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Faith, derived from Latin fides and Old French feid, is confidence or trust in a person, thing, or concept. In the context of religion, one can define faith as "belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion". According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, faith has multiple definitions, including "something that is believed especially with strong conviction," "complete trust", "belief and trust in and loyalty to God", as well as "a firm belief in something for which there is no proof".

Religious people often think of faith as confidence based on a perceived degree of warrant, or evidence, while others who are more skeptical of religion tend to think of faith as simply belief without evidence.

Historically, the word faith ultimately comes from the Latin word fides in the Roman world which was understood without particular association to gods or beliefs. Instead it was understood as a paradoxical set of reciprocal ideas: voluntary will and voluntary restraint in the sense of father over family or host over guest, whereby one party willfully surrenders to a party who could do harm but choses not to, thereby entrusting or confiding in them.

According to medieval thinkers like Thomas Aquinas, faith is "an act of the intellect assenting to the truth at the command of the will".

Religion has a long tradition, since the ancient world, of analyzing divine questions using common human experience such as sensation, reason, science, and history; that do not rely on revelation, called Natural theology.

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Gazing at Flowers on the Roof of Hell

Serial: SF-00914

Sunday Lecture: learning zazen with Soen Roshi in Jerusalem - interfaith practice; Easter - rebirth; Issa "Walking together on the roof of hell, looking at flowers"; Wendy's...

Faith, Buddha's Birthday, Dragons, Peace, zen meditation, Gratitude, Don't...
Apr 16 2006
Green Gulch

January 25th, 2006, Serial No. 04101

Practice Period, Tassajara, Lay Practice, Faith, Commitment, Priest, Zazen, Ceremony...
Jan 25 2006

No Self

Serial: SF-00971

One-day sitting lecture: Bodhisattva Initiation - dharma names; Buddha's second teaching - "No-self Characteristic Sutta"; shamata - posture instructions; Bodhisattva precepts...

Bodhisattva Precepts, Ceremony, Precepts, Continuous, Separation, Posture, Delusion,...
Sep 17 2005
Green Gulch

Birth and Death

Serial: SF-00970

Sunday Lecture - Children's Lecture: children's story - Amos and Boris; response to Hurrican Katrina; Story of king, knowing death is coming; vowing to live for the benefit of...

Birth-and-Death, Vows, Four Noble Truths, First Principle, Lotus Sutra, Mill Valley,...
Sep 04 2005
Green Gulch

August 2nd, 2005, Serial No. 03121

Silent Illumination, Religion, Doubt, Faith, realization, Monastic Practice, Offering...
Aug 02 2005

Sesshin Lecture

Serial: SF-01931

Sesshin 3 Day 7

Practice Period, Tassajara, Freedom, Suzuki Roshi, Buddha Nature, Zazen, Zendo, Faith...
Mar 29 2005

On Race

Serial: SF-03568

Sesshin 3 Day 7

Diversity, Lay, Hate, Discrimination, soto, Tassajara, Bell, confusion, Freedom,...
Mar 29 2005

Sitting Zazen

Serial: SF-03488

Sesshin 3 Day 1

Posture, Balance, Letting Go, Concentration, resistance, Faith, Dragons, Patience,...
Mar 23 2005

Big Mind

Serial: SF-03504

Sesshin 2 Day 2

Monkey Mind, Big Mind, Concentration, Suzuki Roshi, Equanimity, stubbornness, Faith,...
Feb 21 2005

Shikantaza - Calm Mind

Serial: SF-03497

Sesshin Lecture

Birth-and-Death, Posture, Emptiness, Silent Illumination, Letting Go, Suzuki Roshi,...
Feb 20 2005

Hokyo Zammai Class

Precepts, Intuition, Forgiveness, Faith, Patience, Buddha Nature, Letting Go, Five...
Feb 17 2005

Zendo Lecture

Ego, Buddha Nature, Hate, Precious Mirror, Faith, Instruction, Zoom, Delusion,...
Feb 02 2005

Zendo Lecture

Emptiness, Tassajara, Karma, Separation, Practice Period, Zendo, Faith, Concentration...
Dec 07 2004


Serial: SF-04082

Sunday Lecture: zen as a return to Buddha's natural questioning, rather than a religious institution with fancy temples, robes, statues, etc

Ordinary Mind, Suzuki Roshi, Big Mind, Diversity, Intuition, Priest, Lay, Faith,...
Sep 26 2004
Green Gulch

Hsin Hsin Ming

Serial: SF-01901

Zendo Lecture

Faith, Don't Know Mind, Equanimity, Emptiness, Perfect Wisdom, Beginners,...
Jun 18 2004

Buddhism, Christianity, War and Peace

Serial: SF-00939

Sunday Lecture: Two types of training: compassion and wisdom (wisdom: the entire universe is the true human body); US history; Christianity (is evil 'outside' or not); Mara...

First Principle, Hate, Evil, Faith, Soto Zen, Heart Sutra, Bodhidharma, Separation,...
May 16 2004
Green Gulch


Conversation, Faith, Intimacy, Vows, Concentration, Silence, Passions, Describe,...
Jan 31 2004
Green Gulch


Conversation, Separation, confusion, Monkey Mind, Doubt, Silence, Passions, Lay, Echo...
Jan 31 2004
Green Gulch

Just Being Alive Is Enough

Serial: SF-01094

The season. Vows. New Year's Resolution

Suzuki Roshi, Current Events, Vows, stubbornness, Faith, Continuous, Politics, Greed...
Dec 28 2003
Green Gulch

Sesshin Lecture

Vows, causation, Faith, Six Realms, Passions, Bell, New Year, confusion, Birth-and-...
Dec 06 2003
Green Gulch

Sesshin Lecture

Precepts, Ceremony, Priest, Practice Period, Lay, Offering, Separation, Faith,...
Oct 29 2003

June 7th, 2003, Serial No. 01107

Faith, Vows, Bodhisattva Vow, Suzuki Roshi, Patience, Forgiveness, Practice Period,...
Jun 07 2003

Zendo Lecture

Bodhidharma, Ego, Repentance, Zazen, Hate, Practice Period, Faith, Karma, Delusion,...
Mar 11 2003

Sunday Lecture

Serial: SF-00981

Buddhist culture rooting in California, purpose of ZC, banana in his back pocket, Puccini, motherhood, livelihood, Buddhahood, statuary invoking our higher purpose, Bodhisattva...

Bodhisattva Precepts, Ceremony, Precepts, Suzuki Roshi, Perfect Wisdom, Triple...
Jul 21 2002
Green Gulch

Transmission of the Light Class

Serial: SF-01085

Tuesday: Keizan Jokin, legitimate lineage, mind seal, hagiography, Keizan brought zen to the people, Shakyamuni's story

Lineage, Transmission, Buddha Nature, Lotus Sutra, Blue Cliff Record, Faith, Monastic...
Apr 30 2002
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Suzuki Roshi, Ceremony, Impermanence, Enemies, Funeral, Heart Sutra, Faith, Bell,...
Oct 28 2001
Green Gulch

Wednesday Lecture

Mill Valley, Peace, Fasting, Zendo, Faith, Commitment, Monastic Practice,...
Sep 26 2001
Green Gulch

Rilke's 8th Duino Elegy

Serial: SF-03128

One-day Sitting: This tape belongs to the Everyday Zen Foundation Tape Club

Freedom, Dream World, Zendo, Birth-and-Death, Letting Go, Ego, Faith, Intimacy,...
Mar 10 2001
Walker Creek Ranch

Sunday Lecture

Buddha Nature, New Year, Right Effort, Conversation, Vows, Practice Period, Suzuki...
Dec 31 2000
Green Gulch

Saturday Lecture

Letting Go, Karma, Gratitude, Faith, Happiness, Buddha Nature, Tassajara, Cultivation...
Nov 25 2000
City Center

Sunday Lecture

Suzuki Roshi, Conversation, Doubt, Don't Know Mind, Religion, Faith, Letting Go...
Oct 08 2000
Green Gulch

Surangama Sutra Class

confusion, Four Noble Truths, Don't Know Mind, Delusion, Discrimination, Heart...
Sep 11 2000

Sunday Lecture

Interview, Mill Valley, Birth-and-Death, Koan, Bell, Vows, Faith, Liberation,...
May 21 2000
Green Gulch

Surangama Sutra Class

Big Mind, Light-and-Darkness, Practice Period, Faith, Triple Treasure, Emptiness,...
May 16 2000
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Freedom, resistance, Evil, Zendo, Priest, Emotions, Hate, Zazen, Doubt, Faith...
Apr 23 2000
Green Gulch

April 1st, 2000, Serial No. 04026

Emptiness, Two Truths, Separation, Doubt, Non-duality, Zendo, Karma, Faith,...
Apr 01 2000
City Center

Fukanzazengi Class

Serial: SF-03652

Monday Class

Instruction, Book of Serenity, realization, Mahayana, Posture, Balance, Karma, Faith...
Mar 06 2000
Green Gulch

February 22nd, 2000, Serial No. 01113

Vows, Faith, realization, Letting Go, Suzuki Roshi, Emotions, Bodhisattva Precepts,...
Feb 22 2000
City Center

Stepping Down Ceremony

Serial: SF-03130

"Starts Here"

Blue Cliff Record, Ceremony, realization, Gratitude, Lineage, Letting Go, Faith,...
Feb 12 2000
City Center

January Practice Period

Karma, Dragons, Nirvana, Chanting, New Year, Instruction, Zendo, Faith, Sangha,...
Jan 08 2000
Green Gulch


Serial: SF-00033

Sunday dharma talk.

Dragons, Faith, New Year, Doubt, Mahayana, practicing generosity, Karma, Four Noble...
Jan 02 2000

December 7th, 1999, Serial No. 03951

Letting Go, Emptiness, Zazen, Mindfulness, Karma, Faith, soto, Chanting, Lineage,...
Dec 07 1999
City Center

October 23rd, 1999, Serial No. 01114

realization, Blue Cliff Record, Faith, Soto Zen, Religion, Peace, Sangha, resistance...
Oct 23 1999

One-day Sitting Lecture

Faith, Buddha Nature, Suzuki Roshi, Zazen, Ceremony, Non-duality, Equanimity, Six...
Jul 17 1999
Green Gulch

Eight Characteristics of Suzuki Roshi's Teaching

Serial: SF-03137

Sunday Lecture - first Sunday of practice period

Suzuki Roshi, Impermanence, Commitment, Vows, Lineage, Buddha Nature, Freedom, Faith...
Feb 21 1999
Green Gulch

Eight Characteristics of Suzuki Roshi's Teaching

Serial: SF-03111

Sunday Lecture - Questions and Answers - duplicate

Suzuki Roshi, Impermanence, Commitment, Lineage, Buddha Nature, Freedom, Faith, Zazen...
Feb 21 1999
Green Gulch


Manjushri, Attachment, Faith, Observe, Separation, Book of Serenity, Emotions, Doubt...
Dec 02 1998
City Center

25 Years of Green Gulch

Serial: SF-03245

Sunday Lecture

Gratitude, Bell, Commitment, Suzuki Roshi, Mill Valley, Ceremony, Teacher-and-Student...
Sep 20 1998
Green Gulch

May 30th, 1998, Serial No. 01817

Serial: SF-01817

Gil (Intro)

Soto Zen, soto, Suzuki Roshi, Religion, Lay, training, Five Ranks, Priest, Bell,...
May 30 1998
Sati Center

Origins of Zen

Lotus Sutra, Ordination, Faith, Mahayana, Evil, Karma, Freedom, Separation, Offering...
May 17 1998