Five Masters in the Kamakura Period

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it's always nice for the old friends and talk about your base
and i hope to thirteenth century or written only now
kamakura period which started the loony for thirty infantry and ended the before after setting something
i was the height of japanese good because of their high master

ethan is three masters on for in
peel them
i believe children's growth around realism
then nutrient between is a notice school
and logan
hello my fine
it's okay an ambitious i dare to cover audience good masters in one hour
let me forget or skip one or two masters so if i do to remind me
and this weather
masters all became
founders of schools with you whether on not the intended
were they have the anyway
respected us the founders of the schools right car logan sense you never call his school cyber school
but anyway now he's considered else
the founder of them sort of screwing the pan
he's five masters has something in common
they none of them
are satisfied with the established schools and teachings of buddhism
they were honest to themselves so we have to have their own a suit
what is truth and what is the to practice
what is a real way to say
hmm suffering people
they also
realized that intellectual studies will not help
to find these questions
and these studies emphasis on scriptures
we're not he lot
and they all realize that the magic's the not help people
prayers and ceremonies for secular benefits were not their concern
there are all here an ethical
in buddhism course there are various beliefs and many types of
that everyone oven
selected one practice just grandparents and concentrated on that happens
eliminating all other types of practice
and each of their methods was a leak
they all knew that
there was no more ability to serve
particular classes of people
such as they prepare handy
a good novels

the of teaching
was okay to everyone
regardless of the bleed
for education
they establish your way to ah to be followed
by a huge number of people

i i didn't know buddhist monks first introduced into the pan and six century
and in the eighth century lara period that is he became the state religion
he built a huge statue of buddha in nara
the capital of the panel of time
and the schools of them
studies in philosophy flourish that time
an in hampered ninth to twelfth century
esoteric buddhism was introduced
and the concrete form of coffee ceremony
hey if turbidity was welcomed by the upper class people
what time
the aristocrats
and the capital of killed him is another name for proper
and during that period
we'll japanese culture somehow developed halligan
feminine and romantic cancer
i've seen a telling kanji bhai lady murasaki
this and code novels had their lands
called the manor
and the will not countries
that they gradually lovely control and this man and the financial basis don't need a kid
and major buddhist temple also have manners
they hadn't used property so they had to protect their property
that's that
happens when you have too much money and now
when they looked at what happened was that some of the monks started the carrying weapons
and if you carry weapon is that fighting
and if you are fighting we may not always win sometimes you get killed somehow ah
this happened
this view
the pan
they call this long way as organ sounds wicked months
they started worth and her bells to each other
they surrounded the imperial palace and gave political pressure
and they're quite wild
so ah some of the records in the heard than say the people thought
this was the end of the world
because the month of the finest temples in the pan
i like that

eleventh twelfth century
belief called nepal be the number means the last pigeon
i was first shown at that time seventy for let them
what'll happen is after second the buddha passed away ah people could not practice in law
because she was so remote from
buddha's teaching
people cannot a
either practice or obtain enlightenment anymore but teaching will stay but invitation
this is called the not for an p people
ah extreme a ppo on a and nepal last teaching
chapter to that well the time of a quick teaching after the bigger than the time of inductive tissue and then the time of last season
this idea
started in china and they can find
that kind of description
a suppress
let's somehow they figured out that
ten fifty two a day with the time
the period of nepal would stop
and actually there were signs are the end of the world after his or i was after was i
crime he disease
a blast
the power of the quote novels
well done
the warriors to power and that their fathers the new government
in kamakura
which is then
quite close to tokyo
the southwest to tokyo on the post small area from come with
the emperor was still a cuddle so the capital was in kilter bathroom maria
comment her away from
a for that they didn't have to get fined communities of emperor
for anything that they wanted to do
the kamakura period is named after its kind of girl
ten years ago on
a cure the album from near the modern art went to a small village to grow up with a statute for an application and that's fine was some couldn't count
buy some relatives for the guillotine got together and learn that his name car
i hear curacao an upper museum modern up
well the museum established in kamakura period

but people in that period
the late heian period and come up for a period when could have to get away from the world of the last tissue and gain river in children
but the leaders
they established growth of britain would not do anything to meet the demand of people that time
if you have any questions on a planet places
i started

maybe saw at the nice
m sutra with it
number of girls however thank you

on such as good as new the phone or one i was actually independent esoteric the disney can be represented by a single store and on with mantra might go chanting
and for children
practice medical practice which account for the bodies
that is some neither a having murder and me loves that is counting on
lancia and also line line is visualizing with as appears ah
this practices are important
it was introduced by cooker in the past century our last century
china and a stroke school and started developing india quite late later than any other school from six sentences country sales growth to the pan rather quickly
an e kamakura period this nonsense the school were always
having families
rikon having a daughters and are appropriate levels it's very important to have get the papers are that way ah you can be the emperor's stepfather
and that way
yeah they had really like
chanting for birth or
can a decision support and her novels always almost everyday had i always always
read them when apophis to riches were being piled up in a monster term arms how did they
where were these monks and robbery canada
they didn't see you i'm becoming
hundreds well first week across know in has been carried guns do what you would do it to hire kick right to protect your property and that happened in depend to
some people hired and then they have to train felt because that was surrounded and activate i lots to were riots and dallas and anything
somehow is yeah
so the master who first started with one practice
which was selected
and also concentrated was humming
he is simplified and purified the on
kill him believe
and the major practice is called number two
chanting to those name lung or me targets
home is to amida buddha
an amateur the not new
the a woman
there have been some come along with a rather popular
no means to have something in mind and looted buddha so the earlier form of number with it was the visualize the as here and good as land
particular okay
amida or amitabha buddha
children and the rest
what points on practices just counting with isn't just jumping to the jungle
helen was a great scholar
and in long here are the greatest university
can replace the kyoto athlete
hello to them
where lots of them were answer as well
he studied he was known as raise them on him
and he was the pitcher or blizzard
not then he himself could not the discover that he could not
follow the precepts himself with to said during ethical about it
and he concluded that tab
precepts meditation or score studies
would not help people of the true the last teaching
and the only way to save people on the top can period
with be number two
he concluded that the numbers of with that correspond with
amida buddha or is no about
to savor all sentient beings
so the practice is a simple and also very durable as enchanting all the time
that time
became very popular right way which resent it
for teachers of old school
and he was in trouble especially when
the emperor i was out of that capsule and took up ladies called down for the maternity and facility
and went to with members are gathering in the capital
and to disciple
world-leading leading and that
pleasing and this lady's became nuns well away
ah the emperor came back in became furious and other to punch holes months and this tenants were executed on an exact
later he was pardoned and jodo shu for gallon scrum started from him

sharon was one of
the common students were dedicated student opponents
there's a book called punisher with a short book
but very popular
in japan
tom mitchell t a
an apostrophe
there's a student maybe even a ten t a n n high paying cash sh or and with
we buy you by n
someone's disciple union collected simmons worse after his death
probably the most popular
buddha spoke in japan
sometimes magazines ask you infant think people on poets and painters and writers says people are a businessman what what was book on to inspire the mods or emphysema
so some people say new testament nature
dale carnegie
the feta and children
and to was always reading all the time
until recently now and said bergen
so your gamble
getting a good influence some people say that and
homeless or sometimes the realism of the most popular because it's very hard to understand william
i recently lots of them modern translations appeared on offer some explanations about a broken growth the books have been published
and none
i myself was first interested in and the dog and i was more to the like a extensive wished
stench of it a credit friends gathered here
and western philosophy about then i just down the profits and pages
enjoy i was just maze
let me down
and patient and the modern modern japanese
anyhow in this book the show
children says
i know about the weight of
i will have no regrets even though i should have been deceived by home shown in and thus by offering them with the i should fall into hell
the reason is that if i could become buddha by performing some other packets and failing to go by adding the number two then i might feel regret at having been said that since i am incapable of any practice whatsoever
hell would definitely be my wedding anyway

he's so concerned with we're going to help
scientists think the
he or his lifetime was a dedicated student upon children's

and there is a to
did you say your room
same will
well that's true
and s that's true on the children's
so enlightenment
to have enlightened looked similar to become with and
is that to enlightenment or couldn't believe it was to have rivers in good as man him
there were there is a famous painting
about conan children and honey disciples
one side some is sitting alongside on a few months city
very nice painting old thinking on that and was about exchange ah the thing when on and disciples had discussion and numbers practice
whether in
which which is more important
package a
remember with you
and many people many of the disciples among three hundred
ah they thought
practice was more important for this have this fact credit
an only three people
including its tuna
putting this site
and one monk the stupid gate stupid and looking he doesn't know where to go
like this
and pauline
during the three
and for comment
he practice was important but not as fun as a face

his he probably did not mean to have his own school but since his ideas was so unique and different from opponents on where his followers i this school on the ah
those she she was sometimes the college since you which means through halon school

skimming a similar under the book group called coveo since of whitman's
practice faith and enlightenment and i'll be discussing ah different views and attitudes of the masters and faith and packed for i think are ill or answer your question
why i'm children also says
we should learn that amida sourcing a wow does not discriminate whether one is younger or with the evil and that faith alone isn't supreme importance for it is the vow that seeks to save a sentient beings birding it
great change and airy fairy presence
therefore if we have faith in the original love no other good is needed because there is no good said that
surpassing said passing lane it he answered the eagle a fear because there is no eagle capable of abstracting i mean those are isn't that
and for him a good person is someone who relies on his own path and his own days with proud
and who does not
put so much attention on good as are
from something like a rich person who a difficult to go to products on new testament st a good person from and also an evil person for him is someone who realizes how simple is and
how helpless is and to leave everything to the buddha this is an eagle person for his tongue know his own different from our garden
people otherwise them we would not understand the following presses or the same book financial
even a good person is bang in the pyramid how much more so is an evil person

however people in the world usually paid even an evil person is grown in the pillow on how much my phone in a good person at her side this view seems to be reasonable rub it is contrary to the corporate of the original bar or
the other power
the reason is that are as those will pack is good by the southpaw like the line to rely wholly on the other part were not in accordance with the written about almeida
for the outer power he always
put emphasis of our power and forgetting
and seen on what a person and who also lifetime
let's travel with
ah the idea how simple the hero
oh is he was struggling with the idea
and pursued the real meaning of
her hey the number of quantity of number two
would not count
only important question was whether or not wrong had se
i up with a wow
the favor often
oh he said
when i thought i'd be leaving amida buddha arises
ah the river in killing
will they promised when a third reich
already from
so for him
even after jumping with not essential
the only faith sensor
that's a difference between
and then hit the hannah on kinda you know
practical it's very important
camping with important but sooner
happy was no more important
how most basic
it then
ten later ah he's also hear the personally one of the
people who are a vineyard and
what happened is very interesting
and for him
neither party know hey
what's important
the only important thing was enlightened
the historical mission of weapon or to save people who could not up or could not have paid
very convenient isn't it
so his his his own pot of coffee hughes he felt with method for he did from patents
gay people who can
so his practice was to hand out
i remember to
the kid and a good catherine printed
the term sheet of paper which says man army da vinci
when is do
amida buddha
does get away and he said done please gas tank man with the once on that
and this is the assurance for the river and the pill
yes we did it
i also happen that than and he met a monk actually
a was traveling all over and puffy
out it
non slip of paper
god hamlet
well maybe weapon thing happened and with the capital
we've had a more on
i'm keeping charged
you having
it will happen that he met a monk who said well
i don't believe in children well i don't believe in i mean the buddha
and he refused to and received republic it can send the
and please enter it displays of the mean accepted in the same that way i didn't believe it doesn't matter the receiver and he the monk receded and went away
what it traveled happen but where deal
where did the right for me will be right for me to give the assurance for being a
reborn in berlin
living on to the people who don't believe
does it all right
the will not for him to send the depression
so he prayed and prayed
could actually be super bowl
the alphabet of kumano mountain and the were giving and kinda the up here
said well you don't have to worry about it
because them
from the tower past
it's been decided that everyone
will be saved
hope everyone will gain river
and what you give or what you don't give doesn't matter at all
so this don't worry about it
then he
made a vow to pass out smart kids who
six hundred thousand people
a right thing
pippin incident remains once
a months
and for his idea was dumb
we got it or the party have paid or not
just counting
lama me vinci then
he'll be fed
herbert the and teacher
i have the i can have right

right then natural glycerin

he literally
he's done can he was one of the lineages over henan this also give three method where on the dodo school
john believe kill be the
and it can excuse me became the founder of the school
the i the issue or this book and demons time
which means any time
for any time when you have one
mario you're gabbing
on any place any place villain that any place you chunk
now my me that it's one i did not disappear and now
for that's grown rapidly up
the and school
he was the only rookie
here his name on it
in school

alignment of their labor

later you from now people want to call satisfied to the fair
the enlightened by the jumping one for their father attending the lot and sometimes the a million times and in the kyoto that a bed core hachiman banter pregnant i made any time
because you don't do it in a biofilm
ah maybe ten thousand people get together and turned my

and an open with the person who spread the dancing chanting and dancing
no nietzschean was the master who emphasizes practice over counting the name of lot of and rather sitter num mill holding a kill
home is to run wondrous where cetera
he came later than other
features including bergen that time douglas group and dense growth while rather being established
and it is hard for him to come in
so what he did was attacked our peoples
made some room for himself
that are well the panel still day bad still the last until the last kitchen
for him the road was for bad because the of for kissing
people believe in false teachings which are mainly on me
humans growth and mystic schools
the schools he mainly attack
and because of these schools he said that the ultimate teaching of the rather sit up
with not so was not for emphasize the hey lotus sutra on the was the correct teaching because
for him it was the direct way of enlightenment
well individual and also it is are the basis of protecting nation
if people follow the quote t-series
will be no problems in providence
the road will be peace but his idea
that if people who keep them pissing on believing in it
when a great disaster will happen and of course the greatest of the travel wrote a poem engaging
from the sangha
what's happened with you realize welcome
so he was a very extraordinary man
prophecy on a packing all the time man
making government
ha ha distance threatened
rep right he was perfectly that very severely was arrested twice exile the at the second time it was understood that he'll be executed on the way or pets are
some somehow you for that
i'm here is probably
because there was a phone fine of up longer in engaging number in which were coming i think they can do
robin arm
there were some battles
return did not meet any teacher and his young days to decide to give him
i will paint and lifetime england
what is a very unfortunate for him
he went to like here very soon university and
he could study various
such as entreaties then he
he discovered the value i'll get valley of them rock sutra
before him
i'm repeating when we say teaching practice faith and enlightened
the most important thing most basic thing for his package was this campaign the name
sofa which was kissing

now begun
ah yes

really is
to be
lotus sutra was historically always the finest cetera
this was around
and wrote in china
when they die dicey right
master of tennis group offers from the of chinese vendors to fun part
compared all the scissors and now
he decided that that mother said that are was ultimate because
we you gotta sit up there is a kissing that are the eternal enlightening
the buddha shakyamuni buddha was enlightened under the bodhi tree
ah not just at that time but because he was already enlightened
you can i past and if our paths it was already inviting that's why he got such a great in latin and that's why he's enlightenment of many to
all essential be
on this way i let us sit i was down
consider the supreme
an independent also on from the time that the sutra was introduced
was respected it was started by prince shut up with the
wait the greatest patron or ability
because some it has something to do with laypeople enlightenment
so that he couldn't taste the supper to the piggies empress
female emperor
and historically ah in japan where the think for drivers considered
etc to destroy where the same people after death
how can they are open for for different paths or from important
and also the sitter to protect with nation it doesn't say anything about rob rather sidra if you found the super your nation will be perfected that somehow this halifax are this is believed in the i'm open
i am i don't think i'll take home so much time and boring because the not
yeah about down
haven't been paid
i'm sorry i have more
can anyone visiting
ha ha back
made major mistakes
we mister burgundy or esoteric buddhism was packaged that on school single school with a thing on the associated with liberty and also been nice for leave to school applying for this to the pan and nine enter
and that the independent school they practice for thing for basic main one is the complete tt remedies or burger super and then compete with him let me know hannah people when then
the mistake when they have the apache you think of together and the way airside and produce then he i wanted to practice only then that there was a great pressure to the
we do that kind of run patrick
it's the pure and proper for people are the whole das group were available for they get pressure not to do that for a site actually could not do that
and they are building living with a president athlete will happen but he had to go away from where a couple and yeah to hide a mountain book
i the answer to answer the question
yeah no through referring to
i re-entered the different followers and of yoga million to make they had said
quite popular
did you read and write
well are these mountaineering aesthetics
well they practice the kind of a combination of mistake buddhism
thousand and separate
and actually they were controlled by is to scrub of instability and i run school of yamaguchi was anger and the other single
now tobin was the only master of his an
i have masters who denied for
last kitchen
in bundoora or when is liquid silk organza
we said a christian and an answer for fifteen fifteen said
even in this time of the able to generate rather they than one a pin validation to hit a half is doesn't the
when answer says
that's not really no responsibility make much of names on the poems
authentic no hannah pissing that's not the phone said right
and final bag
with pretty that there's the packets are paying the way
so he says them were no
he does
jail that were quite getting a meter pay kitchen
or rough getting
i spent a decent the other compassion
oh other matters kissing
her based on the idea er mapper
people cannot practise and people can obtain enlightened and what can we do
that was there
basic rescue on the market
but don't for his love for
let's look at the scriptures and the with and catholic
what meant for
heaven is practicing
and then can track it and everyone can gain enlightenment
what's wrong about
he questioned it from said
there math hitting and reddit he uttered the leather school
i'm a pantser best girl
our mistakes girl
and then rye
yes girl then school superior
said them
what are the advantages of the package you love people that you advance it alone ignoring all other
who says
he's of no
that's how good is it is not a mother or debating the security a guarantee of run i want a thing or another where are choosing the tip for the facilities or the keeping that matter
oh we have to know whether the practice is authentic
well not
so for dogan practice with everything
and they think that would matter
and pappas itself
he's the enlightened
this is your field and that you know more about it
thank you very and i think i'm good evening