Shosan Ceremony

Given by Suzuki Roshi at Tassajara
Shosan Ceremony, Sesshin, Feb 1968 Tassajara This ceremony is re-edited from the original cassette, with non-SR (Bishop Sumi) sections removed, and the speed adjusted for clarity. The last portion was previously thought to be from a different date, but is part of the original recording. Photo evidence suggests Feb 1968 rather than Fall as per previous transcript.
Speed adjustments made to the tape. Transcript updated by SDH 12/21. ---------------------------- David Chadwick's notes: Source: A contemporaneous typed transcript given to the Archives by Michael Wenger in March 2002. It was not in the SFZC library's collection, and no tape is known to exist. The lecture was entered onto disk by Elizabeth Thorn. It was checked by Bill Redican on March 19, 2002, and minor editorial revisions were made at that time. File name: 68-09-00: Shosan Ceremony (Not Verbatim) Removed "(or It?) (or eye?)"; changed "Pat Long" to "Pat Lang"; all of Pat Herreshoff speaking to "Student P" 3-4-2015 by DC.