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Wednesday Lecture

Serial: SF-01023

Linda Ruth with her sick mother. The mountain lion. The bobcat. The rat. New film, "The Passion of Christ". Self-restraint. Mindfulness of the body. Angulimala.

Hate, Current Events, First Principle, Passions, Precepts, Doubt, training,...
Mar 17 2004
Green Gulch

Just Being Alive Is Enough

Serial: SF-01094

The season. Vows. New Year's Resolution

Suzuki Roshi, Current Events, Vows, stubbornness, Faith, Continuous, Politics, Greed...
Dec 28 2003
Green Gulch


Serial: SF-00051

Sunday talk.

Hate, Current Events, Mill Valley, Peace, Bell, Interdependence, Sanctuary, Chanting...
Sep 16 2001

Sunday Lecture

Hate, Current Events, Mill Valley, Peace, Bell, Interdependence, Sanctuary,...
Sep 16 2001
Green Gulch

Dzögchen Teachings

Serial: SF-02716

Commercially produced cassette

Bodhisattva Vow, Emptiness, Transmission, Commitment, Vows, Current Events, Lineage,...
Oct 09 1989
San Jose

Dining Room class

Silence, Current Events, Religion, Monastic Practice, Faith, Sanctuary, Fox, Patience...
Jun 14 1981

Browning's Sordello

Religion, Current Events, Enthusiasm, Lay, Faith, Peace, Intuition, Demons, Dragons,...
Feb 10 1980

SF Seminar

Serial: SF-00024

The problems with celibacy

Current Events, Politics, Fasting, Demons, Obstacles, Patience, Attachment, Religion...
Mar 09 1973

Emptiness is Form

Serial: SF-05968

Sunday, June 29, 1969
San Francisco

Newly uploaded version has speed adjustments made; should be a little clearer for transcript - not just end, but correcting...

Heart Sutra, Emptiness, Current Events, Balance, Faith, Beginners, Continuous...
Jun 29 1969

Don't Be Bothered By Your Mind / Science of Philosophy is Like a Dissection

Serial: SF-05104C

Tape 5 Summer sesshin 1965 Thursday July 29th Side 2: 5:45 meditation, 9:00 AM lecture [Case replaced 12/95. Original notes were transcribed verbatim - WKR]

Sesshin, Peace, Buddha Nature, Current Events, Bodhidharma, Passions, Instruction,...
Jul 30 1965