Stepping Down Ceremony

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jaipur release

the water
no never
the me
so great
was are really

there is no
when he gratitude in my we have gathered in this boudreau to offer
we water
is he ne route wow or
the ins and and art and being of the are the grade or big with
and dedicate the marriott their this offering
a good

the mama
and a
and navy's the whole world together enjoy the know
he ha a ha

sanga brothers and sisters
i have always tried my best to be forthcoming and honest with all of you
and i see no reason to change that old habit at this late date
please bring me your true questions
please don't be polite respectful
just speak your heart

i i
as like as looking over your comments for the setting up ceremony and he was saying we should forget everything even sad and ah yeah with my poor memory and if you're forgetting everything how this lineage continue
and my faith is that if we really forget everything
that's the way to lineage will continue
thank you

player on the right track and yeah
but i started don't

journey toward the light
this is the first time seeing you censor adventure in the hazard are you don't i'm going early good it was quite nice
you said to be forthcoming and honest
you gave a teaching about parenthood and said that parenthood is all about letting go
i can find no place in my heart for that teaching right
well i just know that that's the direction you're walking in and be always honest about how your heart really is that's the main thing i'm not sure i want to lock in for
when you suffer and i'll feel know that's the only way to go
i feel like i would rather want to learn how to hold differently
as each is each occasion insurance
keep trying you'll see
nobody believes me

walking towards the light
he looked well i'm fine thank you
little awake but i'm kind of well earlier get stronger
and then weaker
at last earth
so at waning moments
still up there well that's all that's what it looks like the
it might be harder to get down off the platform that get up on it
we'll see
so what do we see and we see
and what are we here
the frog sangha
croaking the diamond sutra
making one last pass and the mice running for shelter
and the owl waiting for dinner
and the mothers of zen center feeding their young
the abbott
toils in the fields
day and night
hoeing row after row
pali canon
zan hospice
sheva enzo
thick baker
blue cliff record
student housing
row after row
he advertised
and then finally and again
the price per meter
the with holy
the mother of all the buddhas
the advertisers that route
now perhaps you could turn your light
to this question
now though the rain has come to wash
the slate clean
not yet
but you are in minutes
and it's all gone
but maybe you could help me with this question that you know so well
if there were sentient beings
and there was realising
we know that there would be no way
a drag and one towards the other
but priced and current meta says there's no realization and know beings
but perhaps you could help me with this
just because there's no realization
we have to make every effort to achieve it
and for the very reason
that there are no beings
we vow and make every effort to lead them to supreme enlightenment
could you eliminate those lines for me
how should i behave how should i act the show conduct myself
nothing whatsoever has happened and you said nothing
we're just exchanging places from beginning this beginning forever
sounds familiar
thank you again for them thank you

the money
the opposition
what about simply taking place

and today i was sitting on the toilet i reading the earth island institute journal
there are so many things
going on it so many problems
anywhere we look
so many body surface calling attention to them
a pen children is just a head start from where you are
thank you for you to to thank you for your support in love with over many many years
let's keep home

this is it
it's always it
that's what they say as the truth now don't you actually think so
the i just don't like it when i exit
i like complaining minto
it's an old tradition

outside the container
what is the way
i think there's an an error in the question what is it
there is no outside the container
feels like outside the container yes makeover

so cats ensure
when the elephant turns towards the light what does he see
what can i say
when the elephant turns towards the darkness what to see see
same thing

i don't think so
you'll see
and then an elephant
you are

i wanted to mention by the way since i owe you a letter
might as well take the chance now to answer you saves time
did then
i just wanted to tell you that
real love is for payment
strong man
elephants yes
and your heart is is for that love
and i believe that it's true
okay thank you

that's how the dharma is expressed
with body speech and heart
there are no external standards
so how do we know whether we have really brought out with a target is truth
we don't know
but we have a great hope
and life goes on


dear norman
heading quickly to not avid teacher friend these gifts are from the saga and they're a small token of our appreciation for many many years of gifts that you've given us thank you

norman from the particularly from the green gulch gang filled with love for you and to keep you in the tech no tangle forever


i'm very close to you but use the microphone anyway
can you hear yeah
well ah
i didn't have learn early seventies you landed on my doorstep
nineteen seventy you read it on my doorstep are you an allen lou
and you both came out from iowa
and before that new york and before that i don't know but you know this is a long journey with many stopping places and this is one of them and you went on to become of zen center allen went on to become
rabbi of a very prominent congregation in san francisco
and who would have thought such a thing
and that the destiny you know of you to ah
being rates so close and diverging but remaining also close and ah ah with that
deep tie and i could see that continuing for for a long long time and ah
i wish that you could have been abbott longer and he goes your ten years known to short but there's nothing we can do about that
i said it was okay
they're very easy going you know
would think it is
give me from being anxious
i don't get anxious
so and saved me but
i really had nothing to do with all this you know it's it just happened right and i think it all happened because you practice your practice is most important thing not your ambition you have never had any particular ambition and just stuck your nose into practice
and stay there with total integrity and that's why you're where you are now
i am so ah i hope the best for you and i'm looking forward just do
sit back and watch what will happen next so
good luck and then
i wish you the best

i have been known you as long as though
this old fella next mayor
at ann selzer been quite a while

when you came to an
when you came to live with us in new york for that year
i was very impressed by why you came
and what you did
i've been impressed ever since by what you then and why you went to the places you went
one foot in jerusalem and one foot in india one foot in japan and one foot in california
one foot in new york
not to feed a new york
this i think it's gonna be the most important
part of your life
i shouldn't say of your life it's each new is a new life so
i don't know what or who you'll be in this next phase but i'm
coming down as always so important and when it begins
so please just plunge in
and let's drink some tea at the bottom the ocean thank you for your work life
hey brother it
i'm gonna miss you
i know that to
lindros and i will get along fine but i'm still gonna miss you
there's so much a willingness to
just follow your heart
the innovative
and say what's important to you and do what's important to you
and because your heart's in it
everyone can deal with you
i have really appreciated
serving with you his last four years
and i wish you all the best in your new venture
gum birthday
he's too soon
i'm going to miss you terribly
your strength and creativity you're teaching of dharmas through everyday life you teaching of everyday life in the time has been extraordinary for me to ah
to watch and learn from and to work with in this supposedly very everyday life job that i'm doing
the creativity
the ability to take the things that didn't work and not a dump on any of us about it
patience the teaching that that you gave me many years ago when you were director and i was a know
green gulch which was it all work out barbara i've carried that with me for all these years and every time i start to flutter i'll hear your voice saying it'll all work out
and so these next year's who knows what they'll be for you or for me
will all work out the thank you so much

i remember those days for me
first went to see mail
this right would have expected it
i thought mill was going to become the rabbi of a prominent companies

daily either the father the kid brother
the older brother though you wouldn't you wouldn't imagine but i'm actually older than order
anyway it seems like just a moment ago that we came here to help you climb up
and it seems like just the moment before that that we came here at the same time that we met melted this room
be thirty years ago
have we heard
in this rumored
zen master from japan i don't even know who it was but he gave a talk and he said there
i guess he thought you know coming to america can be speaking through all christian so he chose a line from the gospel and it was unless be as little children you'll never enter the kingdom of heaven and the every kept saying i mean little little little children
when we called already too late
well it's more than one week now or up it's not too late
anyway ancient friend
completely familiar face before either of us was born
going up
going down
what difference does it make
before you went up
you are already fulfilling the ancient prophecy
i never heard before com mish before that them up
all the families the earth will be blessed by you and ft you step down your still fulfill it
a different ancient imperative level
just leave
leave everything as familiar
everything that makes you comfortable and secure
and go to a place where nothing certain
and everything is possible
that's the place you know best anyway

you know i was pretty reluctant
about your accepting his position some years ago you
and i was reluctant for a number of reasons but the biggest one i think was that i wasn't sure if it's what you want him
and i think i jumped on board at the point when i saw that it was what you wanted even though i wasn't sure why
still am not sure why
but what i've seen
then these last five years is
a sense would i have a sense of your life's work
not that your life's work has been this last five years but the many threads that you brought this to this job have coalesced in some way
so that i have a sense of
what's your contribution is to this planet
you're very close to her unified field theory
and the beautiful thing about this is that it has benefited send center
and it's benefited you
and it's also benefit of us
and for this i thank you

i'm also about them
maybe nineteen seventy one you and i
i were in a seminar on yoga chara taught by the
great japanese scholar
you killed kageyama
and i remember one night after the class
we kind of walked home together and then we got in a car and i think it was your car one of us giving the other one awry and i think you gave me a ride
and you draw me someplace in berkeley
and then you stopped the car and i got out and
i think i got out think it was me they got out
not you
but i remember you kind of leaned over either
towards me and said good night
and i thought
what a sweet guy
and i never i never forgot that sweet guy and i i kept seeing him again and again just somebody who gave me a ride and said good night
no big deal but
he was just really sweet
and then somehow would kept running into each other in classes
for the next turn
twenty nine years
is that twenty nine years
yeah twenty nine years
hi so he kept being we kept being in classes and lectures and such as a meditation together
practicing in a yoga chara and my jamaica in formal meditation posture
you put you actually i noticed you actually put into practice the meditation teachings i saw you practice you actually did sit there and practice and practice and practice
as a regular monk as you know as tonto as abbott you practiced the teachings of meditation and you seem to like it and be awake for it
and then
five years ago you you became a habit
and have to the ceremony or during the ceremony i felt this is a this somehow this you this event of you becoming a habit
was a a great healing something healed in the ceremony and i said that to you afterwards and you said
that's why i as why did that's why i accepted his job
and i've watched from that time till today continually ah seeing you make the effort to heal wounds in the community of zen center and in the world at large
and i think you've been successful in this work
i've also watched and seeing you make tremendous effort really working hard besides teaching dharma
classes and lectures and ducks on i've seen you work really hard to raise funds presents hunter
to help them center beef financially and
you know organizationally sound and clear
and i know that's a lot of work and and i was constantly amazed how hard you worked on that in addition to your teaching responsibilities
i really did
over and over i wonder how you can make the effort because it la times you were kind of tired
what you did anyway

ah the where you're sitting right now hum i can't walk around you but that's what i feel like doing
though the world will little note nor long remember what i just said
it will never forget your practice
thank you so much and i
i hope ah
you know that many more years to practice the way to happen

your name
i can't keep ah
big big cable many many the elephant together your heart you hurt
and cheap
ah sittings are there

they make warm hot
you from from now ah
you can make
how many places ah
hey be cape
and see people and the student and yourself


and ah my brothers and sisters
pictures good friend
i thank you so much for your kind words
but generosity
one overwhelming and they have generosity
capping off a more than twenty five years
during which your on a very generous to me
i haven't deserted
but i'm glad of it and i hope in future
i can find some way to pay it back
with all of your whole hearted support
the a few short years
i have tried my best to exercise
the awesome
the spiritual power
the office of abbot of zen center rings
and i think that i have succeeded improving
an ordinary person
with limited faith
and even more unlimited realization
can make them thinner
how we all know that we can survive such a thing
zen center has survived
that you have survived
i have survived
and i didn't been pretty happy
and maintain my health and under the most wonderful thing of all
i'm still married
which was in some doubt getting
when i stepped down from this mountain in a moment
i will renounce
all this power
and all the love and support
that goes with it
and tomorrow will pass to a worthy successor
and a new era will begin and i will return to normal see him
i live with gratitude of course but also
with a degree of sadness
and some disappointment
when is there not some sadness and disappointment
i hope i can continue to practice with all of you
as the years go by like phantoms
he drops
like flashes of lightning
across the dark sky