizant conscious sensible
the to great to know the function of consciousness is to know to shine the light of consciousness on something and illuminated so that it is known is to be aware
i looked up the word mindful
it says here two different senses of at one means taking thought or care of that's interesting taking thought or care of hateful of keeping remembrance of
and the second one minded inclined to do something
so mindfulness and awareness essentially is
awakened consciousness itself consciousness the light of consciousness being turned on and something being known are being cognize
and then from there
it goes down the road of caring for something concern for something remembrance in the sense of not letting go of it coming back to or one over again
and from there to intention and purpose having a sense of dedication and sensor have doing something positive with what one is aware of so that the sense of simple simple just as annoying remembrance returning to and intention of purpose all of this is
valve and the idea of michael's
now just a let's see are also want a direct you to a different texts to say a word about that
what texts were going to news and where they come from all that

as you know
the buddha taught for and
one time you have like fifty years
in a particular language
was their petitions were it weren't written down
after he died there was a council of elders kept came together to recall and recollect his teachings
a second council happened a hundred years later and a third council happened about one hundred and fifty years after that and it wasn't until these later councils that teachings were actually written down and when or in the interviewed his life when
he was asked
like if not love religious traditions you know i have a sacred language
so that texts are preserved and in the sacred language and the original texas preserve right but the buddha said that he didn't want that
he preferred that people simply speak in the language of the whoever they were talking to it's interesting i said i don't want to have a sacred precise language i think that the language should be available so therefore it whatever dialect anybody speaks how you teach them
the result of this is that there are several as cannons and several languages none of which are in the original language of buddha because bullet was not poly speaker is a later right language so when they talk about the mindfulness sutra that usually that we say in the mindfulness into exists in two versions it's number one doesn't number
ten and the muslim and the kyle
the middle and sayings and is number two thousand and two and the dignify the lengthy settings
for those are those two versions and poly which are usually considered to be the two versions of that my phone etc
but actually in other languages and other versions of the can there are other versions of mindfulness sutra so here's some of the books and i'm using our ticket hands are really excellent book transformation and healing has a discussion of the different recension of the mind from the sutra has a translation
of the version from the my gym in a car i think
but it also has versions of chinese
translations of the mind on the sutra chinese translations from sanskrit originals from a whole other recension of the kennel so some of these versions are fairly different from ones and apologise we're not gonna really particularly use those but you know about him or in here if you on with their ups kind of interesting to see the differences
the title of this book is called transformation and healing
the enemy is it under another title as well isn't a rifle with now transformation and healing any way to parallax press book and it's a wonderful book really would recommend that you were when you haven't me because he he he he discusses the sutra lengthen is your many practical instructions the summer this is the heart of buddhist mode
citation by neon a panic a terror as a sort of a classical or modern interpretation and commentary on the and sutra
how many on a panic terror is a really great western actually pico so he's very well aware of western for problems and issues and brings them up in discussing the sutra and he misses a good with to and i'm using this one and this is a pretty new one that i'm just really now the first time the four foundations of mine
illness by whistle ananda has a local terror vata
and it's very very traditional and very thorough
i'm enjoying it right yes the
lucille and under you like old times member that the u and o s i l a n a india
ah the aversion there's you know as you know there's a translation of that this is the they have full my gym and a kayak translated by beacon ghana mali and it's in here course there are the previous translations of them
jimmy is also in a new and really good translation of the digha nikaya by morris walsh
and it's in there with the difference between the my gym and k version and the dig in a guy version they're exactly the same word for word except the in a guy at the end
kind of like
if you look at the mine from the sutra as a ideal and my progression step by step it ends with in the beginning diversion version a lengthy analysis of the four noble truths which is the ultimate
thing that one sees through the development of mindfulness so when starts with mindfulness of breathing in breathing out and ultimately comes to
full awareness
for oneself you know experientially of the four noble truths so it's a kind of a beautiful thing that that's the case because revis teaching the four noble truths on this way will be served along and the same track and so probably will mostly would probably use them a gym in k version and the
a rabbit his discussions will be basically simultaneously preparing the ground for our appreciation and vision of before for amateurs otherwise the two versions exactly the same that regime the guy doesn't include that section of report chosen that detail
so are that's just a little bit about the text so the title attacks society baton of suitor and poly
the word sucky which is translated are usually as mindfulness or awareness
the sanskrit cognate originally had a minute smirked smirky originally had the meaning of memory or remembrance
said earlier it also an english there's a sense of quality of remembrance or a memory involved with awareness because generally aware something you don't forget it salmon if you're aware of it and then it's gone the next instant then you could say well gee i was a very were so awareness involves a degree of staying with an object which
just like remembering right to stay with it not forgetting about the object so
it's not memory in the sense of you know reverie are thinking about what happened a long time ago quite as in fact it's quite the opposite awareness is about being present now with what arising now and not going into a daydream but there's a quality of memory and the sense of remembering to stay aware remembering
not to go into they didn't remember to come back over and over again the present moment you know this very well from our experience was awesome that we have to remind ourselves office not to space out not to think about what's gonna happen after the and phrase over and saw i remember over in oregon to be here the here at here and here
the with the brand three with the posture come back come back in that bag that takes a certain degree of of memory and remembrance so that's our the word saturday or awareness and
the implication you know it's one of the awareness is one of the or are mindfulness is one of them
members of the a full path and eightfold path in other word summer are correct or right
appears before each of the members of the april paso right mindfulness or correct
so this is i think implied whenever the word mindfulness has brought up because some people will often say well now geez you can really be mindful when you're robbing a bank in fact you don't have to be my foot when you're out in fact otherwise mediocre i saw great tv show but either bank robbers a really interesting but i'm going
i had to turn it off by the city ending but the thing about it wasn't there were this really nice people happily married and like concern for each other they were little short on money and so they were running banks and they were having discussions throughout program on but they whether they were and they were loving to one another and when they were moral
no not really an idea was well you know we're not doing anything worse than on these corporate robbers who steal things and people read the planet and we would strongly a few banks was the big deal and guns oh yes
and of course accident and excellent but that was really interested to see what happened at the end when
my sons were in charge of the television
anyway but the point is that you think well while awareness you could use it for any purpose like why not be aware said robbing banks and now doing this an app
but awareness
always implies right awareness which means awareness that has and as part of it intention and purpose toward what's wholesome and toward the pattern was not just some technical thing about how we're gonna be super aware and notice everything
i mean we certainly want to notice things but it's a bigger it's bigger and more settled in them
mindfulness include is right mindfulness
hey toward in the direction of
freedom from suffering letting go and awareness that seems to be in technically a cute but is not pointed in that direction ultimately is unworkable
and that's why i'm sorry to see the under the program has so as who knows whether the author the tv program was in line
but if they were buddhists they would probably show that problems with this kind of awareness of robbing banks and songs but we'll never know i guess anybody see up their program some part of the insidious and
it wasn't an interesting them won't you surprised that there was a really nice guy bank robbers yeah i despise the day couldn't sustain such coherent conversations and running conversations with each other while they were like practicing target practice yeah
i never saw for a show like that miles statement
what happened
awareness of
probably problems like in the case of the bank robbers for example one of the things that happened was he kill someone
right so ah because his intention this particular bank robber intentional of he really was as the youth considered himself to be a very nice person it's on and he really didn't think he was doing anything wrong still he was robbing banks and he was doing what he had to do to rob banks and he was very aware but there was an awesome slip up and
and he ended up shooting somebody and so that's a bad consequence right there shooting somebody is not a good idea yeah for the person got shot and then probably he himself in the end of the program i'm guessing suffered consequences from there are you saying that when fire tire fortune
yes except what i'm saying is that in this context of the sutra it's the way awareness as a positive factor not as a neutral fact that that's been pointed to
in fact awareness in the context of the center can't be separated from it's wholesome in the sutra would say if it's not really pointed toward what what's wholesome in fact it's not effective awareness because awareness really isn't neutral really must be if it's really awareness that's what that's what will happen as the pasta or and so so the sutra may
makes that definition of a when it says that awareness is that way
you understand is that clear
okay yes lee you coward in some cases in young talents awesome yeah seems very unlikely but in other cases in my unhappy so kind of and
nathan trying to shoot
he must have julie and i like the monday
wrong and the or as a guy
stop shooting me she have nothing
right and was the only way she be it i mean sorry carol thompson is case the artists yes of course right life is not simple
i would say myself that the answer to that question is first of all one makes a study of it so it's always hard to tell i mean not always but often hard to tell what's wholesome but the person who is concerned about what's wholesome and has made a study of it and works at it is more likely to know and someone who
who doesn't however even so right one might not know so then one just trust ones experienced and does the best one can write and you can be wrong so anything is i can to get confused as to what wholesome for me
i yeah know we're all
sorry no we're all we're all working on right i mean if we could say we hadn't we can get one us nice
pads that you put up you know on an easel and right down the five rules for how to like live perfectly no problem then we wouldn't have to waste all whole month sitting here talking about all we can just get it down and write it down on her hands so he wouldn't forget an idea but it isn't that simple
yeah right i mean we don't always know so that's why we studied buddha dharma right and we and we sit with ourselves and often we discover maybe you had this experience manager i know i have that you're sitting minding your own business following your breath and it comes to you with some
the vividness better behavior that you did the long time ago that you do all the time isn't wholesome and you didn't know that and now you know and you weren't trying to figure that out you're just sitting there trying to follow your breath so awareness is like that that happens and if we're open to it we learn right about what's wholesome what's not wholesome and what works for
us and went what what leads to positive consequences and what doesn't and then also the whole thing is i thank them
the memories jogged or the experiences helped to be created by the fact that we're starting the teachings and there are various things are sad and heard and disgust and so on so for example you know it since we recite every full moon i'll decide
full of buddha doesn't steal for example and since
we take those precepts and repeat them
i think that for for one of our actually decide that we're going to become a bank robber would be difficult
more difficult than if we didn't do that because we wouldn't have be hard to like start robbing banks this thing when what about this thing that i was saying and i like that i'm saying and say tomorrow night at one time with as deal you know i mean so the teachings and practices of reinforcing the teachings and practices which are reinforced
most of the teachings sort of help to prepare the ground for that but still young problem we don't know what do we went when when mithun picks up their gun i mean who knows
i'm writing poems
yeah sure
and i mean i would like we have a rule for example many people don't know this because
it but you know we a rule against having guns in dharma classes in canada
or at our temples if you are person who owns several weapons you know and you come here and you'd be aggression that supposed to bring your weapons with it was the lead them somewhere else put an end stories or something on ice
cause cause we ever rule against it
i that problem here seventy an ounce
i didn't hear it maybe they did before i came in
it's not
i was in a captcha
i've been pregnant
your whenever a wireline inside and
it it's gotta be mom a sunscreen on the inside yeah
and you know better
i've heard nobody here yeah nationals okay
speaking of my poems right
my son returned to his home in providence rhode island and forgot his keys to his apartment
data protection
and i can hardly walk across the room without forgetting what i was gonna get when or why i was working for through with bit problem
but i take heart in fact that girl is to use his glass loses glasses all the time
so that's all to say that
this isn't necessarily
remembering your glasses all the time know it would be good if you didn't
when i was area so the word that a the word katana sunday baton of ceuta is the full title for and this is kind of interesting you know user the surgery is translated as the four foundations of mindfulness or the foundations of mindfulness sudre but the word katana comes from a patina
in poly to place near
what something near
so keeping mindfulness nearby
placing near staying near to mindfulness or you could even say being intimate with mindfulness
the sutra on being into intimate with mindfulness would probably be a fair translation of the title but it's nice how it works out how they get the idea of the four foundations of mindfulness because the idea is to keep something near or the place something nearby
right and just let turns out that in poly just as an english and had the same word the word place right can be a noun or verb to play something or a place right
so a place so it can be to place near to be placed near to mindfulness or to place yourself nearer to mindfulness be it with my friends or it could be the place of mindfulness so before foundations of mindfulness are like the for places
in which mindfulness occurs you can so that's where they get foundations of mindfulness the four foundations and that's a nice translation to me because it emphasizes the places of mindfulness or or the foundations of mindfulness emphasize
the a very concrete and practical nature of mindfulness practice and this is something that i really appreciate about the sutra is that
particularly in the lengthy discussion of the practice of mindfulness of the body which is so important so basic to buddhism and bert ambrose practice and awareness be aware of the body in the body of the breath and breath and so on it is so concrete it is so specific it is so much placed in a place
that's very helpful because i think you know as least question a minute ago
matters these matters of spiritual practice and inner life and so i can get very slippery and were hard to figure out in where are we when we see what are we supposed to do and how are we doing this so it's it's the practice of mindfulness i think is very beneficial in that it really gives us some places have something very concrete a a specific
even now in through the
practice of picking something up very specific we open up as whitman does terrorism and we we leave for specific behind a rather we see the specific is the universal nevertheless is very helpful to have the specific there to work on that's what i think makes them but his practice
to me so very effective as away at least from the standpoint of my for surgery is not vague was not fuzzy it's very much breathing in i breathe in reading on agree that we know that if and we know whether we know it or when we don't know it
so that's ah
the center title
i want to tell you
some of the lists of buddha's teachings in which the practice of mindfulness occurs as one member of arrests so a minute ago i mentioned the full path april path is the fourth
of the four noble truths right there is a way to and suffrage
there's a pack
and what is the path the path is right view right intention
so this is the wisdom takes wisdom to have a correct you and then based on a view to have an intention to act on right
and then what do how do we act while then we have right conduct right speech and my livelihood so the way that we conduct ourselves with our body the way that we conduct ourselves with our speech and would i mind
right conduct and right lively is right kind of great speech right live with it means not earning are living i'm not having activity that horns others so those three have to do with a conduct a virtue so wisdom virtue and in the last three have to do with concentration practice effort mindfulness and concentrate
ation so these eight members of the eightfold path break down into these groups wisdom
conduct or morality or virtue
and concentration practice and these are like three legs of a tripod
without concentration or virtue is shaky or conduct a shaky in our wisdom is probably not accurate
but without wisdom concentration becomes
you know like
just a mental exercise or a physic psycho physical exercise and so on these three depend on each other it can't really do
concentration practice without
some practice a virtue of morality bank robbers really can't sit in zazen to on without realizing how terrified they are
and how problematic their lives or if they realized that and they keep city if they can't realize that and they want to have at all so anyway these three
relate to each other and mindfulness is in that list as part of concentration practice then there's another list which is called the seven winds of enlightenment or the seven factors

mindfulness starts as rolling toward enlightenment mindfulness investigation of dharmas are investigation of reality energy these are the three active once and then three
before quieter ones are a rapture tranquility concentration and equanimity anyway just to say that mindfulness appears in atlas as well and then the five faculties of the five powers are mindfulness faith or confidence energy concentration and wisdom
in this case mindfulness is considered to be as it is actually in the seven factors of enlightenment that faculty that helps us to balance because in in our practice i were always balancing like we're always bouncing the strong focus of a meditation practice which can make us kind of lazy
with the act side or equanimity is one side and energies and other side faith is one side but wisdoms the other side so if the balance those two what it what is it that enables us to balance all size mindfulness were aware oh you know i'm getting hysterical here with line
faith and i'm blind so mindfulness tells me that i need to work on the wisdom site
my energies all under control
mindfulness tells me i need to slow down or needed or
go little bit slower for i'm doing so what is always using mindfulness as a way of checking oneself and working with one's practice so mindfulness has that particular quality kind of eleven
the lifeless is as a practice i mean of course there's always mindfulness right there's always some degree of mindfulness wherever there's consciousness wherever we are aware of something we're not sleep literally asleep or unconscious as we got knocked out or something then there's mindfulness there's some mindfulness so why is mindfulness need to be taught in a
why isn't the michael it would be developed in a special way when when fact there's a degree of mindfulness present whenever the marines consciousness conscious and the idea here is that there's two problems with our usual quality of our usual mindfulness number one it's not subtle enough
the mind when there is a degree of awareness but it's not that great and there's all kinds of thoughts going through our minds and distractions and been unaware we are and and so what so we need to make our mindfulness more subtle and more cute to development so that were more my phone
see broader and we can see deeper because we don't see broad and deep left her own devices generally so that's one problem but the other problem is probably worse and that is that our quality of awareness and usually is completely distorted by our
our self-centeredness
i mean none of us are in a conventional sense of the word self centered i know that there's nobody in this room with self centered were all kind of people and we we share a caucasian or that you know so we're not self centered reich selfish children in are screaming and yelling but and a more subtle level i think
we also all would probably agree that we're all self centered and the sense that we see things through this lens of ourself
i always like to quote the famous line from them
catch twenty two
whoever it is one of the characters and cancer my to
everything that happens is either a feather in his cap or a black eye that's one of the other rest away sees everything you just only know is that a feather in my capra black eye and then ines a kind of a joke but we're like that too is is this does this reflect well on me
like oh there's the sunset industry history for lead to a laundry
are not enough and i mean that's kind of exaggeration that's pretty true in a picture we see things that way right
rather than seeing what's going on we're seeing are wondering you know is this good for me or not this is really works for me he said was our current with this is what hasn't worked for that sense it does not work from
i'm aware that you are doesn't just doesn't work from it just doesn't working
so this is a big habit and you know one of the shocking things about practicing bodhidharma is the recognition
how big a habit this is and how thorough they rooted in us and and everyone else this habit is it's disappointing shocking you know it's enough to figure out of it better that you see it gradually
and that you see it all at once because it can be very unsettling to recognize the extent of our softly and self centeredness and the extent to which our world is confused by it so this of course will make our vision and our awareness distorted and so one of the big job
jobs of mindfulness practice is to help us to see
our self centeredness more clearly and to see through it
so i always like to say that mindfulness and my as i understand it
is not the same thing as self consciousness
cause it's easy to think that mindfulness is self consciousness before i was aware of myself and all my stuff and now i'm even more aware and kind of so interested in every little thing about my self how am i doing my doing good with my michael practice or not
but i think that mindfulness is not about what i'm thinking what i'm feeling
what i'm think and when i feel it's about basic experience that arises in the mind and everybody so in other words looking a little bit more deeply than how am i feeling i am i doing but what is there just period what is there
so it's almost like a little scientific and a sense you know it's almost signed so what what kind of feeling as their or kind of perception is there what experiences actually there what's really going on this like the row i want to drive life into a corner and really see it and if it stinks it stinks
and if it's sublime it's sublime whatever it is so not to be distorted by how am i doing and if how am i doing is what my experiences let me notice i'm now the experiences worrying about how i'm doing
but slipping below the the habitual sense that are constant self centeredness
so it's not about standing over and against our experienced looking at it and analyzing
i think an excessive interest in mindfulness can lead to this kind of what i would consider to be mistaken notion that there were going to analyze themselves and look at ourselves and then mindfulness is a kind of form of self observation rather i think it's shown in light of consciousness simply on what arises not answer
self or whatever arises bringing up alertness or attention as a kind of a light or the flashlight
shine a light on it
so it's just such as such as present not i'm watching such as such be there but just such as at is present
so if we're really being meticulously mindful and focused with i mindfulness than
if our mindfulness were perfect there wouldn't be any room for self that you know
it's been it's wheels
yeah it's on away
a to to on turn then whether i really know what is there what is going on
i'm running out of feeling
not necessarily tears i had been nor connection will and feeling
lol i'm just a half moon
yeah when we practice mindfulness were aware and more of what's really going on so that times am i had is masking what's going on inside but we can also be aware of thought says well the mindfulness center as will see in a moment
advises us to really work on mindfulness on the body
when the beginner
because it's easy to get mixed up with our feelings and mixed up with our mind but the by coming back to the body over and over again really so it gives on that basis
so very often this is the result of mindfulness is coming more into focus with where we are feeling that we weren't weren't aware of before and just arises we're not looking for it or trying to think of how do i feel we're just being present and in are being present more and more acutely we discover some things that we didn't say so
his success surprising it's interesting isn't it
makes life very interesting
so many ways that your dentist lmc it's a little color in a way a subtle point because this thing about how am i doing it so much involved in all of our thinking and feeling that it's hard to see that there's another way to be aware or that we can be aware of that
but that's what mindfulness is different in that way it's more radical not observing but just
being almost merging with almost

let's see
so let's look at the opening of the sutra finally
this version i'm in reading different versions you know the different translations when you really get into
ash shades a difference can be quite important and
in a way
we have to acknowledge that our
in some on some dimensions and some dimension my study of the suture anyway is so limited by the fact that i can't really with any knowledge go back to the original languages that would be interesting and would give a dimension that is not available to me on the other
han as i said you know buddha
was clear that
the dejesus and number of different languages and all these different takes a different languages are valid so does not like once when way to understand it right there was a little more written so we have the language but with least we have different english translations so this translation when young the only begins like this thus have i heard
on one occasion the blessed one was living in the current country
at a town of a cruise named a cinema which are other versions of the super say it's a market town
where he addressed the because thus speakers
well sir they replied
and this represents answer to that would be the end of the suit
as several and stories that are just like
because the whole thing is right there
that's it he the buddha could address the be cousin and they could say yes they were aware a step forward in the present moment or else the ahead but and then is all unit actually if we weren't gonna do this state secret in the classical sense that we would really eliminate the rest
the tax and spend the next year
before weeks working on which would be just fine
so if you want you could just go that far and ignore the rest of the whole time while i'm talking about the mine from the surgery with just say i know because yes
anyway a couple of interesting things here you see how long can take to get through the window discussion
i usually yeah a lot the first class and after that narrows myself
don't despair
couple of things i want to say that this first part is first of all it's interesting that the buddha was living near the market town
you know he didn't run away from good didn't run away from
ah market towns and towns where people lived in fact the had to be around there are usually cause i was going to eat there was nobody feed 'em right and his disciples so there were times i would have went off on retreats and stuff but mostly never around towns teaching people who were in the towns but i've
find a great thing out here i want to share this with you are going i never heard of before maybe you've heard of it but ah
hussein on the comments on this point sutra and as a whole comment about another cause you know thus have i heard is another talking right and always begins to suit or less if i heard because antarctica the sort of mythology of buddhist sutras is that another heard everything that the buddha said and remembered at all where forward and so every suitor the speakers actually nanda telling
us what the buddha said
but here in his commentary whistle another repeats apparently a terabyte of tradition about anon that which i want to share with you because i thought was kind of interesting sort of anthropological a and spiritually interesting and it says here that
for twenty years gotta talk for about forty five fifty years for the first twenty years he didn't have an attendant a permanent than a different people would be as attendant somebody else would come and so on and then after twenty years
ah his attendant was another always but for the rest of his life
so hard and and under get to be is a attendant
buddha said that he needed a personal attendant and made his disciples came forward and suggested ananda
when an said if the buddha wants me to be as a tenant he should ask me himself and i want agree unless the buddha asked me and in the buddha did ask him and and and agreed and and it said
i'll be or tenant if
and this is interesting for if you will satisfy my conditions could be your attention
and he had eight conditions
and the first for i call the for rejections and other for call the for acquisition so just for the front of it that because it's interesting i'll tell you already do what it said
well here's the for rejections first the buddha must not give him any robes for being as attendant
he should not be given the good food that was received by the buddha for being as a attempt because the booed sometimes we getting a special food people are offered and he said he didn't want to eat international
he should not be asked to stay in the buddhist hut which apparently was fragrant as the buddhist smelled good or something
nor should he have his own separate have cramps up and you should just happened fund as the other monks and nuns yeah that was his third pay
and the last one was the and anyone invited the buddha to go and have a meal in their house and nanda should not be included in the invitations should i go
the dancers for judge them as for acquiesce acquiesce act acquisitions were first
but if another accepts the invitation the buddha has to go
so i know there would be in control of all good as imitation and lethal certain degree of number of them
second that
if anybody came from far away to see the buddha and not should be a little bit and allowed to bring that person to the buddha right away
what will the buddha wanted it or not
third he should be permitted to place in front of the good any problem that he had that he knew about in his own practice or anybody's practice she be allowed ago put that probably for the good anytime
in the last one is that
no that's the same one and if he had doubts or anybody else had doubts you get the last one is that the buddha would repeat to and on any discourse and he delivered
when another was not around so if the buddha gave a damn attack someone and nanda was like going to the bathroom we have to say it again and then they are not here and elsewhere his for acquisitions in the buddha greeted us
then the nada became as prevalent a permanent attendant
some keep that in mind
i thought that was individually that before
okay then the sutra goes on because and this is a direct path for the purification of beings
other translations say this is the only path
take the high things diplomatically says this is a wonderful path
but i think that word is a guy which does probably mean the one path
how much time looking possible via
half of the acts one often
yeah well there's various interpretations of like one as like it leads to the leads to one us in that sense it's they want than one the path of the one you know or another interpretation is that you walk along this cat so it's a want a path of one
or or the only path or some are the direct path like i'm wrong
yeah right
but in any case at some i'll actually like the you
often say it as the only path
not in the sense that everybody has to be the buddhist or everybody has to practice mindfulness but that mindfulness really is inclusive of
the mr to have whatever shape it case that i feel
anyway this is the direct path for the purification of beings for the surmounting of sorrow and levitate lamentation for the disappearance of pain and grief for the attainment of the true way for the realization of nevada namely the four foundations of mindfulness
this bath is what a how are we want to look at direct
anyway a very important path very important patrick direct very concrete for
reading of sorrow and limitation and suffering
pain and grief
letting go of all that and conversely the other side of the at the same thing seemed from the other side is for attaining the truex for realizing nirvana this path or the four foundations of mindfulness of the path toward that and what are the for here because a who abides contemplating the body
as her body
ardent fully aware and mindful having put away covetousness and grief for the world
he abides contemplating feelings as feelings ardent fully aware and mindful haven't put away covetousness coveted covetousness and grief grief for the world he abides contemplating mind as mind ardent fully aware and mindful
while having put away covetousness and grief for the world he abides contemplating my objects as mine objects ardent fully aware and mindful having put away covetousness and grief for the world so those the beginning the sutra before for foundations of mindfulness are just
david but this little formula that follows him and the four foundations than i am by a mindfulness of the body mindfulness of feelings mindfulness of general mental states here com mindfulness of the mind and mindfulness of objects of mine which for now we can the same me
this of at a greater depth and the greater detail
what arises in the mine and we're going to discuss these for foundations and exactly what they mean at length as we go wrong and and each one later on the sutra is covered separately so at that time will probably going to each one were fully but just let me say a few more words in the racism has and i'm i'm aware then
now going on a long time that someone will be different next
cause i wanted to discuss this i will leave for the moment the definition of these for foundations were will definitely get them but i just want to discuss this formula little bit
ardent fully aware and mindful mindful having put away covetousness and grief for the world pardon means like it means in english you know means passionate enthusiastically energetically with warmth actually the word means like like the warmth of fire
but that kind of sense that you really do you really pay attention that kind of spirit diligently meeting like that fully aware and mindful having put aside covetousness and grief for the world this is an interesting point you know very interesting to me because of something that i've been thinking about in my
practice at all through the fall what does it mean here having put aside covetousness and grief for the world now this means covetousness and it's hard to say that were covetousness and we basically it means
just a mindful without grabbing and without pushing away because grabbing and pushing away or way includes mindfulness when we're grabbing a pushing and we can't look we don't have a chance to look so without grabbing a pushing away just looking best guess with means now
roussillon on as a different translation hear the case that by virtue of
being mindful ardently and fully mindful we will then
put aside holding on pushing away but i don't really believe that translation because all the other translations say having put aside
holding on pushing away of course we all know that we haven't put aside holding on and pushing away
but i think this formula indicates to us that what we really have to do is be mindful without holding on pushing away in other words we really have to to try as much as we can can be mindful without judging without desiring without pushing away to really just allow ourselves to be with what's there
even though we know that it is a struggle and that many times what arises as the object of our mindfulness is are very judgment and i read holding on a rut pushing away still this to me this this formula makes the point that we really have to work with that and that's a crucial thing to work with cause unless we work with being aware of are holding on
pushing away and not affirming and not pushing it further grabbing all of it shaking it we can't believe you're mindful so that's really important point but here's the thing that really is interesting to me in light of what i've been studying and thinking about our far because in the fall during the practice period here i was thinking about
we had been chanting a special echo change the service and the chinese special echo and including a heightening our consciousness and awareness of the practice of women practitioners
it's something that we hadn't included hadn't been as aware of and so that made me realize all the things that we are not aware of in the world around us and then made me realize all the things and ourselves also that we are not aware of the don't like or and that made me think the practice of forgiveness
i'm not that's a clear you how worked out but i was really thinking collage about the practice of forgiveness and when i wrote the fundraising
letter this year was all about forgiveness
so and then to my astonishment when i was reading in the salon is organized i said this is a book ahead study for in the back he has a little section of men meditation instruction from a side out was one of his teachers and as or says the practice of mindfulness you have to
first start with the practice of forgiveness
and then you have to practice loving kindness
out of the forgiveness and then you can practice awareness
so it's interesting how this is connected because if we have in our hearts something we're not including something we haven't forgiven in ourselves or in others
if we don't have in other words forgiveness a loving kindest about our very own holding on and pushing away if we get mad at ourselves for our lack of mindfulness right and our judgments and or this isn't our that and we can't really accept that and have a degree of loving kindness about it
well our mindfulness will be an exercise in self consciousness and i'm mindfulness then can easily become just another way from as to spin the wheels of our attachment in a beeper
so i think this is something we will talk about more and maybe actually practice in somewhere morning sessions but just the whole idea that
forgiveness and mehta or loving practice or not some other thing that are irrelevant to the practice of awareness in fact we have to constantly work on that in order to practice awareness because otherwise our awareness will not be having put aside covetousness and grief for this world we will be enmeshed
and covetousness and grief if we haven't practice forgiveness and loving kindness and for ourselves and therefore court others in our lives because these things go hand in hand so all of this are are issues that we will go into a lot more as we grow along so i'll stop there was only little
time of yeah
it was all i had picked on rather meetings of super from channels and the noticing and many and why is terrorism is passionate
since the bird
often communicator that the i met mr brothers from population on realism
cool yeah yeah
very cool was cold air doc brown's press
i'm there are places like this with us done with a place where he tell someone the into practice as if his hammer on fire yes and down tells town
and either one town for the whole a spiritual practice all the way
is a special friendship yes right on
this is a passionate passionate approach happens is something that i know
i understand
i am take out an usual know early part of the past years or so how come from crocodile relative coolness of zazen now in the of so why don't we do things in the same community about that yes that word ardent on
a lot to me why
yes yes are very definitely i'm i really feel the same way either yeah and i guess the difference you know between the a passion and the warmth than the humanness and in love that is i believe also characteristic of the buddhist path the difference between that and
love and someone that can be destructive is just this holding on pushing away now that we that were our awareness takes us
we've below that level
so there may be in our hearts holding on and pushing away from really practicing awareness we are aware of that holding on and pushing away and we're not going for it whereas in worldly so called worldly or conventional senses of passion and love it it's all about holding on we can't imagine any other way of the other than holding on pushing away love and hate are completely
you know together and in the path instead of love and hate there's activity which is warm and concern and loving-kindness matter itself is is a kind of a general
feeling of positive feeling and warm feeling toward creatures
not this one i like you from a day
but this is a feeling of cultivating even though i have to admit that i like this when i hate that when but i'm not going to
to emphasize that and then i work with that and be aware of that and understand them real clearly that if i go around you know trashing his person and breaking the precepts to speak about them and need where's that cetera and constantly falling after this person wherever she goes wherever he goes twenty four hours a day that this is gonna be a nap too good
i have to be a second in million mentor
exactly but yet it's a
friendly patna
and the scope of the friendliness is huge not only were fell into the people like witness or yeah exactly that's why exactly why about equipment because it's not only that were friendly to people we like and oh my and don't i'm not really the people we don't like but we're friendly to everybody and even the people we
the ones that are people
with other creatures salo said like we notice like whitman notice as the aunt and on notice as well as a tiny creatures all creatures you know i could so there's a huge field for i worked and definitely the mindfulness superjet is about you know getting us off this thing of only seeing ourselves and
what seems to benefit us and seeing everything things that wide web and warmth for everything comes up
and it's a far as a holding on
bitterness for ourself or people in our lives we're gonna be prevented from seeing
that's why are you know and i think one points that i want to make about the as are over and over as you go along is that although the sutra says it's a b c d e and so on it's not really abcd and it's very individualized how we practice for some individuals at some time and maybe that we should only practice forgiveness and so we need to work on right now and that's what we should work on
as the best more skillful way for this person at this particular time to practice mindfulness
other comments or questions yes
he mentioned that i mentioned had putting putting aside
covetousness and as this one was difference between putting aside and pushing away
how do we have a practice
putting aside
either grasping there are pushing the with vigor question yeah i mean it maybe in the
maybe grasping are pushing away it now maybe we need to accept the hatch really by yeah that's a really good question now really important we had to be able to tell the difference between
putting aside or not being bamboozled by grasping are pushing away we have to be able to tell the difference between that and repressing denying that a clear and on
definitely me happy to see the difference and the difference may one way of
indicating it is
you know it's the difference between
picking up his grades i know that has been my hand i know that here
i'm putting it down
when i know i put them down and i know that the there
i'm not holding know the sensation of the beads in my hands or way to them and the feeling of the bone is not there
refund to dinner and you know
just the right side and not dealing with them and then i don't exist and at mine are not here you know so like that so so when so sometimes i think of mindfulness as radical honesty
the mindfulness has nothing to do with how are supposed to be
just like the rule says if it's stakes it's thinks lets me with it if it's there that's feel the coldness of our extremity if were involved in tremendous passion and hatred and anger let's not pretend that we're good boys and girls and we should get rid of that lets know that that's their
but let's do this impossible
it's still there the beads are still there so let's not let to them officer getting ready for with it and it maybe i can't do it may be the best i can do as know that i'm home in these beads then when i know a woman to these so but least i don't have to hit people with them
maybe i can even start hitting people okay that can they be aware that are very people with them and then by virtue of that awareness i'll be able to just hold them
and then i'm not many people within them anymore i'm just holding them and then by virtue of my being aware and then it just holy them after while i'll be able to put in there
and then maybe i'll even be able to put them down and pick them up when i need them for benefit of those down and pick him up when an important article so the sutra is telling us that the practice of awareness as with sutra teachers that will if we stay with it with confidence and ardently we will be able to
starting from wherever we actually are not from where we're supposed to be or where we think we're supposed to be or someone tells us we're supposed to be but starting from we were we actually are awareness will enable us to take that step by step walk until we get to where i read was going to take us in and through the journey
of really seeing before truth and in the path so that's that's the that's the big the confidence that we need to have so yeah i'm in when were involved with and you know sometimes like i'm like this maybe your like this to sometimes there are some of us who need to like take the beads
like this and go like this
for a while because otherwise we'll never be convinced that doesn't work not so you know if that's what you have to do than you know that we have to do eventually you will know for sure for yourself that it is not workable way to live and then your stuff are kidding yourself and then for the next thing you know
the business now it's a little by little for that
so but but yes this honesty killing yourself i'm supposed to be a good and this and that i don't think that's the practice of mindfulness denial is not mindfulness denial of the opposite way i say
so yeah we have to it so that's hard if passion is present
okay know if i'm obsessed with the somebody positive or negative well it's really there
that's true
when i go from there yeah or is or yeah no stanchion need to one's good or bands
have itself which steps while you're sitting area anymore ceremony here
yeah you i'm at some point in the awareness
think the are okay
we have any deal with other people are bad thing
elsie and fencing
berlin latimes what happens when somebody you're hitting yourself with these somebody comes up to you and says that's a bad thing don't do that and then right away likely it is that you've been you then have aversion towards that person you really don't like them for telling you that they all the more so since you know they're right on some loan
on the murcia so then you have to be aware of your aversion to that person and certainly as practitioners i think we're making the effort right when we see somebody hitting themselves over to him like that
our effort i think i think we know ourselves well enough to know that when we go up to that person and stick our figure in their face and tell them that they're being bad for doing that they should stop that this is not gonna help usually is so then we don't so we'll do that we try we try to be we try to have a different approach to accepting
bet they're doing this and wishing it or wishing them the best and being therefore them in winter where we can but maybe not moralizing and in a song but as someone does it to some moral as like angeles and version comes up we noticed that and we deal with
so i think to get us all to the xinyuan time you better stop right here thank you very much for your attention and i think next time grenada will do some practices i think and will get focus more on the detailed replica and some experience of stuff i do
the team