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the institute

evening and like you're flying writing for summer
founder said he wasn't sure when a from autobahn ah
i my we're brought up its airship but we depend on you and go
so i would suggest something where the privilege to be nice but if you would potentially be asked to will know we were driven person period or out the rope and i can change this film is very adaptable and the cambrian other things to buy important to you
and the main thing is that we do something themselves during practice
i open during the question period you want me to bring up questions that moment
connected with for full rulebook
i'm a little bit on the basis of recreations of us tonight i will adjust for bicycle and server
grimsby unfortunately the doping a little or through a character and the time is too short you have everybody would produce themselves and go on a good make for a better
says i'm here for three days or out the journey than the other opinions will have an time to to talk personally with was arches or and see the pacific group was much larger room and in green gulch answering the city i couldn't have everybody just themselves in the first class and game got be good
that even though we spent a great deal of time on but at the setting
and it got off to a much much better style to me
many times long definitively through them to have their contract or then vivid dream dodge
i would have a while i would suggest to do this or three nights is a give you some sort
i was moving the don't worry about it and i we must put a great deal of as material on the bird and magic data
i would like to i think it should be possible to give you a very succinct presentation of how i would what i would say to the question right to patients believe and they found that this is very helpful it is interest
thing i supposed to a certain extent or for people who have never heard it and it proved more interesting to those who thought that they had heard in and i'm not surprised that really what they thought it was his son of a different and
but i do want to stressed that i'm not trying to present you with my private version of vacations believe or what a cash games at me but i am making every possible effort to present you with the main stream the try
addition patient edition and the problem is that the mainstream a patient vision
it's popular version has been very seriously distorted
we could accompany ratio their questions mindless happened so it's not a particularly have progression that with an interesting question by lectures and they have met very good answers but as baker says a buddhism popular guys is so much better than christianity that is just a given inst
like fact when you popularize who isn't it comes on not as distorted as christianity caprica on the christian message comes about well anyway i will try to give you as far as i can the undistorted message and then you can judge for yourself to what extent that is
the message you answer before an order to run extended where it goes together with some of the guru's teachings and through what extent is very different and then we can compare the two
ah it's our first start is that something that you might find interesting how to her parents are together other than you expected he could have to start talking about monastic life for just about some of you and and i shared a very earlier this year about monastic life in the i'm a long session and secondary became com
with putting a good many of the monastic crashes enjoying the question for years anyway
huh let me just check out how not much time we have about an hour from now is that just the bargain i good because i do realize the joy have had heavy days and then she'd get up early in the mindset of
that and i will try to leave
a certain amount of time for questions asked to estimate that okay if i had to sit and they have very succinct form locations believe i could of course a side of the what is known as the apostle's creed which a statement of faith and and that is and i've understood
race that a statement of faith which i can also make my own i can i could recycle you the apostles kate and say that's what i believe only we have to remember that this this particular repaid was formulated or more than fifteen hundred years ago and many of the expressions are no
young and kind of expressions that neighbor and used today and many of the
the things that very important than to stress i'm not so important for us to stress you can leave the same thing but within that same statement of faith even stress other things
and the worst thing is that because we have heard many of us as christians have heard this statement of faith many times we think we know what it means that we accept some phrases and some some statements without reflecting on them and that gets his arch into trouble so instead of
giving you the cave and but chiefly to pull out this or that statement the sentence or written and we will discuss it i would rather go bad on the different road and
a hint make what i tell you hinge on your own experience that is the important thing and if i told you anything out there no matter how to it was if they were not to begin with some context with your personal experience each one's personal experience it would be paid new certain
epstein and so
we have to fast look around for gas experience as as make it as universalist as possible or something that every human being a kent's has somehow experienced or can somehow appreciate something like good starting out with
i took with somebody that something that you i know and we i know that it isn't something that we very much like and so how did we get with that is a basic starting point what would be that starting point for the biblical foundation particular judaism christianity interested in your inbox so islam
what would be this key words her on which everything hinges on this kid religious insight to it is the immediate the starting point and it is in a in a good that actually occurs in the barbaric many times
the inside god speaks
now you might have thought that the gate genius at the jews
cape religious inside a genius was or to realize that god is one
but first of all the other conditions were discovered that secondly the jews discovered in on the another gradually and with difficulty i wasn't the first meaning that and sadly that is this other one that is so much more important than that is that god speaks that is unique to the kitchen
and to the beverage your understanding very negative press this is not a easily accept that that isn't the accessible to us and to own experience and so if you have to translate in and see what does that mean in our experience
in order to and now i'm a more or less giving you a kind of table of contents of things you could not be able to do that but from which we should do in order to explore this first point of that give you three key points like this
under the heading of this first point and we would have to speak about the human heart because this is an inside whatever it means and will never see a little more banquet between speech means but it is at any rate and inside that is not an inset of the head for the an inset of the
heart the heart meaning the whole human person and we would really have to say quite a bit about the heart and what it means i can can give you only the gist of it namely that by heart in the beverage sedition remain the whole person
not a part of the person but the whole person
when somebody says i will give you my heart that means i will give myself to you should be the a holders into like real motions the whole person and that in the most center of our be and that means that when we find this innermost center of our being we have
found that point where each one of us is most where we have most personally most intimately ourselves
and are showing this is a come sometimes as a surprise me the greg funny but you have experienced and you find your heart of odds you have not only found the point where you're most intimately yourself but also most intimately united with our our people
not a private little place your heart but when you really find yourself that for a poor place that around when you are really together with yourself then you are immediately archer together with others you couldn't possibly say well i'm together with myself with them the riddle alienated from
source data from patients didn't make any sense or you can see i'm really together with our others for than quite alienated when it comes to myself from of schizophrenia and then he purchased at really being together is a piece and that down of being together is what be called the heart than the be
of our and when we're together in that way we are also together risk
god or whatever you call got ultimate reality we are not separated from anything
i would make very little effort yet to translate into other languages and just use cash language and if it sounds wrong well you have the opportunity to ask questions and that might give us into it more easily than you've always to handling so in a locations would say my own heart or st augustine friends and there's a good authority says
in car in my parts god is closer to me than i am to myself
and when he says we were was on that was i oh god when you were closer to leave and i'm to myself maybe me was i before i found myself on profound you and compare himself with someone who lives in them in a foreign land with the prodigal son from the up with bamboo tablet who goes out and
then begin a foreign land and doesn't find the be ha
okay that would be the hatch or we will have to speak about the heart because in our heart of hearts and only from there a statement like god speaks makes sense the head or more
in destitution the head alone is too small to understand such a thing that takes the whole person it takes the intellect yes or the aren't we got but also a real power you must want to know wait you must want to understand it and our emotions and whole of
address has to resound with it before this really becomes understandable
and want to be no
mean by god

a kid again we have to start with the hogs
to explain or were points to what the with the baby and play a tradition means scrapped by god
do all these things have to be checked out all these things have to be crashing this is the difference between the approached it a we now must take that you normally take to these things are even a formerly as a child that so you may have just simply accepted to say that said your got everybody knows what god is
we have to ask what guys but is in heaven or something like that well i try childhood maybe perfectly to maybe that had a but how many have that what you mean by car and began you have to bring it to your own experience and when you start with you experienced its again the a is in the most center of which a the
dustin says restless is our hearts are restless and that we find that this was this heart of hearts is not only the point where via our most intimately ourselves most include making united with are others but it is restless sent that that you have i
as i was longing for hours and we had sort of existential unrest and this route goes further a restless is our heart sing the augustine says until it rests in you are gods and don't know think oh yeah we know what god is until a different find god the heart is restless you do not know
oh my god mean because we all have a restless heart and we know that sooner or later at least for moments the hard to find the best and so now we know at least in what the to look for that which we call god namely in the reaction of that was in which will find rest we will not start up he's got you start
don't be found on the experience and this restlessness of the heart can also be caught an existential quest for meaning it was his meaning not a mean that the meaning of the world
victoria the meaning of the word care that the meaning
not too difficult to have a word or assign but what is meaning when we say this is a really meaningful meaning is that was in which we can est as with meetings and you come against up against some with this freshening unrest and lindsay oh yes this is very meaningful to me and then somebody says both belt
it out laughing can spell it out and that god is very meaningful to you work at a sunset is very meaningful to us that we found that that's a hurricane you include equity with to be spelled out nothing but you can ask them whenever you find that day that little moment of rest and then that from in which we can ultimate
the rest
most of us haven't found it yet but this is also know that the election in which to go that is what you can't go on and maybe we'll never find it and it's just a reaction and very good very good charter bus god and any rate for god is lies in the direction of that rest for me
eating a lot of that dress for meaning goes in the direction and that the election we call god
and now
we discovered god speaks what does that mean
that means that this whole world and all things in even and on people and orange situations and not only that but what lies behind the dog that meaning that
nothing that lies behind it are because we are confronted with just two reality is if you wrong things and mean
everything is everything that you ever come across is either thing or meaning and meaning is no thing that's the only thing that is no thing is meaning
at which goes beyond things for instance a house or is is is a thing but that this particular house is your home
and it is isn't meaning and then isn't something that added you can take home away from house and they did with you and then put it back onto house or it doesn't even have to be a house it can just be a place in the forest or something like that but is that it is your home that is another thing but that is the meaning that it has
for you something again so a we are confronted with thing and meaning a meaning in this sense is nothing and that nothing but lies beyond all things
and expresses itself in odd things
is towards us when is are important way of putting it you make with some other way but we experience that if fear we listened to it may have to check out our experience to that that everybody can experience that reality armies
one thousand things with which we are confronted are
towards us
the difference is

thinking of the whole world just as so many papers that i've thrown together for building blocks that the child has tossed together on the floor
or as a meaningful building
little house that this bill and we know we all know from experience when we do not we're not just each one of us another brick on a pile of bricks the outbreaks that are built into something that you could compare with the house or a temper building or something like that we all belong to one another via into
related with wrong another and that and not much more is what we mean when we say that reality is towards us
it is related to us this towards us and more than that it is favorably disposed to us but we're not all that sure sometimes we realize that sometimes you wonder whether it's really all that favorably disposed to us but there's something in our heart which may just be wishful thinking up to a point that these realities
the with are predisposed to us and the that experience i don't know to what extent i was able to elicit is experiencing have in mind you have that experience but to the extent to which something within new resonates with that yeah to that extent you will be able to appreciate somehow that
the fiber means range as god speech ultimate reality that was in which were ultimate meaning the source of meaning source of provided and within which we convinced the something somehow towards us now this does introduce a personal log into
that's a very different thing from making god a person that sits out there dispenses kindness to us about ultimate reality is personal we say because we personally be a of is reality is that it is somehow toys as it speaks to us that is a a
lovely little story that might
children light on this comes from the jewish tradition of one of the gate has civic rabbis in that
sanctuary may eighteenth century
rabbi susa
it was said of him that he could never quote the sermons of his teacher you can never caught his teacher and advisor always expected to call the teachers and that's that made to r and and sounds nice and then some of these quotations have long pending case because everyone is describing it to someone else who sell it first and
back when hidden from someone else of residents of a little girl may come with a long penetrate and that we put this poor our associate with leaving for these teacher and the reason was that he had never heard a sermon from his teacher because the teacher was in the habit of giving on his sermons on the bomber and first v the bible text and when he hoped
the trauma score he would say and god spoke and then repeat the word of god and when robert use your heard and god spoke that was enough for him he was already in ecstasy and happy he was carrying on so widely that they had to take him out of the synagogue are related he was standing
beating against the war is is going ah stroke stroke imagine that god spoke and so might improve on will can destroy said and advice sushi understood more than one to could could quote the servants roads and backwards because with one word around this key it was unhurt
we're been around this indeed
that is the game inside of the jewish genius that god speech because when god speaks god that make smarter
god had earlier number of stories and the users and that even important things that god is so simple it's really gone red i only wonder at the god must say everything that is good he said ronnie journal with and then is called the loggers the manifestation
shit so everything that is is understood as a spelling out of that one a journal expression and manager and with of the silence silence person in the silence of bad the engine as got but nothing of a be called father but by reclaim project must come here
that this into one wanderer and since god is towards us favorably disposed towards us a love of god must say i love you can be either work for everything that this arm is just the spelling out of the inexhaustible word of god that expresses
love is god's love and therefore everything that this account is in a way
word of god and within the beaches his word of god
and year
and so reveal scar this is another heading that one would have to study and explore for while together grid and revelation when speaks about a new imaging but with emulation means mean well it means that everything that is around his word of god and therefore shows for star is god in there
sense not pure and simple but it is the kind of rude that effects what it says we have different kinds of words in our own language we have some words that a statement about something else if you say this is a bird
but maybe two or maybe fox it may be a chicken a cat and you cited it was a bird but when you say i apologize and a question about that you can't be mistaking about seeing i apologize is an apology it is a word in effects what what say saying there's a very different
and so we ought to think of the weird that god speaks as a hundred visit a hundred times more effective than our effective rates in other words in effect by an impact but when speaking and so everything that is is in the sense god is the presence of that through this thing or purse
and for event
that is the basis and it this a basis for understanding i think of a
that became my share we may not see that we may say that this is nothing but it is not the thing that most important to us this is not where our religious roots lie but if our religious roots lie in the kitchen in the in the jewish tradition than they should ring to and it should help us to see
where this wrong common denominator is speech ran helps his archer now to tie him what makes the the key of the key booboo idea of the kitchen to which this is the general human and and more specifically jewish now comes the kitchen thing and that
is the case even
what makes a caching caching is that the case the event and by that i mean the life and death and resurrection of jesus christ in history as a it's going to be a dominant is important for that person's spiritual path not just in general
all important somebody on the french but is in a sense
central to that person's spiritual path or is a determining at a certain important crises are so
if that is not sure that person maybe equally good a much better than has nothing to do but you cannot rightly called a person a kiss you can't collect the person in a general vacation because you can see that person has never heard about guys but lives more cash or efficient like than anybody else find that go from your life you want to
use that the expression that normally would call a person kitchen if their life is in some way the inner life particularly very decisively form and
determined by the christ event so that would be the second point that one definitely have to touch upon
and i just read your christ event

you unless use somehow understand what god speaks you may talk about the current events for ever and ever and you will always bypass was the question additional really says about but after you have this as the sort of meetings that
and general matrix for you are religious explains once you have that that god speaks than the christ event will be placed in the top of respect and only thing that's why i made so much about this god speaks be closed
although there is a great be more present about the case the remnant i would try and share some insights or rubbed with you to ruin even two nights til they have a little
the decisive thing about the case the name is that christ is seen by questions
the and i had to use here okay say this a the seen back patients as the word of god by accidents
just as the world and that does not only mean his teaching by word of mouth if all these teachings were gone but it would still be considered the word of god by his life and bangs example and by his death particularly and by his resurrection i have to explain some of this i'm sure
but that is how the coast event hangs together with this basic mainstream from which it comes with god speaks how did that come about well some people who lived contemporaries of christ to live with him and met him and talk with him but he found him and guy diet became witnesses the presidential election
sets to themselves
through god speaks to us to everything because that is a that was already the accept that was the whole scheme of mifflin that was the colored girl you have the jews at the time that god speaks through everything but in this person
everything else comes to a focus that there's when god speaks comes to a photos in this person and therefore not only did they can't speak of him as the word of god when everything else is archer wrote of bad things lever for us who have my teammates who i have to who
to whom god has spoken school him but also ah
because god is not separated from his were teaching god's this in his word is it said
god's word his pledge god's word is effective in this world god is in a very special way present to us that is where this whole idea of christ being divine comes in it's divine we have recognized him as new by not only buy milk it's not a mainly by me or just because minutes of with anybody who
got any convicts
not bad anything else except by this encounter that shows us that english person for us this is the word of god and therefore this is the encounter risk are so case is in a sense the sacrament if you're familiar with this and i don't want to pause here to explain it we might come back to it later cases the so
sacrament of the same bird at the definitive symbol of the presence of god is the word of god by excellence and in his in his whole is your the average so we have the matrix we have the crucial event
and i'm putting down these three things now because those are the three of which i came you couldn't leave run out and still say anything could even and about with patience to leave
i think you could add doesn't that you couldn't leave out one of these three so that means we have really come down to the vehicle
you have the matrix you have the crucial event and the third one must the consequences
and the consequences is the church
in my worst moments
i would say bad
because the church is a very mixed blessing and muskets if you are good position you must have problems with the church is you have your fundamental church you are either that occasion that are are not very good case that nasty so because the churches a human institution
the other hand if you think that you can completely bypass the church you have missed the whole point because this event has consequences and the consequences must have some focal point must have some
that was the you must be able to save you and they can wear this evaporation of the case the event which still makes at the world shape today i do that you live at least a bunch of the world and of more the world becomes one the more it's taller buildings in some way shape and as a shaking because not always for the benefits for the bread and put with
but maybe this can last even has a evaporation to go down for two thousand years that must have somewhere a reason of refocus and that is what be called the church and deposit is a human institution as our defaults a lot of human institutions but because it stands to the christ even
in the same relationship in which the case events stands to the
basic primordial inside that god speaks therefore the church cannot be back
cursed event or case if you wanted abbreviated jesus christ because we talking about the store reality of jesus which does not exhaust the case for be kind of christ's i've exhausted by jesus but is completely christ is completely the focal point of this word of god or christ is the sack
no matter of the garter speech can christ is the word of god in the same percents and the church carries on no matter how distorted an incomplete the word of christ that that's the relationship between these three elements and so we will have to speak about under the heading
ing of the church of of the things that concern kish living for instance about the sacraments in the sector metric system of the church we'd have to speak about sacred scripture as the word of god handed down by the church determined by the church what belongs to the barbary what doesn't belong to the vibrance of one and we'd have to speak about fish
in practice that brought under the heading to because it is the church that hands on the tradition of the masters and of of the saints and of the theologians and so forth and sure what i would suggest is that and tomorrow we spend a little time about the and speaking up a little more time
the tonight i'm speaking about the case the event and around the question who is jesus and then the next day we speak about a little more about the church and about promote particularly about and practice not only monastic practice but that to for launched the christian practice in general what makes the kitchen practice typical
kitchen where to conclude this today i would like to lead over from space a little more about the first product brand speaks and then lead over to the cash back and tomorrow is the hand and the next day we gone through the practice in the church now this is one way and that's a rather pleasant way of
i find a meeting around and enjoy that very much
you ask

we've said our heart is restless and heart is looking for an always cresting from any restless until transmitting or that means our heart ask some very great and basic questions what are some of those most basic questions that the human heart asks
and what other religious great religious answers to have been given in the past and we are now i'm not talking yet about higher religions like judaism christianity islam buddhism is an angry and and children were dying over and when we often called primitive religion is not a nice term because
when you so primitive really do you think be about not primitive religion vs a sophisticated this poor primitives but you should do not think about primordial is that each one of us has within ourselves and you'd better have it within ourselves we have to recover it if we don't have it anymore that religiousness of the heart that asks skate and the
difficult questions and that's one of the main problems with our religions today that they have that the people within them in just different religious traditions tends to be uprooted from that there are worthy of image instead of heavy at was founded in it and if you grew up in
a in a setting in which
the religion was part of your culture it makes it in some respects difficult but in many other respects very helpful because it very early age you set of sixty on the eastern cultures as if with the same time you imbibe that primordial religion or find an outlet point that is very healthy and if you haven't had it is
this time because there's the child within as that can let the suit style even officer revive it
so one of the great questions with the human hot ass always and has always asked in our times and the are places is ah
who am i wrong
who am i that means how am i or we long before people had this
individualistic notion of her guys when they said i they meant the time the family isn't make that you have to bypass that the commander kim growth is fine details but for us it means for am i
and that is certainly one of the basic questions and that means basically how am i who know that a short time ago i wasn't and a short time from now i will not be amanda and least certainly not in the form in reject know myself now how am i related to that which really is
we all know what is means but we highly experienced is he are we all know what now means and behind the experience now we know that is can only be now because if it is now you won't see it
is you will see it rise or it will be so the i know what is means and beyond or what now means would where do we find it imagined time as we normally imagine it and they are many other ways of thinking of it but anyway most of us think of time somehow as a long life and it goes into the future
check from the past and then we think that the present the now is somewhere here in the middle i write this little stretches the now but in the little snitch of time and it takes you to say now
ah it's already some of it this pair somebody is not yet there when you start on seeing now and some residents have any ground when your vintage saying it so where is the now there's a lot this is just has living is that little tiny little stretch of time in the middle but as long as it is any stretch of time nothing be
and you from cutting it in half and cutting it in half again and again as long as a business that you simply brings home to as visual in the fact that now is not what we call a stretch of time and it is a point in time and you know that the point is no dimension and so we discover that now is
not really in time and time we find only wise and will be illusion and is is not the time because it is would have neither now to be otherwise it was a will be was is not because it's no more will be is not because it's not yet here's it's where now we can't find it
so what we experience is that we are very strange creatures who are in and out of time is ts eliot spitzer or we exist that means we stick out lifted a from elaborate of time that really isn't into a now and that now which we are know
one is what theologians card eternity
china is not a long time or a true god lives in eternity and eternity is but again augustine's definition the now that does not cancer me
now that does not pass away for us the now it's not in the there with tense already that god lives not in a long long time god lives in the now that does not pass away and at moments in our peak moments we reach that now that doesn't a castle now when we asked who am i we are really
asking how is this fleeting reality that hardly existing
thing that i poured myself we made it to that which is really is because me somewhere deep in our we realize that there is something and only are regulated that's what makes for this restlessness and there's no way the gate stories coming days where the great miss coming
and so you fight and this is the mrs because variations and i will only focus on run the most widespread form of this creation with the other forms or but this is the most widespread one boss in time and in geographic expansion and and
it is also the one that is more most closely connected with the biblical tradition because the gent miss it with in the book of genesis in the barber is is a a typical example of it and that miss answers this question grandma
that's because when the creation myth tells what happened long ago at the beginning it doesn't mean that that is to take that political these the recent the stand the whole thing when this a historic account of what happened long ago it is another the form this is the one to talk about one is basic
and basic just exchanges a temporal image april for spatial one but in the basement rather than but products here from the putin
well okay the the human there's always asked that and has given us and answered the creation is and occasion with has been constituent elements whose type of occasion the first one is
the one who was there when the stuart when the curtain opens on the story the one about whom the midst of not tell how he or she came about the creator the father the gate gang problem the sky father the gate mother the great game mother and surface desired images and expression for
that which is there which is never questioned by the story and the storyteller has a tendency to make this one that one greece there about their when when ordering spots as old and is absolute and as aggression a brisk possible the second
just be
and i were now run is a big favorite thing out at which via made in the bible we are made out of mud and many other education miss you have made out of month in the sense in which we say my name is mud that lasted much so the one that is
makes me out of mud and then the third album i'll often deceive me neither but fiona dawn these a thought for a dream in some polynesian miss you have the dressmaker dream was up to the whole rolled up and then he is such a hard time getting old of that dream machines like
getting as many as to catch it somehow and place it together stamp on and can reveal had to visit it's pressed together this dream material and then finally it is a little something on which he can stand and he says now and have a place to stay now i would make myself a road
i would write dream a few and in another one and that's the one i would like to tell you that you don't even have that much and it it's it goes like this
ah this is an apache stop me from from the patch
in the beginning earth make it was going on was making the whole room and wherever ever the us make event the dog went with him but chose you have handed gets a and
a miss that is more to than than any other statement it could ever be but it's a story it's as back story because your patches i not so stupid the differently to tell you what was before anything else was in of us and as this dark it was dark and was since an apache when he goes around in work service as a dog
with him or v can't imagine who don't want to tell a to enrich which major two hundred and da da da so i only it goes around with everyone goes to the doctors and then the dogs got stuck in the dog gets the whole thing mobile version after brock says grandfather review always be and
and then earth mika says well the maybe a time when i will have to been very far away
and the boxes or grandfather in that case please make me a companion
so we all now because the dogs need companions than the nest with vegetable so the earth maker says a lot right and he lies down on the gown and he says to the dog nice catch the outline of my body undercount bloggers around a little points sketchy
the outline and then the earth is now go away and don't look
the rocks out on the with because bhu is johnson and immediately and says oh grandpa company lying when you realize as me he says i told you not to look gone
can you look c o can buy the somebody sydney where you alive
mika says i told you don't look for the like town and then after a little is now you can look
is oh bother somebody standing when you were buying eines up to him and the hands on around him and does make us stand them they both look him over and the earth media says not bad and the access always wonder for keeps up with me this human being just stands and doesn't do anything and so as mika
gets behind him and maybe like a and makes it makes absolute pushes mercury
rock walk so the him games that much how much i'm getting
being starts money and then he says and now talk say something
qb has a haven for times yesterday i say something make words i reserve the european is rumbling balances what next
where he is a little surprised and he says well laugh and the i started laughing and the dogs reds blogging and ten question we are already nine batting and then they are making says now you're fit to live and this is in the human being blocks off with
doc at so the except for is very sad story in sense because that said prevention comes not about because there's make a cursory but because we walk off the dock
relationships but there is something
that is unquestionably there then there is a us has been practically nothing and the third element is always in this myth to intimate united less became the to that's the them that the bible it is that we are alive with
if the bay life's breath of god
adam is made is not yet alive live on can god breathes life into him so human beings are the ones that are live with god's life is the store and that these elements are alive in all of us in our occupy papered experience and to the extent to which you can earth than or rather down
you can understand and will you be in this matrix and will you be able to understand this to a certain extent and i'm not seeing as i said before the this mind that best needs to be the most important
yeah that this mitten needs necessary will be the matrix for you there may maybe other possibly these other emphases but we all can find it within ourselves and wimpy i found it we have found and
glad that will lead us to do this whole labyrinth of abdication thing and and that consists getting hold of this thing consisting understanding what it means that god speaks via related that we're not only were smoking that what it turns out to being the end but
also read addressed as this relationship and therefore responsibility we caught and i've only spoken with card a blessed god speaks from the reality is towards us i will stop here because i would like to have skilled at the time for questions and a girl
maybe you have already something up to sleep
yet the parents the world goes
ah ok

it fits in this way
we have mentioned the word that stands absolutely in the center of the consciousness of a jewish and patient condition and also muslim for the fujimura the word
in the widest sense that say the word of god
you know that this word in order to be totally were has to come out of silence and need into silence
because if if a even when we speak to we're not just check the a real word with mean i go from the fullest sense it must come out of the science of are hot and reached the silent center of another person it's a very different thing from exchange of
words a dialogue is really an exchange of silence with silence by means of the word
those are the two
like experiences within ourselves that we are so basic and so essential that we
see god under that aspect we see god under the asked the silence that you spend your time to time he hadn't know more about combining because calling godfather we suppose is already a lot of relationship that
really sufficient to testify
the sun was the word that's coming out of sounds that we identify with it be harbored run of us via address
as with my classroom what the it long an element that is absolutely necessary there may be understanding and understanding you need of the word nor the thousand and one is understand
it is an anthony into the were listening so deeply to the world the the takes texas to it's source the silence and we get there he understand and we should understand what to do and we sent forth again from the silence into action which is archer form of group
and that movement of understanding is connected with what you call the holy spirit because hard says it's really important message lead to legendary corinthians ah
no one understands what is in the mind of another purse except that person himself or herself no one knows in last analysis what is in your mind except you yourself
the spirit of that person who sets only now owns to it snows me really and one other person came really not mean that way and in the same ways as no one can fathom the depths of god and really understand god at all except god's own sphere and now you should
expected them to with conclusion listen goes onto say and therefore if you can even understand another human being how could you possibly understand garden that's gentle time by broth but she just as is very interesting contusion and says but we have we see the spirit of god so that we will undergo
stand the gifts of wow
where have we received the street that you may say romy see if the spirit of business part of the of the image of you've got a human being is part of people to anthropology
the the very creation story of the problem is a nation we humans are created become alive by not reading his own life like his own spirit was released back into our and us you're not yet the live fully come alive and so proud and r g
who's with england or aggression since think of human beings as those creatures goes animals who are alive with god's own like with maybe everything's alive in the sense with god's like with be and was threatened with a is typically for us
amy knowing to run only spoken but spoken to
and that spirit that's what we have gone within us three ways as that ground that time gone out of which we come as a good as us ourselves made in the image and likeness of god because the word of god is in the image and likeness god is god a the that
that's where this guy and i spirit because we couldn't even understand god if you sure he got own self understanding we understand god in a very smart a integration extent admittedly but with god's own self understanding that's why when our spirit comes in education teaching so we have for trying
oh god and today's the or rich the christian churches celebrate the penalty phase where appropriate that became the discretion as but that's and we speak of longer in three persons but that is very confusing and you better not even mentioned that to anybody who hasn't carefully studied illinois red mean
it was the keeper it's not free so today i talked with the brothers in santa coast by the base and fish found canucks to our new whom they have met and that we are treated at a poverty this visit the sunday rich diverse than germans will be pitched united church
simple hacking because this is something valentine's day it becomes a target demographic there was talk about three as it were three people so visit well what shall we say
three feel nothing's but don't count because he doesn't have to start shall be you have already fallen into heresy so you're not supposed to say free or us it was the out through basis they shut up about it but he's living living that is important


ah well i would not put it so it is unsupported i have not checking and to during you mean well that's what i'm going to say but first of all the case event is only the crucial event and it stands in the middle because this
crucial here in the scheme but it is not the end
the crucial thing for occasion is to live out what the case the event stands for and that stands for god's so you could say in this context of worth and and response to live responsibly that is the the censorship and christ
is simply this stimulus or that the focal point of the hinge on which artists hinges that not an end in itself education religion is not christ worship or anything like that
oh yes yes
every good human being is responsible and that of course queens us to the point that in any religious tradition when you have gotten to where it wants to bring you can live with well to the religion behind that the prohibition behind you because you've gotten where they wanted to bring you and they're all agreed with the closer you come to wear any
given permission plans to meet you the closer you feel united with all others who are going on very different paths to that direction so shrug good that there's every human being as to become responsible and the efforts to produce and traditions the difference would be the that the past their hinges very much on vacation case redmond on speaker
about understanding what has been no events to become what cost
broadcast rich and then i think you may have too much closer to where i want to say then i realized that twist
there's this passage in the gospel according to john where jesus says i am the father are one trying to just two they say that this is most unlikely that that story jesus ever said that but that is very much beside the point i just see that not to create the situation even this is what he lived that's it
what came for him and job was and so rather than actually said these version our business is relatively less important
john makes you say i am the father of one
and then he prayed for on his followers that they may be one as you father and iowa and this is something where i said before the that popularisation has gone very wrong and this vein what because this particular passages only interact with it as
as that they among themselves may have harm union harmony and peace as you father and i have hominid these was one another so that they horizontally may be one as you father and i vertically i want nothing in the gospel and nothing in the real core tradition suggests that the dinara that
the goal of the kitchen is to become another christ
that's has been said a thousand times the occasional we well in the very earliest stages long run before you are designing of the kids have been on our reformulated i see the explanation said already that god became human that means to cause differently in this will discover what it means that god speaks and so can put it
in this where the god became human so that humans may become gods but earliest christian statements are refunded veiling the churches i think this is where you were hinting i was never that union that unity that this realizing the and we seem to believe
right and that's what it is that the current event shows that possibility and not only shows that possibility that would find a little short vacation standards but is the realization of it and because one has realize
this did
because in one event at least not in this one human being we realized we have discovered that they what it means to be fully human has been realized in factors therefore it is done for all of us
because in the jewish and christian tradition this individual listen with which me as a scraping the does not exist and so you can see oh yes jesus all right so maybe uses accomplished it but the statue to me everything because you're on of one piece in the one human being that's something everybody has done the
have you really need to the moon left for company by few among us have been they've even that contributed very much to getting somebody up onto the moon for be saved the mph with the moment you have a right to say that because for a moment one human being set foot on the movie has been removed if somebody said we're basically human shop fan behind the men's we would say
we have overcome cancer everyone would say that we have finally overcome cancer may not have contributed very much but it's us who overcomes cancer so if one becomes was human beings were meant to be live on me and then is rock the case and stands for and then what is left for each one of us is
to enter into that foot because we are spilling the making we haven't yet become itself and is
gumi i think it says no one we know my real name until my last breath gaza
feeling all right i am until my last breath goes that so it takes us so long to become who we are but vacation packages to become one christ is born without and we able to come truly word of god truly purely that weird about that i meant to be and truly responsive to their birthday
gothic script written
doesn't it sounds
one guess that is partly what i meant because
paul says that that will be i have to see says francis that i live yet another case lives in me but christ lives in me i wasn't the hound of the panel jesus massenet so obviously broadcast news is not exhaustive and is suddenly had a reality that and boards and instrument and assets but
we discover what case to a word of god means in jesus but is not exhaustive and have to so that contributed to an innovative and forward it because it's something that all human beings have to do together that again but where community comes in church obviously when i could down church don't think of church structures nurses beyond this is
same necessary void for treasure means a lot more than than church structures it means all those food on the way towards realizing that cash the even bronson don't know it
two thousand years of christian tradition
realized christ while we hoped almost every month we help everyone
yes with their own way but what makes christ sure this the coast events are decisive his first report of what the guy was kind of fullness of time was a particularly important time sprawling in so many ways if that happens a few decades earlier few decades later
it may only have happened was we would know anything about we have them we don't know anything about this was historically where said there was somebody or postal system throughout the mediterranean diet eating right equally important for this firmness of time the concept of god and the messiah shit and so it had i been prepared
where's the food is of thought that was one of things and then also the resurrection event that they think the life and death of christ was anything for joy is it seemed to rather to create the and but complete failure
he was excommunicated from the choice people he died trying out my god why have you forsaken me and and and god his followers fret and i was gen and then something happened which we as reactionary by which we ought to speak your mind because today we have speaking about the facebook and in
that resurrection you when something happens that was recognized as cause putting the seal of approval on this right
that was them besides favorite that it brings it back for for the wrong and any bids getting laid tonight there's still a bit edgy christian to lists them as the ten brothers with a hybrid st john and crush and speaking about the round up the end of his spiritual journey was the word nada
when i was wondering if if that corresponds to the gurus who is for the term way
ah meet the same friend
one could probably say that that as though she's fond of saying different is different and if if it were exactly the same he would have had to live at the in another place in speak another language but it does seem to come very close and i can see that only because i have made cry
the number of tourists
entirely independently from one another has an and john of the costs and said all john perkins yes yes he's a buddhist
visit people who seem to have understood to jonge because pretty well and independently came to the conclusion that he has really said some things that were cried booties and i'm sure you would have been very pleased and and i'm being chased into you're probably i can say that get house probably very close but that's as much electricity
i'm like that the last question agree
screws put out a christian
right does it still

there is this something shed about it and i will tell you in a moment but is it the whole point is that you don't have to accept any of this or we won't we must start from something that you don't have to accept because otherwise use it goes down and song account you have to stand on something that discovery with them to you
you and and what should be self everyone to you for an understanding of the christian message of the biblical message is what i put in this big with words god speaks
that somehow realities towards you is is is that i've quitted nine other words that may be more buddhists would make cause more trouble than
they saw but anyway that compassion that compassion is not only something which i have but also something of which which i receive it's a give and take the and the they take aspects of it means that it comes to me and that as
aspect that
comes very close to saying god speaks only this is a much more personal way of expressing it with some advantages and some disadvantages when you make it so personal it has advantages and disadvantages but it more precisely to your question what a why to be say that god speaks
why why we can want to speak or share at that is contained in the statement that god is love which is against something can empirically prove that they ultimately become up against in our experiences rather in a different sense from
the kind of love the dream sometimes experience the fullness of love for yes the ultimate yes to belonging and love is always overflowing not always wants to share and so the the theologically answer to riders god share by this guy speaker on his brother just would love that
overflow is a chairs it gives seven self-giving ultimate self-giving
but don't think of far as the old man who sits up there with the and towards our love and makes himself a little world that is that is a good beautiful image but it isn't strong enough to carry us through as adults so that's why god in this torturous way and start off with the hot and then saved like
somewhere in that direction
it's a good fresh you okay i don't want to play long as if it's alright if you will tackle because the rent them all for else makes them the suggestions because the and amatuer authorisation with the precious and worked for me