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Monday Class


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and if i bring forth a teaching you say
after saying does it rest our practice immunization and nine since it is not that there is no practice and know realization it is just that they cannot be defiled
then when i sent this nanda found has been guarded by all buddhists you are like this and i like this

is is he saying that if if he speaks about them they would file numbers he sang that practice and realization or are in your realm beyond defiantly do it you can't defend them because therein
they're not didn't see around us speaking and feeling him

i think the ladder that practicing realization are
naturally undefiled makers going forward and practices a matter of a regain this is a cpa so pratt they are naturally africa that is their way just n
he did say something you know he did
express something which
you can't hold on time
so this practice
if you
i want such as they get to work on such a thing immediately so so this there is this practice of turning the light back and i have one more story that
is part of this this is all these are all
it's it's weaving the ancient book hey you know incorporating the forms of spring because
when lungs student non way had a student named my boss or matsui
his student was
both john who i talked about last ten whose did those supposedly those zen monastic rules and his student was question and his student was a young shine so there's and i'm going to tell a story about young shown so there's this direct line from way nung
you know saying and this and of our practice and the best combine going through down to young son who asks his disciple in case thirty two and the book of serenity where are you from you know it's this you know when you will
this is a real struggle for me that all of these names and the teachers and their disciples and who they were dharma uncles with and you know and i i know in my heart of hearts data fe really knew that you would see
you know how the teaching flows you know the patterns and all of that teacher work with that one and then they teach this and these guys i've picked up and did this you know it's all there it's but it really it takes a certain kind of steady and i i always find myself not remembering the chinese names fidget even after all these years
so i admit that it's very hard for me but this particular one i just find so great because it's the sixth ancestor di canio and non way and this thing where you from and and this wonderful dialogue about i am thus and your lesson
this man defile this is prepared protected by all the buddhist and nine now you have it so keep it well as is the same kind of feeling you know from
for my other poem hope on my
two matsu whose there's lots of stories about him and the rubbing the tile you know and it's matsui
poaching equation and down to young chef so this is case thirty two
which i'm gonna see if i can do by memory
but i'll keep it open just in case this is young son
key stage two young chan is called mind and environment so this is the same we're talking about the same things of mine and objects this is now called minded environment but it's the same territory that we're looking at so young shine as to monk where you from the monk said from you province
young shots said do you think of their place the monk say i always think of it young chan said the thinker is the mind and the thought of is the environment there in our mountains rivers and landmass buildings towers trees chambers
tiles pebbles and so forth reversed the thought to think of the thinking mind
our there's so many other so many things there
and the monk say when i get there there doesn't seem to be anything at all
young trans said
that is right for the stage of faith but not yet right for the stage of person
then among said
can't you give me some other way of games
and young shin said based on your insight you only get one based on your insight you only get one mystery
based tender insect you only get one mystery
you can take your seats and wear the robe after that see on your own
so that's the case
so yeah right
the young shine extra month where are you from
he didn't say what is it that this comes but it's kind of the same question right where you from from you province do you think of that place and i loved this answer i always think of you know so like way from from minnesota you think of that place yeah i always think of he then he just goes right to the
to the quick the thinker is the mind and the fatah is the environment so basically in terms of mind and objects not been dual the thinker
is the active part of mine you can say there's an active part of mine which is the thinker a thought of
is the passive kind of pass a pair of mine if it is mine too
they say mine and environment that thinker is the mine and the thought of his the environment therein are the myriad things mountain who present a landmass buildings towers trees chambers pebbles reversed the thought to think of the thinking mind
so this is turning the light backward this is taking a backward step and turning the light inwardly to shine inwardly
so i'm reverse the thought to think of the thinking mind so
when we think i like right now
you're if you're looking at me here you see visible and you're hearing my voice and you're feeling the feel of the seat under your legs and the light in the room and all this stuff is
environment is the thinking by
we first thought to think of the thinking man there's the thinking mine and the thought to all those things i named our part of the thought of its but they are all considered
as mine it's the passive part of mine the active part of mine is the thinking the third of is the passive part of mine but it's one mind
so if you
in part of this an attractive as the sun sunday the elevate the
a mind
only one that this is an all buddhist schools they teach this that there's only one object of the mine per moment we might think or when picking a million things at once but their infant testament but there's only one object
as moment
each moment has one object each moment has one object and all bliss agree on this same each moment has one object
and the way the my naturally functions is that it just
as the object
the for the natural function of mine is that the objects
are are not grasp actually the natural way that the mind functions is non grasping resting and just receiving
whatever is arising dependently core rising one after the other after the other this is the natural way the mind operates
so when you read verse the thought to think of the thinking mind
this is not getting involved in externals you may see what you call external but to not get involved in it is just to let the external be the external let the sound this is what they say the buddha said let the heard
be just the heard let the scene be just proceed let the feeling be just the feeling in the feeling left the scene
heard smelled be just the smell without elaborating without going towards the external or coughing and sighing in the mind without
fighting getting involved
and this is the way that my naturally operates says it's natural functioning resting get it we say it it rests in its natural functioning one after it
the moment this is there's just i was talking about a zygote but the word for it
two yoked together make a unified to make united are unified is where yolk or yoga same kind of thing where you unify and
in greek the word for yolk is zeigen for be like that which is where there were zygote comes from in a zygote is a fertilized it's an it's an to gametes to sex sells unified and that's conception
terrific that's great
it's conception and you know we use the word consent these are our conceptions we conceive of all the stuff in the environment the mountains represent a landmass building trees tower chambers
this is our conception this is this unified of mine and object
ah and that has that there's a kind of natural functioning
with that with those conceptions
but when we begin countdown
flow out into the external or coffin sigh in the internal then we're not there is a kind of we feel distraught and disrupted and
disturbed by externals but the actuality is that they're not external that and the way
our conception see that the actual
if you see what i read by description
there's phenomena that's happening that is not conceptual there's met conception is a mental is a mental phenomena there is various things that are happening
that we do not mentally conceive of right i mean
the way our body is operating internally and firing and lymph going through about all these things were not mentally conceiving of those things and all sorts of other stuff too are not mentally there's all sorts of phenomena but there's an aspect of mine that comes up with phenomena which is conception
let me check that little details
yes seems a journalist fundamental concept is this is the concept of sound and so every thought of concept becomes they come from as source the concept of cell becomes an object to out
yes a backward step right that will step into that can set as ashley shining light that on the concept to sell
shining the light back on
whatever concept i mean there's there is a fundamental concept but shining the light back on sound smell as table and we don't all the five scandalous
well if you think of the five scanners as being environment yes then than yes than self you know when we think of self it's five grasping scandals but anything you can conceive of or think of or shine back on his part of the five candace
the forms feeling yes yes i just want to look up this thing about am
the phenomenon and the aspect

sorry folks
i'll give you a breather

the the phenomena when phenomena arrives they always arise with the conception
there is another way that they arise which is dependently core rising
or i should say there's a way of
seeing dependently call rising but you have to be
very calm and tranquil and peacefully abiding to see dependently call d d c a b tech dependently core risen world and so this turning the like back and shining churning like inward on how the mind works islam is a calming pract
this is a sham a top brackets charlottetown means
tranquilo tranquilo abiding commonly abiding
so there is something so innately disturbing about thinking that are objects outside of us right because then we have to protect ourselves and make sure that we're going to be okay which is small mine suzuki or she's small mine way
when you see that all that what is it that thus comes is none other than
oh or that
shining the light back on
the thinking mind itself that's thinking of these concepts you see that there is nothing outside of yourself
and even if you have the concept that such and such as outside of myself that concept is not outside of yourself it's all within
and that has a fence a calming
that has to do with a calming the mind and the calming the calm mind is actually able to see
dependently dependent core rising an emptiness which is the person i know that the insight into
selflessness of of self in objects
which i know at the beginning i was saying that the my yana that
the goal or the endeavor that i guess the endeavor the enterprise at the mahayana is a impression on this wisdom and compassion so so with this summer to practice and this this calming
of not getting involved in externals and not coffee and sighing in the inner his inner stream of concepts it's coming if you turn the mind back to look at the mine that things now
learn to learn to take this backward step
in turn the light and china inward what happens is body and mind of themselves will drop away and your original face will be manifest
this is
the another term for dropping ways relaxed and let it let it go you know
body mind of themselves will drop away and your original face will be manifest and it's out of this that
this is set this is the essential art of sassy and i mean that's what comes up later in for concerts in this is the essential are
so yes and other any i'm sure there must be questions i have been myself
is of have heard an instruction i think i've heard it pin kind of to bed context practice context about resting in the luminosity of mind and you know what luminosity suggests you know like to do but to me i was
think of clarity you know like
cargo like clarity or something like that in other words not opaqueness and so you know when when things kind of
settle you know if if with all the not the perceptions disappearing but when all
messing with in this allowed to settle and perceptions are just left themselves than in sort of like silt in i'm just kind of settle into the bottom
and in there being kind of like her
and this is what i think that there that you know that they're talking about in in the context of this can be kind of more tibetan instruction know because i've heard that point you know
a number of times the total the luminosity of mind and
you know so take that's the light i think they're talking about that
i still don't quite
yes got a heart of it bugs you know that likeness or clarity's kind of i think i speak for to in some way this that's what my mind does what is well for me p m i think you're i think what you say i agree with and
and their image of the silt
that has changed with the pump or you know that the mighty waters and then the clearwater on top
is a useful image for for calming this thing about i light it's
i think the reason this is so difficult to talk about is because
what we do naturally like as i'm looking out at you and your luggage you know i swear i see you out there you know it's like don't tell me i don't because i do you know that kind of
so taking that very like that's how i operate okay taking that there's a kind of
the light of actually seeing
the ability to do that actually to see you out there is a kind of light i think and taking that energy almost and turning it back i mean it's almost like when it says if you want to practice this you know get going get to work and it's immediate media right now
if we could all turn back to our mind that's even that's thinking about my voice
or thinking about this group and proud of me thinking about that mind that things
and what happens is the kind of
kind of evaporation most of
the the leakage the kind of pulling out and thinking oh this and that in this net if to turn back to the mine that's thinking about you are
i get some my experience of it is that it
it's a tom
it's over
i'm describing this quite right but ah
the kind of stream that kind of an endless stream
it's like each zygote you know it's like that zygote in the next in the next there's there's not a m this involved when i guess this ababa
and this totally blocked and resolute
is is also this is my like a wall
so when you turn the light and think of the mind net things it's almost like
you hear that in it's like okay heard that i heard that already but what are you talking about her you know it's a practice it's almost like to say it in terms of defilement it's it's like can you put this into practice and i think
try it you know because a these practices that we do exist and i mean often we have brett we say we have breath as our focus you can think of mine that's thinking of breath the breath that we're watching or following is a conception
but now use my pet will no no no it's actually breath is coming in and out in it's not conceptual but during his as in
our arms and legs and neck and head and breath and the sounds it's all this is all conception this is how they get delivered this is this is the way we are as human beings and
it's not that there is only mental representation or concept but the phenomenon itself of breath
the mental representation of that phenomenon is an aspect of the phenomena and arises with for phenomena so when you're practicing let's say following your breath to think of the mine that's following the breath
rather than
focusing on the breath as an external think of the bind
that has concept of breath just a little different
guess some sort you were talking about
what with the calm mind being able to have a direct perception of congress and piano is that sort of me be clear of this sexual process that takes place site
right right shining by inward and seen
where you see how sexualization place that as our drops away so and then you do have like a direct perception of phenomenon as the are
oh i think you understand what conceptualisation is i think you see it as the pinnacle rising as well so when you said leaping clear i thought you're going to say leaping clear the many in the one which i think yes it's so conceptualisation is a marvelous dependable arisen thing it's
just that when we when we're caught in the external believing in mind and objects as separate this is this is the source of suffering that the belief in that is
so you actually understand the whole thing as and
the thus come one less combine
for some reason the accident have that hearing people say that and subsidiary she said
drive a car because it's to realistic
turn down
at that what this area
happy know
seems like it it really costs to i can since suffering what's going on in mozambique
in our that if i say well i don't want to get involved in thinking that that's different you know separate for myself that although i don't think been teaching is that we don't take compassionate action it is a area where this sort of i don't bother reading a newspaper or in a bag that the
the reputation quietism
the on action could
yeah a misunderstanding on obvious
speaking about non and i don't think us here system teaches yeah well i think manipulating is a good for you know none if but i think right we want to be involved in the world truly thoroughly accurately responding to separate
yes and i think the reason this is the essential arch of is because
i think this to realize this is the actual way to up to one help others you know and think in the guise of helping others were often doing all sorts of things to
we ourselves up protect ourselves get our kicks you know and it's all so i think we can fool ourselves but but
the the thorough understanding of thumb
mind and objects you know my in environment
it is the real way to help people without any
kidding yourself every without am
ancient twisted karma you know getting getting in there
yes well i was thinking about meddling and bags and then understood said that a thorough understanding of about an our jason
i lost a it
so you have a thorough understanding of mary how
something would be best a certain way that you really feel i've never been better this way through him who can truly say that i started going to go that way so is it really better that way if it's not going that way or and where did metal where did not meddle and what is not really eat out
when you are meddling not better like and the balance between
you know
to think that the something's the best way rugby
is a concept of this is best route ah
and if it's going another way
i mean what are the same post where what is it that's mentally you know i mean sometimes you can tell because your posture that the south and instruction about leaning you know
neither lean to the left of the right and forward or backward
so you can sometimes catch yourself leaning in trying to make it go the way you want to go rather than studying what is going on what is actually got gonna
here you
and to actually say and to hold that care for you know i think this is best and it's going this way antique
you know to honor that i think this is best and feel the pain of it not going to where you want and you know it's it's kind of an ongoing steady and out of that staying close you know staying really close to that situation
you know something arises that where you sit out you know this is the next thing
yes i'm confused
about the line
what is the light
the shines inputs
well i've been confused about a to you know is it's like i remember asking someone and they described it as actual light you know i no wait a minute do you mean actual like
which is a kid onset which is a concept i am
for me the way i'm using it or the right now anyway my practice is like
like the consciousness like consciousness as escalate or the ability to look a bit the faculty i have to look back i'm saying that it's light i think the image of turn the like back and shine and inwardly is a great image who you know
and of course we have this way to enlightenment right so your must be all connected
now and people can tell you where they actually there was a great there was a bright light and you know so i think light is and and other religious traditions to there's light
so i don't know exactly what to say no but i feel like
this like some kind of consciousness that's how am
right now working american
so that's a that and consciousness where let you see things so mean wouldn't be too crude after that it could mean life or if we didn't have consciousness derby darns and you know we wouldn't see any of this that's in the own but because of that it's like a light which shines on every
thing so almost like you know like coming out of our heads that shines on everything so that we can see everything
that be to with her name
i think it's a use a little story actually you know i'm not exactly shirts
because consciousness on see yeah i think it's good i think it's good because the way i understood that you were saying it was that we do that we actively pursue this phenomenon that are out there we don't let them come to us we shine a light on them we
go to them years he just go i gotta admit that our consciousness or light goes there were the you know why i know that literal like going safe from my brain to the things going out to them
rather than letting them yes onto me which is the other dogan thing we read you know about the myriad things come forth and realized the self rather than us going out to them it's the same teaching you know don't the get your on and that i think we've read that once a week at least
the ten thousand things come forward and realized the self rather than us going out and realized in the ten thousand things it's the same thing as turning my back
i feel like it's because it's a practice of meditation instruction you actually have to give it the old
well to how to trying to find about trucks monastery going to be a bunch of
and because it's it's a non conceptual
it's turning to look at our concepts so it's
and we don't offer this particular thing like for as an instruction you know what's going on
because i think it's subtle and to have been sitting for a while to become enough to even entertain what it might be to turn the light back in january and and to think of the buying their things
the mind that thinks useless how does the body effect on with the body is conceptual you know i mean it's what we think of his body
and all this is a is comes to us through a mental representation
so we have this meant we have this concept up you know my ears and line with shoulders and nose in line with naval on the whole thing this is a met this is a mental concept so when we think of neck to think a mind that thinks of neck you know or hands
this is a hard one about are we we talked about the celeb at last week that that the bodies is concept as well
it's not
the it's not that everything is mental is just sent the way it's delivered to us is as mental representation
the there are
is another colon where it says
that which is before us it's your spoke to
that which is before you there are no things before the mine the meaning is before the mine it's beyond the reach of eyes and ears everything that we hear where that comes through the eyes and ears is all becomes
i consciousness ear consciousness knows consciousness it comes as a mental representation and knows when it gets to deliver to us it's not that there is no physical but the way it's delivered to us is as
mental representation or consciousness interpretation
interpretation of it to be talking to that
yeah are we whatever is happening we interpret through our mental yeah
if we're going to perceive it in now there's other to carry happy that are outside of our perception or an inconceivable
not conceptual we should n
but common practice and has felt physically
and we can go into that next week so more about the body and in fact we will because we're going to get into spread out of thick mat which your foot you know here in the and stuff
so i'm glad we could spend the whole time and this this is endless i mean i endless meaning i feel like i don't feel
what's the word
having exhausted we have not exhausted this by any means and
alan and i certainly i feel very engaged in this practice right now myself
that's my effort anyway have to be engaged this can get all the we have to have fingers
oh figure the vanity you know about it

me either