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Birth and Death

Serial: SF-00970

Sunday Lecture - Children's Lecture: children's story - Amos and Boris; response to Hurrican Katrina; Story of king, knowing death is coming; vowing to live for the benefit of...

Birth-and-Death, Vows, Four Noble Truths, First Principle, Lotus Sutra, Mill Valley,...
Sep 04 2005
Green Gulch

Lotus Sutra Class

Serial: SF-03557

Dining Room Class

Lotus Sutra, Intimacy, Vows, Zendo, Manjushri, First Principle, Ordinary Mind, Suzuki...
Dec 03 2004

Buddhism, Christianity, War and Peace

Serial: SF-00939

Sunday Lecture: Two types of training: compassion and wisdom (wisdom: the entire universe is the true human body); US history; Christianity (is evil 'outside' or not); Mara...

First Principle, Hate, Evil, Faith, Soto Zen, Heart Sutra, Bodhidharma, Separation,...
May 16 2004
Green Gulch

Wednesday Lecture

Serial: SF-01023

Linda Ruth with her sick mother. The mountain lion. The bobcat. The rat. New film, "The Passion of Christ". Self-restraint. Mindfulness of the body. Angulimala.

Hate, Current Events, First Principle, Passions, Precepts, Doubt, training,...
Mar 17 2004
Green Gulch

One-day Sitting Lecture

Serial: SF-01018

Lotus Sutra (Heart Sutra), seals our mind with Buddha's mind, basics of the middle way are covered (in the Sutra of Innumerable Meanings), power of joy and compassion, devotion...

Lotus Sutra, First Principle, Complete Perfect Enlightenment, Nirvana, Four Noble...
May 11 2002
Green Gulch

Wednesday Lecture

First Principle, Mindfulness, Tassajara, Dragons, Suzuki Roshi, Lay, Zendo, Peace,...
Jun 30 1999
Green Gulch

What Is The Ember You Carry With You?

Serial: SF-00086

One Day Sit

Practice Period, Blue Cliff Record, Non-duality, Fox, Bodhidharma, First Principle,...
Sep 27 1997

August Sesshin

First Principle, Zendo, realization, Impermanence, Offering, Instruction, Emotions,...
Aug 12 1996
Green Gulch

Five-day Sesshin

Dragons, Suzuki Roshi, Buddha Nature, Blue Cliff Record, First Principle, Zendo,...
Aug 30 1989

Going Beyond Limitations

Blue Cliff Record, Suzuki Roshi, Buddha Nature, First Principle, Dharma Transmission...
Aug 28 1989
Green Gulch

Blue Cliff Record Class

Serial: SF-00070

Cases 14 and 15

Suzuki Roshi, First Principle, Oneness, Lotus Sutra, Karma, Transmission, Dragons,...
Nov 27 1987
Green Gulch Farm

May 26th, 1975, Serial No. 02740

First Principle, Sanctuary, Intuition, Dragons, Passions, Religion
May 26 1975
Green Gulch


First Principle, conversation, Fundraising, Continuous, Bell
May 25 1975


First Principle, Faith, Emotions, Samadhi, resistance, Commitment, Observe, Balance,...
May 14 1973

1973, Serial No. 03016

Serial: SF-03016


Dragons, Bodhidharma, Light-and-Darkness, First Principle, Ceremony, Instruction,...


Ceremony, #improved-audio, First Principle, Faith, Non-duality, Diversity, Lay...
Jul 22 1971

Interview of Suzuki by Peter Schneider

Serial: 69-09-16-IB

Entered onto disk by DC 1996 or so
Revised by Bill Redican 9/01

[I dated this 69-09-16 to go with other Peter Schneider interview and lecture of that date....

Interview, #no-audio, First Principle,
Sep 16 1969

Shosan Ceremony

Shosan, First Principle, Emptiness, Compassion, Lotus Sutra, Patience, sitting,...
Nov 11 1968


Serial: SF-05081

 ===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #22, by Shundo David Haye ===== 

In this second tape made by Dan Gourley at Tassajara in the summer of 1968,...

#new-audio, #improved-audio, Beginner’s Mind, First Principle, Time, #approximate-date, #awakening-...
Jul 29 1968

Shosan Ceremony

Serial: SF-05985-A

Shosan Ceremony, Sesshin, Feb 1968

This ceremony is re-edited from the original cassette, with non-SR (Bishop Sumi) sections removed, and the speed...

Shosan, #sesshin, #approximate-date, #improved-audio, First Principle, Beginner’s Mind, ...
Feb 1968

OLD - Bodhidharma

Serial: SF-05783

SR-68-06-00-1 (start) (continued) - duplicate

Bodhidharma, First Principle, Faith, Interview, Describe, Priest, Freedom

Fire in the Earth

Serial: SF-01874

"Bill R. From a set called "Footsteps: A Writing Life" KT

Silence, Humility, Freedom, Passions, conversation, Light-and-Darkness, First...

Transformation of Consciousness

Anger, Emotions, Attachment, Ego, Enemies, Freedom, Intimacy, First Principle, New...

Philosophy of the Tao

Serial: SF-03043

Part II and Part IV

resistance, Balance, First Principle, Freedom, Doubt, Enemies, Faith, Greed, Letting...

Future and Politics

Politics, First Principle, Precepts, Sanctuary, Interview, Gratitude, Liberation,...