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Sesshin Lecture

Serial: SF-01000

Day 1 Zendo Lecture

Sanctuary, Karma, Ceremony, Practice Period, Tassajara, Demons, Zendo, Anger...
Dec 10 2005

Shuso Talk

Serial: SF-04732


Sanctuary, Bodhidharma, Karma, Ceremony, Practice Period, Instruction, Suzuki Roshi,...
Dec 05 2005

Zendo Lecture

Lotus Sutra, Mindfulness, Suzuki Roshi, Offering, Sanctuary, Obstacles, Impermanence...
Jul 23 2005

Sesshin Lecture

Practice Period, Greed, Sanctuary, Hate, Freedom, Chanting, Tassajara, Hindrances,...
Oct 28 2003


Serial: SF-00051

Sunday talk.

Hate, Current Events, Mill Valley, Peace, Bell, Interdependence, Sanctuary, Chanting...
Sep 16 2001

Sunday Lecture

Hate, Current Events, Mill Valley, Peace, Bell, Interdependence, Sanctuary,...
Sep 16 2001
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Study Period, Birth-and-Death, Practice Period, Liberation, Instruction, Renunciation...
Jan 28 2001
Green Gulch

Women Ancestors Class

Precepts, Triple Treasure, Lay, Sangha, Mahayana, Sanctuary, Addiction, Hate,...
Aug 22 2000

Sunday Lecture

Right Speech, Freedom, Precepts, Happiness, Buddha Nature, conversation, Priest,...
Jul 04 1999
Green Gulch


Dharma Transmission, Ceremony, Transmission, Practice Period, Soto Zen, Priest,...
Jan 21 1996

October 9th, 1993, Serial No. 02688

Freedom, Rumi, Instruction, Zazen, Doubt, Religion, Sanctuary, Funeral, Passions,...
Oct 09 1993

Mumonkan Case 10

Serial: SF-00046

Seizei lonely and destitute.

Enthusiasm, Priest, Sanctuary, Sangha, Buddha Nature, Faith, soto, Balance, Zazen...
Apr 28 1991
Green Gulch Farm

Dzögchen Teachings

Serial: SF-02717

Commercially produced cassette

Gratitude, Nirvana, Peace, Offering, Religion, realization, Mandala, Non-violence,...
Oct 09 1989
San Jose

Dzögchen Teachings

Serial: SF-02715

Commercially produced cassette

Emptiness, realization, Subject-and-Object, Mindfulness, Transmission, Samsara,...
Oct 09 1989
San Jose


Serial: SF-01913

Rigpa adulthood

Transmission, Teacher-and-Student, Ego, Instruction, Humility, Emptiness, Sanctuary,...
Sep 03 1988

September 1988 talk, Serial No. 01944

Serial: SF-01944

Labor Day

realization, Emotions, Interview, Commitment, Enemies, Doubt, Sanctuary, Beginners,...

The Human Encounter with Death

Heart Sutra, Death-and-Dying, Chanting, Transmission, Subject-and-Object, Mindfulness...
Oct 11 1981
City Center

Dining Room class

Silence, Current Events, Religion, Monastic Practice, Faith, Sanctuary, Fox, Patience...
Jun 14 1981

March 9th, 1980, Serial No. 01884

Instruction, Greed, Doubt, Religion, Sanctuary, Intuition, Politics, Evil, Emotions...
Mar 09 1980

Lama Govinda’s Paper

Serial: SF-00010


Religion, Emptiness, Sanctuary, Dragons, Birth-and-Death, Lovingkindness, Passions,...
Aug 05 1978

May 26th, 1975, Serial No. 02740

First Principle, Sanctuary, Intuition, Dragons, Passions, Religion
May 26 1975
Green Gulch

Form and Emptiness II

Serial: SF-05879

SR 7/5/69 Form and Emptiness - duplicate

Emptiness, Don't Know Mind, Enemies, Sanctuary, Duality, Balance, Attachment,...
Jul 05 1969

Think the Unthinkable

Serial: SF-05137B

===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #20, by Shundo David Haye ===== 

This talk comes from the middle of the second sesshin at Tassajara, in December...

#sesshin, #new-audio, Fukanzazengi, #awakening-the-archive, Buddha Mind, training,...
Dec 04 1967

1966, Serial No. 03507

Serial: SF-03507

Re: Various roshis; Sokei-An history - copy 1

Priest, Dragons, Nirvana, Lay, Sanctuary, Rinzai, conversation, Zendo, Ceremony...

On Sokei-An, Harada-Roshi, Yasutani-Roshi

Serial: SF-01123

Tape 5 copy 2 - duplicate

Priest, soto, Lay, Rinzai, Sanctuary, training, Soto Zen, Interview, Transmission,...

On Various Roshis, Sokei-An History

Serial: SF-01125

Tape 7 copy 2

Priest, Dragons, Nirvana, Sanctuary, Rinzai, Bell, Evil, conversation, Lay, Faith...

Unknown Date, Serial 02736

Serial: SF-02736

There are no markings on this tape beyond manufacturers

Heart Sutra, Death-and-Dying, Chanting, Transmission, Subject-and-Object, Mindfulness...


Religion, Bell, Evil, Lay, Priest, Emotions, Sanctuary, realization

Future and Politics

Politics, First Principle, Precepts, Sanctuary, Interview, Gratitude, Liberation,...