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One-Day Sitting Lecture

Serial: SF-00942

Deshan and the old woman; the distortions of sexism, racism, others; the bodhisattva grandmother; devotion to zazen; bringing attention and support to the natural states/bodily...

Dragons, Offering, Delusion, Heart Sutra, Mindfulness, Vows, Zendo, Suzuki Roshi,...
Feb 17 2007
Green Gulch

Birth Death

Birth-and-Death, Practice Period, Death-and-Dying, Suzuki Roshi, Ego, Don't Know...
May 13 2006

Zendo Lecture

Precepts, Suzuki Roshi, Observe, Teacher-and-Student, Non-duality, Ego, training,...
Sep 01 2005


Serial: SF-03499

Sesshin 3 Day 4 Teacher-student relationship

Precepts, Observe, Ego, Teacher-and-Student, Absolute-and-Relative, Big Mind,...
Mar 26 2005

Way-Seeking Mind

Zendo, Priest, Suzuki Roshi, Dharma Transmission, Monastic Practice, Tassajara, Heart...
Mar 14 2005

Four Motivations For Practice

Serial: SF-00928

Sunday Lecture: 1- rare to be born as human; 2 - impermanence of life; 3 - the effect of actions; 4 - suffering of cyclical existence. What is the practice? Letting go of fear...

Liberation, Impermanence, Happiness, Aspects of Practice, Birth-and-Death, Letting Go...
Oct 17 2004
Green Gulch

Dining Room Lecture

Serial: SF-01927

Evening talk

realization, Zendo, Beginners, Teacher-and-Student, Dragons, Practice Period, Suzuki...
May 01 2004

March 27th, 2004, Serial No. 04102

Practice Period, Zazen, Instruction, Zendo, Beginners, Impermanence, Suzuki Roshi,...
Mar 27 2004
City Center


Conversation, Balance, Heart Sutra, Observe, Posture, training, Patience, Mahayana,...
Feb 14 2004
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Serial: SF-04035

Allow posture to align, pathway to liberation. Cultivate capacity to observe, name and describe, notice what we turn away from? Then cultivate interest and curiosity - zen...

Cultivation, resistance, Observe, Don't Know Mind, Impermanence, Posture,...
Nov 09 2003
Green Gulch

Man Alive Violence Prevention

Serial: SF-01061

Wendy Johnson and Martha de Barros invited guest speakers from the Man Alive program to talk about violence prevention and specifically the role of meditation in this.

training, Addiction, Conversation, Peace, Enthusiasm, Dragons, Politics, Observe, Ego...
Sep 16 2003
Green Gulch

Zendo Lecture

Oneness, Religion, realization, Observe, Practice Period, Instruction, Repentance,...
Jul 02 2003

Sunday Lecture

Serial: SF-01089

Feet, toes - funny introduction. Memorial Day - historical information. War. Relating Memorial Day to our practice.

Letting Go, Death-and-Dying, Attachment, Interdependence, Echo, Observe, Separation,...
May 25 2003
Green Gulch

Not Always So Class

Buddha Nature, Emptiness, Bodhidharma, Zazen, Suzuki Roshi, Describe, realization,...
Nov 18 2002

Sunday Lecture

Serial: SF-04039

Listening without judgement, compassion, what hinders our ability, fear of not being helpful, generosity, 98% is about me, reflective listening, cultivate spaciousness, arguing...

Cultivation, Conversation, training, Observe, Precepts, Avalokiteshvara, Zendo,...
Jun 30 2002
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Enthusiasm, Religion, Priest, Emptiness, Nirvana, Observe, Ego, Posture, Bell,...
Mar 18 2001
Green Gulch

Surangama Sutra Class

Emptiness, Blue Cliff Record, Intimacy, Don't Know Mind, Silence, Karma,...
May 23 2000
Green Gulch

Wednesday Lecture

Ceremony, Lotus Sutra, Chanting, Dharma Transmission, Heart Sutra, Observe, Demons,...
Mar 29 2000
Green Gulch

March 13th, 1999, Serial No. 04079

Suzuki Roshi, Posture, Monastic Practice, Lay, Anger, Daily Life, Observe, Religion,...
Mar 13 1999


Manjushri, Attachment, Faith, Observe, Separation, Book of Serenity, Emotions, Doubt...
Dec 02 1998
City Center

Sesshin Lecture

Composure, Posture, Balance, Tassajara, Silence, Freedom, Observe, Anger, Emotions,...
Aug 22 1998
Green Gulch

Spring Sesshin

Serial: SF-02729


Repentance, Letting Go, Peace, Perfect Wisdom, Vows, Heart Sutra, Ceremony, Observe,...
Mar 28 1998

Spring Sesshin

Serial: SF-02727


Posture, Subject-and-Object, Vows, Instruction, Zendo, Zazen, Chanting, Observe,...
Mar 25 1998

Saturday Lecture

Bodhidharma, Emotions, Instruction, Daily Life, Concentration, Letting Go, Lay,...
Feb 28 1998
City Center

Saturday Lecture

Daily Life, Non-discrimination, Observe, Dana, realization, Emptiness, Discrimination...
Jan 24 1998
City Center

The Jewel Called The Sangha

Serial: SF-00063

Sunday talk Jan PP; you are blessed by the people who want to practice with you who are not necessarily the people you would choose to practice with.

Interdependence, Lotus Sutra, Separation, causation, Instruction, Intimacy, training...
Jan 11 1998
Green Gulch Farm

Sunday Lecture

Precepts, Emptiness, Offering, Bodhisattva Precepts, New Year, Observe, Ceremony,...
Jan 04 1998
Green Gulch

Buddhism at Millennium's Edge - Poems 1

Serial: SF-03521

Copyright 1998 by Gary Snyder - Unedited Preview Cassette

Zendo, Continuous, Politics, Religion, Ceremony, Fox, Patience, Mahayana, Chanting,...

Precepts Class

Serial: SF-03532

Brief Review of Class 1 - the Three Refuges

Precepts, Emptiness, Triple Treasure, Bodhisattva Precepts, Vows, Buddha Nature,...
Oct 27 1997
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Serial: SF-03240

Date on box 10-19-97, date on cassette 10-12-97, not corrected

Commitment, Priest, Zazen, Peace, Observe, Concentration, Passions, confusion,...
Oct 12 1997
Green Gulch

Majjhima Nikaya Class

Serial: SF-03194

Middle-length Discourses

Attachment, Evil, Delusion, Hate, confusion, Don't Know Mind, Observe, Letting...
Oct 07 1997
Green Gulch

Expounding the Dharma with This Body

Serial: SF-02710A

Rohatsu Sesshin

Practice Period, Suzuki Roshi, Patience, Gratitude, Observe, Balance, Anger
Dec 02 1996

Jewel Mirror Samadhi Class

Five Ranks, Delusion, Lotus Sutra, Soto Zen, Observe, Forgiveness, Echo, soto,...
Oct 07 1996
Green Gulch

Cultivating A Spiritual Curiosity

Serial: SF-03937

Sunday Lecture - that helps us see clearly what's in front of us - inside and outside

Observe, Conversation, Happiness, Equanimity, Cultivation, Anger, Suzuki Roshi,...
Jul 07 1996
Green Gulch

Lotus Sutra Class

Serial: SF-03193

Chapters 15, 16, 25, 26, 2t

Lotus Sutra, Gratitude, Demons, Birth-and-Death, Religion, Manjushri, Faith, Ceremony...
May 28 1996
Green Gulch

Finding Our Real Seat In Zazen

Serial: SF-03217

One-day sitting

Zazen, Posture, Balance, Vows, Dragons, Observe, Instruction, Avalokiteshvara,...
Nov 18 1995
Green Gulch

Causes and Conditions

Serial: SF-03660

One-day sitting

Emptiness, Posture, Book of Serenity, Subject-and-Object, realization, Buddha Nature...
Oct 14 1995
Green Gulch

Tokubetsu Sesshin

Transmission, Posture, Delusion, Right Effort, Zazen, Daily Life, Observe, Silence,...
Mar 27 1995

January 7th, 1995, Serial No. 02687

New Year, Observe, Rumi, Chanting, training, Echo, Ego, Offering, confusion, Zazen...
Jan 07 1995

Wednesday Lecture

Equanimity, Don't Know Mind, Heart Sutra, Suzuki Roshi, Conversation,...
Sep 30 1992
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Observe, Describe, Cultivation, Balance, Fox, Conversation, Don't Know Mind,...
Feb 09 1992
Green Gulch


Mindfulness, Four Foundations, Concentration, Bodhisattva Vow, Zazen, Impermanence,...
Jun 15 1991
City Center

December 15th, 1990, Serial No. 01075

Precepts, Observe, Concentration, Daily Life, Birth-and-Death, Delusion, Suzuki Roshi...
Dec 15 1990