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no changes to choose to be those words
the acoustics in your
and given a dish
recent and so punishable day
so am
i can be right i took him three
is dogan in and that ask a return
the media prostrations information you should see you

mr grey how to easily write my congressman it's is reach and this is what situation or his education
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i'd like to get a cameo
and i just wanted to simply brighten up last week i just wanted to see a couple of things about if you can read it at your leisure right time
he basically
down in english seen in search of thing it's hard enough to find the dharma teacher so when you find one who had a everyday is that it's a man or a woman doesn't matter just just revered and in somebody who teach the dharma
and down
playing that because it has turned the age to furthermore now a extremely stupid people will get women without having corrected the president that i mean not objects of sexual greed
yeah said
one language
it's a very young
ladies next day
this is very interesting part because he he basically
brings up the modern came
i haven't really talked about this last week the the object is that when go up when it goes up three and an office at the top
who can get him
so this prejudice that women are objects of sexual be disabled so the buddha must now be like this if whatever may become the object of sexual is to be hated do not all men deserve to be hated to have you know it's the if it's a paradigm of the object should be heeded well the maybe they should be as regards the causes and ca
addition to be coming tainted a man can be the object of women can be an object what is neither man nor woman can be the object and dreams and fantasies flowers and space can also be an object they have been in pure accident with a reflection on water is an object a new billion pure accident with descend in the sky as an object and guy can be there
you can have demon can be the object it is impossible to come out the possible objects they say that they are eighty four thousand object arguments should we discard all of them should we not look at them the precepts say abuse of the two of the two male organs
male organs male organ and ears or the three female organs are both para chica and the offender may not remain in the community is being so if we hate whenever might become the object of sexual greed all men and women will hate each other and will never have any chance to attain salvation
so if it's so clear you know it's just simply
this was what
this is taking hundreds of dog in is aiming to thirteenth century dolan with twelve hundred twelve fifty three
and on this next page seventy nine
right next to work seven yards
where i was just dream and miss next panel on the right
among bad people there are a man who are bad people among good people there are women were good people wanting to hear the gamma and wanting to get liberation never depend on whether we are a man or woman and they have yet to cut dilution men or women are like have yet to cut delusion and they had delusion and experience the pray
ansible there's nothing at all to choose between a man and woman are over for man has vowed never to look at a woman must discard women even when valley to save limitless many living beings if you discard them he is not about bodhisattva how much less
seventy eight and
we have it isn't it funny and of it's ready
contact with wrexham
oh yeah even for i'm sorry i'm sorry folks i'm working i must be looking at a different coffee like hundred on seventy nine yeah oh right the very top okay
and the same massive
as the next year and an escape i'm sorry i'm finding is xerox differently similar to her not so this thing about mentioned look at women was one of these things that you hear repeated were a nanda sense to the buddha you know what if a woman do you know comes down with
readers have the well don't do something whether she speaks to you don't talk back whether she don't look at her and and against this whole thing so i think he's bringing this up
if you discard them he is not a body of heat escapes by say women is he sent for how much less does he have the british compassion this bow me not to look a women is just a drunk and utterance cause by deep intoxication and the wine of the shrub aka and room
hundred and fifty different either human beings their gods should believe this vow to be true furthermore if we hate elledge for the wrongs the have committed in the past you must even hate all bodies happens if we hate like this no discount everyone so how will we be able to realize the buddha dhamma words like those of the monks bow and a deranged speech of a
stupid man who does not know the buddha down
and then it goes out of this person took a vow to never look at women and he's going out about how ridiculous issue later download for this about that monk were true not only would we fail to save women but also when a woman who has got the dharma manifested himself in the world and preach the dharma for human beings in god's we would be for
anyone who did not come and listen would be not a bodhisattva but would be not a bodhisattva just a non buddhist
in a little further there are also those who although women had visited good counsellors made desperate in pursuit of the truth and this become the guiding teachers of human beings in that they are women such as the old woman who wouldn't sell her rice cakes and always kicks away so for her
oh this next paragraph again in japan there's one particularly laughable institution this is either comic sanctuary are commonplace place for practicing the truth of the great vehicle were big chinese and other women are not allowed to enter and this is it goes back to those eight special rules you know over women and
can a point to that the wrong custom has long been handed down and so people cannot recognize it for what it is people who emulate agents do not rectified and men of wide knowledge give no thought to to it
calling it the enactment of people have authority or terminate the legacy of men of tradition they never discuss it at all if one laughed a person guts spite split just who are the so-called people have authority anyway it's really a dynamite against this is that like mount he a were women
we're not allowed on sacred ground suppose a sacred ground
and then
further on if the buddhist order when he was in the world included all four groups be big shoes because soccer a new procedures that's lame and one it included the eight kinds of beings thirty seven kinds of beings and eighty four thousand cans of beans the formation of the buddhist order is clearly the buddhist order itself so what kind of order has no big tourneys has no way
women and has no eight kinds of beings you should never hoped to have so-called sanctuary which surpassed in their purity the buddhist order of that to target his lifetime because they are the spirit hemingway demons
yet many eviction is looking for them have experienced before fourth effect when i'm an atheist or the what kind of place whether it is within a triple world or in the buddhist lands of the ten directions can have actually not go who could stand in her path the same time the final state of truth is also the supreme rank when a woman has this alright
eddie become a buddha is there anything in all directions that she cannot perfectly realized who could aim to bar her from passing
just and the last page
there should never be a place where they cannot go still less should they choose to wait alongside kings administers of a minor nation in a remote land but when we look at present places of truth in quotes which a big shooting may not enter any rustic board farmer old lumberjack and enter at random
still less would any king lord officer or minister be refused entry comparing country bumpkin can be chimneys in terms of learning of the truth or in terms of attainment of rank who is superior who is inferior in concrete
no the situation in japan is utterly deranged are inferior nation is the first to leave this stain and its history how pitiful it is when the eldest daughters of the compassionate father of the triple world came to a small country they found places where they were fired from going
on the other hand fellows who live in those places called sanctuaries have no fear of committing the ten wrongs and they violate the ten important piece of science over so in no uncertain terms to stove in said for instance he had taken this and what's interesting is later on he was a reform and dog was
in in many ways and later on this was expanded this this particular festival was an
edited and these things were edited out and they went back to these rules of keeping women barred from a certain how many places
you enter the so you your yeah in the soto zen tradition in this
kennedy has recently been they've found the older version that yeah so it's
but anyway the fact that dogan himself
so strong about this i mean that's really one of the strongest pieces where he says you know is is laughable few less and gets would split
it's really
so you can stay there
how helmets right hey took us we received preliminary
intentionally she know
i don't really know i mean it was often i see what i think the and this was given this was written at cannon during kosher going to temple on the day of purity and bridges
ah see it this was
in twelve forty
it's it's hard to say i mean you know these things from written and given as lectures to them to the monks so
who knows they went along with it i think
pretty clear
why this was a drug trafficker
i'm a shrub aka is a stream and true
john come one
and it's are often referred to as you know there's this
i'm in indiana my than the old third indiana is it perjury to turn the turn me small vehicle miami the large google but the old wisdom score you can also save the earliest buddhist schools which i want to talk about tonight
but what the pitfalls of a really are and the pitfalls i would say is this emphasis on purity which we were talking about i think last week to
you know being you read all these monastic rules and then are you pure is everybody pure here can get ready pure and then there's those who aren't pure so i think what are the pitfalls of the hall
how old wisdom school was his emphasis more and more on purity and so i think it's referring to this were ah
it became very dualistic actually the the in those who are the pure ones and those weren't appearance and women
i'm kind of fell into the category of in the impure
ah culturally speaking in the neck played out
so i think that's what it's referring to here
is this the name of the buff l comes from the right you know this is one of the fast cars in dogan wrote for his
his main work of his life was the shovel gains over the treasury of the true dharma i and that's divided into ninety farcical the sickles i'm not exactly sure who never heard anything else referred to as a collection of festivals but it's like little chapters little essays chapters dharma talks and there's ninety of them in
so this is the name of one of those pascals so this is number eight top so it's probably my first book well this is the new jima cross
there's many translations and this is from new gene of cost translation and that on your new reason
and that's a three volume set and i'm not sure which when the seasons did this isn't the show began so it's in the shovel gains a mm
oh set that this comes from
the know jima across the translation of the shovel cancer yeah but i don't think cause has it like one of the juga doesn't have this one and combined liverpool enlightenment and fools i'm not sure they hear it either
but term who else has it dr abe's translation
anyway there's certain translation put in a gym across this post being a good translation not speaking japanese i never really told them the microscope ninety year but there's other writings that he did
that's a show of the get with this neighbors yeah
there i was just coming back on the plane there was a vietnamese monk and i talked to him a little bit in the airport and he was telling me it's very important is that are you single suggests he's a good you must not think on women if you want to follow buddha's way never think i'm women you must keep your practice pure i would know kitty the and
for of guess what and you said door
huh so interesting you use pure used to appear yeah yeah like a diamond he said
vietnam me was he he was gone his way to city of ten thousand buddhas in and around her
why i wanted to talk about that because this thing i don't like last week events one subject to like us to talk back but before we do other some people who haven't yet given here
it's aftermath only person reaching and shortly
i'm sharing that could happen
and seven three
synopsis story and she was born into a wealthy family and that fell in love the highway robbery
she found another commission within their execution she ate her furniture
i had some connections to free him so she can marry him and
and so they ended up becoming a wed couple and then
after they got married he he fabricated to lie about how he had he had told her the cliff vat returns will be executed that if we're allowed to live he can come back and he would come back and offers them
something as an offering and so the astra com commonweal jewels like in offering
when they got there
how can he was it was not going to do that lives in coffee june so she m
gave him on jewels and as before he's gonna kill issues that will do i can i have one last wish to you can i have one embrace
they said she embraced him from the front and then embrace him from the bath and christian a the of effort
gonna repeat
so but then she she couldn't go back to the family the issue of
to be ashamed a choice and she joined and
the threatened by jane it's analogous quite a few women that the join them
it said it was the first religious sect that have none
but she asked for the severest cynicism
which included carrying out her hair on
hands and since she eventually match all their teaching and this energy to move on and look for more teaching
so she wandered around she was part of the the era of nuns who who could wander freely importance
every new town to come tissue and stick am from those apple branch and the ground which can then i'm ready to to do a dual all maclin
it all intellectual do
and after many years of of going around doing this she never could find anyone thinking of the match or skilled until she came to seventeen t where am i could show was live in and then he responded for challenge and they did
a together a long time and then evening the first one he will answer all questions and then family was his turn and he asked her
one what is that
she for the first time to know who's on and immediately answer to can teach teacher
those an interesting a part in a
like as you were getting an indignant
realize that there is environment then
i am so instead of becoming her teacher and preacher center immediately to katana
i'm recognizing she worked at a of understanding on or
when you visit the time of day
it's a little upon hearing the with weren't shooting enlightenment and then she was the only woman
there was ordained
in the way editions or day interested in staying calm combat i was that she was again
he is that women had to ask permission from both the the nuns and monks to more
she was
able to just them those two words
and then
so after she became enlightened she continued wandering independent woman and
if his chamber
she's wondering is
i found a very inspiring she started out a sweater
you know
young wealthy woman only love with a highly rather than making some poor judgments to this really highly especially right
how that that help

the extreme
i it's interesting that she didn't go back to am after after on finding out what her husband
an underground his ways and yet
she somehow had to punch of stuff to them
can she asked for this the strongest bacillus cynicism practices yeah does she ever
yeah we'll write it down and seen
market share
forty six
you have been reading if
i cut my hair and wore the dust and i wondered if my one row finding fault where there was none and finding no fault where there was then i came from my rest one day at vulture peak and saw the pure buddha which is like a bend my knee paid homage asked my palms together
we were face to face kumba he said that was my ordination
i have wandered through our anger and maganda vijay cassie and costello
fifty five years with no debt i have enjoyed the arms his kingdom wise lay follower and a lot of man he gave a road to bother with faith from album
i think when if i met at the buddha said she was the first among the know for most of the nuns in the speed with which she gave me a run so
with him although she'd had all those years with a giant again tank
finished team matter someone came up to be do you know that one of the nuns that we can't know one of that
acharyas was a murderer and he said yeah i think to never and it doesn't say that she pushed him off that doesn't say that he was killed in a no brainer
anyone an independent prepare and said job is proudly and he takes takes the a lot of different answer people who are part of the order so but they regret that were translates said and everything from yeah we have merged two content
have heard that
i'm not that have that has happened to people's lives
when the one
you know what you're referring to reflect
how reach think so anything else personally about about a thief and
huh just enter the love stories of transformation and interesting coming from
what i you
ambergris pat no credit
it's fine salem like mint
thank you


the my son that minded out of my senses i was naked with wild hair and i wandered anywhere and they don't trash heaps in a graveyard and by the highways three years wandering starved and thirsty
then illicitly of littler i saw the one who tales when an untamed and goes his way and happiness enlightened unafraid i came to my centers pay homage and sat down
our compassion gautama taught me the way when i heard his word i set out into homelessness by putting his teaching practice i realized great joy my grief is cut out finished ended or i have understood the ground from which all green comes
for seti
was born in her salary and
she was married come
by this account happily and
she gave birth to a son and the sun
died at an early age and
she went mad and
wandered from place to place and was cast out there really weren't any institutions in place for
such a grief stricken woman and so she wandered
an unwanted animal
for three years until she met the buddha
personally i as well as it's it's markets interpretation knows
a twentieth century woman that seems a bit more even handed to me
buddha was
a great enlightened being end
the met him and
but on i
in my research came across

cornerstone women under president of buddhism and the account and meeting
the buddha and experiencing that shift
i don't know if it just feels a little sex is to me on
warren and crazy with grief as the death of a child she wandered about for three years until she met the master when at the side of himself controlled until contained and through his power she was able to regain her normal mind
oh i read it several times but if i still come back to that tens of
in same woman
cold by the president of this great man and i
return to his questioner
male validation and
seemingly bestowed by men not something that women
encounter relies on their own
add one track you with
to so and is a bitch he can of she was kind of insane or oram had lost touch with reality or and decompensated or however you want to be good
and hadn't received any help and then when she came upon the buddha this contact with someone that calm and stable and compassion it's over it
at that point my understanding and it was that she kind of
re stabilized i don't but i wasn't sure that she became enlightened at that point as just the the contact with that kind of a person helped her to just
re stable as herself that's that i am but but do feel like she actually had an enlightening experience

which i searched that i said he
i assumed it was an enlightening experience because she became devoted to him afterward
don't have enough
chichi diversity from the salaries have remarried came a nun and i will she did become an airhead
i went mad with grief to from happening
well i think come horner in particular
ah for example that this is ib horner who was from the pine tech society and she didn't let his translations are ileana and for example and in terms of andrew centric you know we've been talking about male centric she translated the word big chewy as either elder
elder sister or lady but for from picture she
translated it is honored man i'm honored lord but she didn't say honored lady
so in her translation itself i mean rate embedded within it is this kind of by it so
you know i hear that didn't dare you know she meant and through his powers she became but i do feel like the is we are affected by people who are stable and gum and kick down and talked about down the boat people you know when people people were escaping from be a nominal he said if there was one com person on the boat just took one
the entire group would make it a be able to put if if nobody if there was no person who is able to hold that
they didn't have a chance so so i think the power of one person's rooted calm grounded being is enormously powerful

but right to the powers or have you know that with it yeah i think a current for me especially for our manda said kim their sensitivity because they
there is a lot of in our culture it kind of there's a history of target about women's hysteria like where women's emotion he had seen as like oh hysterical women who don't know how to control their emotions gas grills and earn the effects irrationality so i can understand
stand around this issue and of serbian sensitivity because of are coming from a culture that has had that to kim
any other personal
ah reactions to it her story here
couldn't get close to them
the loss of the child
personally i
i am
i felt abandoned as a child or added one of the the difficult issues for me is somehow my parents get along with
the laws of their children ages
you gave us up and they they seem to function
quite well and this woman lost a child didn't abandon him but he died and
she would no longer in the same contact with him and she went mad and
he just it seems very hazy and something that i'd like to get closer to pin

there's some
another or couple of instances of from potty chair also lost her husband and her parents from children and also i went mad so if this is a recurring theme in it's sometimes hard to know
what is a kind of folk or motif and you know hum
not too not too
undercut the grief that is felt by at last a trumpet
anyway there's there's at least two or three them as vacation of but i think that's true i think many people who and sitter from loss ah abandonment and lawson you know there is a recurring theme here too
okay i'd like to am i played you save from the other side that i
remember and i especially becomes very real to me and the fact we have three babies here but i remember one time looking at johnny when the english about
old six weeks
pretty young and i was twenty two
and i remember thinking if this baby died i'd go crazy the love the primitive protectiveness
the mama lion and i remember when he was
nine months old
and even was sharing that almost exact same story with me that i thought if any thing or anybody tried to hurt this job i could kill to protect this child i could have the physical energy to do whatever it took
to protect this child if if i couldn't i'd never be able to come back and of course i was fortunate not to have her habit but
i think that there's a time
when you experience
that close to madness feeling after you had a child
maybe not for everybody ethan
for some people and also i think that for me that until i had johnny i had never healed an abortion i have had as a young woman so variant and
can we not that young but m
oh the
deep shame
and i am my lack of
more awesome
i made that decision with a reasonably rational mind but once it actually occurred
to me number of years and i don't know what i would have what would have happened had i not have a job i mean i think i wouldn't work you know would have been something with carried on and i can't say that in a way i don't know where that and then i had a miscarriage you
three and that was another tremendous
tremendous emotion
from being pregnant at that age knowing it was the last time and not having it in feeling funny because i was relieved in an old over the internet live school again
you know that on those kinds of things so i read late to very intimately to be
ecstasy in the madness of
i have this thing is complimentary for think meriting
til i just wanted to bring the other side because i somewhat feel like i am i having four pregnancies
and into one ending naturally in the other would not actually like had that experience of
madness in each one of them
you know that close to where i could just packets giving me i as we speak
thank you
so last week i was left with a couple of things that i felt like i wanted to come back in on one was pump body between a touchdown in the other was this thing of duality purity
so i kind of wanted to put out
those two things on
and i wanted us to look at what the problem is if they're i would think we've been looking at canavan from a historical kind of how wonderful the there's this
option for women and and monks and nuns both and then what is the kind of shadow side wants the problem and i think one of the promises this period being attached to purity and and if were pure than other people aren't period who is pure and who is impure and when you have that when you carry that around
i think
would just like you know when the airport you meet somebody who moved the history to tell if peter how they should be and how they should and then you'll be the diamond you know your husband to be a diameter your practice will be like and don't like it then so is that is that be met somebody else's practice isn't diamond
like and you know it really sets up a comparative kind of mine and i think
it's a kind of pitfall there you might say that we should be aware of
and the mahayana i think became a kind of answer to this you know this was all the always to schools had this
an emphasis on individual practice or hardship attaining enlightenment for it it wasn't stressed for saving all sentient beings that was not the stress and then when the mahayana the new western schools with mahayana
the bodhisattva became the idea rather than that are hot and that was this compassion
all bees can be saved you know plus plants trees and animals and you know it was this wide wide thing and that's what buddhism really spread the wooden the mahayana i mean it had spread to some southeast asian countries but there is split between laity and the ordained in the ladies job was to give alms and provide for the monk
and nuns
medicines robes are places in food and so forth and then monks and nuns were to purify themselves and a and then they were worthy of these arms and the main purification thing was that there a cell but i mean that really set them apart
as well as leading a very simple life not handling money have read some of the things
not wearing cosmetics not wearing jewelry not going to entertainment not sink not dancing that bathing
you know you're only being at certain times and just their lives were very second described and simple
and gave them optimum time to to to meditation and to work but there was this big split where it's the my yana it was the bodhisattva ah
ideal for example bows laity i mean in my yannick countries the bodhisattva precepts go to both li and priests with both take the same precepts it isn't as big spring
so this kind of catholic using the word catholic as kind is universal
the way buddhism spread and compassion seem to be
one of this spreadable factors you know this compassionate thing would seem to be
one description of it is that
the compassion the mother the pressure bar me to the perfection of wisdom
those am
feminine ideals you might say the way we used to or traveling usually help to spread version through through our the some countries
ah doctor contact whose translated all these different things felt that the most the earliest religious
human religion was the great
the great mother
and he felt that the my yana with compassion and pressure to apart me ten
met that in the deepest recesses of the psyche is how it puts it and then allowed to spread really like far and wide every so it's it's a kind of theory amy we can actually say that
also just by way of just a point the the area nations which were
sky god
male sky god religions the area nations conquered india
but they didn't conquer the south they conquered the northern parts of and even at the south the area nice others
the earliest scotus worshipping a female metro poco lineages are in the south and that's where buddhism
adam the pressure parmi to cape
i really wanted to emphasize the provisional nature of these tissues around the body including the pretty two parts can and going to the term or grounds and
because the truth is not all a you know we're talking about this stinky body in the
it's it's a balancing thing and it's a provisional gives me it's a provisional teaching in that that's not the truth either the truth is neither one nor the other that truth is
this body what this party is is actually beyond conception actually
for of an emptiness you know the actuality what this body is but i feel like these practices are antidotes to misconceptions so it it's a kind of a balancing beam but the but we shouldn't stop there it's more of a provisional antidote medicine for
while they in into meditation checks out the wazoo maga the if you're having difficulties with read desire and lust and so forth these kinds of meditations were used as a very specific antidote so fun to bring that up because basically the our practices a very
big emphasis on the body and caring for it and the precious human body that and effectively am
have been born with this precious human body the fruit of many lifetimes save the body which is the fruit of many lifetimes in the am a kosovo to gunman so
that to me as is closer to the teaching
hi i'm amy my closer
i just don't want us to be left with this
i'm kind fun
view of the body as you know something that should be
not valued or not thought of as being
precious that's actually when i say closely between the and think i'll stick with them the factory of precious human body is
you know not to waste this this wonderful human life because human realm is the realm where you can
find you can awaken the human realm so
anyway at the same time there are these practices these other very old practices
so tell that kind of address as i think i've got that charming cadavers book up the eyebright time our
so we should look into what yeah we couldn't we can make it happen if if it's i think it's a pink one right in the middle is charming could ever
yeah horrific figuration of the feminine and indian buddhist hey geographic literature
wait for the parade rate ways to present your own bodies foulness you know that for each of the thirty two burn the body boot ago specifies five forms of loathsome this to be apprehended
you start out with the hair of the head i'll just read you that has been returned my hit in color this is the vegetation in color these hairs or loathsome they are also loads of in shape and sent in origin and range for seeing anything of the color of hair is a nice
for seeing anything of the color of hair in a nice bowl of gruel the race people get disgusted and say it's mixed with hair and take it away
it's true
great is you get an air in my soup like you know these your emissary less hairs are loathsome in color people eating at night and feeling with their hands of fiber of the swallow word of the rush over the shape of hears likewise become disgusted this is a sickness in shape the smell of here
they're untouched by preparation such as oil pomade essence of flowers and so on is very disgusting even more disgusting than that is the smell of here when thrown into the fire
that's true
yeah right think that's when hairs indeed may not be me loathsome in color or shape but are certainly low seven smell a baby's excrement is the color of turmeric and is like a pile of to work in shape the swollen corpse of a black dog tossed onto a trash heap is of the key
eller of a rape palmyra fruit and is like a perfectly rounded drumming form with pete resembling jasmine buds just as these things may not be loathsome and color and informed but i've certainly disgusting and smell so also hair made up be those that i mean the current regime but it's certainly disgusting smell
can you really can't prepare this cisco it was to stop sweating my comprehension this was a
you know the criswell the indian mind was very very analytical you know that that's
i mean if you can say such a thing as the indian mind but anyway i ebay prone to this kind of you know i'll be dharma you know an elevation of things and so you take the hairs of then you spend you know couple of years and has come up with you know
and then secretly thinking about right but i remember it this is this
i actually wanna get to this i'll just tell this westeros when i remember when i was little i've found a hair in in my food and it didn't bother me in the least who was just like a little fluff or something hidden bank and then it to bother my mother who you know take that away and then later like what i was like many years later it had
there was and then i actually got so sick but early on it was just like as a kid it wasn't anything to do binary and culturally here's how are socialized or whenever you hear right
anyway you can look at this same time if you want to focus this reminder
that month in the all of that how they deal with active
the monastery in the results
and then there's the west of them between how much doubt with without
western man
so the it's been a lot of time to meditations on the in a particular the female body looking through the skin and bones just totally deconstructing the ocean in on as sexual object and
yeah and i think that's what this is about because a lot of the meditation instructions they were written down where or that have come down at the ones for the monks and so if if it's heterosexual monks that they're written for then they take an object
how about this one this one is probably getting uk i'm excited to look to say that when basic them so but it's medicine because i think the buddha you know was not an ascetic he said don't go the ascetic way don't it's not a self portrait vocation kind of thing it's very particular medicine for particular
illness you could say your particular problem
here's a sincere gun
then discern that the guy long does the standards of a western concept of self between the younger one yeah says really different is here overseas eating ourselves we hear that i got a good source but i usually they have fled so different just make it was the from random you can say look good and
think i'm getting there we have that you know they don't have that a good client so i think it can be confusing but it really doesn't seem like deaths i mean does not even issue really and it wasn't didn't seem to me is women either that you know they they actually
the reason that in the one likes a already talked about could sail that because she'd really like the by fruits but here say to them as a healing then it wouldn't be there anything
thank you that's an excellent point i think it down i think our western view of this is so conditioned by
but it's very hard to get a feel for how to work with this stuff because it's
the you can even see you can't say certain things to westerners without us having a big reaction that's all
let's see i had done that the different sections the project as we talked about those are the defeats the ones where if you did one of those eight you are not considered a month or none anymore
and then the next grouping are
ah ones where you had to have a meeting of the sangha that would then say what you around
what was that punishment i guess humanity and i just wanted to mention a few of these are for example
this a sangha russia dermis and one of them as a big issue any acts as a go-between carrying messages from a man to a woman or from a woman to a man and if by doing so she helps a range of liaison and so
it kind of takes off its continuing with this theme of the the celibacy and the purity of and not having contact between the sexes they don't go into what they do
about term and told you about being under the same coverlet
i do
we're here last week
the young there's admonitions about the big shoe nice not sharing the same sleepy the same that under one coverlet and one blanket and not so i think they're are also in your also
the charity massages and rub each other and that they go into that so i think they're it's also about sexual contact between same sex as well yeah
no raising or lowering and talk even okay everything during robin
oh yeah i remember that management
there's a number of them about the issue is being alone by themselves if they cross water alone entire village alone sleep live walk alone than you
now how about this one is were when you are kinda not even i kicked out you need to have a saga has to meet to see what your what the consequences will be these are not ones where you're kicked out immediately but but something must be done being your sentences what we were
it wouldn't it the catholic church those to become the mule said venial sin okay misdemeanor
you know we talked about that the fact that if you read this it's like the dirty laundry of the of the order is you don't so people who hadn't received the precepts they weren't allowed to read it so how about this one if a big shui ganging up together with one two three or even a new wish cuny's says to a virtuous big chewy
elder sister do not anyway some of this ganging up i was picturing nice
the women getting a little clip boy and ganging up on his other reporter virtuous sister adriana corrector something asking her not to admonish another big juni who was their friend i guess
whatever that victory he says would improve and we delight in it we don't want you to tell her we don't want you admonishing managing her and it's a big long thing about this may go on yeah exactly exactly
tom mason
it could come to understand why my crossing water alone yeah well i think this one wouldn't be used to be able to wander alone and then there was this rape that was wondering if there's a part of the vinaya has the background for all these how they were come to through a person for some kind of experience and so they weren't allowed to be alone it
where they had to go into serious stuck with your you never got to be by yourself so if you cross water entire village alone sleep liver walk alone now pick sunni commits a sung of sasha unless she refrains from her misconduct after the first offense so they give you a one chance but also if you're sleeping or living or walking around a long
back at all also
you know what are you up to your supposed to be with your fellow sisters maria
now here's another one that seems so contemporary if it actually becomes angry and unhappy over some small thing and says this is when i talked about to be using the triple treasure and that wednesday at the last to the
disparaging the temple treasure this seemed like a kind of dispiriting a triple treasure you weren't there then
iridium of dynamism
you know taking the name of the lord thy god in vain kind of okay this is this is the equivalent if it actually becomes angry and unhappy over some small thing and since i forsake the buddha dharma and sangha
that's kind of like that right yeah
it is not only with the buddhist renunciate set we can cultivate your conduct we can cultivate your conduct with the brahmin nonsense who cultivate your conduct to the an eviction he should manage that actually seeing elder sister you should not get angry and unhappy over some small thing and say i forsake the buddha dharma and sangha and so forth the
you know they will predict cause these are all oil you know so there's a lot of repetition
but if she gives up her conduct you know she's a ok
here's another suppose a picture is fun of arguing but is not good at remembering what she has argued about a him afterwards
yeah no
it really really
the next one is around can he sergey co-pay antica dharmas and those are these are in descending order of a van you know seriousness
and carry on what you have to do for the east african the nice sergei could come by africa they called the propelling downfalls they require confession
to either a saga assembly that's a group of five or more
or a forfeiture of the article in question so these are a lot about rogues and things
you know if i'm actually already has the five rogues you you were allowed to have five rogues and has already given away a caffeine or rove i'm not sure that as she may keep robes in excess of that for ten days only
unless she performs the ritual of pure giving so it's like you've got your five and then you're supposed to give one but you can keep it longer and you know so if you're caught kind of doing that kind of hoarding thing or whatever you this is one of these nice sandy can pay periodicals if addiction is rogues have been stole
and last burned or swept away by water and an unrelated male or female householder asked to give her more roads that picture he should be content to accept just what she needs if she accepts more than that she commits one of so this yeah this negotiating what do i need
in what's too much
this is so this is this is a caravan we're a dealer if a male or female householder calculates the cost of a roman gives it to the big shoes to buy a robe and that picture and he does not accept the offering at first but goes to the householders house and says it would be good householder if you prepare such and such an amount to buy a row
for be so that it will be a good one lot more expensive our herbal or
but the other thing she can do about this is for male or female householder calculates the cost of a role for a certain picture and saying we are prepared to give such and such an amount to buy a rope with the big chewy and that book should he does not accept the offering at first but goes to the to householders and how sensei it would be good householders if you prepare such and such an amount to buy a robe
putting your money together to buy me a rogue so that it will be a good one
right this householders said i'm going to give you seven seventies so you say can you guys pull your money and then i could really get a nice
you're not allowed to do and i had that it's next truth everything it's the only how it close so creates exactly how i think
come to
then there's this long thing about a donation that came for a robe and you can't receive the money yourself you have to bring it to someone else and and say please by a robe for me and if that person doesn't go by the robe you can go and ask repeatedly where's the roby response to buy for me because i donation has been good
yvan and you can go like three times and then afterwards for the fourth shifter six time you go and you stand silently you don't say any more like okay come on where's my rower and you just stand there
and if they still don't do it then you right you have to tell the person that the money you gave me never a rogue never came and you should do seventy man game me back very particular
you can't personally except gold silver money someone else can accept it for you
to buy wrecked or things that you have this is a problem for or
current monks and nuns because in the west you can is very hard to get by without handling money in some way especially because of the west mender can see begging begging is looked down upon it's not a noble not seen as a noble tradition here
so this is great one of the hardships of people nowadays as they're trying to do this
can you go on sale
precepts that nuns and was to yes they receive these although this the practice of meeting i'm a new in the full moon and and people
confessing him and that that actually gave
eventually became more of a ritualized reading and reciting rather than actually checking out legalist agrees everybody pure and and what country that's not done anymore to understand we're we're asking our monster in australian in
because i know
they go so in some ways this is kind of secret as esoteric almost
now this is about
particularly for eviction is if a big shiny promises another big shooting a cloth for menses but later refuses to give it to her she commits any surgical yeah so you'll need to borrow tampon from so here i am a practice that every anyway
so you can imagine it happening in thing going to the buddha to say so and so said she's gonna give no pad you know it showed him
oh and now
weren't about i guess i put the council stories about that of the complaints going to
and then the teacher these are the story is when he said well yeah but i mean really the actual incident what the buddha said in response to things there are their stories and of them and their institution for that no not in here there's a couple of yards in another part of the vinaya yeah
is this interesting to yeah yeah i know there's no fewer than on and hounds help elsewhere haven't read many hidden and i am or a credit card the hear about modern monk but care about kin a can you go
john route can have to get credit card looks where i'm not sure i know that he had assistants who carried money for him and drove for you can dry right you know so i'm not sure they're getting a chance at in chinese and affinity him he doesn't touch people yeah there's also a visit that's another thing in the web
shaking hands you know it's just it's so common or as luxury says in hawaii are you will receive lays from people and hug and both sides and embracing is completely common in a way and you know for her
oh so it's hard to one you know to refuse to shake hands is a being a friend rate
although i've seen our general shake hands actually with maybe it was a woman
the other thing about these is that they're flexible in that the spirit of them can be kept and they can be modified for nowadays you know forum like there's one about you can't run on elephant so what in that time elephants were for the very richard know building was a very high standards thing so maybe nowadays
you don't write in stretch limos or something i don't know some kind of equivalent than as the same view as that wouldn't be hard thing that are out on elephants
it will want you went to the surface
i down and out and hire the active
on the next group are the
pay anti cut diamonds and these
are you need to have self confession or self imposed confinement
for these and their things these i think are pretty serious if a big should he deliberately tells a lie if a big shiny slanders these areas are pretty suffer you know for lying in slamming uses divisive words
if she sleeps overnight in the same room with a man sleeps overnight for more than three nights and the same room with a woman who has not received the full precepts
mate so the here seventy or sleeping with who hasn't taken the same vows and that puts yourself in jeopardy i guess if they're not committed to it than average kids they have mean the right way in your family with to family expose not yet
if a book jr he recites the suitors together with someone who has not received before precept she commits a by antica
let's see which wednesday if a good shooting
this when it kind of i gotta laugh out of an addiction he sits or lies down and a rope bed or wooden bed that has loose legs and an upper story she competes at hand to guess you can imagine what would happen maker
the loose lay eggs and of epilepsy sat out and fell off the upper story editor
you about the prince that
i know i know
if you verbally abuse someone's been speak vase of words destroy ghosts and spirits in a village know if you do some exercise assembling that's what to do that now here's one that i marked because this happened to somebody in our song has to do with how you treat donations and invitations and you may have your own story about
this but if a big kuni has already accepted an invitation and if later she goes to another house before or after mealtime without informing the other big tourneys unless it is an allowable time she commits a buyer a pie africa
i'm only maybe that wasn't the one
what but the thing that happened in real life with someone invades a member of our saga it was a donor to have lunch with him and he said yes and then he broke the date because he can i didn't want it because the guy was kind of boring but then he went out anyway with somebody else
and the guy was at that restaurant on site and this was a major donor to cents and one of our major major donors and
i won't tell you it is of course but i won't tell you either but he completely cut off all his support design center and there was no amount of a man's what we could make every memory
the abbott spoke with them at the time and we brought gifts and we tried to and it just made no difference it was a major of front as you can imagine so prison feel bad as their lives in
that they had yeah and it was very petty kind of that you know i canada one on but i want to go out anyway and so that kind of thing which seems so little you know accept an invitation and going to the movie with somebody else we will put
say no but well if it if it wasn't a donut right but in this case of
so this is a little different this is accepted an invitation and then later go to another house before or after mealtime it means that you get double portions i think that's what this is referring to
for i was thinking of like taking advantage of the time out to i fit in some other pleasurable out to and yeah that's right before after you don't tell you so biliary only my mom i had stuff to do after school he going down the hang out with friends yeah no can ads so a weapon of yeah yeah i'm alright i can is to do
the cooper festival this is one that i've found is basic meanness and but also something i also could imagine has happened to me and others if addiction he says to another big shooting eldest sister if you go with me to the village i will give you food and the victory goes with it to the village but she does not give that virtually food but says elder sis
to go away i don't know i do not want to sit together with you it is unpleasant to talk with you it is pleasant to sit alone and tuck by myself
and if for no other reason she sends her away she commits a pie africa
can you imagine it you know it's like and who if so boring and just kind of and want to sit with you i'm wanna go be by myself get outta here you know it's just
in terms of harmony in the saga and
i'm taking care of one another and
manners basic manners you might say it's so it's noted here
these are ones about if you're two or three days you're in a military camp why you'd be there i don't know and you should watch military maneuvers or parades or the powerful movement of troops elephants and horses you can get one of these
if you drink into accidents if you play in water
if it actually plays in water and this came up at this meeting with these monks and nuns were they were this one guy who i don't know if you're planning and disrobing or what but he was kind of complaining about he said i can't get enough exercise i can't go swimming so i asked on china of was the head of this forest monastery of in norman's good
thread in these come to be not as it catches swim you know i would think that enough for someone's good health taking care of the precious body should be able to swim he said well it's not that you can't swim but you have to swim
it can't be in a public pool or beach where there's men and women together you can swim by yourself and you can swim with other monks
you know so the sir how everything circumscribe
but playing in one or you can picture splashing and play around very good actually strike someone with her hand
here's about bathing a big shiny who is not sick maybe once every half month
if she raises babes more than that she commits a parent i antica unless it is at an allowable time the allowable times when it is hot
which seems like it would be pretty often and if he had when she is sick when she works which it is very windy when it is raining in which she is traveling these are the time so so then i thought well it's not really gonna be once every half methods
it's a hot day you can send senate you were and you're work you know so they don't mention during their venza no no interesting
if a big shooting was not sick to warm her body makes a fire in an open place or she tells someone else to do so accepted allowable times this was available times once heard to say they don't just say now here's why this is a joke this is some kind of practical joke if a big should he hides another big shoot
these almas ball
no president matt nieto container or tell someone else to do so even should she not for fun she commits a piano
okay i wish you'd have offered her her so i missed the news editors nine would hide your both should have everything during young
read these things i've really become catholic i mean this reminds me so much less than the nuts but i was growing up a bit little something in here that says what he what is interesting i'm doing this class i remember is a little kindness in these rules and her
yeah this is voluntary you know we have now you can sell
i like this and if it actually knows that the parties to a dispute have already repented but afterwards reopens the matter she can be announcing on weren't you to didn't you didn't she just for the yeah
go and it's so boring you know
the again i bet as such it so several you know if she'll and they've already repent the and she reopened
have you been hinting that yeah the corner
i see
if eventually strikes another big shooting out of anger and resentment seizes another dictionary with her hands out of anger resentment on of good and resentment unfounded lee accuses someone of committing something
okay if the eat garlic she commits a pay antica
could be should he shaves the hair in three places she commits a pay antica now which places where that under the arms and pubic hair three places if she shaves the air in three places she commits a pain to clear your resolution should issue with yeah i thought they had i thought of her arms that the monks
shaved everything she's my life has arms
ajahn amaro shows his eyebrows he does his arms well maybe those you can shave but you're not supposed to shave the hair in three places com
well only my notice that span and could maybe because of the manager or maybe that was
that was more attractive for something it's an ancient greece the women shave
how distracted to babish paradigmatic
i think this may have to do to me you can save yourself if you could actually cleans her vagina with water she should not use more than the first finger joint of two fingers
i think this you masturbation rarely if she exceeds that she commits a by antica and here at this one this definite if it actually makes a male organ out of glue she commits a path
the or the
it doesn't say thing about the are gonna have i can only blue ah you can see whether or not you read this and number and then if luxuries pat each other sex organs if you have these are the ones
i have i been if it should relieve herself in a part at night and throws it over the wall in the daytime without looking
oh dear
one another as seriously with severe if yeah there's a whole bunch of up being a screened place with a man around to oh darn it
the other i'm gonna skip through these cars if you bathe naked in a river of springer a streamer a pond your your bathing clubs should be regulated size
if i'm actually knowing a woman is pregnant gives her the full precept she commits a pie antica one thing about the there's the novice nuns and the novice monks the full ordained nuns the ordained monks and lay men and women
and then there's another probation from visionary probation yet probationary status for nuns which i just ran in the commentary was probably after they become novices than before they take fuller nation or two more years to see whether or not
they may be pregnant so there's there's an extra
probationary period for nuns only and they cool names two years in case she's pregnant has the child and and wants to give it up or whatever takes that
long to get everything settled and man she can take foreign nation so squishy become a novice and then there's these two years of probationary him
have if i'm actually knowing a woman who has a nursing child gives you the full precept she recommends knowing a woman is less than twenty years old it gives you the full precept she commits a by antica elements
come on if she's pregnant she's been read this before if she gets the full precepts
yeah cause they mean people are day of course after
took the full process after being married and after being you know so here's somebody who says i want to be ordained and if you know she's pregnant at the time you won't give or if she's nursing child so she has to be free to do this yet with the with the precepts analysis for being too young
no all analysis and you take ten you take ten precepts which are the first five
vom which are our first five just about it and then the other ones are not sleeping on a high bad not were in cosmetics and jewelry
i'm not singing and dancing and whether there's ten i haven't written ended up on my heart
yeah and then the fuller nation is all of these
okay it's time to end but i just i wanted to skip to these
the last group or the shake should damage which is no penalty they're just called rules of etiquette and there's it
it's just about how we it's like priests craft it's like none scrapped how you wear your rogues how you eat a lot of our or aoki practice is right in here for example you know the ropes should be more neatly i mean we have world should dogan influences and you the rogue should be arranged neatly right the underskirt ought to be more neatly
we should be learned the five rules ought to be more neatly this is just kind of standard you wear your robes carefully and neatly lot of things about robes do not cover your head with your robin enter lay person's house do not enter and sit in a less than that then about your department you know do not enter and sick in a
lay person's house jumping do not squat in the lincoln
the versus i don't enter the person's house jumpy then don't enter and sit jumping jumping have oh well
i leave frog from but don't enter and sit in the late person's house with your body swinging with your arms hanging down with your arms
he have everybody will covered don't you know glancing left and right do not enter late president's glancing left and right but you will come you're invited
you know they are invading you in giving me on your supposed to teach you that you're going you're looking all around the
this isn't this is not the department you know you enter quietly
do not enter a house joking and laughing
except food mindfully accent food within the capacity of the arms ball
a vehicle except soup within the capacity of the arms ball you know except stupid race in equal amounts except food in order the oreo key is it based on it's it's the kind of
configuration of these very rules i think you know where you eat one two three down your your balls and then you come back and one two three you don't eat all one bowl pre-order the practice you eat some of each you eat in order
do not cover the soup with race or the race with soup
do not look and compare the food and a bowl of another sitting nearby com article food
a pay undivided attention to the ball while eating do not put too much food in your mouth while eating do not talk with food in your mouth i mean some of them do not throw food and the air and catch it in your mouth
can imagine in the city around with your for do not fill up your cheeks with food well you do not make a sound while chewing your food do not slip food and do not lap up food with the tongue and so on lots and lots don't wear leather
don't teach dharma to all these different few people wearing leather people were in wooden shoes people riding in a vehicle or on an animal
on be a unless they're sick and i think it's because or would somebody lying down you don't teach them to their midst it's to show the proper respect for the dharma the person needs to be in proper receptive mode and ready to hear instead of riding on an alphanumeric
do not dump in a lay person's health water used for washing your bowl you know you take this the spirit water and you bring it out to eat out so dump it mm
and so there's a lot of jesus i think hundred and
there's one hundred
do not teach or to a person carrying a spear or a sword holding a stick
do not put arms ball inside a bag hang it on a poll carried on your shoulder while walking through like a hobo know which is you don't we say about a oriole couples you carry them certain way in they're placed you don't put them on the floor and shrek so a lot of these things come out of the earliest the earliest hour for
so that's offer
so for now
thank you very much anything
joseph and allographs the surgery and and we have and can zip through this pretty quickly too

me or