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Right Speech

Serial: SF-00037

The eight-fold path and its relationship to the precepts.

Right Speech, Suzuki Roshi, Conversation, Heart Sutra, Zazen, Buddha Nature, Precepts...
Sep 16 2006

Birth Death

Birth-and-Death, Practice Period, Death-and-Dying, Suzuki Roshi, Ego, Don't Know...
May 13 2006


Serial: SF-00115

Taking refuge; our true place; funzo; placing robe on the head; story from vinaya about silk.

Discrimination, Doubt, Offering, Attachment, Peace, Patience, Transmission, Letting...
Feb 01 2006

Sesshin Lecture

Serial: SF-01042

Zendo Lecture Day 1

Mindfulness, Four Foundations, Buddha Nature, Practice Period, Enemies, Instruction,...
Nov 10 2005

Zendo Lecture

Serial: SF-01001

Tanto talk

Anger, Ego, Passions, Four Noble Truths, Fox, Emotions, Four Foundations, Hate,...
Oct 23 2005

Zendo Lecture

Liberation, resistance, Happiness, Karma, Suzuki Roshi, Addiction, Delusion, Evil,...
Jul 31 2005

Zendo Lecture

Zazen Mind, Precepts, Karma, Hindrances, Priest, Peace, Practice Period, Freedom,...
Jul 15 2005

Lotus Sutra Class

Serial: SF-03560

Dining Room Class

Addiction, Lotus Sutra, Happiness, realization, Emptiness
Nov 27 2004

Buddha Nature and the Ugly Duckling

Serial: SF-00056

Zendo lecture; feeling of not fitting in and not belonging that sends us towards spiritual practice.

Lotus Sutra, Buddha Nature, Ego, Delusion, training, Precepts, stubbornness, Posture...
Nov 06 2004

April 18th, 2004, Serial No. 01045

Passions, Buddha Nature, Four Noble Truths, Addiction, Suzuki Roshi, Ego, Zazen,...
Apr 18 2004


Serial: SF-00158

Sunday talk. Children's lecture.
Legend of the blue bonnets; Seijiki, offering food and light; karmic life and emptiness.

Offering, Ceremony, Emptiness, Emotions, Intuition, Practice Period, Precepts, Karma...
Nov 02 2003
Green Gulch Farm

Man Alive Violence Prevention

Serial: SF-01061

Wendy Johnson and Martha de Barros invited guest speakers from the Man Alive program to talk about violence prevention and specifically the role of meditation in this.

training, Addiction, Conversation, Peace, Enthusiasm, Dragons, Politics, Observe, Ego...
Sep 16 2003
Green Gulch


Serial: SF-00984

Sunday lecture: Morality. Hedonists, perfectionists. College days. John Adams. Strawberry/cliff story. Wrong-doing = causing harm to oneself or others. Ten grave precepts. Gay...

Precepts, Delusion, Freedom, Triple Treasure, Bodhisattva Precepts, Humility,...
Jun 29 2003
Green Gulch


Serial: SF-04028

Summer intensive

Separation, Emotions, Daily Life, Letting Go, confusion, true dharma, Buddha...
Jul 26 2002
City Center

Wednesday Lecture

Practice Period, Instruction, Suzuki Roshi, realization, Buddha Ancestors, Delusion,...
Feb 28 2001
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Suzuki Roshi, Conversation, Doubt, Don't Know Mind, Religion, Faith, Letting Go...
Oct 08 2000
Green Gulch

Women Ancestors Class

Precepts, Triple Treasure, Lay, Sangha, Mahayana, Sanctuary, Addiction, Hate,...
Aug 22 2000

Sesshin Lecture

Six Realms, Practice Period, Karma, Suzuki Roshi, Triple Treasure, Buddha Mind,...
Apr 15 2000
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Right Speech, Addiction, Freedom, Liberation, Right Effort, Bodhisattva Precepts,...
Aug 08 1999
Green Gulch

March 13th, 1999, Serial No. 04079

Suzuki Roshi, Posture, Monastic Practice, Lay, Anger, Daily Life, Observe, Religion,...
Mar 13 1999

Green Gulch History

Suzuki Roshi, Tassajara, Zendo, Passions, Politics, Lineage, Attachment, training,...
May 10 1998
Green Gulch

Buddhism at Millennium's Edge - Lecture 1

Serial: SF-03063

Copyright 1998 by Peter Matthiessen - Unedited Preview Cassette

Evil, Silence, Suzuki Roshi, Chanting, Tassajara, Bell, Priest, Hate, Rinzai,...

Majjhima Nikaya Class

Serial: SF-03195

Middle-length Discourses

Attachment, Addiction, Mindfulness, confusion, Four Noble Truths, Emptiness, Zazen,...
Oct 14 1997
Green Gulch


Serial: SF-04817

Commercially Produced cassette: Sounds True - - Pain, Love and Happiness with Thich Nhat Hanh - September 1-6 1997 Sponsored by the Community of Mindful Living

Happiness, Daily Life, Freedom, Sangha, Doubt, Birth-and-Death, Buddha Nature,...
Sep 01 1997

Mindfulness Practices Panel

Serial: SF-04816

Commercially Produced cassette: Sounds True - - Pain, Love and Happiness with Thich Nhat Hanh - September 1-6 1997 Sponsored by the Community of Mindful Living

Mindfulness, training, Precepts, Commitment, Vows, Happiness, Subject-and-Object,...
Sep 01 1997

Which is the Real Shin?

Serial: SF-03135

Sunday Lecture - Seeing and understanding desire

Ceremony, Forgiveness, Addiction, Practice Period, Demons, confusion, Hate,...
Oct 27 1996
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Practice Period, Letting Go, Enthusiasm, Addiction, New Year, confusion, Patience,...
Jan 06 1996
Green Gulch

April 4th, 1995, Serial No. 02697

Daily Life, Practice Period, Happiness, Hate, Addiction, Posture, Delusion, Zendo...
Apr 04 1995

October 1st, 1994, Serial No. 04045

Triple Treasure, Perfect Wisdom, Sangha, Suzuki Roshi, Priest, Practice Period, Evil...
Oct 01 1994

Sunday Lecture

Cultivation, Equanimity, Vows, Addiction, Attachment, Happiness, Bodhisattva Vow,...
Aug 01 1993
Green Gulch

Buddhism and American Culture

Emptiness, Forgiveness, Letting Go, Samadhi, training, Emotions, Freedom, Four Noble...
May 03 1993
City Center

Sunday Lecture

Letting Go, Forgiveness, Addiction, Funeral, Mindfulness, Ceremony, Peace
May 06 1990
Green Gulch

Meditation Talk

Letting Go, Freedom, confusion, Mindfulness, Addiction, Echo, Daily Life, Balance,...
Jan 05 1989
San Anselmo

November 22nd, 1987, Serial No. 01003, Side B

Addiction, Four Foundations, Discrimination, resistance, Mindfulness, Ego, Offering,...
Nov 22 1987


Lay, Ordinary Mind, Passions, Bodhisattva Vow, Emptiness, Commitment, Balance,...
Sep 28 1981


Serial: SF-00130

Changes that occur during practice period; sutra story of monk retrieving his mother from hell; composing concrete music;

Practice Period, Ceremony, Mahayana, Nirvana, Karma, Manjushri, Addiction, Samsara,...
Dec 10 1975

Consciousness - Fourth Type

Attachment, Nirvana, Equanimity, Doubt, Ceremony, Liberation, Freedom, Addiction, Ego...
May 19 1973

True Practice

Serial: SF-05133-B

Evening Sesshin Lecture
Friday Evening, December 1, 1967, Lecture B
Zen Mountain Center

Sesshin, Zuigan, Fox, Gratitude, Fox, Buddha Nature, Addiction, Discrimination,...
Dec 01 1967

Reflections on the Prajna Paramita Sutra

Serial: SF-05135A

===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #19, by Shundo David Haye =====

This is the talk that was chosen by the...

Sesshin, Sengai, Time, Emptiness, Ego, Continuous, Evil, Nirvana, Concentration,...
Aug 24 1967

Genjō Kōan, 5-13

Serial: SF-05096-A

May Sesshin (25 26 added later) 1 or 6pm lecture plus lecture the following morning.
SR 009

Dogen, Genjokoan, Enemies, Faith, realization, Addiction, Peace
May 25 1966

The Way-Seeking Mind

Serial: SF-05116-C

March sesshin, only 1pm lecture. Evening lecture goofed up during recording.
SR 007

Dogen, Forgiveness, Addiction, Greed, Interview, Attachment, Conversation, Lay...
Mar 26 1966

1965, Serial No. 05424

Serial: SF-05424


New Year, Ordination, Mahayana, Priest, Ceremony, Addiction, Anger, Doubt, Religion...

Buddhism and Psychotherapy

Peace, Happiness, Mindfulness, Daily Life, Bell, Silence, Addiction, resistance,...

Buddhism and Psychotherapy

Impermanence, Teacher-and-Student, resistance, Describe, Daily Life, Enemies, Lay,...

Buddhism at Millennium's Edge - Lecture 1

Serial: SF-03060

Copyright 1998 by Peter Matthiessen - Unedited Preview Cassette - duplicate

Evil, Silence, Suzuki Roshi, Chanting, Tassajara, Bell, Priest, Hate, Rinzai,...

Transformation of Consciousness

Karma, Addiction, Karmic Consequences, Freedom, Evil, Anger, Daily Life, Buddha...