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ready to go for another ride
what is a continuation really of lifetime
for my family talk about the physical aspects of them over the query or about movies
the associated with
the ball
review of
contract and last time could we do come out of the fishing and hopefully those from mathematik memory and of our body during the machines that would make it a little more relevant
the object now i find it too
really to bring into our awareness or consciousness the almost completely unconscious way that we normally use
body to do
and is very
habitual muscular pattern which you worked fine on a day-to-day basis within the town because they don't cry for week
it's just note that
no not very helpful
so how did how to start and not recommended
to start with a fan fan on hard floor and the essential yoga position for rational and just are jewish floor
those muscular having a much much
i'm thinking
andrew ideas
trying to rely more on the national architecture about body the falcon in particular to to stay upright and and last on muscle glare from the large muscles that he can start this for that by just standing up standing upright and i might be thinking about as
i'm new to down to a phenomenon and and you know how we deal with it and the that
the and then it
that would be i can help vehicle
know if the town
the the way to start
for that but i also want to mention again a posture a gentleman so will probably become you out but how can we frequently during this issue
so again you know if you
don't want their for any reason whatsoever to just let me know between now and then free
otherwise ah
when it happens if i can't
i catch you are trying to are just a suggestion are trying to relax into it so impossible the the lower back and this really important to
have the lumbar current just to remind you that we encourage you in that direction and then that five that corrected vertebra here in the shower
and go to be a written confession
beautiful creature that try to remind for that
just a touch it
okay so now onto longevity and part of his not then
the mental part which we've been talking about really all practice period
report i know did i can't really tell you anything that is how been so did the repetitious languages
to bring to bring to your attention some of the a camp stove past masters to try to say something about right do and some examples that have some seem to have some relevance to the are some deaf person
what would you been blogging about with the maha like you plan to sue germany basically it seems to reduce it to a nutshell is the data is advising us to
the be mindful five
the body the body able to feelings and go online and ninety nine dollars nine dodge and with their awareness
what i mean
pretty much it
well written in a lot of details about the to them how to do that and now so that's a common theme that these other examples really points of the pain fame they just have a slightly different
well let's start with where we left off last time we are bodhi dharma dharma was given to
dont destruction so in case you missed it some of the names so yeah i think bodhidharma it's a real person i mean that i channel this i didn't make it up his own hand destruction and they did that
bodhidharma what we feel
i happened to have just my back in there really got to have visited the town in half in here where we left from
how law firm believer on the lobbyists out and home
he's put on my drive for the now
an hour's drive south there is
nice go town i didn't i just went there and no idea in and found out the own this is where i mounted on a lesson

so they made it a little more real and wa so here he is and he said that among other things there's no you and is no i know me know they don't come on now so i would say that prevented he was the a definitely familiar with a young charges spill the nine only
dozen by images philosophy which was pretty much contemporary with cam video hr still his name it and maybe even earlier a three hundred
hey bodhidharma is in the four hundred
and then he goes onto say
the all appearance is illusion remember that i
all appearances illusion are and another
quote life in him that he says
nothing it and a beard
it it otherwise
so why would that be why would a ignite
so i think it said
nothing to visit is it appears that
and otherwise we'll just be an adler a parent's right to it
that reminds me of by don't get too many of these things around me after belgian very positive
the pleasure in the ocean know that the ocean that neither for dinner where speakers are infinite variety data like countless is like a jewel can have one for
it only like circular as far as you can see it that time as needed for different parents and only the surgery
by far from that well and didn't go somewhere else and if we moved to a president who did it just looks like something else but that's not a whole picture became as just another kind of life of the infinite variety
get jobs in nothing is and every appeared
and in another line shortly after that but he dominated mises don't activate your mind and do not activate your mind
not really appearances or come in different towns that don't get bombed if what's coming up and down started to rain
or which is the same to me a been yeah but i'm due to a line from the fifth expenses necessary for knowing the point where the kitchen
hang hang down in sharjah the judgment and coughing sighing as though states no coffee and fine
and involved in
been be for one
the end
what he dominated signs off with their
they advised to build the only dharma and karma is that you get what you receive
which is it
was just study that way away what's really what's happening
no it isn't a judicature deserving of the alpha just wasn't there
that's what you get
so of it
the other day reminds me of fact that coursing through the centuries and for
so that karma waiting for common there is and there is cause and effect that i think bodhidharma telling us that it's really incompetent school
is unfathomable
it's just nice people the reality that one day out the years went by there are in conflict long
that no money down the contribution on

no one that
this shift here has been any grey is again from the poppy canon
little more obscure so little bit of context about that the
scriptures i guess your calling
and there is good
the typically arrive at their culture silica which is the three baskets which is the deny and the sutures and on your doormat
day minaya as you know is that it isn't just the way to organize the halting of mass amount of literature thirty nine the a mouse
i took and it also is day
the conduct
on that particular education
i read recently that
you know probably is what they did before the opening ceremony in the medical really hey that
mean infractions on these rules you're supposed to identify yourself
when the think have
and also another and speculated that we couldn't have you couldn't have no with ceremony if moves military ceremony like everyone in this country
that change it if you do do that
so that something that mascot of in iowa and then a wanted to be dharma which was the
commentary on the searchers that developed over several years basically i think between three hundred and two do
the stuff that a large contributions by our fans that occupies and his brother a shotgun and and then there's there's a suitor basket and then the with sutures best it has several subdivisions which reared and familiar with and even megan a coyote and emerging the coyote urine
okay imho which the short term it'll lincoln and connected discourses and buddha and so the maha deciding the that comes from the regular guy number twenty two in that this version of to a shorter version which is the and the german retire or yeah for you know those are that much
that are there is down air on wood
reserve shell
i think there's some new dermatitis even to via and agility
a man so there's a couple of mother is in that basket beside those three big ones and one of them is me
from dhaka
you don't care too much about it has among other things adama pada is included in that as subdivision and the job cattails are included in that division and then the one where i'm going the
dan i knew the a and hey so is that
well as a subdivision and which is supposed to be a pithy sayings of the buddha is like the wine
that were going to his and her can so if you're thirty one lifted up and addition the library of its kind of strange
translation for just like who are one hundred ten designs your heart first heard this i'm sure many have you heard it a party my first package period and clear
as a buddha is talking to someone named maria
and he says
man my year you should try yourself like this and represent the and they will be only seen and reference to the heard they will be only to heard and reference to the sense to only the sense in reference to recognized only the listed how you should try it yourself from that
meditation instruction and brief so what that is that it's six expenses rise so there's the hearing seeing hearing and infest seems to cupboard
smell taste and hatch
shorthand for that and then i cognize so the victims so is this new saying i think
the same thing than the others are saying well and so you'd try yourself and to
not meddling not getting involved with all this stuff and squint jazz the just seeing the food just hearing and her not all of our usual
comments owner japan
running away from and a running toward is are all of that
so it's really the same thing read cut in canada elegant way
this is i used to train yourself and then he doesn't say a little bit more
when for you here there is only the scene was the only the heard in the area only the sense in this sense only the car guys in college and then the there is no you in terms of that
what's interesting is that as a chemical brief recapitulation of the idea that we are we just continued barrier establishing ourselves and
reference to the things that we think about it
everything outside is a when you can drop all that it is done that here there's no
new and charm to them when there's no you in terms of that there's no you fair at all
when there's no you there your neither here nor the yonder nor in between just this is the and are suffering
that reconstruction
so i think that the basically the same as day
ha fatto began researching

so then we take a big leap year
to another one is
taste for in disposable sanitary
i have personal energy to andrea first
very short
i just said
as the world honored one was walking with the congregation who pointed to the ground with his finger instead this fight is going to go sanctuary andhra and bureau the gods of grass bucket in the grams than the sanctuary is real world on one slot
that's it
so i first heard this one them fairly food and when i first came around and i can pay they remember giving a lecture own destiny good holiday city centre and i
like did related to it because if it was felt familiar
this was good to build a sanctuary it really reminded me of you know
the being here now ramadan mom around doctors in today's environment and and located that would be here now that's the that's what it meant to me that's what was that befell familiar
just a common sense of them and then later
this line appeared on the back of my from iraq to say like your kind of to say this particular to build a sanctuary a kind of being a robot
but i've always liked it and we've gotten a little bit more transparent to me as time goes on in and town of ah you know it is not a story of a master and to know and all that it did
you can remind me a little bit of those much longer mahayana sutras the where they talked about the congregation and our gods and goddesses in the body fossils and neighbors and everybody gets around so the boot is walking along with the congregation and in all the sudden andrew the and
for the gods the pops out with that all about you
so if it's odd
so the world honored wine
was walking the congregation that points to the ground if that's such a powerful image
this is a third time that we know i or that i know i'm a buddhist pointed to the ground right and a powerful way that for when he was born here comes out and
one to the ground and point the heavens the earth i am the world honored one
and it does here
so there's the first time and then on the night of his linemen hey points to demand again and try and add that for affirmation from the graveyard
and here's another
admit it and there
the ground earth is a very powerful image
our you've been on culture cultures and course a an operatic example comes to my mind and and
wagner is rage
ring cycle
when first was dominant
after botox on has stolen the rain my trickery and on
who was a person that of karma comes along to him suddenly
the earth opens
and aired aired the earth goddess com
she's really
the and now she's a contralto is the lowest low as the female voice interested in buying a time by
i know everything and everything that is
very very
so naturally the horse heard
but he does apparently notice her green torso because my the beginning of the next opera that they've had a daughters together
you lived in the famous marjorie
so anyway it just it is the thing about the ground on the earth isn't very powerful incentive buddha pointing to the ground so it could be dad or maybe he's pointing to the ground and being and the who knows but if the are hoping to do a points with his finger
it says this by is good to build a sanctuary
so you think it was you okay it can be any but there's any even just walking along and inspires to build a sanctuary it is wherever you are in is that reminds me that other another didn't say from the underside do something about ah there's no where on the ground
spit or something and the every place as holiday everyday things maybe there's another way of saying there
or if any fudge is where i am this is where you are they they're not moving is involved in that spot is good
not try to get away from that spot just just wherever you are
this five years ago sanctuary that the there are other versions in this story and this woman is the payment is a so spare
i heard a jeep erosion given only one thing over here and indicates that it had a much more details into that was a nice places like a bargain with palm trees in news and this five digital those sanctuary around yes
so then i noticed as this and
so sure you think a different career
your own
on people they invariably god which reminded me a vote on course when the author who there had a garden
total blade of grass is stuck it in the ground and said the sanctuary is no doubt
to me that movie
just took what was there what was handy
bent down to right breast in
who built the sanctuary
jaws in
so what's the sanctuary in and half then
whatever the there is the material for finding liking and building the sanctuary
then one day
i got another dimension added to
was withdrawn didn't have here in the mood garden with a guy named current for you can tell you and i'm sure that are good fun that is a terrific guy a terrific and not when they way we didn't ask there must have been day off with a couple of other people at one of those rare gaming tables were
talking about this is go on and so we decided to act it out as read that it is
i forget who is enter somebody they did you know deadly down and got a piece of bamboo leaf for something and i'm stuck it
actually pay off
and we are often they're contemplating their
the sanctuary
and suddenly there was a group and cart swoop down on and
took the sanctuary right
and disability and wentworth charging out the road howling with laughter
which i take it is fluid smiling
the and we were just left there
realizing the ephemeral nature now
the to work
the sanctuary is built and unbuilt at the same time
that is just used to go on to and bill next month
the ocean there i think
again i think dogan by this to play here is a blade here the way on paul air air air wherever you are when you find your place where you are the different same thing
it's important is the is also a line that we've written this right shade of me aware you're aware when you're aware that is the same same wherever that happened to for sanctuary is bill
new one
another way don't you put it i think is sam don't suppose that was you realize become your knowledge and grants by your consciousness
the sanctuary disappeared

and the next one is a little scarier is a another case in here which case bearing to
which features
yeah shop called young shines line in environment
the on sean's not in our language with things in future in eight hundred thirty nine hundred in china
so he founded his own school and others go on another one of the five pillars of the said
but anyway he was a main feature and here he is so this is this is a pretty
does a lot and there's this whole line so just to point out is elizabeth bit
because it's definitely about your father
so different part of it and yeah ask on where you from the said a new problem lies a second chance to do you think of that place the ones that are we think it is going to shock said the thinker is the minds about of is the environment they are mountains rivers land building towers halls chambers paypal animals and so forth the
where reverse your thoughts to think that they are there's something to be there
okay so
the axon asking where are you from
that's a trick question is one of those questions
the month realized that that he said from new products maybe it was fun to read outside now
so yang satu yang zhang says that do you think of that place said i always think of it
the basically
hey there
the new provinces
the months as the conditioning come from his past hundred culture compare and you know that everything they have is that basically is mine everything is in his mind and
the admit they left
ah did he stuff is all just really table thinking that
nationally who is quite a massive
i always think for the young child so okay can give you a lot more years so he tells him to reverse equal importance of always been for thinker is the mine and about under the environment
an environment have dollars these things did you think that for their everything thousand three hundred pupils and so reverse your thoughts to think of the computer is better than harm so investors up that the instruction
and it's very interesting thing to try to do damage
to say

to do this
sort of the first pitfall is and
to make and just objectify limestone is just the same things just the know their version of the same thing except for it thing that i think helpful to me is to
i'm thinking the dumpsters are now i'm thinking for think i think of the capacity to think and it's and of for myself but instead of thinking about the odds focus on or try to focus on the capacity to think it's very tricky the is very interesting that you just say what your money does with that's just to stay but it does with it to me

it produces a sensation kind of like basically my mind doesn't want to do it and it produces sensation like magnified to magnet when you take from of the to positive goals you know but from together and invested you know who did this weird deflected
so if we fail to go like that
but the point is i think the boy is needed object less medication that basically happening there were jewish and try to do that and have just so the fonts are still coming up you're just not
focusing on them
it's a very interesting
opposition to try aren't limited time there's a lot more than their than math and see we're on our way
so he asked him a and he has been the other question are there so many things there and then the says when i get there i don't see any resistance at all
so that would have experience there
he also doesn't mention how long it took him tickets there in years doesn't say
i think that a pointer to this case it's interesting to your the introduction you the heart doctor for it says the ocean is the world with dragons

moser are enlightened my trying
hi i mean that the ocean as the world and drag and isn't disappearing and a carrying their sports sport in me
this guy
which are biggest continuous this guy is the homework grains they fly and call really
why does the exhausted fish stocking the shelves
a sluggish the rest asked their dreams is why do
that's the question and answer lived in the famous thing own very comedy is there any way to figure getting lost
i think it is a time to whoever wrote this isn't to say well there's really no difference if they were dragging and slash fisher
andrew all they don't get too upset about it that
so i could recommend looking at nap
there's just another version that the same
and then on a specific a issue

i have always been fascinated with this section on your breathing with both where you basically parking is that's the thing about the swinging door
where it just the breathing
he says on from course in your mind is pure and calm enough to follow the movement are you breathing there's nothing there's no i know world they just as when the door
and by purity
is it doesn't other places too
nando basically
but just pure it is just the way things are just lazy the same thing know that movie not enabling interesting just me the way they are it was coming up when you add something our practices and judgment or whatever is not pure long
you can go get something from it
when we practice thousand and all that exists as the movements of the regime's just living a baby
that worst a lot better for me with when reading down here we've talked about before here just a bit of being conscious of district as a movement that a soft valley relaxed as possible just the movement baby
meant to be aware of the movement doesn't mean to be aware of the small stuff that

thompson very familiar to me
ah ha
slight variations on the

all i really wanted to bring your attention to
subject of this aggravation
the other night
so we just had this is a bogo
i'm standing over there
they're standing over there are coal
i i thought a lot of news actually in
wow you is called we have like this all the time
hey how you can call you won't be going back to this endeavor dinner
no no hot water model for suzuki roshi there's no girlfriend that maybe i should
the to of away
the i said and yeah you're looking at picture he knows there are that's my office kind of want that smile and they can haul in
we offer a day
chanting i've got another thousand he i wonder if everybody knows why they stand here and chance to on their car
and it is that
i think it would basically do it because liked it
like the founder
and as badly as we do it
the oaks you did it did that was his favorite chair
and then so i was thinking all and and then the next day somebody gave me a wonderful for how long
drip something you know
i'm wondering if i can get a share the department

i myself i never read a poem
but i really don't like it
and it's really nice to be moved off my spot
this goes i was standing outside and the magical expanding and i found out the stars nearly half my breath visible but not word is on page those who are almost new joined in a chance that you over japanese words and syllables hearing to echo
may be none of us understand except show
usually in iowa show why would you think of our whole party different thirty four years later we chance to sign those times and made off
is the to repay and configurable kind or isn't because years ago something

something distribution
what want to i want to change attention eventually the internet actually on find a a a i would have that have a union park anymore because every democrat period here
he didn't care and perhaps especially as it
another level of the visitors
onto the

no money for weeks ago

i recommend guy
suggest to you can i take to get around your honor taken to grow up place that this new york

maybe in the time technical institute modern day now
and chance to from your tie if you know like on the
high security
one four
the out and there are other special thing like
part to going to screen record
a promise of
different the garage regard can provide he really like peonies and the earth car
like to do there

have you probably has been out your own you know there and way to this is you know this is their descended report this the today

i i
does anybody have any questions

what a piano
one thing that's the point actually
pavement and maybe even if the uk
a point in
i'm on ricochet i'm not sure that the one thing that you're certainly than one thing that your mind and doesn't want to focus on is it still maybe it's the point of doctrine of and eighteen labor day weekend far is that your mom i will not notice or whatever cannot do that so you're just continually trying to do
something that can't be done
and that and help is the the efforts of practice
no you can't do it to try it this saturday
isn't that