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Tuesday Class

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so we were
in the middle toward the end of our dream
dream within a dream
the pages are for seventy

well as i recall life
if we were discussing a text
the necessarily understanding it or anything but with to
trying to muddle through to appreciate go against words you're up to the up to the we got with i think we ended it at the time of the part about the
but ah
and we remind it what a wonderful
image that was
at achieving balance one of those scales with a pan on it where you put away on one side and and the object could be weighed on the other side and the object to be way when you put it in a hail it operates like anything else does in this world and gravity it has wait
but then when you put wait and in the pan miraculously this object becomes weightless and flies up in the here right
so achieving balance does not depend on the objects being way
nor on the balance in skill
nor on the activity of way
it depends on emptiness
and the and the emptiness of all of these things
thus the the deeply consider that without obtaining balance you do not experience experience solidity
so you and we were saying what a great metaphor for life you know you don't achieve solidity unless you achieve balance and you achieve balanced by virtue of the fact that all things are empty that's what that's how can other can be balanced is balance because there's lightness and freedom and there's lightness and freedom because
cause you yourself in all things are empty
and with that freedom there's balance in your life with that balance there's a kind of sense of solidity paradoxically you like can only be solid when you recognize the emptiness of of your life
just hanging on its own in emptiness
expression of a dream within a dream allows our life to float tree in emptiness
and within emptiness and only with an emptiness is stable balance manifesto
and stable balance of the great way of amount of the scale of the balance scale
while suspending emptiness of suspending objects weather as emptiness or as forms expression of a dream within a dream joins settled balancing
so i would
i ordinarily currently schiphol a visit
librarian says we should read the context and anxious strength is will have this i'm going to do can read every word anything
it i get upset about it doesn't matter because it's kind of wonderful surrey emissions as she said less than there is no liberation other than expression of the dream within a dream
expression there is no liberation other them and remember this is like expressing the dream the dream is teaching geimer talking about suitors and teaching so on but it also is manifesting have anything in other words
the life manifesting on the relative playing with all its confusions and all its entanglements
is expressing his expressing
the dream within a dream and there is no dream
no liberation he says here there's no liberation other them
the expression of the dream within israel and the words are living our lives in the relative world and all that all the messiness of them
that's the expression of the dream of that dream and there's no liberation
possible outside of them the dream is the entire grade earth
in the entire great or earth is stable in the way that he was speaking room and ago in relation to the scale
thus the inexhaustibly of turning the head and pivoting the brain
which had a little obscure
exactly so the translator in brackets says that this means actualizing freedom
than not sure about that but
anyway the inexhaustible of yeah our daily actions and thoughts
in free when when we when we when we were we in stable balance with emptiness than the inexhaustible ability of our thoughts in our daily simple and complicated actions is your awakening
of the dream within a dream
it's the way that you have of identifying with an actualizing the dream within a dream
it's like a little reminds me a little practice that i do sometimes i wish i didn't didn't more but i forget to do it but you can do this all the time and there were there are times in my life when i've done it with some more faithfulness and others but
this is practice of like entering a crossing over
what space like if you're leaving a room were walking into a room
actually in judaism there's a wonderful practice that they have over
they have a little them
box the of is a box that's attached to the door and inside the box is a prayer and the ideas that every time you enter the door leave you touch the box and kiss it and remember the proof which is about the unity of all been it's kind of a wonderful practice in what i'm speaking about his verse
shirley same practice every time you walk in indoor or outdoor you
remember remember
that you have no idea
what will happen now that you're entering this new space
as you leave a room your aunt you're leaving this whole existence realm and of this room just like when i walked in here tonight i wasn't a totally different world before i walked in this room and walked in the room it is new a different world and also when i in the rest of you and all of you walk out of this room we will be entering another l
so taking a moment as you walk over a threshold to recognize this
so this means that this very mundane everyday action that we do all the time that we don't think anything of it's really the truth
that when you walk in erotica room that you really don't know what's going to happen that you really are entering a new life that's really the truth actually i mean you don't have to be a genius to think about this is a and that's really true
i don't really know what will happen to to remember that and live that way say you can actually it's it's it in a way to the paradox that to do that as an active imagination in a way and say well you're making this up but it's also very true you have to use your imagination somehow to project yourself into reality right because usually your mine
as occupied and it's an ad and who know who was like if someone says you know are you are you really real right now you're living in the real world he said well as my flesh over the italian about and just you know you don't think that way right so but it's an active imagination to just project yourself into the reality of your life
and when you do that then this is what he's talking than every moment of your living is an expression of a dream within a dream and it's your liberation every moment of your lilies your liberation and your expression of this the teaching that he's talking about where else could it be what other expression could there be other than
the profundity of your existing right you're being in existence which is the most unlikely thing going
how unlikely as it
that you will be alive in this body and support and so i think the space big spain last time we can we talk about the eames the hell yeah cause all that huge space out there how many human beings are there and then job you know in that thing not very many how many moments the you happening
then this density and weight of decisiveness that every moment of your life as that and that's expressing a dream within a dream and there is no other liberal we're looking for some something you know but but there it is you know at every moment that's real in our lives
so he says that then after that he quotes remember in the beginning he said
so so what i was just talking about is one of the things he say that existentially teams that work existentially our life has that density that way to reality so that's one of the things he's saying in this best when the other thing he's saying is that an expression away
of talking in by a way of looking at a way of understanding and appreciating and even accessing that is the
the story of food of the feeling of buddha as a person and as the mythology of buddha the teachings about food all that are analogues for that so here you know in quotes the lotus sutra where buddha in the lotus sutra saying the following verses all buddhas with bodies of golden hue
splendidly adorned with one hundred auspicious marks
here the dharma and expound his for others such is the fine dream that ever occurs then words this dream of this bug buddhists expounding the dome is a dream that is occurring every moment always always has been dreamed and always will be dream
in the dream
you each one of us is buddha in the stream and we become dharma king
we we enough we become king of the world the king and then we give that up before sake palace and household entourage along with utmost satisfaction of the five central desires and instead we traveled to the site and practice under the bodhi tree on the lions seat in search
of the way after seven days you each one of you in the dream of your life of ten the wisdom of the buddhist
and in every year you know when we have rojas so if i leave your house it's a shame i didn't really get into this those view for i really get into about how every day and out of the seven day session is the enactment of the buddhist sitting under the like metairie and every one of us is the buddha and on the alignment day we get enlightened as guarantee
he just like good we repeat that we all get enlightened live big party we throw flowers and everything the celebrate know how enlightened we are and it's really a wonderful so that's what he's saying here you attain their wisdom of the buddha's after the seven days you complete the unsurpassable way arising and turning the dharma wheel you expect
the dharma for the for groups of practitioners through our thousands of millions of carpets you do this you express the wondrous dorm of free of flaws and liberating innumerable sentient beings finally
you enter part of ivana like the smoke dispersing as the lamp is extinguished if later in the wicked world one expands this foremost dharma one will produce great benefit like the marriage just described
so that in short if the career of a buddha from the time of leaving the phallus to sitting under the tree to attaining awakening to expounding the diamond the countless things through my millions of topics and this is the dream of our lives this is the dream and in according to my anna buddhism the destiny
the certain destiny
of all of our lives so when you say like some like somebody on the street like i saw the other day and like sleeping in the doorway
in the the custodian of the building came by and had his big big key castillians i have a lot occasional
rattle the keys on this poor fellow sleeping the doorway woke him up
well that person sleeping in the door with that person's destiny is to be a buddha and expanded on actually that is who that person really invested dream for that person's life
say it actually is true that's why i to see the person you have to be somewhat awestruck
rather than thinking it would have been mean you have to think on what a funny way to be a boon but when heather the they're doing it you know this time you notices like a roundabout way but they're getting
everybody that's everybody's dream that to take on this form and to be a buddha so you should study this discourse of the buddha and thoroughly investigate this buddha assembly of the buddha in the lotus sutra and then he says wonderfully this dream of buddha's is not an analogy this is not a
metaphor you know
so says sometimes i say
like i'll talk of i'll say i'll speak of the metaphor of reincarnation
and when i say that i always i'm saying that because i want to indicate that if you believe in reincarnation v berth or any of the any of these teachings in some literal way
limited literal sense it's not really that way
it's it's it's because that the all these teachings are empty not literal in a way that we usually mean things literal on the other hand it's not right to say their metaphors either because that reduces them the some nice little story that stands for something else the story that good is not a metaphor and an analogy it's a real dream it's a dream so it's not real in the sense of
literal on the other hand it's not a metaphor either
it's a it's a real as a dream so he says this the story this this dream of of buddhists that is the dream of our lives is not an analogy as the wondrous dharma of all buddhists has mastered only by a buddha together with a buddha and as many of you know that is the title of another
a fast full of dogan which it comes from another line in the lotus sutra where where it is only a buddha and the buddha
attain the way it does such thing as i was as editing a talk of mind that i gave us our which is all about but enlightenment the virtues of and enlightenment
because no one can get enlightened there's a quotation i had an air from from the
visual acuity an audacious sutra which says enlightenment is impossible
no one can get it like and that's a true
no one no one
no one can be awakened
only a buddha and a buddha can be awake in other words in the connection that is what life really is you know it there's no there's no one if any way apart from anything there is no person you know apart from anything there's only moment after moment a web of connection
ones that web of connections can be awakened but not one
so he says only a buddha and of would only through the recognition of are absolutely being connected
is there awakening arising in this were only a good in the book
all dharmas
awaken in the dream are genuine forms when they are awaken in that way in awakening there our aspiration practice enlightenment and nirvana those are the sort of them would you call it
watershed moments in our in the course of our practice the moment of raising the aspiration to practice the doing it a practice the moment of attaining enlightenment and then the moment of attaining nirvana passing into an another form of these are the watershed moments within the dream there are
our aspiration practice enlightenment and nirvana it's all a dream every awakening within a dream is the genuine for without regard for large or small superior or inferior every every buddha the matter how may seem you know from the outside or lesser buddhas in greater bush like big a high dalai lama's and
an ordinary practitioners like us but actually that's not really true
that that in this dream when there's awakening within the dream not from the tree and within the drink because awakening as another dream when there's awakening within the dream
then it's really genuine authentic real life and you know it there's no bigger or smaller lesser or greater even though we persist in having those thoughts and stuff what does that really true however on hearing the words in the passage in the dream you are made king people in the past and present mistakenly think that thanks to the our of expat
in this for foremost dharma mere night dreams may become like this dream of bullets so as a curb and funny they then works with the by night dreams he means like this dream
that's what he means by that in other words people mistakenly think when they read these words that somehow they're gonna get enlightened in entering into another state
in that other state which is going to be real and different from this state that other states is merely a night dream doesn't exist as a million nine tree that's a people say
clarified the buddhist discourse awakening and dreaming from the beginning
i want such this the genuine reality the buddha dharma even if it were an analogy which snow is the genuine reality even if you want to even if it isn't analogy it's the only analogy that there is it's an analogy that is reality as it is not an analogy made king in the dream is the genuine truth of
the buddha dharma shakyamuni buddha and all the buddhas and ancestors each aroused mind cultivate practice and attain universal true awakening
within a dream
this being so the buddhist path of transforming the soccer world throughout his lifetime his life indeed created in
in search of the way after seven days in these are as in quotations from the lotus sutra
first just quoted
in search of the way after seven days is the measure of a tan buddha wisdom
as for what is described turning the dharma wheel throughout thousands of means of coffers liberating innumerable essential these these fluctuations within a dream cannot be traced some
no liberating beings and office turn the don't overwhelm and millions of copies these are fluctuations within a dream transformations and and just like you know how things can transform and a dream and move it should the reality is not fix them as in a dream so that's what these things are fluctuations within a dream
that cannot be identified or them to mysterious to its wondrous to be traced and and define all buddhas with bodies of golden hue splendidly adorned with the hundreds auspicious marks here the dharma and expounded for others such as a fine dream than ever
these words and again that's from the lotus sutra quote these words crew clearly show that this fine dream is illuminated as all buddhists there is the ever occurring of the to target those words it is not only hundreds of years of dream
expounding it for others quoting again is manifesting the bodies and when the dharma is taught and expanded for others this is called manifesting the buddha's body
and here in dover
means caring sounds with the eye and with the mind and i would say what the whole body like hearing the practice of hearing sounds
fully entering into each sound and throwing away your whole life and it's a beautiful practice
and like today and i was on page street and over the sitting there and i heard that this bird
i was going to the garage know when a car was and there is is bird and most beautiful
gorgeous liquid birdsong you know that you would never hear usually if you weren't just lucky enough to pay attention from old by mistake know if purchase the it could hear this and then and you just for everything disappeared by and is just one sound so that kind of here and so hearing the dharma you see isn't
only limited to hearing the words of the buddhist teaching it's hearing anything in that way with just completely entering into with giving yourselves to it it is hearing sounds and the old nest and before the empty coffin as it is said all buddhists buddhists with bodies of golden hue
our splendidly adorned with one hundred auspicious mars now we can directly realize beyond any doubt this fine dream is itself all buddhas with bodies although within awakening the buddhist transformations never cease
the buddha ancestors emergence is invariably the creation of a dream within a dream
you should be mindful of not slandering the buddha dharma meaning don't think otherwise i don't think it's not a dream within a dream
when we practice not slandering the buddha dharma this path only to targeted is immediately actualized immediately mean a literal sense of without mediation without any sense of like later it will be actualized or with the following tools i will actualized but on the out
right here and now in this moment of existence as it is really real for us
knowing it to be a dream within a dream are like is actualized so that was nice don't you think dream the dream
one of more beautiful poetic
hunting of billion strikes you is is the first struck a second year
ah all of this book and here
i know you know i don't know where they got this from this with their day this that at the ornaments it shows what it might because the that yeah
i don't know where comes from but it's the ornaments they used for anemones good question actually a fast cars were
so now moving right along here in our job
nestling evermore quantities of understand the you a hundred times
oh yeah
so this message text i wanted to study because this is one that i were no cars and and so it's very dear to my or and it's quite different you'll see it's not a fast will shovel or games off
this text is a
an informal journal just notes you know that dog and took when he was about the
maybe twenty three twenty four years old studying with his teacher region in china
he and then the notes were and i think by age of his disciple after i think it maybe after building his death assessing the colophon and service
he was collected by a german sort of then published edited and published so we're on the how much and this is exactly goggins words although you wouldn't think that asia where to put words in a dog his mouth he would panic or sense of respect for logan's words and with the mess with too much i would think so it's probably mostly donor
but it's very interesting because
in this text i find more most of most of the points of view opinions attitudes and important set of themes of the organs teaching that he worked on and in different ways played out in his teaching throughout his life are already found here in this text and
either routing really taught the stuff dog in a dog and adapted routines
in attitudes and and teachings for vogue in kind of put them in regions mouth you know in his diary imagine that he heard them are are are you know and interpreted that way who knows or maybe this is what averaging he heard and we took in the who knows but anyway what's remarkable is how
consistent the perspectives of this text r with the against work throughout his life
just we didn't talk at all i think about
duncan's biography and so on but it's may be relevant to bring up a little bit here because the background of the text
dogan was born from and not many of you know this but for those of you haven't heard of us before duggan was born in i am royal family japan at a time when there was enormous intrigue and you know you think that the
imaginations of washington d c are complicated and corrupt the peanuts compared to that to the hey in court you know during bogans time and and other during other periods of japanese history
so it was not politically feasible for dogs to be recognized as a member of the royal family's everybody knew he was but he was actually like the son of a concubine and so forth so he was taking care of but had no status in in the eye in the secular world and but
he and he lost his parents are quite early
so he was an orphan and the set the story goes that he went he went to the funeral of i forget which one of his parents
you watched the incense stick with smoke curling up the incense stick and he had a deep
a feeling
for improvements and from that early age maybe eight years older so be resolved that he wanted to practice the way
something by the way that is not at all uncommon i find that most many people many people who practice
sometimes they don't even really remember themselves until later they remember you know what
it's really true i totally forgot about this but when i was young and like six or seven years old i had this feeling whenever it was something happened that uncommon when people have them so
and will he was about them
thirteen years old the ordained in the tend to tradition he had an uncle who was high up in ten tendai school so he got the very very good education and buddhism and was a faithful the buddhism and a real believer kind of guy you know and also very smart and is apparently me brilliant guy
and they say always you know it in used by biographies are very exaggerated you know and they always say by the time he was seven years old he had memorized the entire abnormal kosher and can recite all the chinese classics by her i say about him and many other people so there that's true i don't know but anyway
probably not but anyway he's pretty smart that read a lot and but he had as he had this
big crisis of faith in a way i mean he not that he
didn't have faith in buddhism anywhere but there's a certain thing this contradiction that appeared to him in the middle of those teachings which struck him as sort of really something that really bonded and really bother them and he really wanted to get to the bottom of this and nobody in the ten that school could help him
and the conflict the paradox was or the or the contradiction was that
you know he said well it says in the suitors and he was very faithful he really believed that the that the sutras were really the true where the buddha when it said in there was really usually truth and it the switches that all sentient beings are by nature buddhist that that is the fundamental nature of things and that's like a big point
in my on a buddhist thought and he said that's really the truth i know that's true but then he said house and then how come we need to practice
what's the point of practice if we're already brewed it
it's a good question
a practice actually defense on the face that we are buddhists and that everyone is a bit so of explication how can we need to practice and get what we already have what's the point of it
so this appear to him as a real
question that he felt he had to experientially understand so he asked everybody around and nobody could save her the zen practice was something new that was just coming into japan it through the tend to school and he studies in and he he was he he attained all it is he could result from his master
receive damage transmission and was teachings in
but still wasn't satisfied that he had answered this question and so he decided to take the
very drastic step going to china which was really you know arduous journey and many people didn't return so but he didn't go to china and he had a hard time finding he was actually pretty disgusted with the state of zen in china
in many ways that come on this text and i couldn't find a teacher that he thought was worthy
and ultimately by chance
i discovered this teacher region who became his teacher and with whom he felt immediately report an immediate acknowledgement and for two years he hung around regions monastery which was very very intense and then i came home and after that never saw reaching ago
yeah him
continue to change for the rest of his life became i think you went to china was like twenty three sunlight that i return when he was twenty six or twenty eight just he was there a couple years on how long journey took long time and then came back and then from late twenties up until his death at the age of fifty four he taught
not these things that are essentially contained in this foolish girl
so i will do will look at this and and to hit some the high points

so in the beginning he to says you know that he asked permission averaging could i please be a room entering the cycle other words could i ask you questions could i can guide permission hey around it they'll pick your brain
yeah scott question
far the most as something royalties model is not when
it sounds parents die for those whose biological parents for these his duff
his biological parents

so it was a
some of these monasteries would have many many maximum maybe one thousand monks was not unusual so
it was kind of a big thing and most of the monks would have little contact know what teacher
so it was kind of very special that he had that opportunity to hang around with enriching and he was grateful for it and make good use of it
so on the second day of seventh month of the first year of the bow jr
twelve forty five dog is twenty five years old
i entered the of room and asked
nowadays in many places they talk about transmission outside of teaching
november this is one of the sort of slogans observed
transmission outside for teaching pointing directly to the human mind without in the mediating
the agency
direct see so nowadays many places they talk about transmission outside of teaching
and they call this the essence of bodhidharma is coming from india
which is a canada code phrase that means the essence of diamond itself the essence of buddha dharma they say that the essential so this is the zoom school says the essential
thing about buddhism is not what it says in the suitors but this sort of ineffable
understanding outside scriptures that's passed on
from teach her to the cycle so that's what they say so what do you think about them
obviously duggan was somewhat troubled
by this say why was he troubled by it because it's i said before he was very faithful buddhist he read the sutras and new buddhism insane amount and he really thought that buddhism was a valuable valid teaching so here comes these and guys along and they say well know where transmitting
the real mind of the buddha outside of those teachings as if it's something else other than those teaching so that's like wow that's what disturbs me another what to make them what do you think about them and routines answer is very interesting and i remember well translate this trying to think through the through
reaching saying how to translate of surging says the great road of buddha ancestors is not concerned with inside or outside
it's beyond questions of inside
the teachings are outside the teachers and even though that saying is it's a transmission outside the teachings don't understand by that that it means outside of teachers doesn't mean onset it means a realm that is has nothing to do with any idea of inside or outside i read your limited when you say
inside or outside the reason they call it transmission outside the teachings is this
although khushab on matunga and others had transmitted the teaching to china previously
in coming here from india bodhidharma brought the teaching to life
and showed the craft of the way
this is why it did they call it transmission outside the teaching
but there aren't to buddha dharmas like the zen buddha dharma and in this other buddha damage in the descriptions and features that aren't to put it on before bodhidharma arrived in china there were practices but no master to enliven them
after body don't have a came to china it was as if an aimless people acquired a strong case who brought the land people and property of the kingdom into order
so what does the saying is very interesting it's like
and this analogy of the king i don't know we tried to make it clear but because we're so far from mean the sensibilities of the twelfth century japanese person who would think of a metaphor like this is very far removed from our understanding and in the
sensibilities are last time i don't to with it anywhere in the world the idea of a realm
without a killer royalty a king or queen was an unthinkable like it was a place that just was not a real place it was this ordered
so what the king froth and conferred was a sense of empowerment and
making things come to life so in other words in the kingdom everything that you needed to operate was there you know there was lead their lands and forces and equipment and people and merchants and it was all there's not a but like the king's showed up and brought the land that brought the people who brought the emergence and that was ah
the now the world the world can operate them
it's another analogy is like the official seal
you you send a letter an official letter to somebody but unless you put the official seal on the letter is not empowered it cannot be enacted as law
so the sea of us do anything to the contents of the letter nine the same thing that you write a letter or there without the ceiling with the sealed but only when the seal is put on a letter does it become a power only when the king enters the kingdom is the kingdom come to life this is the idea so it's not that is to buddha dharma that that there's one kingdom and
as other king comes in creates another chamber it's the same kingdom it's the same world but what body dharma did was so yes of course as you know there was a that buddhism in china for hundreds and hundreds of years before voting on the came to china
but what routing a thing is that when bodhidharma came to china he brought with him the elixir of life that took those teachings which were kind of laying there they were all true the teachings they were actually there are real but they weren't able to be inactive in a lively way and transform people's lives until bodhidharma kid
he said so in other words
this essential
ah what we call it essential authentic feeling for life lively real reality that came when that bodyguard are brought to china and represents the the zen and this case if he doesn't mean that me like or
our school our sect he means the liveliness of the dome itself because as we all know there can be perfectly good religious teachings but without inspiration and enlivening they just kind of laying there as as my friend for whale and says about a bad poem it's just kind of laying there on the page
have is the main how in that age has to come to light afternoon so and so those such as or laner on the page until somebody brings them to life and that means you and me everybody we have to bring them to life we make them come alive otherwise it's relics to know
nothing useful so is
so dog and i guess i'm reading between the lines dog the the here's the answers
i can understand that mix religion but let me ask for when we were going to disillusioned more nowadays elders of different monasteries say that only direct experience without discrimination hearing the unbearable and seeing the unsuitable
this kind of zen experience of like you know like mama seven hearing the sound of the bella like i'm saying here in the burdens and a powerful experience of immediacy
where there's no discrimination
people say nowadays that that kind of direct experience
is the way of the good ancestors
so they hold up the first fist for a whisk they shouted we that they'd be people up with sticks
and they think that then they say oh that's good
this kind of teaching i think really is baloney have been don't it says the region because he saw that this is why he couldn't find it a teacher that he believed that in china because he would go to these places and i remember you know
i feel you know i i shouldn't say this i suppose but
i know that i have a
don't hear a career zen masters think sometimes
no nine hundreds of koreans and masters not even fifty or even twenty five two or three
greens and masters who were really i mean you could see that they were really good people and really good zen masters in their practice was deep and everything like that but
it was so theatrical
and so what's the word
can you know like they would go and they would get this they can say what is it something like that and then of course i may be terrifying
let's say
but to me it seemed like a wow can i mean so gimme a sec i one thing
and it's very it's very formalized that say and this is a true this is a tradition yards an asian way of doing things like
and i know and i have friends you know as is one of the things you learn a lot from your friends i have a lot of buddies you know or dharma teachers and in the korean tradition
and they say yeah that's right you have to say the right answer at the right time in the right way with the right information and shouting a real shout the right way and someone germany well i'm not to say the best not nothing here and shouting the right way the right time and natural or not there's a way to hit a baseball to right so i don't mean to denigrate them
to me it's not agree greatest them that's not what i'm interested in exactly
i'm tool maybe you can form
is there i go in and anyway
this is what dog and so because it even in china and message from the word of the koreans got the koreans gotta from the chinese experience actually have probably preserved better than japanese some of the styles of time and sometimes deserve
so i have a feeling for what what it was the dog an experienced by experiencing some of these contemporary a korean zen masters so dog and you know having steeped himself in in buddhism which is so richly know the teachings of the would of them are richly complex and
intelligent and many dimensional
so yes this shouting is nice but not come on there's more to buddhism in that right he says the region where do you think about so further than any assists and says furthermore
this is douglas the furthermore these teachers don't allow students to inquire about the essentials of buddhist guides and they discourage practices that aimed to bear fruit in future birth are these teachers really teaching the way of buddha ancestors are not so in other words in those places they shout and they have this shot and the right way
everything and then when you say well but know i was reading this sutra and i'm wondering about how to work with the anger and i'm thinking about new economic and say forget well
i'm back know
southern gets says but wait a minute you know like what about all these things in buddhism you know about you ethical guy and all these things about how cultivating a mind of awakening and letting go of afflicted emotion and all these things that go on and on who's talking about all these sutures and everything they're telling us to ignore all that that doesn't sound right to me what do you think
and also your even in our own
wonderful lineage which is perfect and almost everywhere
roman initial
one of the things that one of our monstrous is like suzuki suzuki roshi was this was his thing that he always talked about know getting idea
right you practice just for the practice you don't practice because there's gonna be any results in future
so here he saying but what about you know
practices that aimed to bear fruit in future births what about the practices that we should do so we can get better you know better karma you know better results in future births what about those practice i mean i i learned that we're supposed to do all those practices and now these guys are shouting and and hitting and they're throwing all this out
so then regex answer is really interesting i think come
and again you have to think about it from originally said should deny that there are future birds is nihilism
buddha ancestors and ancestors do not hold to the nihilistic views of those who are outside the way
ten says if there is no rebirth
then there cannot be any present birth
we know that the present birth exists how could it be that the next birth doesn't also exist
we haven't followers and the buddha for a long time how can we hold views that are outside the way of the buddha to teach students the power of the present moment as the only moment
is a skillful teaching in the good ancestors but this doesn't mean that there is no future result from practice
if you believe there is no future result of practice then you won't study with teachers and buddha's won't emerge in the world
just listened to what i'm saying here and realize it for yourself
if we do not have trust in future results and so do not practice the way of enlightenment we would be like the people from the world of uttar occur in that world no one can ever received the food guidance and no-one has ever awakened and spoiling by definition world in which practice is not possible
so this interesting you know
when we should practice in the traditional way cultivating what's wholesome and eliminating or trying our best to let go of what's unwholesome so that we can have a happier mine in future versions now
you have to hear not get hung up on the question of rebirth and like reincarnation and future birds in the past life i was such a zone somerset
and think that are not to say that that's not all useful and true but this that's not the point really hear the point is that what is meant by past and future birth is simply
the reality of colonel
he say that you must acknowledge the reality of the realm of comment and practice within that realm that is what buddha taught in other words you must acknowledge that the actions that you do in this present moment have effect
future birth might mean for next moment of your life for five years from now or ten years from now our ten lifetimes you know the point is right now your actions are not gratuitous actions that go up in smoke and disappear
your actions are indelible indelibly decisive actions that have results and therefore it's important that you consider how you act and buddhism is a teaching that discusses in many ways skillfully how to take care of mind body and speech
in such a way that you can as much as possible do acts that are positive and a positive results and let go of acts that are negative in a negative results and you need to do that and anybody who tells you that buddhist practice has nothing to do it that and it's only about being an immediate present moment
without without anything without this dimension thereon it's the and so say being an immediate present moment and practicing that is good it's not that there's something wrong with them that's a good skillful means and that's what and that's the that's actually the
powerful tool of the zen school as a separate sect of buddhism zen school can like invented this method of intents intents intents sitting practice to the point where you could have an immediate turning experience of reality so that's really important he saying that skillful me
means of teeth skillful teachings of buddha ancestors but that doesn't mean that this other dimension of action and result in karma is not important it's very very important and you can never forget about that never denied that so do not do not ever believed for a minute that
the that that one's actions are not effective in in in operate on the realm of the relative world of time and space and take care of them that is a big part of buddhist practice and furthermore if you don't believe in that if you don't practice in that way then eventually they will be a in beneficial
buddhism but a dime you know emerging in the world is helping people
so and and dog and really this was for for the rest of his life a crucial thing dog and that's what makes dog is in the some extent different from other schools of japanese and because in other schools and japanese
even other soto schools that don't emphasize they'll get so much
there is this kind of emphasis on attorney experience in the present moment at the expense of
the rest folders of the teaching of buddha dharma so here at said center you know we made it a very from the very beginning you know suzuki roshi taught all kinds of
buddhist texts and so on and when we you know in some places in some places they don't allow you to study the tournament to suitors and everything they said don't forget about no books are allowed here this monasteries in japan where you can't bring a book is a contraband you know
you can't bring a book because it's you not a lot of study there but here we have determined that study is a part of our practice in part of our life and the more we know about the buddha dharma the worst sutras remained in the more we reflect on the teachers is a better it is and that our practice is not just
the zen trip but it's really the buddha dharma trip it's the all of the teachings of buddha is it and in this bruising says that very thing in this text and so many of dog in his writings are highly critical
of so typical zen way of doing things the way of understanding things he's always taking a typical zen settings and turning them upside down
a and say that just the opposite of what of the conventional wisdom of zen because this point about karma and and really and truly when you think about in the long run you know for your life it's those are the teachings
those are the teachers the the teachings of the so-called gradual way or the on a way
those are the teachings that
in the long run we really need for our lives because
it's great to do you know one or one hundred intensive sessions and give yourself to intensive zaza on that's really wonderful and have many experiences
awaken the experiences and in all kinds of
deep experiences of the mine that's essential in very very important but at the end you can do a lot of that and then walk out of the meditation hall and know you not to live
you don't know how to be
with yourself among others in a way that reflects the truth and reality of our lives so that's the craft of the way that was referred to earlier as the craft of the way to craft a the way is right now how do i conduct myself on oh i know how to live
how do i speak how i act how do i how do i work with the thoughts of my own mind who thinks about this working with the thoughts in your own when you have to work than fats way to be skillfully have to understand how are you gonna know like how to relate intelligently to the thousand you know my way you know that by your own
own experience and experimentation guided by the teachings of buddha which are very incredibly sophisticated and skillful on this point
so not every little thing that flies into your mind is and it's gorgeous a wonderful right this is blood plenty of things that fly into your mind that like you know where did where did that come from you know am i going to believe that or what no way know where did that come from when the study that that but let me not be like a victim of it
it's why you know
my wife is a student of science you know and me and she says that it turns out that in evolution and human evolution
of the great advances in evolution was that human beings became really really good at self deception
because in order to lie to others in december with others you need to be able to be progressive
and the are you survive your disheveled and the best way to convince others that something is true as if you believe it yourself
and as if that takes self deception the next useful
so human beings have a tremendous capacity for self deception
so how are we going to know so that means that means plenty of stuff that goes on in our minds is like confusion and self deception
so otherwise why would we make so much trouble for ourselves
why is it that people are constantly getting into trouble either
i mean like real trouble with their own minds because of confusion and self deception who wants that the people say yeah boy i'm and i'm like i think i'm going to have a life that's really in this
because i think i'd really be so
nobody thinks that right now basically said
well who knows what they think but there are nurses and they're not intentionally happening right because of confusion and self deception so therefore it's obvious that we have to know how to work with them when they understand our mine and have some sense of cultivation and and i feel that buddha
dharma is full of you know very good slogans and good advice and in good techniques and them because we have to bring those olympic those alive that we have to be bodhi dharma internal lives otherwise this stuff is so what you
but we but if we do that we can and those are the practices that are really that are really essential and in the end like i say will matter more more to us in their lives in our lives than other thing so for my money i'll take one person who reflects on the teaching and practice
does it in that way and i'll try it and i'll and you and ah if you have how do i mean to say hey i'll give you the i'll give you ten enlightened gas and you give me one of those people and i'll get a better deal i think smoking
so that's why unenlightened is better at the andhra but zandra assets the tundra and football track of the draft right and that's when like when you were a kid you have the resources to their choosing up sides source is thinking that leads to do that one guy picks the other guys to be on the team
train trade to have cards to this cars there's trading cards i found this out
for the mounted police in the city of oakland
kids trade like the cards you know the picture that loved ones for rabbis to oh
this is that zinda i'm tracing yeah yeah he said i'm trish anchor i've seen a film or and he asked could be done
and i think of don't know who is being a common cards nine percents or flow is somebody should do this thing
when it's zen master parks this and then your last night florida
you can have been investing yeah i never could trails where's the collect cards when as you know me so nostalgic feel bit
that living with that bothers that's the but yeah that's right image and then go with the zinc cards i would all be zero
okay earn
so was not a good answer on the border region
so where are you okay i asked so he's continuing with this on the same line a question i asked teachers in the past and present talk about inherent knowledge
they liken it to a fish drinking water and immediately knowing whether it's warm or cold so this is along the same lines of the the emphasis on the immediate experienced observer
awakening is this kind of knowledge they say and this is itself enlightenment
i don't get them
if inherent knowledge is correct awakening that all sentient beings will automatically become completely enlightened to target those because all sentient beings are really do have this kind of knowledge
some people say this is how is that all sentient beings really are a beginning this original to targets they say that only those sentient beings who become aware of their inherent was the there was only those who become aware of it but are buddhists and those who are not aware of it or not
so already these things correct or what i'm confused and this is very much like his original question rate that i mentioned a minute ago if all sentient beings are buddhists and they already have this in in in aden knowledge then everybody's are already a good in why they have to practice on the other hand that some people say well okay they're all
everybody's already a buddha but only those awaken who are aware of it could become aware of there being good as are really good as and the rest of them aren't so it's confusing what is the
ten rejig says those who say that sentient beings are already buddhas
without practicing this
are professing belief in spontaneous enlightenment
enlightenment that doesn't depend on practice
this view is not at all in accord with the way
wrong wrong to equate i with buddha
is to mistake unattended for attainment and on attainment and unenlightened for enlightenment
so the trouble with so that this is a very subtle manner here right now he saying that
yes it's true
that sentient things are already foods
but when sentient beings profess that
the sentient being that they're speaking of is their conceptual isolated atomizer egotistical self which they're now sending is buddha
that's exactly what good it visit
so the person
in the being of the person is buddha
but in the manifestation of the person through the conceptual confusion that's not good if you validate that conceptual good of that conceptual confusion as buddha you're making a big mess in the world
so let's be clear on this point
you have to practice the way and you have to purify your lunch you really do have to gain some purchase on
the egotistical self and recognize it for what it is
and work when skillfully and as much as you can in this lifetime really let it go and live based on another sense of who you are when you can do that then i'll give you your buddha diploma until then you know it's just keep working on and don't think that you can get away with murder
by equating i with buddha so it's kind of a subtle for it
so he saying yes
you know we are ominous
that's really the truth but if we think so
if we sort of depend on and and plan on that we can be sure that we're confused
because we are all really and truly do this is exactly why it's necessary
that we do spiritual cultivation and i'm really convinced personally that it is a necessity for every person in their life to do
serious committed spiritual cultivation know everybody doesn't have to present where do the things that we do here or even you know go to church every day or whatever it is but i think that people really do need to turn the life of their lives in that direction in whatever way they
do otherwise
what hope is there enough for the world right which is getting so increasingly confusing and mixed up they want to hope is there for the individual life
because after all
if you're going to place your bets on this body and mind and ego you will lose right
definitely because life isn't downhill journey
that it doesn't get better and only gets worse
however however if you turn your light in the other direction and it's different story
you can live your life and everything can be useful to even falling apart mean bad things happening you can work with them and find a way to transform
so i am convinced this is my is my idea has convinced that we all have to practice and furthermore i'm convinced that we all honor in a way you are practicing one way or the other and we have to help each other we really have the future
the practice and encourage to tree
and that's far enough for the in the text for today any in the last month's once again i
i am becoming like i'm going to become notorious for showing up late and talking the whole time and money and of the asta
but we have few minutes here here
tax will read before this much more and and abdomens sort of wax dahlia is part of our problem
on a possibility that would wrote this he he wrote it in such a way that depended on
the the japanese language itself begins with japanese languages innuendos japanese language the pounds of the japanese language to get a lot of his ideas oh sure costume in the ocean i mean it would have been difficult for them to but you know we have been it was barriers to the text in the native tremendously
yes i have i have a lecture that i've used to give or i go into details about in use of language and how he constructs a texts and what was the those kinds of vicious are them somewhere in my files i i forget it on yeah
in what sense to we can understand joking
when he says there
the dream it's clear that the dream within the train we all know the first dream is why
a secondary which is usually called reality should be the like is in what sense is to mean it is a dream
we think we know what reality is
and we we that things are separate
permanent and hard and fast
and they're not they really aren't and because we look at things in their
that's where oliver
maybe a great
the accuracy where did i say that i'm at home
that's disappointment these are
that was that it was the thing about not they're not hard that's right and that was upsetting them
the machine that early age and so i'm going for fafsa
that could be jerking their the proudly incident was probably like billion reborn

so i guess so
so it's vital that we recognize
the real nature of reality
that it's not
things are not separate than not hard and fast and are not permanent
and an order we need to recognize that in order to be free of reality and dog it is calling that way of looking at reality a dream
it really it is a dream like because that's a dream is like that right a dream is not permanent not hard and fast and things aren't separate one thing flows into another to dream right so truly
dreams that we have at night are the structure of them and the feeling of them is also in in a different
slightly different realm
the structure in in reality of this world and we all know that we have to know that
and so basically he's calling all reality a dream because all the reality is empty of any
substantial thing but you can grasp you know i think we may be discussed last time at the time before that when you look at something close enough up like that film
when you look at something close enough it's just faced is nothing there literally true in the physical world and in in the emotional world as well when you look at something close up it disappears because fundamental you can find it and that is the nature of reality that it's in that sense
a dream
that's why he mean it's it's a poetic use of language but it's very effective when a thing as it does express you know many times their annual atlanta layers and lila's of them so we awaken from a dream in a dream
and i was saying that i had not so long ago and one of those dreams that was discussing and hear them
i don't know when it was for couple months ago or something when those dreams with something like really difficult is going off and you're struggling with it in your dream
had caribou it was now but i remember the experience of ah gas my arm and am i gonna be able to you know and then you wake up in homicide and it's the real dream is so real that when you first wake up you think that's really that's really what's then i was animals are that was a dream
i don't have to worry about that it's a completely agree
what a feeling of freedom liberation war ii
it turned out it was a century
did i don't really have to worry about and i can't get up and have breakfast and forget it well that's how it is in our lives you see if we're going to wake up within the middle of our dream you know all the things that are weighing on our minds and so troublesome and so difficult you know we can see as i don't really need to worry whether it's it's okay
and i remind myself of that you know many times a day when i get all over rotten upset of oh know you know i'm going to be late
what do i think what's the difference
i have added to worry about it i mean i've try to be on time in a way to work
he has enough deception
see that's why we need each other
geographic dream now where you drink cup
and i don't know any you like woke up again i don't think i ever did the do you the one who are very good and evil
the independent i've been monitoring it's we help you have that my that you'd like them yeah but i have of chemical health a chemical
so anyway
i have the appreciate studying dog and and getting a good feeling for him he's very wonderful profound thinker what is not being narrow minded and security
and we forgiven for that because we know that he didn't mean it
okay in a speaker or somebody you read this dream within a dream was a dramatic new resignation is zack known about him when i don't know but it is i would think so because there's a japanese style
of speaking and reciting which is highly theatrical and what's the word stylized very stylized and i think it's very likely that that dogan would have no master best style and would have spoken in that way and people since for the funny thing i have like again it some
my americans and master friends
who had japanese teachers i didn't know japanese teacher
i mean to any great extent for people who spent many years studying japanese teacher suzuki roshi didn't do that he had his own little mannerisms which when you know people who study with him they also mimic his mannerisms but they're not like that but but the theatrical from know play like way of speaking some americans and teachers do that who study with japanese tea
so you can still hear it even even now in temporary times in american i'm sure that an indulgence time it was even more formalized the stylized so that's my guess but i've never read anything you know about how he spoke or how he appeared personally and you know they were it's interesting there wouldn't have been anything written about
because all writing about dogan would have been only
hen geography
you know the meaning of that was that they would only write about him in the most of that nowadays we have an idea of writing about people in a very frank with but it would have seemed like completely unthinkable to write of a figure like don't get in a very friendly cord like dog and florida no way
a work and also said
obviously dog and didn't even have an anus or vagina
this kind of thing so that's why we don't know if we don't know if the employee writing but i would that's what gets me
i think we should quit this was
power behind yeah