What Is The Ember You Carry With You?

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One Day Sit

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to tell us to choose have to sanitize rules

it's wonderful to see us get off to such a good strong start for for practice pool
one of us here today i said in a window sitting to begin to me to of
focus to more committed
particularly committed
the emphasis on practicing together which will come practice period
a time for developing intimacy with their sands
and with each other
and then there's fairly stuffed ah see know wisely have a large serving cruise say that the room for everyone to sit rather being served with that was actually having a nearby in front of them
and she has her verb to have such a struggle jimmy
and i hope that it will continue
to be strong for me
and for all of
i want us doing this apprentice period to
become more and more familiar
some of our predecessors
some of the men and women who
we have
found themselves
yeah i'm too
this practice
who have found themselves walking for mountain to mountain and straw sandals as the saying those wearing out straw sandals visiting many tissues trying to
come to some rest
in their lives
trying to
grapple with
the great matter
i have person death of this life of how to live this life
what does it mean
to live alive
which has a beginning and ending
we're both and better are one thing
what does it mean that surf and other are not to and read i am distinctly i knew a distinctly you
what is this none to our the all the teachers have spoken out so
strongly so insistently
what is it the brings us in days and was crowded room on a beautiful bed
to sit cross legged
down in the basement
i hope you do
in the basement in ourselves and our bodies
right here
as we said

some of our predecessors
interested their battles to the forming see you as tokens and you said in small boats crossed treacherous waters
and the first such one
in this and tradition
is brianna
referred to as the first as an ancestor or the first ancestor in china
buddhism has been in china for some time before build damn a came and there was
it was very popular the lot of the devotional practice
there's a lot of emphasis on chin sutras and game emerge from chanting sutras
i'm really miss lives as the mines stays as this group none who could shed
everytime south ossetia from beginning to end it to have many you know who ever time soccer sujet enough that like this
six hundred pages of fine print in english and could change it from beginning to end and forbids they chatted with at sleep now this was a great food and this was the
the kind of devotional practice that was happening in china
the lives of person
and even today at some of the gatherings that we have a fair
practitioners from many different
buddhist traditions particular forever
very well we have a gathering and the chinese chanting is beautiful
that's quite wonderful the whole is universal better have as a little stress a ban on a streak that they voted one hand and the margo channing you know if she's just every now and then edwards script like watching her so much doing that the the channel's wonderful
but when vomiting and visited the emperor wu who have been ah there's a big supporter of of buddhism somewhere i have heard and the discussion of area
and he's trying to this idea of
if i point this out outlets some word for it
this this of i'm fed the list of alberta as i moved to get from the earth and not enough men to murder to the boil in somewhere else
this tools that do of russia is not enough
there was something that bodhidharma wanted to cut through
so she had this conversation is andrew
when the there's a fundamental dilemma here foods as it is
situations iracing chess just evidence
just to be alive is enough justice is it was perfect just as you are and yet
at the same time what i do makes a difference every action has a consequence every action of fit serve another
and yet
there's not duality this dilemma this difference was something a bottle dharma
i wanted to cut through
so let me region
we're familiar with set of the last pike
at this in the loop from of rapid chess number one that let me read you a little more of it

this is from the introduction to cause her how she's new book
services his
him speaking the experience of my is the basis for the buddhist teaching of compassion
when one does not abide and the distinction between self and other
between humans and non-humans
and between central beings and insects of beings
there is a identification with and love for all beings
that's the wisdom of non variety
is inseparable from compassion
an action that a bot is compassion as wholesome
and when that there's not as unwholesome
any action small and large effect self another
cause brings forth effect
that's the best perspective of buddhist ethics
good and bad right and wrong
is based on non dualism
and she is a fundamental dilemma of person before focuses more on prajna
when they say there's no good and bad and one will become indifferent and possible destructive
i've ever had if one thinks of cause and effect if one thinks of cause and effect for may not be able to understand prajna one may not be able to understand
the soon as herself another
so the legendary by of them and in poor rural southern china's revealed and as and tradition exactly because closet illustrates this dilemma in a dramatic way
the said ever since i ascended the throne i have bought those copied sutures approve the immersion of monks more than i can account
what is the man of having done all this
bodhidharma said there's no merit
as high as the sole
bette davis a major achievements of humans and business
which become the causes of desire
the shadows of the forms and i'm not real
three percent whereas when a minute
he said the interest and is complete
the essence is empty and serene
such can cannot put him through raleigh actions
fish and produce the former second truth
put it another said
vast emptiness
nothing sacred
people said who's that the faces me
paul davis says i don't know
he ever did not understand

that's the pregnant and soon the zen practitioner cause goes on to sale has been described as the experience of the pure wisdom that scenes reality is empty and serene
this experience was a job as the source of all scriptural teachings
often chinese zen buddhist talk about transmission of teachings at of scripture
then i living buddhas those who are open from fanatics and they not subject to cause and effect
they will never stay or perhaps we know the story of belgium and an m p three on the mountain where he taught
and then the by zhang was lettering and there
there's an old man who was always in the back of the hall when he when he led through but one day when instead after the monks left and came to beijing and he said i used to be a teacher on this mountain
a monk asked me if i'm a little being subject to cause and effect
and asset in the reason being is through from cause and effect and i've been subject to in the part of a wild fox ever since for five hundred lifetimes a p certain word and and release me from this body of a wild fox
is a and being subject to cause and effect or not
gosh ang said innovation being does not have more cause and effect
and the the monk said and thank you so much i've been i have been food for the bottom of the wire fox and the stove goes on we don't have to the go further with it
so even though we see the from the side of prajna from the side of the absolute from the side of sameness from the side of non-duality
still we don't have more cause and effect
there is both difference and sameness
the mean
they both are still simultaneously
this was the fundamental teaching
let me study and the all of the stove of our predecessors try to point to the one way or another

cause this go clue illustrates that practitioners of the purist and as man glad i have no license to get it from essex
it is not a coincidence that beige on a great master of the open night central china there's one will establish guidelines for monastic communities
when we had a buddhism calls for the six professions as the essential elements for robbing at peace and tranquillity
the are giving or generosity
an price now
and the first five or elements for sustaining compassion as president
first kicking and transmitting the precepts are the core of sand teaching
i want to bring up to and never stirred about the goats ancestral bunch on
and one of those two psychos porsche
because i want to ask you what it is that brings you here
what is it that
what about you i want you to attend to head again virgin
what is this one who requires at that i spoke over the by this is also
asia who says there is someone who requires so what does this one
what is your ultimate concern
what is your innermost request
what is what is it that you're investigating
where did you can you care about
pusheen came with kenzo muslim community and came into the room
i'm bashing said
whoever he said and question
the look in original look in the firewall and see if there's a live colada
and gosh i've worked in the firefight and he didn't see anyone looking and just no there's no life call
gosh i went on when he stood for more important than a number he said isn't this a lot of coal
and a bad question was crudely a refund
what is your life call i recently someone gave me a book by was cut back on a plane and my tisha have a bushel prep from the room
to ask more women and
and the effort successful effort at survival
in the far north
the part of a nomadic tribe and what to do as i had to move from place to place using for sustenance
is they would take vendors from the fire the rear and pack them in ash and wrap them in hives and care of and listen to their next camping place
mean the open it up and put marshals and life and sign it and blow the embers and start a new fire service hot embers that they carried with them was extremely precious
the life depended on it
what is the ember that you carry with you
where is your
right place

game this practice period
please investigate
what it is that matters to you
become intimate
what's important to you

i want to burn up
some of this some of the stories from brooklyn record and i were building a lot throughout this practice for nothing more than well as well
some investors from the blue professor in particular
this is interracial happened to comment on in the years when he was teaching us unfortunately room has come into some of them for we have some and today i want to bring up the story
rubber through the blue of record get quotes which one of those
in book of serenity
mr maher was unwell
there are buses some first poodles moon first us
the principal character with matter
this bus or boat zoo
in japanese about the in chinese
and he is the second generation after the six ancestor
in china was the chief disciple of non-local hm
and he was he had many many disciples he was there was one of the situation similar to death
favorite zen masters
and then

he was sick
her temper superintendent came to see him
and said so doing this recent days has your health
i was staying with terrorists to with someone they said dusk that is natural for massa said
pencils said sunfish poodles one faced brothers
this is a reference to a question of names of the buddha and which suncoast poodles are said to live for a long time eighteen hundred years or something a new fence panels are said to live for a barren and night
so during this recent those how's your health
suncoast brother's room festivals
some ferocious said
however we're little unfair to the birth of teaching
when i know that your arrows in the midst of teaching
so a practice does not accord with your teachers
once you realize literature within and without
there is no special way to follow for a student
or any specials specific suggestion to do for a teacher
been is a problem there is the road

when there's a problem
theres the way to go
this is a very rich teaching will don't look for the easy path he looked for the difficult the difficulties but difficulties
you're a teacher
you shouldn't turn away from the difficulties
i wish the lie of ember
the difficulties or you're alive under
when suffer arising you
turn toward it
with kindness and compassion care for it
attend to it
become better with it
understand what is the root of the suffering
this is your teacher and this is her compassion arises
will become intimate with your suffering you will see how you are connected with our booth who suffer in this way
very beginning to experience
no difference between self and other or self and other not to so situation is to say all the time wrong not to
fisher said of it
shorthand kitchen of non-duality not wrong not to
it isn't that everything is the same and there's no difference and it isn't that we separate from one another
what does is not one not to room maybe after a moment of your life
investigated rush events of your life and the interactions you have
at home and at room
and here and wherever
what is this not one not too
when was a problem
when there's a problem there is the road ago
asher who continues we'll go over and over the great path the with your teacher who was arose with you

louvre and positive methods are the first principle and the second principle
or nothing but the boy activities of such a character as muscle
the water water is quite personal to you
an essential to our existence
this again is this
not one not too it's called personal to you
an essential to all existence
what does this group activity that he refers to
special go back to little later on
then will be said to be the practice of complete acceptance and cultivation of their mind to have a deep enough and open enough to accept things as they are
when this project acceptance takes place everything will be a by itself according to its own nature and circumstances
we call this activity to great activity
the go back to have no regulations and everything is beyond dimensions
this is not good as a grain of sand smile in the realm of good at picking up a gonna say it is the same as taking up the whole universe
the used to serve as of picks
so nothing is too long nothing is to smile and i'm forever will do the truth is there
for person who wants to understand buddhism logically that mobile difficult to understand and wires and should stay over over again stove such as are collected in the blue cliff record our hidden camera crew
when student realizes how difficult it is to incorporate into her bill i've had some learn from these days
she'll have knives and assessment with practice of thousand and one
this practice and meeting and turn encourage her will spell of these days
to do this over the news perfect it's perfect perfect acceptance
find out the significance of everyday activity
this the robot thirty
finding out how odd reversal ever action is
it's the great activity

so as we practice to pay in the window sitting
and as we practice throughout the practice period
final significance
and here everyday activity
please find out
what was the live call for you what do you care about
please become intimately
the for difficulties or to line
and see how are they love you to understand others with quota compassion
investigators not one not too
as a curls moment after moment in your life
only has a poem which i love
i shared it with you refer but it's been awhile
the rules of dan has secrets to tell you
don't go back to sleep
we must ask for you really want
don't go back to sleep
people going back and forth across the dc where the two was neat
the door is around and open
don't protect sleep
the booze have done has secrets to tell you
don't go back to sleep
we must ask for help you really want
he must will arrive emperor
don't go back to sleep
people were going back and forth across the do so where the two worlds touch
who the to rules touch this duality and non-duality
the door is round and open
don't go back to sleep

the bail since there's no question and answer session because of the session
either a few questions that you would like to bring up

is it

rotterdam is read about sam hanging on the rare bad shape
when better than a century everyone has led to after we left a brew who right across the river and fed fishing around for nine years
and then favorite stories about him that to him instead go back to see t those stories about him getting discouraged by a observed by fallen asleep so he bought his eyebrows and eyelashes and treat them on the band and key point at school from them and that's where the my
skip to reach into my work so without the that slope
there was some central regions about voter data in fact
the historicity of bodhidharma is not certain
ah anyhow
how should i live my life this life or just been given to me
it's such a gift
until i had my heart attack i really didn't recognize that it was observed it's always been swift and i didn't really recognize that to i survive the heart attack
it doesn't gift and how shall i live it
this is what i face all the time
what is yours to know

little bit louder food people have about trying to hear
you mentioned is caroline
are writing was so hard there's someone who requires it
forget arrested
okay so
version when there and and said to bangin every day there's so much homework
and by zhang said there is someone who requires it
the new and said want to have a person do it themselves
van giang should he has no tools
so that's that's an interesting history to investigate i found that quite rich and i i wrote responded to those someone who requires at the cause i've been trying for years to figure out why get up every morning the rosendo you know
this one is that one of the stairs and here is a monk asked them
amen i think ah
oh man says to the monks for is vast and ride
when the bell rings why do we put on your you haven't heard the handle
and that's desperately live question for me why do i do this when i first began there was very strange was admin
this is kind of completely being an activity should be observed the them stamps when i arrived at the business and central heads as an instruction but
lu i started drawing every morning first one poor and them for those periods and then i arrange to pick somebody up and driver to the sender to be sure that i would get up and get there and i met rod as do that i was still as
this is what way these firms retina don't recommend
we saw them or says breakfast
is this is an insane and japanese and
on the strange as and still every morning i get up and then i started going right for want them to
i'm not rough time about for sale in the money on a demo pets so so you know that resemble embedded with breakfast i went to work as a bath i went to send and then i will have it's something in my bar set with things changed when you said we should subside
cook breakfast for the fruits were slow thank you
and i never could really answer that question
could he do it for right wire you don't
that it seemed kind of an irresistible
and so on i read that still there's someone who requires that at that
she has no truth this one requires it
i must be her tools
i don't know
this one requires that a fast
it's you can't he can't name it this one
you can't
so if they said the ungraspable

one actually
that of images

this so
is that
don't say denser air good images i rubbed with but also come up memo after memo and your life when interacting with another person lose their separateness and where's their ability
you know i will really separate particularly as if few every similar this person seems really a separate right
in the in aberdeen and the stable and buddhist psychology so is the function of angular separation but has separate are you is the even so something that connects you as well
just in daily life how does this work that one not to in phone your activities can you
facebook images that you will bring up in me so where is the ocean and and the land of virgin but at the censure that's that's a good question where do i add a new begin
as the same way in which there some kind myrtle there that there's no ending and beginning
for just adjoining

oh boy
cabinet the the air with the schedule go funny
what's the relationship between the head and a higher an intuition and this investigation that i'm asking you to undertake this investigation is not a conceptual investigation
this is the way to do her attention when i said go down in the basement you know
put your attention
and somewhere over and the kind of endlessly spinning facts that we chose around and around and i thought up this image prefer but my chauffeur image of of the fact that go through my head as loans works by the machine
the gmo she says the mind secrets that the the glands secrete hormones you know the mind just that's just it just kept making thoughts you know if i say there's a pretty one wow and memo and i'm off and running and i'm somewhere else i'm not here anymore
and when that happens when i noticed that oh yeah you will come back come home
so this investigation is investigating show forever sometimes says it does it say about it he didn't say in or something but just what does your inner say about bad
our suzuki roshi says razor inmost request
it's more just being willing to come back and give kind attention to middle experience of breath of pasture
tension or tightness or openness or
these are suffering or wherever you find here
not so much caught up in the stairs that retire selves about it as just
how do you feel right now does your experience of this moment
what is your actual experience of this woman
some recreation said one sometimes the most important thing is to find out what's the most important thing
what's the kind of investigation that time
pointing to
set calcutta

the intention