Just Die On Exhalation

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Rohatsu Sesshin "(a keeper)"

Auto-Generated Transcript

the morning
it's the third day session
i hope you're getting settled in now
but it may be

you're wondering what a
i'm really happy to be here
another moment
really want to go to bed
what other feeling very alert
postures several them
at ease another moment
everything is
nothing stays the same
there is a poly chance which translated with something like
you there

it wasn't yet the weather was it out the door

well i don't like
a that

when you employ quick summary

i've been keeping the deal about birth and death
so aware of it
just before the key
two young men came to them center and their mother to refracted through the fence is done a nursing home dying and i want to be her
he seemed very happy with it now
it seemed right for them
but it's very hard for them
in the world of birth and death
if we think of this life of my life
this life we think of in my life
have a beginning
an ending
the body
if we identify with it
will surely die the time is uncertain but that it will
the the function as we know it
a certain
this mine
which is able to like and dislike and enjoy
ah feel joy and sadness
when excitement of boredom and all the things that make can feel
this man also
he'll have it said
and yet life continued
bodhidharma speaking with the first pieces that not to have an idea of extinction he is the prefect did nothing
i'm in this room with car will pick up nobody know that
in this realm of living a life rather than having for life
it's like a spring or something
which is flowing freely
but we can't get hold of it
it flows between your fingers
the ungraspable
there is a an old story and them
a man or woman someone
being chased through the jungle by a tiger
we come to a precedent that she comes to a precedent
and there is a vine
and so she grabbed the violence starts to climb down
looking down at the bottom of this precipice your in another tiger
so she hangs on to resign for dear life but looking up she sees it is the red nor into my hat
our life is like that
going from
impenetrable and mysterious
what was before birth
who impenetrable and mysterious
what is
after death
how shall we live a life them
in this story
hanging on to the fine with being gnawed on for dear life
the person see you
a perfectly right wild strawberry you're right in front of it
he it and eats it is never so delicious
as at that moment
when we don't
focus on the rat gnawing on the vine or the tiger of the bottom
i'm just on whatever arises in product in each moment
then we can truly appreciate
the wonder
in it
the preciousness
have each moment
of life
but when we think of impermanence
how fleeting like how uncertain
how a normal
he sometimes find ourselves afraid
and so we turn aside
from the living vividness
of the strawberry in front of us
i think about what might happen but see as in some way i could climb up the same credit read by the tail and total system my father below
let's see if there's some way out of this
while we find a little ledge and make herself a nurse we try to get really really comfy right there
don't want to worry about
we've got a computer and modem on go on the internet and with the
hang out there in cyberspace and
about them
we find some way to keep our mind occupied
somewhere else
some other time some other place
and we miss
the vividness
the strawberry in front of our note

folk song last night
of how we come
we're not the know but come to feel experience the in our body
the in this living body experiencing each moment
each breath

each muscle
each thing
it sounds
the breeze on our chief
when we realize
the preciousness
at each moment
have this life
and that it's entirely our responsibility
how we manifesting how we live it
such a person naturally sits down for a while
and week out our breath
well we follow our breath
he cannot our breath with great effort and break hair
because it helps us when it's difficult to just sit here and be in the middle of life seeing things arising and passing away
it gives us
some support
when category russia says a mark teachers fearlessness
this is what the situation
i was teaching of
he was teaching us the fearlessly face
the joys and sorrows
the vitality and uncertainty
this one
staying with breath is very important
but we don't count breath to count breath
we can't breath
they help us stay here
in this moment
as we are
if you want to attain such as you should practice such myths without delay
what is this such
as it is this
it's just this as it is
nothing more
what you see is what you are you don't get anything
there is nothing to get there is nothing to hold onto
there is only the possibility to be fully and completely alive as you are
for as long as you're alive
and the be fully and completely present
when death comes
see what that is
as very oliver says i want to approach a full of curiosity
what is it like this house of darkness
why i don't want to frighten you speaking of death
so much i want you to become familiar with it as an old friend it's always with you
but you don't pay attention to it and so it frightens me
when you know
that in each moment you're done
it's not something that will happen later each moment
your arising and passing away each moment
her dying and being reborn
someone spoke to me
about the name plum mountain
thinking of a mountain covered with looming plum trees
and then thinking of well actually how it is is there is a season
when there are blossoms on the tree
and then the blossom fall
and then there their lives
then perhaps there's fruit
and then the lens fall
when it's winter
and the tree of doormen and looks dead
and then the buds begin to swell
and there is another season of flowers
and it goes on endlessly
when we choose
one season over another
and are loathe to let the world turn
when we feel hopeless then we feel free
but when we left the seasons come and go as they will
and find our joy in each season
then we can truly live
this life fearlessly
when this letter which i read
you from yesterday that brought to tuesday
he says to follow your breathing is to follow the reality
let me go back and reiterated funny
your question of who is you
this question will be answered when you recognize that there is no self besides the temporal union of very effective objective and subjective physical and mental etc
moreover body or brain or just temporal existence
although they are temporal they exist in the smallest particle of time but strictly speaking they are constantly changing to one being to another
if so our body and mind is a non graspable
only way to have full experience of it is to follow the being as the two hands of a watch follow the reality
the follow your breathing is to follow the reality
this is how to have the direct experience of being the absolute being which is more than objective or subjective mental or physical
it is wonderful that you had been following your breath successfully
it means that you are completely free from intellectual problem
the result of thinking what his body and brain or emotional loneliness do it with more conviction
until you find composure within yourself
all the experience you have had and you will have will be absorbed in your practice no matter how difficult they may look like
because when you are completely concentrated on breath
you are not just emotional or intellectual being
the more you practice this practice
as many people did
the more you are able to free yourself from various problem
when another lecture he says
counting breath is just the handle for the cuff it's not the whole cup
this is you may think then well it's not so important some to handle to the cup
but that's not so instead we still count our breath
if their whole body and mind we do each thing we do with her whole body and mind
our practice is to be alive with a full body and mind all together in this moment
breathing is a handle to this cup but if we think the handle is not important and drop the from we can drop the whole cup
have he says
no i'm
i've been talking about this concerning ourselves with my life
my body my mind this self-centeredness
he says but it's not so easy to be free from selfish practice
so even if for only one hour a day you should try to shit since she can thousand without moving without expecting anything as if you're in your last minute
moment after moment you feel your last minute
in each inhaling and in each exhaling there are countless units of time
and you should live in each unit of time
then you should breathe smoothly exhaling fruit and then inhaling
calmness of your mind is the young the in of your exhalation
if you exhale in that way smoothly without even trying to exhale you are entering into the complete perfect calmness of your mind
then naturally you're inhaling will start from there
all your blood will be cleaned than that fresh blood will carry everything from outside to prevail in refresh your body you are completely refreshed
then you start the exhale to extend that fresh feeling to the emptiness
in this way moment after moment without trying to do anything
you continued shouldn't pass up
complete she can have them may be difficult because of the pain in your leg
in your legs you can do it
even though your practice is not good enough you can do it
so with you're exhaling you will gradually vanish gradually fade into emptiness an inhaler will naturally bring you back to yourself with some color or form
and again with you're exhaling you gradually fade into emptiness empty
that is she comes up
i'm just explaining the feelings can target the important point that she can target is in your exhaling
instead of trying to feel yourself try to fade and emptiness for you exhale
when you have this practice in your last moments
you have nothing to be afraid of
you are actually aiming at emptiness the empty areas there is no other way for you to have a feeling of immortality
you become one with everything after you completely exhale with the ceiling
if you are still alive naturally you will inhale again
oh i'm still alive
fortunately or unfortunately and i beg your lengthened
so then you start to essay will get they fail again
and try to faded the emptiness
her practice tending to your exhale
with particular care letting it go
as far as it will go
and letting the inhaled return of itself
if you're still alive
in this way
we've learned to trust ourselves
we learned to trust living this life as it is
just what is
not wishing for something more or something less
his legs hurt breathe gently and carefully
to the pain in the leg
he give your energy your attention
your complete here
to this city
he's any luck at all
you may die when you're pushing this week