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Intelligence of the Natural World

Serial: SF-00941

Sesshin Lecture: frog chorus; silence and activity; pain and fear of pain; Bodhidharma

Bodhidharma, Silence, Buddha Ancestors, Composure, Buddha Nature, Hindrances, Zendo,...
Apr 07 2007
Green Gulch

Developing Confidence in Buddha Nature

Serial: SF-00074

Sunday talk.
Koan with the wild ducks; story of the king who questioned the Buddha; report on global warming.

Global Warming, Buddha Mind, Hindrances, Delusion, Practice Period, Dragons, Lineage...
Mar 18 2007
Green Gulch Farm

Shuso Talk

Serial: SF-04732


Sanctuary, Bodhidharma, Karma, Ceremony, Practice Period, Instruction, Suzuki Roshi,...
Dec 05 2005

Two Paths to the Dharma

training, Practice Period, Liberation, Bodhidharma, Mahayana, Study Period, Lineage,...
Mar 04 2005


Serial: SF-04082

Sunday Lecture: zen as a return to Buddha's natural questioning, rather than a religious institution with fancy temples, robes, statues, etc

Ordinary Mind, Suzuki Roshi, Big Mind, Diversity, Intuition, Priest, Lay, Faith,...
Sep 26 2004
Green Gulch

Breathing In and Breathing Out

Serial: SF-00934

One-day sitting lecture: Book of Serenity Case 3, Anapanasati Sutta, Six Subtle Dharma Gates

Mindfulness, Dragons, Lotus Sutra, Concentration, Book of Serenity, Bodhidharma,...
Sep 18 2004
Green Gulch

Buddhism, Christianity, War and Peace

Serial: SF-00939

Sunday Lecture: Two types of training: compassion and wisdom (wisdom: the entire universe is the true human body); US history; Christianity (is evil 'outside' or not); Mara...

First Principle, Hate, Evil, Faith, Soto Zen, Heart Sutra, Bodhidharma, Separation,...
May 16 2004
Green Gulch

Zendo Lecture

Bodhidharma, Ego, Repentance, Zazen, Hate, Practice Period, Faith, Karma, Delusion,...
Mar 11 2003

Sunday Lecture

New Year, Hate, Bodhidharma, Vows, Peace, Delusion, Cultivation, Harmonizing,...
Dec 29 2002
Green Gulch

Not Always So Class

Buddha Nature, Emptiness, Bodhidharma, Zazen, Suzuki Roshi, Describe, realization,...
Nov 18 2002

Children's Lecture

Serial: SF-01070

Mayumi's childhood, planting beans, patience, zen in action, original - rising up, the miracle of water, Suzuki Roshi, non-violent intent, 'man alive', stream of violence and...

Peace, Vows, Ordination, Commitment, Don't Know Mind, Ceremony, Patience, Priest...
Jun 02 2002
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Suzuki Roshi, conversation, Doubt, Don't Know Mind, Religion, Faith, Letting Go...
Oct 08 2000
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Four Noble Truths, Right Effort, Greed, Attachment, Bodhidharma, Karma, Triple...
Sep 17 2000
Green Gulch

Wednesday Lecture

Buddha Ancestors, Death-and-Dying, Silence, New Year, Priest, Suzuki Roshi,...
Apr 05 2000
Green Gulch

One-day Sitting Lecture

Balance, Posture, Instruction, Bodhidharma, Daily Life, Skandas, Ceremony, Separation...
Mar 20 2000
Green Gulch

Works of Dogen Class

Serial: SF-03199

Tuesday Class

Buddha Ancestors, Lotus Sutra, Balance, Emptiness, Liberation, Transmission,...
Mar 14 2000
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Letting Go, Ceremony, Freedom, Zazen, Bodhidharma, Interview, Mindfulness, Silence,...
Mar 05 2000
Green Gulch

Fukanzazengi Class

Serial: SF-03517

Monday Class

Hsin Hsin Ming, Buddha Nature, confusion, Platform Sutra, realization, Bodhisattva...
Feb 28 2000
Green Gulch

One-day Sitting Lecture

Greed, Offering, Lotus Sutra, Bodhidharma, Liberation, Tassajara, Happiness,...
Sep 18 1999
Green Gulch

One-day Sitting Lecture

Birth-and-Death, Ceremony, Bodhidharma, Renunciation, Two Truths, Letting Go, Vows,...
May 15 1999
Green Gulch

Blue Cliff Record Class

Serial: SF-00068

67th Case: Mahasattva Fu Expounds the Scripture; single-point samadhi.

Concentration, Repentance, Blue Cliff Record, Bodhidharma, Interview, Manjushri,...
Apr 22 1999

Sunday Lecture

Blue Cliff Record, Bodhidharma, Commitment, Priest, Birth-and-Death, Buddha Nature,...
Aug 30 1998
Green Gulch

April 26th, 1998, Serial No. 01895

Bodhidharma, Buddha Nature, Platform Sutra, Doubt, Faith, New Year, Describe,...
Apr 26 1998

April 25th, 1998, Serial No. 01894

Bodhidharma, Buddha Nature, Faith, Interview, Bell, Describe, Freedom, Doubt, Nirvana...
Apr 25 1998

Saturday Lecture

Bodhidharma, Emotions, Instruction, Daily Life, Concentration, Letting Go, Lay,...
Feb 28 1998
City Center

What Is The Ember You Carry With You?

Serial: SF-00086

One Day Sit

Practice Period, Blue Cliff Record, Non-duality, Fox, Bodhidharma, First Principle,...
Sep 27 1997

Sesshin Lecture

Harmonizing, Obstacles, Zazen, Bodhidharma, Ego, Posture, Bell, Zendo, realization...
Aug 11 1997
Green Gulch

Just Die On Exhalation

Serial: SF-02709A

Rohatsu Sesshin "(a keeper)"

Emptiness, Birth-and-Death, Letting Go, Composure, Bodhidharma, Impermanence, Posture...
Dec 04 1996

Sunday Lecture

Serial: SF-03572

Includes Q&A

Blue Cliff Record, Evil, Absolute-and-Relative, Religion, Don't Know Mind,...
Mar 17 1996
Green Gulch


Serial: SF-03627

Sunday Lecture

Forgiveness, Triple Treasure, Mindfulness, Bodhidharma, Emptiness, Precepts, Blue...
Oct 01 1995
Green Gulch


Ceremony, Dharma Transmission, Transmission, Oneness, Precepts, Posture, Buddha...
Mar 30 1995

Tokubetsu Sesshin Lecture

Dharma Transmission, Transmission, Ceremony, Big Mind, Precepts, Bodhidharma,...
Mar 29 1995

Tokubetsu Sesshin

Precepts, Bodhisattva Precepts, true dharma, Triple Treasure, Transmission, Vows,...
Mar 28 1995

Tokubetsu Sesshin

soto, Ceremony, Transmission, Precepts, Instruction, Subject-and-Object, Bodhidharma...
Mar 15 1995

Transmission of the Light

Serial: SF-00041

Wednesday night teisho

Birth-and-Death, Buddha Nature, Karmic Consequences, Karma, Attachment, Delusion,...
May 26 1993

September 11th, 1989, Serial No. 04068

realization, Hsin Hsin Ming, Buddha Nature, Lay, Samadhi, Evil, Transmission,...
Sep 11 1989
Green Gulch

August 11th, 1989, Serial No. 04067

Serial: SF-04067


realization, Buddha Nature, Hsin Hsin Ming, Evil, Lay, Samadhi, Transmission,...
Aug 11 1989
Green Gulch

April 25th, 1988, Serial No. 01893

Bodhidharma, Monastic Practice, Ordination, Doubt, Religion, Mahayana, Interview,...
Apr 25 1988