January Practice Period

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chase a dream for gonna die cutters weren't in miami
good on
i wanted to congratulate you on getting through the oil key like this this morning
i've been feeling like we've been doing this for long time already actually them together so
i wanted to start by asking you if you have any questions about the dream practice side of are being together kind of practical questions maybe
and i want to direct you to the people who can help you those questions
i certainly am one of them i am happy to talk with any of you
about whatever so confusing or
district andrew whatever but i also wanted to introduce the other practice leaders a up so that you know who they are and they're all available to talk with you privately we're not doing a lot of talking the specialist periods so you actually enjoy having a conversation with
these folks so maybe if you could just stand up and let people know what she looked like lead the barrels
lee will also be offering one of the classes
the world series and martha de barrows
they're related
emma heller
she comes later yeah you all know emma she's available and mithun the tisza maybe healthy normal today i think but you know whom finance or wendy johnson
taiyo who is the soco maybe he hasn't made again but higher lipscomb the director diane good

and diagonal also the option one of the classrooms and actually to for classes
suki homily
michael scheuer you may not be here but oh that he is like craig
mix mexico
actually a look with
the and
the i've seen your practice leader with factors for male ended
who everyone seen okay so most everyone you can directly contact either leave them a note they all have the boxes in the office or you can just approach them and asked them what would be a good time
and for myself
liz is helping and paranorman of course smith
thank you
so these people have been doing what you're doing for a long time and i have a lot of good information but what happens to you when you do meditation for a long time what she learned so i encourage you to take advantage of their years of of the practice

this is the perk of doing the class you get pot of tea

the it were sharing and nintendo and just simply remember having a guy i worked in childcare just so
one here he does not sell at night
ah great thanks for mentioning that also another prison joined us this morning you may have noticed sitting next to me a woman named ellen fourteen who would just becoming for the morning schedule through breakfast every day she asked that arrangement she's also an old practitioner from berkley jensen
yes it read
no me neither
lots of here
oh and also wanted to i'll tell you that linda roots cuts were you must have you know is on a sabbatical in preparation port ascending the mountain seat and becoming the abbess of zen center in february and the day before norman will be coming down off the map
this is kind of a big change for all of us coming very soon
so linda will also be in the zendo of pretty often but she's right now
she's a very bad case of poison oak because she's kind of suffering
okay so in trying to
think about this class i wanted to
work together with norman and not can get ahead of him more
give the punch line or something like that so what i was thinking would be
interesting and something that i really have enjoyed this last couple of months is recited in sutra in its entirety during the new year we tried an experiment of reading the other tom psycho suitor which is about this thick and it's very elaborate beautiful language
for periods of an hour at a time and i many people here did that i actually ended up reading for two hours straight and it was a wonderful thing and that language starts rolling around inside of you and i found all through the day i had this this dharma song was kind of appearing
in my area
my consciousness so i wanted to offer that practice to all of us and i do intend that will read the diamond sutra together this morning from start to finish it i think it'll take about an hour so i'm just going to say a little bit before that as introduction
i am
i'm also yesterday norman mentioned that there are these three programs these three levels of president of learning master one has mentioned in his text these are traditional a
teachings and
the first of them is called sure to my prajna which we should the means listening or hearing
and this kind of project on is what we commonly experienced throughout the day in terms of exposure
and when we're talking about dharma it would be exposure to dharma someone says something or you see someone walking in a certain way perhaps or how they how they function in the zendo or something catches your eyes so it might be something you see are you here or some feelings that tasted the soup
ah so this exposure to dharma is listening as kind as little passive and as over very quickly
just get a glimpse him
what was that that kind of feeling
the second level is call yes
we should the s r uts shoot to my ma y
i don't trust me on spell prajna wisdom
the second type of project is going a little deeper in is called gintama cimt my approach now and this is more on the understanding of now you're going to study you're going to begin to take it on get your hands on it so you know here at green gulch we do
this and many many ways we're bringing our practice intention to our activities so whether it's needing them
bread dough in bringing your your awareness into your hands and interior of sensations
hawaii or a study in the text you actually beginning to work your body and mind around the practice the door model so this is the level of study
and i read an interesting statistic that was based on a study done by the united states army that they wanted to find out how many times you had to repeat something to a new recruit in order to change their behavior
and i thought i would let you guess how many times i think that might be
seventeen repetitions to change behavior
do so don't be surprised at yourself you know and how many times do you do your or yolk before you remember that one thing that you keep forgetting probably seventy
so one of the reasons we studied and worked the material is because it takes some time for this organism to actually ingest or become closer to what it's trying to
so that's still all this phase is also called studies also called carving the dragon
know you love the dragon you've heard the dharma and something inspired you you really are moved by the teaching and then you begin to work at you mean the car of the dragon and the third progeny on which is bhavana my approach now on the h avma know yeah something b h a
a and a my approach prajna is becoming the dragon and that's when your activity is what people see and are inspired by so the practice has become what you are you you begin to show this effort that you've made but it's not anything you're doing any law
unger you're not doing anything it's just who you become so you've become the teacher you've become the dharma and it's not personal it's not you at all is the dharma and the pupil seen you're just like the pipes the plumbing and the dharma comes through you and that's what this blood vein as about and that's what lineages about it
is just moving the dharma along so that others can benefit from it
so one of the reasons i like chanting is because it has this sub this needing quality it brings it brings it closer and brings the teaching inside so that we can begin to have it right there in our own minds rather than in a book
so i wanted to give a little instruction on chanting and
i'd like to do this in a kind of conversational reading style rather than the way we chant some of the other tech so they were actually gonna read and a you know acknowledged sentence pictures on stopped at the periods
but i'd also like to suggest that you do this with of a lot of concentration so that you're sitting up straight and you
inhale through your nose
so take a deep breath through your nose filling your lungs
and you allowing your abdomen to expand
and breathe out the words
completely when you run out of air stop speaking and breathing through your nose so you're going to miss some words but that's okay because there's lots of us and we won't be missing the same worms so you just beyond your own breath inhaling exhaling words
inhaling exhaling words

and also speed up all kind of keep probably speed us up a little bit so i don't mind just
i'll try to be audible so that if i'm trying to speed of so maybe you can hear that and help as will tend to drag can slow down
i did want to say one more thing before we start
chanting about the sutra itself and
the couple years ago
this trying to think of something to teach for a class and linda roofs that want to teach the diamond sutra you know that i don't think anyone's taught that for a long time and i said well that's good it's short you know
so then i had read it basically the way we read it this morning for years at zen center is to just flip open a page and read away and then that was that so i thought why pretty much know what i've read most of today's to flip to one page and and back in the middle
then i read it all the way through and
i thought oh my god you know what am i going to say about this it is there's not much of a story here
in fact is kind of the anti story
the diamond sutra this diamond cutter what the diamonds cutting is the indestructible most the hardest substance in the universe which is
how we think
our our views
our views are to you know most stubborn
the universe and so this diamond cutter is basically cutting up your views
i i was listening overhearing paul disco used to the our master carpenter green she built a guest house and this room and saw on with the help of his carpentry crew that included michael scheuer number of other or ten students always and students and
paul was saying to this young student who had asked what am i gonna get out of practicing here
impulse it it's not what you're gonna get it's what you're gonna lose
so this text is really about loss it's about loss of views it's a it's not just a teaching on
eliminating fuse it's actually a has the effect of cutting out your views and it was addressed to a gathering of monks who were all seasoned practitioners very much like yourselves
so this text was addressed at people who had confidence in the dharma who had a solid practice who felt encouraged by the teachings who had a belief in the buddha the dharma sangha
who trusted
ah their their life and so on and as he has it says in the beginning of the tax year this kind of thinking is a great burden for the monks
this kind of faith this kind of belief is a burden for the monks so the diamond sutra was was basically like a pulling the rug out of whatever was left whatever subtle claims left in the advanced practitioner
including the buddha take that away whatever whatever you think you're holding on to whatever you're holding on to however good it is gonna go so
i found a also at the time i was ah
i'm studying the diamond sutra
this book it's not really a children's book although day he drew it like one mrs william steig who does a lot of new yorker cartoons you may be familiar with is drawing and he's also done a lot of so-called children's books which mostly children can't stand my daughter said mom that's too old
so i'm gonna read you this is the introduction of the diamond sutra here
and called amos and boris and amos's little mouse and the ocean there's basic reality it wrong a familiar with and we can think of ourselves perhaps this in amos's role
so amos a mouse lived by the ocean he loved the ocean he loved the smell of sea air he loved to hear the surf sounds the bursting breakers the back washes with rolling pebbles
he thought a lot about the ocean and he wondered about faraway places on the other side of the water
one day he started building a boat on the beach he worked on it in the daytime while at night he studied navigation
so here's aim is in his boat

and when the boat was finished he loaded it with cheese biscuits acorns honey wheat germ two barrels of fresh water a compass a sextant a telescope as saw a hammer and nails and some wood in case repairs should be necessary a needle and thread for the mending of torn sales and various other know
assessees such as bandages and iodine a yo-yo and playing cards
on the sixth of september with a very calm sea he waited till the high tide had almost reached his boat then using his most savage strength he just managed to push the boat into the water climb on board and set sail

the rodent for that was the name proof of a very well made and very well suited to the sea and amos after one miserable day of seasickness proved to be a natural sailor very well suited to the ship he was enjoying his trip immensely it was beautiful weather day and night he moved up and down up and
down on waves as biggest mountains and he was full of wonder full of enterprise and full of love for life
one night in the phosphorescence see he marveled at the sight of some whales spouting luminous water and later lying on the deck of his boat gazing at the immense starry sky the tiny mouse amos a little speck of a living thing and the vast living universe
felt thoroughly akin to it all

overwhelmed by the beauty and mystery of everything he rolled over and over and right off the deck of his boat and into the sea
help he squeaked as he grabbed desperately at the rotund but it evaded his grasp and went bowling along under full sail and he never saw it again
it's not the end
well you haven't met for as he yet horses with whale
a and they become best friends
anyway it does have a happy and
so we're about to roll off a boat and into the sea and it's good though it's okay because that's really where we come from anyway
oh yeah can do there's some books in the back if
if everyone would have a copy
this is the translation reusing in the morning by edward kansa

i think i hope there's enough

one line
you can know
she said that this the when you the original he once held apart and happy
the one they make three copies from

on the edge to the perfection of wisdom lonely know the thus have i heard at one time the lord well enough to last school in each other forever in the garden and one of the pentagon together with the large standard
and among us consistent in one thousand two hundred and fifty lancaster and with many we start out on the disagree three meetings early morning the war address but i was close took his bottle and entrance the basic studio szymanski choose from political houses when we had he then return from this round alert
put away of his bowling club washed spirit and sat down on the seat arranged for him crossing his legs only news body upright and mindfully the fixing his intention in front of him than many months approach to where the lord was submitted escaped with their errors right spot dragged him into the right
i sat down on one side at that time the venerable soubriquet that that sunday and that then he rose from his seat that the soccer over my shoulder other places should i no younger around and horror story the animals toys lord and said to the lord
it is one under florida and is a city really wanted to follow well on how much they wanted to start on as the grey buildings have been out to be great start or like just quiet time ar are the polio and my life on it is one of the following learn how much to of science degree have been favored with
the highest spade or i have time to time to write the point of in one ah then how large the son or daughter and great family were set out in the movie side of the vehicle stand our progress now control her thoughts after a nice or the lord said to the venerable sir
steps to really sell a story saturday sounds you say then you target post suitability and it's help the body on us to grand beings with the greatest job and he is very them with the highest favor and therefore stability this cinema and attentively i will teach you how
those who have set out in the body south of the should stand our progress in your own thoughts idea on the ballot was to prove he replied to the word the lord said years sobriety someone who set out in the eye color or reuters stop us to produce a thought in this
and as many beings as there are in the universe of beings comprehended under the charter movies a on on from a warm moist air born or morality to see on with or without farm with reception that our reception and neither perception nor not recession
as far as any conceivable foreign ideas is see all these i must lead to a nearby is that malcolm of iran which she's nothing combine and yeah i'll probably never will be some less than back to their on know being at all about has been led to nirvana and
why if i'm only saw the notion of opinion it should take place he not be because the body and why it's not to be called the body being in an ocean of a self or other beings should take place or the notion of a limited subtle or other person moreover
or severity or more the sidewalk repairs theater should not be supported by a thing nor should he be supported any ever when may hear scarce you should not be supported by a sidewalk business nor by sounds smells tastes touch of sir my objects for stability
of the great game should give gifts and such a way and agency has ordered by the notion of sign and why because the heat but mary blackberry the one support it a here is not easy to measure what did you think stability is least set of space and nice easy
the to membership to reply i'm i'm getting or board with the lord asked in like manner he says easy to measure to the extent that the space in the south west to nora downwards upwards in the intermediate corrections it's in all the ten directions call around seventy replied no in vivo
or the lord said even so the cheaper pair that are already been won support it is a gift is not easy it's furniture madigan slice suitability for those to have set out in the body south miracle should get gifts without being supported by the notion of a the lord continue
why do you think suitability have mr potter gotta be seen by the possession of his largest similar to reply know what did you grow apart and why
taught by this kind of time as the possession of ours that that's truly and now in possession of not marks north said wherever there is a possession and of mars their describe wherever there is no possession of not mars there is no fraud and this let's just talk about to be seen from one as our
suit he asked whether there be any beings in the future period in the last time in the last stepping off the last five hundred years the time of the collapse of the good doctor and food to sue for are being taught will understand their true the long reply do not see
a us really nice even and are really pleased when these words as the suit for are being taught will understand your extreme or even at that time still agree there will be a potent a those who are going to get fitted with thirty nine tech he physically virtuous qualities gifted with wisdom and to
at least words of the suit or are being taught to understand no true and nice body of stability will not be such as have honored only one single google searches have planned visit their interests of america after climate single development committee on the contrary to those bodies
supposed to when these words at the city for are being top will find even one single thought of serine faith will be dispatched as have honored many hundreds of thousands of videos well as have my husband arab roots of american hundred preventing time hundreds of thousands of good notice now that are stability to
is part at times previous good of cognition seeing they are simply by the kind of time with is good i believe know they are suitability to the south africa and they all stability will be yeah it's choir and and measurable and encountered him a heap of america and why because
in these body supposed to no reception themselves takes place no perception of a be no recession of a soul no reception of a person nor do these funny silent is have the perception of a dharma or as of a no time on no perception or not
perceptions takes place in them and why if security these codes ciphers should have a perception that your time or i know they will thereby seats on a stove on a beating on a stall on a person and why because the body cyclists should not see this time either
at top or an online therefore this same as been taught on it's a topic title with the video maybe i those who know that it is course some and as life under sort of that artists should be for sale and still more southern the lord asked what do you think stability
is there any time which to the tatar has only you know unless the outmost right and perfect in my management or is there any time i was just a topic that has demonstrated similar to reply oh no not at as i understand what the lord has step and why this time i wish the china after as
plumbing on or demonstrate it cannot be grasped you can have you talked about it is neither i nor know and why because it have stimulated sauce the holy persons the lord asked what he is disability it's a son or daughter of interest and they have felt this or
our system of on as a million worlds southern precious things and then i gave it as a dps too high because our hearts already like once we have a strand of that began a crazy for very similar to reach five great all along with a drink or well on would a heap of rare
i agree and why because of to talk to us welcome to the e-books married or less as not be that's how this time just see some people matter the lord said that there was someone else will take from this is just wrong side of the barrel on sam's of for eyes and the demonstrated emerald live
hey it's quality thousand of others and if you are not be strength of that we began as still read and people from their innovative control my name's field wall and why even as from it has the issues but yeah most right and perfect and five minutes that of the teutonic those our hospital a of was and from
have issued some who knows the arts and why for the society on a spot at the donald special to the moderators are just not a good a special arms that is why they're all the diamonds special to the buddha's the board has one can do things similarity does it occurred to the stream winner
or by me as the fruit of stream leonard been attain sobriety replied no digo galore and why because so far as talk line any time on air force is called a stream winner no side object has been won no sound smell space such as little
or artists as mine that is why she is called the street in the and fall he would have her to the street winner by media has a stream winners truth in a chain and that repeated seizing on the south seas economy season on of stall cdc not of person the
lord asked one or did you think similarly done sit down occurs the one three turner by me has approved or once return of the obtaining it's good to reply and knowing to jail or and why because they're just not any karma that has ones one st turner sugar that as why it's called with
one mysteries behind the lord as what do you think superbly that's the thing that encourages the never return or by me as the fruit of and never return or have been attain civility replied no when did you go learn and why because there is any time that has one ever return or ship
there are therefore it's called and never return the law as well as a few things suitability as if then it occurred to be are odd by my only had this are proficient in obtaining security not if to work and why because obama is called ah that's why she's
called an art all or the way to earth to an but by he habits are ah shit entertaining than that of the game season runs itself seasoning on the season on a soul seasoning on my purse and head why i am oh lord of the wine a toddler time of the
one pointed out as the foremost of those sidwell little piece i am on board an arm on a regular for query and yeah oh lord it does not occur your city and are hot and i and created from really give hope already critics are tricky that i have attained in are not ship them as
the time to time would not declare their the have stability this son for the family who is the car most of those who dwell on his does not well as where that is i is hall the dweller mbps and while earning is the lord asked one or two you think stability is there any
karma which stitch in time as has learned from different car that it's how the time they are on the phone and life and one stability reply not so oh lord there is not the lord said any already sought always say hi will create harmonious good feels is a foster
the and why the harmonies sympathetic vehicles the harmonies and put a field sobriety is i saw nice a cop addresses type of them therefore he's a harmonious with us that the care for or
after being produced and us already thought i thought which is nowhere supported a thought i was supported by sights sounds smells tastes touch the bulls are high and objects i was really there were a man in town with a body and here so that kind of reverse
cooling systems like superman can progress with that's as would be a huge personal existence to reply yes huge overlord huge oh well on with his personal existence team and why so personally system his personal existence as
no system says that at a time of my have decided to them for not oh lord it's existence or nonexistence therefore is a call personal like systems long as one of the incivility if there were many ganges river since there are grains of sand and the lottery or now
i have used when the grace of sand and mm edta suitability of replied those time she's rivers with it again in many much more so than the grains of sand dinner the lord said this is what i announce jesus to the this is what i you know how to you if someone or
and had filled lose the seven prestigious things as many worlds systems as there are grains of sand and will astonish rivers and would we have you done as a kid knows the topics as our as only life moments or why do you think this revision with that woman or man on the strength of that the the greatest evil men
for submitting a reply grave or rape or well gone without any looker a key measure for an incalculable
i bet if a son or daughter of good family has taken from this just for assign karma about one's hands of for lines and nor to demonstrate an illuminated letters that they vote on the strength of that you get us know creator he prepared immeasurable an incalculable more
subaru the best spot on earth for one nice taken from this historic sun dharma but most hands or lines talk to it
and that's fodder for will be like a shrine for the whole world with its stars man's our sugars one then should we say a school or and line is discourse on karma in its entirety who reside study and illuminating and before pcl or obvious most wonderful
eyeglasses to be able maybe and on that his father birth stability i visited ttip blouse or is sage representing super d asked when one an animal lord is this is or on garment and how should i bear in mind the lord replied this is for a sudden darkness
stability is home visits which has gone beyond and as such should you have in mind and why just that which six as advertised cause the wizards and interests above and beyond just that he is todd is not gonna be on therefore is they called wisdom to gonna colleges ah
well why do i do you think security is there any time i which such as hydrogen as hot simply reply no legal or there it's not lord said civility you consider that a number of particles of dust in this world system of one thousand million worlds would they
happening so what if he replied and as with water because one it was spot as particles of dust i to type of time as not articles that was taught by the topics on there for a of articles of the bus and this world system but it's a hydrogen as tight as and know says
from therefore as the all of the world system the lord as want to use a stability and handling some topics are to be seen by means of the thirty two marks of the superman supergirl reply replied no deal word and why because those thirty two miles said the superman
which were thought by bits of target of they are really low mars there are they call that the thirty two marks of the superman the boy said and then emissivity suppose one of our man who were three and half saw their belongings as many times there are grains of sand or shoes and
suppose that someone else appertaining you from this destroys southerner but one stands out for lies the demonstrate to others that this slider on the strength of that would be granted for your regular team america immeasurable and incalculable thereupon he impact of and move the memorable
disability tears and a shed tears you thus far to the lore it is one of your phone or it is student and he want me to call or well on how about with this article has taught this is course on darwin's through the cognition has been introduced to me now i have i ever before
earth such a discourse on dharma most wonderfully blessed will be those two when with seafarers being taught will produce a true recession and that which is true recession lattice is know procession therefore the topic that teaches is actually true perception
it is not difficult for me to accept and believe this discourse on a dime on when it is being taught that those people slowly in a few period in the last time in the last happening and last five hundred years at the time of the collapse of the great doctrine and grew old lord will take up this this
course on karma bear in mind we decided study it and illuminated in full detail for others these will be nice to understand a bus in them however no perception of a self will take place or the a soul or a christian and why that or which is
perception of self that is the no reception now which is perception nobody can a soul or a person that is indeed normal recession and why because the the lawyers have that of all perceptions behind the boy said sorry stability most
thunder bay last will be those teams are hearing this sutra will not tremble not really frightened or terrified and why is the topic of pets are is that's the highest perfection and what this time and ten cheeses as the highest protection that also the innumerable i was too
teach therefore is called the highest procession moreover stability that's a like that is perfection and patience is really no profession and why because i simply when they came up promega kind of my flesh from every minimum at that time i had no perception of a cell
have a being of a soul or a person and why is disability at that time i had an exception of so i would also have a reception and real world at that time and started by have as perceptions of a beating as a soap opera reverse with my super knowledge
edge i recall that in the past i have for five hundred verse or that the life of a sage devoted to stages than also have i had no perception of itself of the a soul or a christian the therefore them stability the boy in the the after he is got rid of
all perceptions should raise his thought to be at a modest right and perfect and like you
thought which is unsupported by farm sounds smells tastes touchable or mind objects unsupported by karma unsupported by know on unsupported by anything and why all supports i've actually not support his toy industry uses methods part of their teeth
jesus but by an unsupported bodhisattva shouldn't give to be given him not by the one who is supported by foreign sounds smells tastes touch the balls are my doctors and further security it is for the we'll of all been so that the pony cipher should you use in this manner and why
simply that is just an island
those i been some as tighter s open they are md know beans and why because because because speaks in accordance with reality speaks the truth is that what is not otherwise have to target on smurfs be costly but nevertheless djibouti
with regard to that on which is a little hug that has fully known and demonstrated on account of that there is neither true nor trial in darkness and with not a see an independent chess or should be given your boy boy who was fallen and my things and who have a mind thing for three analysis
the gives a man who i sleep at night a slide and the sun has arisen seem radical forms just service should be a body who is not fallen mom things and without having on among things to announce as a gift rather more stability of
two sons and daughters simply family will take up this discourse on karma will bear in mind with sizes study and eliminate quality detail for others they have been national stability by little high terms with is good or cognition they haven't been seen stability and violates the target with this
parents should renounce in the morning all their belongings system many times since there are grains of sand in the river ganges and if they should be like why i said you meet me and if it this way this should renowned sommelier the belongings for many hundreds of thousands of millions
of millions of mediums and someone else on here in this is george time will not be attempted and then the latter went on a string of that began a greater heat of marriage international oil i'm pocketable why then should we say left to right again with learned very high
my re-sized thirty and eliminated in full detail for others moreover stability and unthinkable and incomparable is this just for the sun dharma and that is harder to as holiday for the wheel of games so set out in the best in the most excellent beautiful those who will take out there's this
source for dharma is buried in mind recite stuck again eliminated in full detail for others but it's to has not a man with this wouldn't be on issues that probably well as see now with is good i it's a product that has only known them all these games stability movie will be rushed with an image
everybody people in error they will be blessed with a deeper mary i'm an equal in honorable measure this and other people all these speeds civility will carry along an equal share of and latin and why because they just not possible stability that this discourse on garnish with be
heard by beating somebody period or he saw nor by such as having to tell you a be a song or a person nor can beings who have not taken her place to party games read appearances for a sunblock or taking it out there by whose side were studying
that i cannot use war over sensibility is assad or read this sister will be revealed that spot of earth will be worthy of worship by the whole world with it starves man and ushers worthy of being submitted exactly where the am eating honored by superman religious
like i should try and would not last october and the trees of those sons and daughters of a family who will say that i mean it's various suitors are there any by recite his study now will be honorable well i'm worried they will be and why the inner purity
switch these being set of time in their former lives and which are liable to leave them a series of the world in this very by a will buy a nice about humiliation are no ghosts and prepared ease of their former lives and they will reach the enlightenment that area with ice
supernova stability i will evolve in the past period long before the can climb that the topics are are not fully lived one during an incalculable quiet and calculable aeons i hate satisfaction by a vital service to eighty four thousand million millions of
who knows without ever would be augmented strange from but he prepares stability from the satisfaction i gave to those who have sent lawyers without a hand and becoming estranged from them compared with the equal merit and those are suing the last time last fm last five hundred
years at the time of the collapse of the good doctor doctrine will take up these various to because they're they didn't mind recite and study them and will eliminate them and follow these bail or others it does not approach one hundred depart not one thousand the fire nor a one hundred thousand rr
not a ten million of our nora one hundred twenty five nora one thousand names are it does not number nor fraction or accounting north similarity nor comparison not with semblance here are over security i were to teach the eco
marriage as those sons and daughters of good family and how great the poker table at that time we get the require games would become a fantasy and been his since however seventy six contests on his discourse on dharma as unthinkable just a
i don't think about current results should be expected from somebody else outdoors should once out the bodies are vehicles stand out how progress is from his thoughts the lord replied near suitability someone who step out in the body is of involves
to produce a bot and this member on the inside of us leads to nearby into that ground nearby which leaves nothing behind and yeah after being have us been managed to hear by well meaning at all has been managed to nirvana and why it isn't potty suffer
the notion of a really should take place you're going to be all the oil mean and likewise if the notion of a soul or a person should take place in him and why he was set out in the body size of vehicle he is high a one of the diamonds when why does he is a stability
is there any alarm off by which was decides when he was the he was our fifty project time as falling on the outdoors ride and pervert is my i savitri traffic apply various on any drama i wish to types of meetings with that's kind of stupid car as slowly
now the utmost try and hurt in life has been the lord said it is for this reason methods of topics of frequent car and predicted of mean you're young robin will be in a to shoot period and it's pockets of are fully employed by the name of shot at normandy and and i
why are signs of stability is synonymous to extrude such this and whosoever similarity for to say this topic that has been laid down the utmost strike and perfect life isn't he was chief awesomely and why there is not a town like by this it's not attack has fallen
you know the utmost right and perfect and like and that a dog on which this product that has pulling down and demonstrated on a of that there is no other students in our frog therefore this topic that teaches all dharmas as a buddhist home as a special arms and why all die
to the movies have as know dharmas been taught by this topic time therefore all time are all the good start with a special dollars just as demands with the hype and out in the body it uses body simply be said that man who needs that started to slow us down
a with a by i used fine as the nobody is caught up by the to stop them they are curious all and down with a body and abused body the lord said so it is to bury the bodies or would say i will leave beans to nirvana he should not be called the boy
indeed eating and i is there a subroutine any my name or the suitability replied veto lord the lord said because of that directive tpd just his selfless are all dharmas they have enough the character of living beings they are without it was limited so
whole without personality if any money scientists should say i will create harmonious good it feels he likewise should not be called the money be and why the harmony subliminal feels a harmony so good it feels so good he has no harmonies have they've been taught by
just talk i'm him therefore he spoke the harmonious of feels the boonies caught by however disability was this intense on without self by the darkness without south by the dogs him in the target of the are ah the fully and mighty wind has declared to be a party feeling of
sensibility to the desert sky and at times i exist a reply so i for the fleshy i decided to it does exist the bar asked what are you like stability but it does just of climate zones heavenly i exist his mr my is my
is good i simply really reply so i did some more the heavenly yeah it's it's not happen and it does exist and so does his wisdom my is dark by and as good a lotta lawrence said what creative think security as a an architect use the phrase as any grains of sand
and as there are in a great river manages the booty resupply our lord so many it's all about on that's a topic that has done so the lord asked what do you think stability if there were as many cavities february since there are grains of sand and the great river ganges and
there were many world systems as there are grains of sand and now with those the system systems be many similar to reply so day so large so excited about on these worlds systems would be many the lord said as many games as there are these world assistance
of them i know in high western the manner of remnants of a five and why feminists have thought transit buses will be as long friends that they've been caught by the sky plan therefore they off transit pod and lie half saw is not gonna future
spot is not a president pot is not gonna lie for you think stability is a son or daughter of a good family has filled this world system of one thousand million worlds precious things and then gave it as a gift to the tight as vr us to fully
did was with their strength of that began get an a and people of marriage is which he replied they work and they will it or well lol the lord says so it is with these solar is on the strength of at his son or daughter of big family would be mad every race equal marriage
nancy home an incalculable many of on the other hand there was such a thing as if you of marriage the photographer would not have sport my a heap of america one for you to take some booty is the target has to be seen by means of the accomplishment of this warm body submerged replied no
our lord the type-a is not to be seen by millions of the accomplishment of its foreign body and why accomplishments of his farm body accomplishment of his farm body this sort of lord has been taught by this article as there's no accomplished and therefore is it called the college
hint of his warm body the gore last one can do you think stability is this apocrypha if he's seen through dispossession possession of maurice subroutine reply and knowing don't work and why this possession of a martyr so lord which has been taught by mississauga to as know of no more
years this has been taught by to thought out of him therefore is it's all the possession of mars the lord asked what do you think stability does it occur to this takata by he has taught i've been demonstrated whosoever civility would say that's a topic that has demonstrated dogma
he was too fast way he would misrepresent misrepresented the by seasoning on what is not there and why demonstration of dharma demonstration of dharmas sympathy there is any time on which gives me back as a demonstration of on support us our hero
if any fees in the future in the last time in the last emperor in the last five hundred years at the time of the collapse of the great dogs and on if such time i will truly believe the lord replied that a super gr neither beings nor nominees and why
why being speed stability that the that has taught us today are all about needs and therefore he has finally of all beads why do you think stability is there any time by by which this time as pulling on the utmost right and appropriate use implies than simply to reply
by melting g over there is not any time modify which the toyota has fully know the utmost right and perfect enlightenment the lord says so instability so it is not even the least stop and stare found her i therefore is just call most strike
and perfect in my husband
our civility self identical with a of dharma and nothing to be staring at various therefore is all of your whole strike and perfect pattern
self identical to the absence of a up a being a soul or a person he added most strike and early in life as is fully known as the totality of all those arms also darkness wholesome varmus djibouti yeah that is no darkness have they've been taught by the time
a there before and they are loss of darkness and against disability and for one on our have had filed out of the seven precious things and will tell they're all equal that of all of the southerners cases of mountains in the world system of one thousand a million worlds and would hear them as a year
and if found the other hand the son or daughter of good family would take out of this drive your car with each other this is for of karma but one stands out for lives and demonstrated through august compared with his seat of merit of the former heap of marriage does not approach one hundred and are
it's and it will not bear any comparison what do you think stability does that external toy to father to buy me have been set free not thus should we see a super duty and why they're just not any be tata has set free again there had been
in the this a talk about had set free then surely it their women men on the part of the to talk a seasoning of a cell of a meeting of the soul of a person sees himself as an sees disability as that it was hard by the time and yet the foolish com
many people has ceased to high foolish common people stability as really know people have they in talk by the to south africa therefore are they call the foolish common people why do you think security is that of africa to be seen by means of his possession of mars seafood you reply
try know indeed over the lord said if subroutine this particular could be recognized by his possession of mars than also the universal would be the as the topics of and therefore that targeted it's not to be seen by means of dispossession of mars subroutine and said
as i o lord understand rewards to stream the to africa is not just these see through his possession of mars further the boy talk of cases from the following stances those who signed by of the see and those who follow me by voice wrong the efforts and
aged and media those people will not see from my should should wanna see the buddha's from the jar my body comes their guys at garments true nature cannot be discerned and no one can be conscious of it as an object when what do you think stability as its
is that are falling on the utmost right and perfect enlightenment through with its possessions of arts not so should you see a ibuki well i because i'm just hydrogen that you should surely not fully known in the art on a strike and perfect enlightenment through his possession of marx nor should anyone
is the be to say to you through those to have stepped out in the body size of vehicle have conceived the destruction of at our on or it's and i wish not so should you see it stability for those who have set out in the bodies of vehicle have not and see the destruction of the dharma or as
and i and against security if a son or daughter of good family until the seven precious things as many worlds systems as there are grains of sand and the river ganges and gave them as a gift since this does our hearts only enlightened ones and then fun the other hand
what he started we would gain a patient acquiescence in garments which are nothing of themselves and which failed to be produced than this latter would on the strength of that the at a greater heap of married in every for and and be held liable for our sleepy the morning cyclists should not acquire
and eat of mary sibley said shirley own lore the body of saw going to should acquire and even marry lord said should acquire stability not sure seized upon therefore instead said should have wire whatsoever says that the side effects officer cause stamp since sir
not understand the meaning of my seat you and why photographers it's called one who has not gone anywhere nor products from anywhere therefore is you called that iota of vr on the fully potty one and again as somebody with a son or daughter of glitter family were to
right there's any world system says there are articles of dust and his great moral system as a million worlds as time is they can be ground with incalculable paper and in fact reduce them into something like a collection of tiny quantities what do you think stability without that
an enormous collection of a tiny quantities simply replied so it is so low so it is a on enormous with that of a collection of atomic quantities be and why if aren't there had been an enormous collection of atomic quantities the lord would not have to call back
the an enormous collection of atomic quantities and why what was taught by the contractor as a collection of atomic quantities as know collection that was taught by this talk another therefore is they call the collection of atomic quantities and what the product to talk as the world says
autumn of one palace and million worlds that is taught this is not a system therefore as he called the world system of one thousand million worlds and why if oh lord there have been a world system that i would panic has to cz material a lot of chickens and what was seen
as you know material optic i'm in chicago today it just doesn't know a citizen was that talk by wichita out them therefore is it called seizing on the material object the lord advocate and also security that seasons on the material of is a matter of linguistic conventions
a verbal expression without factual content it is hard farmer know i know dharma and yet look foolish com and people have seized upon and why because whosoever would say that the view of the south has been taught by this time though the view of the beating the view
of they be install the view of a person with his facility be speaking right superdry reply no v lord know and you know well on he would rather be speaking riot and why that we've just been taught by the photographer as you would so as if no of you who has that been
taught by going to talk about cancer therefore it's it's all you have of the lord said it is thus soon as someone who has set out in the podium type of vehicles should know all dramas you never be an attempt on them and he should know view and be intent on them is such a way
and he just not set up the perception of a dharma and why percentage of dharma perception of dharma cbd as not recession has this little talk by this target time therefore is paul perception that guy room and finally stability if a bodhisattva a great day
he has a real world systems medical clinic eligible purchases
and gave them as a give to the productos the vr haas to fully lighting lungs and if on the other hand has a son or daughter of good family has taken from this process young harming each other this discourse on of dharma but one stands up for lives and were to fair in mind demonstrate
recite and studied it and illuminated in full of detail for others on the strength of that this latter would be getting a greater eep of merit immeasurable and incalculable and how would you go ahead so as not to reveal therefore as he said he would have the money
stars for cause of vision as a man of show few drops or a bible a tv a lady flash or cloud so i should want to hear what is condition thus spoke the board and raster be out of his supervision among us soon islands the pilot slim
and late women and the body surface and the whole world with it's ours man's asuras in a diagnosis rejoiced in the war situation

so just to keep us from getting stuck in somalia i'm going to finish reading name is boris food
okay so
he fell off the ship
and there he was were in the middle of the immense ocean and thousand miles from the nearest shore with no one else inside as far as the i could see it not even so much as a stick of driftwood to hold onto should i try to swim home amos wonder
or should i just try to stay afloat
he might swim a mile but never a thousand he decided to just keep afloat treading water and hoping that something who knows what would turn up to save him but what if a shark are some big fish a horse mackerel turned up but was he supposed to do to protect himself he didn't know
morning came as it always does he was getting terribly tired he was a very small very cold very wet and worried mouse there was still nothing in sight but the mtc and then as if things weren't bad enough it began to rain at last the rain stopped and
noonday sun gave him a bit of cheer and warmth in the vast loneliness but his strength was giving out he began to wonder what it would be like to drown would it take very long would it feel just awful with his soul go to heaven would there be other mice there as he was asking himself these dreadful questions a
huge head burst to the surface of the water and loomed up over him it was a whale what sort of fish are you the whale asked you must be one of a kind
i'm not a fish silliness i'm a mouse which is a mammal the highest form of life and i live on land
holy clam and come said the whale i'm a mammal myself though i live in the see call me boards he added
boris bodies up
amos introduced himself and told boris how he came to be there in the middle of the ocean whale said he would be happy to take aim is to the ivory coast of africa where he happened to be headed any way to attend a meeting of wales from all the seven seas but emma said he'd had enough adventure to last him a while he
only wanted to get back home and hoped the whale wouldn't mind going out of his way to take him there not only would i not mine said boris i would consider it a privilege what other whale and all the world ever had a chance to get to know such as strange creature as you please climb aboard and amos got on boris is back are you sure
you're a mammal and must ask you smell more like a fish then boris the whale went swimming along with amos the mouse on his back
what a relief to be so safe and so secure again amos lay down in the sun and began and soon be worn to a frazzle he was sound asleep then all of a sudden he was in the water again wide awake spluttering and splashing about boris had forgotten for a moment that he had a passenger on his back and had sounded when you
realized his mistake he surface so quickly that amos we sent somersaulting tale over whiskers high into the air hitting the water hurt and crazy with rage amos screened and punched bores until he remembered he owed his life to the well i quietly climbed back on his back
from then on whenever bourse wanted to sound he warned him in advance and got his okay and whenever he sounded amos took a swim
swimming along sometimes at great speed sometimes slowly and leisurely sometimes resting and exchanging ideas sometimes stopping to sleep it took them a week to reach amos's home shore during that time they developed a great admiration for one another bourse admired the delicacy the quivering dangerous
the light touch the small voice the gem like radiance of the mouse amos admired the bulk the grandeur the power the purpose they're rich of voice in the abounding friendliness of the whale they became the closest possible fence they told each other about their lives and their ambitions they shared their deepest secrets with each other
the whale was very curious about life on land and was sorry he would never experience it amos was fascinated by the whales accounts of what went on deep under the sea emma sometimes enjoyed running up and down on the whale's back for exercise when he was hungry he ate plankton the only thing the he missed was fresh and salty water
they read the shore i wish we could be friends forever said wars we will be friends forever but we can't be together you must live on land and i must live at sea but i'll never forget you and you can be sure i'll never forget you said amos i'll always be grateful to you for saving my life and i want you to remember that if you ever need my help i'll
be more than glad to give it how could he possibly have was amos didn't know but he knew how willing he was the whale couldn't take a us all the way into land they said their last goodbye and amos dived our voices back and swam to the sand from the top of a cliff he watched boris spout twice and disappear boris law
to himself how could that little mouse ever helped me little as he is he's all heart i love him and i'll miss him terribly boris went to the conference off the ivory coast of africa and then went back to a life of wailing about while amos returned to his life of mousing around and they were both happy
many years after the incidences just described when amos was no longer a very young mouse and when boris was no longer a very young whale error occurred one of the worst storms of the century hurricane her and it just so happened that boris the whale was flung ashore by a tidal wave and stranded on the very shore where amos happened to make his home

it also so happened that when the storm had cleared up and boris was lying high and dry the sand losing his moisture in the hot sun and needing desperately to get back in the water amos came down to the beach to see how much damage hurricane yet had done of course force and amos recognize
each other at once i don't have to tell you how much leaves old friends from had meeting again in this desperate situation amos rush toward boris boris could only look at amos amos help me said the mountain of a way out to the boat of a mouse i think i'll die if i don't get back in the water soon amos gazed at us in agony
the of pity he realized he had to do something very fast and he had to think very fast about what it was he was going to do and then suddenly he was gone
i'm afraid he won't be able to help me said boris to himself much as he wants to do something but can such a little fellow do

just as amos had once felt all alone in the middle of the ocean forest felt now lying alone on the shore he was sure he would die and just as he was preparing to die amis came racing back with to of the biggest elephants he could find

without wasting any time is too good hearted elephants got to push him with all their might at forces huge body until he began to turn over breaded with sand and rolling down towards the see emma standing on the head of one of the elephants veiled instructions but no one heard him
in a few minutes forest was already in water with waves splashing at him and he was feeling the wonderful wetness you have to be out of the see really to know how good it is to be in it he thought that is if you're a whale soon he was able to wiggle and wriggle into deeper water he looked back at amos on the elephant's head tears were rolling down
on the great whales cheeks the tiny mouse had tears in his eyes to goodbye dear friend squeaked amos goodbye dear friend rumbled boris and he disappeared in the ways they knew they might have not ever meet again and they knew they would never forget each other
this is your cactus period
she's right it's not a kiss
maybe that's enough
the temperature
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