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i vow to teach the shoes of the to type those words
so we were in the middle of
walk like an elephant on page we were pitched thirty
i go re-read something that i read before but this i think it's important
in china and the at the end of the sung dynasty many zen masters responded to their students desires encouraged them to attain sudden enlightenment using various psychological term needs
it may not be a trick i shall be scolded if i call it a trick but i feel that kind of practice is something like a trick so those and masters would be good friends with the psychologists who try to explain the hill enlightenment experience but originally said was completely different from this kind of practice
dogan said you makes this point strongly referring to a story about the first ancestor in china bodhidharma and the second ancestor tie sileka
bodhidharma tells actor if you want to enter our practice cut yourself off from outward objects and stop your emotional thinking and activity was in
when you will come like a brick or stone wall you will enter the way
for acre this was a very difficult practices you must have experienced
but he tried very hard until he finally thought he understood what body gentlemen
then a told bodhidharma that there was no break no gap in his practice never any cessation of practice
suda said than who are you who does constant practice
vegas has because i know myself very well it is difficult to say who i am
this is not so different than ah the case of fun
the six ancestor
martin to remember right now is that monk of age or any anyhow saying who is at the dust comes
no and after eight years he says oh i understand
so is this okay who is it that thus comes
ne says pas
midnight to save that it's to say that it's anything would be
would be wrong over it would wouldn't get it and i don't actually remember the words but
and he said well does that mean there's no practice and know realization
monk said no it's just that they cannot be filed
i'm ready to be partner
legal advice or r
yeah cut yourself off from outward objects and stop your emotional and thinking activity within
here this the of
buddhist teachers a lot and was no can you are stopping desired never i kept in modern other it always like obama he needs
as if you can be attached at don't that you know the right
i'm wondering about this credit
i'm i'm not saying we're we're changing teaching the relationship between our say oh just don't be attached and they're saying of ancient little harsher
yeah well you know that this this is something that you talk about liar
it comes up all times are we tough enough these days a week and a we watering down the dharma ah you practice with as much intensity as you can bring to practice and don't worry about what did you say that that content
but in this kid i think depression if you know sweeteners are with depression of like
what are we supposed to doing
he devoured know i really don't know
the fact is that desires will arise
and we let them come and let him go
and we may get to a point when desires known arise i can't tell you about that because i haven't got there
perhaps what a dharma and i so i forgot to a point where in fact desires didn't arise
but ah
i can't testify that
whether they arise or not not to be caught by them is what i think was taught by bodhidharma and by modern teachers don't let them drag you around
but just be still don't move
in the face of desires don't want
a night i have accident
nah i think so
i mean i don't i can't say what dodi bodhi dharma met you know with that kind of precision but not moving is
seems very much to me like cutting off or right not
ha ha
just being able to be where you are and respond to what arises
without attachment and i know actually
see a lot of difference between cutting off and not being attach
you know when i cut off my hair every week i'm also not attached to it anymore right it's
i don't know why i'm i'm there sir
it's not attached to mira ah
in winnie the pooh there's a
i'm sorry but that's not attached on how he said that you have
your loses his tail
and ah
at some point he says but i was really attached to it
so i was attached to that hair and then i shave it off and that's that's the reminder of cutting off desires
the verse we say actually is now they shaved may i was all being cut off selfish desires forever
but we have to do it every week pick no it's not true we don't manage to cut them off forever they keep pumping up and we keep cutting them off
somebody had their hands of yeah i'm just writing about that picnic elsa pick yourself up and outward object more yourself off them know
there's no out outward
mean there's no inside or outside yeah
yeah seeing that
that there's no outside or inside is another way of cut him off
yeah i'm interested
this cohen's her your son using a very simple as me
my servants were com
i think so i think so
that's that's the only thing i can think of city where to go to the other idea of the minutes was seems like me he wasn't using as forms to seek erosion the trip
so who is it does not a skull suzuki roshi if he called it a trick
oh i don't know with some someone who survive
about a it to forgive someone is maybe
may maybe a i teacher might scold him i don't know
no so cut off from outward objects and stop your emotional unthinking activity within ah
both so
just be a moving or moved this this is this is a question that's coming up in the translation of the full cancer saying it
the translation we had been chanting thomas clear translation says immobile and we wanted to change that to what's the translation conference came up with immovable simply because you know half of the people say immobile and other the
a other half say immobile there's no immobile in the dictionary but that seems impossible that the people who say immobile array of unmovable so
so we were going to change it to unmoving which is in the
oh well as that letter been posted or i have a copy of the learned needs to be posted from lender ruth about the liturgy ah you know that this liturgy each liturgy translation project
the versions that were that we've been using there was some feeling of not wanting to give up all the old a chance that we some of us knew by heart for in one of the things we just that is so we've made some compromises and one of the things we decided to go back to thomas cleary's futons i saying eat which we
chanted for years and but we want to change that one word immobile and so we're going to take immovable from the the translation conference and then i said maybe it should be unmoving i mean does it mean cannot be moved which immovable means or does it mean
not moving
i don't know if i wonder maybe with a breeder with by more of a description of that restrict
that's a long time
maybe so
never seems to be a reminder
i reject the next sentence when you become like a brick or stone my the way i don't wanna be like a brick stone wall reminding and moving
well isn't a brick or stone wall unmoving among everything
well as being fully human hand
the foot of flour
a leak or team and then can the brick know and then subsidiary in law
when you become like a flower with
he didn't say thank you gonna stay like a brick or stone
let's let's see what else is a hero he has to say here but those said
i think what he's saying there when you become
unmoved and unmoving ah but can just be still not grasping for anything not pushing anything away
but just be right where you are
so so a as we do not practice zazen to attain enlightenment but rather to express our true nature
even your thinking is an expression of your true nature when you are practicing sauce in
you're thinking is like someone talking in the backyard or across the street
you may wonder what they're talking about but that someone is not a particular person that someone is our true nature the true nature within us has always talking about buddhism
whatever we do as an expression of buddha nature
when eight of the second ancestor came to this point he told bodhi dharma he thought he understood
a stone wall itself as buddha nature a brick is also buddha nature everything is an expression of buddha nature
i used to think that after attaining enlightenment i would know who is in the backyard talking
but there's no special person hidden within who is explaining a special teaching
all the things we see all the we here is an expression of buddha nature when we say buddha-nature buddha-nature is everything buddha nature is our innate true nature which is universal to every one of us to all beings
in this way we realize our true nature is constantly doing something
so acre says that there's no cessation and practice because it is buddhist practice which has no beginning and no end
then who is practicing that kind of practice personally he may be a tough
but his practice is constant and everlasting it started in the beginning was passed and will end in the endless future so it is difficult to say who is practicing our way
when we practices in we are practicing with all the ancestors
you should clearly know this point you cannot waste your time even though years as and is not so good
you may not even understand what it is but some day sometime someone will accept your practice
so just practice without wandering without being involved in sightseeings as him
then you have a chance to join our practice
good or bad doesn't matter if you sit with this understanding having conviction in your buddha nature and sooner or later you will find yourself in the midst of great zen masters
so the important point is to practice without any idea of a lot hasty gain without any idea of famer profit we do not practices and for the sake of others or for the sake of ourselves just practice zazen for the sake of zazen
just sit
so i particularly wanted to do this
particular chapter just before says she
is there any more discussion on this chapter before we said no objection purchase
well that actually wasn't suzuki roshi that was bodhidharma
the you objecting to read
i know what are they a break

that thing down his thing
i'm not sure that's the same on
he's saying
cut yourself offered outward objects and stop your emotional and thinking activity within there is some code of bodhidharma but inward know coughing and sighing coughing has this sense of pushing away and sighing has a sense of
longing you know ah so it feels to me it feels like like
oh grasping or and the and averting
scoffing coffee and sign
at that
the mets issue
you know
in stays

ah i think that is a poem by on
ah it's quoted in macedonia her amidst to which i happened to just read this evening
he said my late teacher the eternal buddha said
so am i think it must be appointed by region
yeah yeah
sit right
yeah right

i've just been reading on called built on become tokens
manuals of meditation in ill
since the sir didn't understand the meaning of know objects because it sat at a young lad it sounds like
i look at france
we often talk about but it was rough
watch it is just realized count of clough not like a completely empty size but it's like people talking in the backyard he said
yeah i think i think it's about not not been caught by them not being attached to the night just just
let them come and go one time i think says the direction said software open the front door and over the back toward let them come in and let them go out
ah man and he also said you don't have to invite a which leaves have the expression you don't have to entertain every thought that arises super anxious you don't have to invite every thought to sit down have a cup of tea
a somewhere to to our expression of than entertaining thoughts
it's not
mean to stop thinking
is is
another thinking in it's a it's it's it's another activity it's not just sitting there and it said
ah split but just to to let them flow by like khazar and creek you know ah
his son i think what what our effort is
which he says i used to think that if i get to do that i'd known find out who is in the backyard talking nutrition
mrs a major issue that's interesting
everything of this this this is kind of interesting that he says sir
a stone wall itself as buddha nature of brick is also put a nature every safe it is an expression of buddha nature
all the things we see all the we hear an expression of is an expression of buddha nature
when we say buddha nature of buddha nature is everything put a nature reserve in eight true nature which is universal to every one of us to all beings
this way we realize their true natures constantly doing something
so ecosys there's no cessation in practice
so the next section is called letters from emptiness

and the quote for the so section is all descriptions of reality are limited expressions of the world of emptiness yet we attached to the descriptions and sink their reality
that's a mistake
and the quote from this first talk is although we have no actual written communications from the world of emptiness we have some hints or suggestions about what's going on in that world and that is you might say enlightenment when you see
small stone hitting bamboo
that is a letter from the world of emptiness course both of those are things which have been mentioned in the literature as moments when someone
i woke up
she contessa is to practice or actualized emptiness although you can have a tentative understanding of it through your thinking you should understand emptiness through your experience
you have an idea of emptiness and an idea of being and you think that being an emptiness are opposites
but in buddhism both of these are ideas of being
the emptiness we mean as not like the idea you may have you cannot reach a full understanding of emptiness with your thinking mind or with your feeling that is why we practice practices him
we have a term show soco which is about the feeling you have when you receive a letter from home
even without an actual picture you know something about your home what people are doing their which flowers are blooming that his show so good although we have no actual written communications from the world of emptiness we have some hints or suggestions about what's going on in that world and that is
you might say enlightenment
when you see plum blossoms
for hear the sound of a small stone hitting bamboo that is a letter from the world of emptiness
besides the world which we can describe there is another kind of world
all descriptions of reality are limited expressions of the world of emptiness
yet we attached to the descriptions and think they are reality that is a mistake because what is described as not the actual reality
and when you think it is reality your own ideas involve that is an idea of self
many buddhists have made this mistake that is why they were attached to the written scriptures of bullet or buddha's words they thought that his words were the most valuable thing and that the way to preserve the teaching was to remember what buddha said
but what buddha said was just a letter from the world of emptiness just as hst or are some help from him
if someone else reads that it may not make sense
that is the nature of buddha's words to understand buddha's words we cannot rely on our usual thinking mind if you want to read a letter from the buddhist world it is necessary to understand bhutto's as world
two empty water from a cup does not mean to drink it up
to empty means to have direct pure experience without relying on the form or color of being
so our experiences empty of our preconceived ideas are idea of being our idea of big or small round or square
round or square big or small don't belong to reality but or simply ideas
that is to empty water we have no idea of water even though we see it
when we analyze our experience we have ideas of time or space big or small heavier light a scale of some kind is necessary and with various scales in our mind we experienced things so the thing itself has no scale
that is something we add to reality
because we always use a scale and depend on it so much we think the scale really exists
but it doesn't exist if it did it would exist with things
using a scale you can analyze one reality into the entities big and small but as soon as we conceptualize something it's already a dead experience
we empty ideas of vigor small good or bad from our experienced because the measurement that we use is usually based on the self
when we say good or bad the scale is yourself
that scale is not always the same each person has a scale that is different so i don't say that the scale is always wrong but we're liable to use our selfish scale when we analyze or when we have an idea about something that selfish part should be empty
how we empty that part is to practice zazen and become more accustomed to accepting things as it is without any idea of big or small good or bad yes
amy i'm from blog
he used every
psychological methods
the negative
what he's describing is what happened to the person in that story not not he at at that moment
excuse me i don't remember the names of the chinese characters but at that moment so someone had been practicing and practicing and practicing and he was raking in the garden and a stone had the bamboo and that was a letter from emptiness
for that person that that
broke through his conceptual thinking and
woke him up somehow
that's not the same as studying that con
until you wake up on
i think what he's saying the difference is
you actually experiencing something
you know maybe it's you go out and rake
just to rake you sit zazen and you rake and
you know just just enter your activity
being completely present with what you're doing
and a letter from emptiness may arrive for you
but it will be your letter from emptiness
no i won't be one that you read about a book
when you heard about from a teacher it will be your actual
dropping body and mind
it won't be you teacher hitting the person next to and sliver but it will be whatever it is for you if you just sit zazen and become unified in body and mind ah
then there is a chance that her letter from emptiness will arrive and you can't plan ahead of time and you can't describe you can't you know it's just
you you can't make realization happen but you can be ready for it to happen it comes to you as a gift from the universe in it's not
something you can
and you know what was it term it can row she said something about ah
ah realization is always an accident that zaza makes you accident prone
so what we can do is make our best effort to just cut ourselves off from outward objects
and not get involved in emotional
i'm thinking activity
something may come into that space and you'll say oh of course
why is calling in a letter from home is that
that those kind of experiences
there is something deeply deeply familiar
at that moment it's not

exotic and said
it's oh yes
the and that's why is calling in a letter from home that's oh i know that
somebody named the letter
the else is trying that out how much of our practice
maybe to focus
the like inward
all this and seem to have line or a when they heard something from the outside
often sounds sometimes sites here
in a position that by going in the
something might happen
and yet feel like what happens the outside
well the sound
is it inside or outside
i mean the bamboo and the stone routes and but the sound
where is it
or the site of the peach blossoms
the peach blossoms are there but the the the site of the peace blossoms involves inside and outside if she want to referred inside about them
the seeing
is as as much inside and outside and yeah that's just one yeah
in fact many what's about
her perception
description for that when private label and named
hey her perception cabinet right right
at that moment you're not thinking peach blossom at that moment it's just the experience at that moment you're not thinking stone and bamboo is just the sound
no no
how we empty
how empty that part
is to practices and and become more accustomed to accepting things as it is with any ideas big or small good or bad
for artists of a writers to express their direct experience they may pay it or right
but if their experiences very strong and pure they may give up trying to describe it
oh why
that is all
i like making a miniature garden around my house but if i go to the stream and see the wonderful rocks and water running
these rocks more regular happened
go to the stream and see the wonderful rocks and water running i give up
oh no i shall never try to make a rock garden it as much better to clean up toss a hard creek picking up any paper fallen branches
in nature itself there is beauty that is beyond beauty
when you see a part of it you may think this rush should be moved one way and that rock should be moved another way and then it will be a complete garden
because you limit the actual reality using the scale of your small self
there is either a good gardener a bed garden and you want to change some stones
but if you see the thing itself as it is with a wider mind there is no need to do anything
the thing itself as emptiness
but because you add something to it you spoil the actual reality
so if we don't want to see if we don't spoil things that is to empty things
when you sit in she can taza don't be disturbed by sounds don't operate you're thinking mind this means not to rely on any sense organ or the thinking mind that just received a letter from the world of emptiness
that is she can tell some
to empty is not the same as to deny
usually when we deny something we want to replace it with something else
but i deny the blue carpet means i want the white cup
when you argue and deny someone else's opinion you are forcing your own opinion on another that's what we usually do but our way is not like that
by emptying the added element of our self centered ideas we purify our observation of things when we see and accept things as they are we have no need to replace one thing with another
that is what we mean by to empty things
if we empty things
letting them be as it is
then things will work
originally things are related and things are one and as one being it will extend itself
to let it extend itself we empty things
when we have this kind of attitude than without any idea of religion we have religion
when this attitude is missing to our religious practice it will naturally become like opium
hmm some months little marxism into his life there
ah to purify our experience and to observe things as it is is to understand the world of emptiness at the understand why buddha led so many teachings
in our practice if you can taza we do not seek for anything because when we seek for something an idea of self as involved
then we try to achieve something to further the idea of self
that is what you're doing when you make some effort
but our effort is to get rid of self centered activity that is how we purify our experience for instance if you're reading your wife or husband may say would you like to have a cup of tea oh i'm busy you may say don't bother me
when you are reading in that way i think you should be careful
you should be ready to say yes that would be nice please bring me a cup of tea
then you stop reading and have a cup of tea after having a cup of tea you continue reading
otherwise your attitude is i'm very busy right now that is not so good because then your mind is not actually in full function
a part of your mind is working hard but the other part may not be working so hard you may be losing your balance in your activity
if it is reading and maybe okay but if you're making calligraphy and your mind is not in a state of emptiness your work will tell you i'm not in a state of emptiness so you should stop
if you resent student you should be ashamed of making such calligraphy
to make calligraphy is to practices zazen
so when you are working on calligraphy if someone says please half a cup of tea and you answered no i'm making a calligraphy then your calligraphy will say no no you cannot fool yourself
i want you to understand what we're doing here at zen center
sometimes it may be all right to practices and as a kind of exercise or training to make your practice stronger to make your breathing smooth and natural
that is perhaps included in practice the when we say she can tarzan that is not what we mean
when we receive a letter from the world of emptiness then the practice of she can taza is working
thank you very much
mine since the commercial and do
really good good or group that been some right the regretting some department
when ah
i was at roussillon last time
one of the people in the group asked ah how'd your son when he
when he began learning calligraphy
he said before thinking he said watching my father before thinking that before thinking is very important
ah there was very interesting to me he he began to learn calligraphy watching his father do it when he was a very small that charm
ah so there's something about calligraphy
where before thinking
is very significant
we responded to my christmas
you have no clue to everything but that's only true once studies studied be hard for a long time i tried not knowing anything that way
like the worth anything is true but there's a lot of role of the earth and then
on paper

may be like that too
as spirit
some way
she i'm actually
and that fact i finally get to play trying not knowing what to do
caught my eye
and let my hand
my mother's
were studied her she she taught me something that you was something out watching
all material
we actually came through which has a ealy me
you know kind of not for employees in such as our rule
i'm learning to separate some other
you know
the like mercury like mentality that hit your head
if like
like never reaching back
hey he did i don't know that
so i think the difference in one five thirty three
me that kind of learn it and they going the grew up watching that
no moving
lincoln even
where is that happen
yeah me if i tried to show your description never happen
pick a by tracking because i don't have it and right yeah
a lot with this story about your
yeah me like i did get the feeling in the exchange that ah i can study calligraphy to rest of my life and i will not have it in my body the way he does
because it will dig
i don't know if i would ever get pest thinking
what am i i don't know mean if you just do it and do it i do it may be maybe get past thinking
but certainly it was there was something that he learned about calligraphy from watching his father
it was not about words it was not about rules was not about how to do it it was more about
what kind of state of mind
is necessary
in order to get yourself out of it
and just
i heard just let the the ink and brush in the paper
makes your calligraphy on using you to make the play of the i mean i'm i don't know but anyhow that's one
and he i think those two about she continues her and letters from emptiness is a good to
the preparation for says shane
and maybe we don't need to say anything more than night

and you think you let everyone know everything they need to know about says she and from the knows point of view
a painting or in his head at the camera okay and the harmony of the altogether
let me know now with separately
as i thought about this today and i had didn't have to see a handy there's going to be one big out in the thunder pray and they'll go to