Four Motivations For Practice

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Sunday Lecture: 1- rare to be born as human; 2 - impermanence of life; 3 - the effect of actions; 4 - suffering of cyclical existence. What is the practice? Letting go of fear, of insecurity, of not being in control, fear of death (loss of life), of loss of health and happiness, loss of livelihood, loss of reputation, loss of confidence speaking to large groups (fear of being loved) (fear of lossof identity), the wish to be free must be stronger than the fear of insecurity, surrender control to the care of the universe, subtle illusions of spiritual path vs living in the present.

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the morning
today i'd like to talk about
some ways to develop an increase motivation for practice
offering near with park also film about what is practice
in the tibetan tradition traditions
cheating call for mind children's
for concentrations for
a rousing the motivation for practice for arousing wish
to realize liberation for all beings
these for are
universal practices that don't have to even apply to buddhism so i think any kind of spiritual practice these for reply to
and i find that they're very powerful simple meditation said if contemplated and again
really do shift the mind
i've actually spent many periods of zazen beginning the period of meditation contemplate brief is for mind changing spare
and find a very effective so the first mine changing for contemplation is contemplating a rarity of human life
the incredible
wherein have this gift been born as a human
are these for our mind changing changelings our basic teachings of buddha and on pounds of buddhism or there
the speak about and spring not necessarily as a group before but the buddha spoke of this are contemplating the rarity of human life and children's metaphor and it's a little bit strange but it's ear it's like a managing a piece of wood floats
in the ocean with a hole in it and it's been it's drifting all around with the tides in the wind and constantly moving and then there's this one line of turtle at the bottom of the ocean and this turtle vince for the thousands of years
and once every hundred years turtle comes out to the surface and the ocean in this kind of pokes his head out and looks around and then goes back to the bottom for another hundred years and is and in the and maybe even all the oceans of the world there's this warning board with a hole in it and this one blind turtle and chat
nsa's of and one of one of the rising sea serpents that this turtle will put its head to the whole in this piece of wood our own pretty rare
it doesn't seem to like me it's to take a long time and then the bonuses the chances of being born human are more rare in this thread opening its head to the whole so
if you believe in rebirth you can say well known as all these all these birds and all these different realms animal realms and an august unseen realms and different kinds of spirits and how beans and haven't been in use and so on
and in all these birds since i mean it's very rare that that one is born a human but what do you don't even have to think of rebirth from its town
for this confrontation to really hit home this in the sense that on even if it's only this one life it's like wow is this bar how did this happen this life
and we could have been born it's an insect for example and if you're going to pin number of insects around under
it seems like dreams maybe more than humans are born and die very quickly and
see you know can we happen to be born human and the unique thing about being born human instead we have this unique capacity
to actually realize
the weekends are and be free
our difficulties and delusion and other other beings according to the buddha and of these other realms don't really have that possibility
they might i need to be free it's much easier because humans have been more problems than and other views we some sandwich
so much trouble for ourselves tests because of her i met or capacity by
by seems to be worth it the we had this great capacity to because we can also realized freedom
you know so easy to take for granted is this life just as is what happens every day we just human again by them but can really compensated and came down
and meditate on how rare it is
we can do really appreciate it more and more and not only are a kind of along with this meditation of of human birth in some
parents often these things other related
on rare things that are even more rare than being born in human and we have all our sense faculties pretty much intact and now we're like we can see and year for example explained nobody here is both blind and deaf
and so with these faculties than we can reach and cheer about to be fair i've read about truth and see truth at the beginning in the dharma talk we say
having yet have only dynamo to she see or listen to you
really bad at easter the british words so
we have fact of he's a see and hear it in for example that region
other games may not have and definitely not on beings we have so skin guinness even greater potential ago and has taken around and of course we can see them here welcome it's really nice incredible gift
along with this
not only are we are reborn she lived with with the sense faculties complete the were born in the land where there is where there's teachings and truth that are a menage on
actually available all the time there are places in the world where wareham bearings just incredible no restrictions on what people even think about her so we have happy
cafe especially in in this part of california have all this vanilla activity available to all time teachers coming true and teachings happening and and people practicing and places like mean yards and it's actually
it's not like it's everywhere
so so you have that gift also and then on
we also have the gift of
i've actually had enough faith in these with to on
at least be in his room now you will not be here for the first time and a release came with a friend that we don't really know if you're cheating to higher by they could actually am
we are be around the spiritual community is like really rare and also they say we have another kind of film can be great before is that we have a committed horrible deeds i think or yeah we have but com that we haven't no killed our parents for example like kids
really great some people actually have and the day maybe almost impossible to even on
actually end up in a place at this or ga these teachings so how these gifts and we we can picture for granted but it's kind of like if you compare you should we are all these are these aspects of this of the human life and the gifts they come with it of
being around him and on teachings of liberation and so on i like really rare you compare that to being in his room around a aspirational community to an insect for example we really can fire you can say we you can even contemplate how to
i'm a breeder would say according to carmen and than a lot of really good things to get this fire and then part of this meditation is when you realize that these kind of as far like we really i'm kind of hate how rare it is and it's don't want to wasted naturally
think we've come this far and to blow it and how would be like punching him so that the next town compensation is kind of thinking the impermanence of life and this is kind of lige
related to this two minute to the rarity radiation in life and and realizing how rare it is when i become very joyful and in this kind of died down
in kind of modify that the a great joy kind of realize that actually it's it's quickly passing this great gift products disappearing the moment and moment and that
the he says
you can meditate on hello
death is sure to come with special in town through everyone was and we don't know when it's gonna come and when it comes
actually i practice it's going to be the only thing that will help us at that time
nothing else actually matter that moment and it's coming siri several you can actually
i'm kind of a how everybody in his room and eighty years say how they will be anybody in his room alive
pitcher eighty issue now for all be done
and a lot of events before it had seven
why don't we don't think about it so often it seems i've remains can be more way to pinch about but it can be in the sense even joyful to think about this combined with is how rare this opportunity is and then
and then how quickly it's passing really now if we really started kind of a know who we really want to live completely really experienced our life completely because
harry it is
we were no way and come in snow
if we thought if we knew we were going to die tomorrow how would we want to practice and blue today
so i i remember when i was fun
the i'm the first maybe first kind of realizing what a cemetery was you drive by the cemetery and power lot of time and it took up a few minutes to get by been big and
and it never felt like on a so frightening or he pressing it was actually when i realized how these people were alive and they they were experiencing the world like i am now on and now they're not and actually made me appreciate my life this naturally own kid
he joined about the cemetery like so
you can think of death and three that were actually live now
and he says i'm high and reuse for tagging to call people to to the ah meditation pyramids to harness there is the board and side of caution all here and the tradition of an inscription that since since birth and death is the great matter time pass
swift thing and opportunity is lost weight and can waste his life
and so when you're stinking at high you can read this kind of meditation about impermanence and and in kind of precious recreational life
had of time keeping device so it's on every time that that's being used as age you know has to do with prime for the next period of limitation
so afraid it's an encouragement to really take advantage of their of the meditation
and then the third mind changing compensation fields
i'm contemplating the effect of actions and she's i actually comes down to everything everybody who has some effect and we kind of know that basically by like you don't really think about everything together like every moment every been reviewing is actually happens
the fact that you can't actually see but it's affecting everything else and so to really manage it on that over and over again they start to realize how important it is everything they were doing so i gave you can see how these are kind of like all related and and beyond her gender
this pretty rare gift of human rights and it's chriqui passing and everything do matters tv so it stands to be can see how these are higher can motivate hire a practice
and it's so easy to to come in tune and meditation period especially living a green gulch and were just everyday use coming in and finally on the schedule and you just try meditation as the i got a little rest periods or something but i'm
ah cassia realize that beach period medication in each period of a moment life actually use this is this opportunity to actually
be free
most passionate can see cancer for everybody average human being an especially to be completely free
so then the fourth meditation your compensation is on the suffering of secret existence
secret these instances some sire which you can think of as on this going around and around and in the loops of our habit patterns
we keep making the same mistakes over and over
the cyclical kind of way and feel like with was trapped in met in cycles
and it's basically impossible sometimes sufferings and of the a very heavy word and really suffering from expert the it is actually just dissatisfaction know we are even slightly dissatisfied with how things are going
down and this kind of being driven around and around again with by a higher patterns
he's suffering your dissatisfaction the bruce berg of site
she different kinds there's the basic human suffering of pain medication grew silent despair
not getting what we want and getting what we don't worry these kind of things
and then there's also a more subtle nowadays
it's called the suffering of pleasure or as the suffering of change which is basically the fact that even when you were enjoying things kind of in the back of our mind we kind of know that they are impermanent and they're going to end and so we care and sense with this kind of understanding we can't really enjoy them contributing because we're already
king of the the ending of happiness so and then there's this them this kind of third kind of suffering your dissatisfaction which is just the the basic kind of like underlying uneasiness or just being a a human being a condition being that's going to die
and ah
and that the suffering of on
have not been in control and wanting to be in control
of everything so
these for my chains compensations and
you know over over again and and notice
peeling the words or
thinking about it and there's kind of surgery level but really actually like taking taking the heart and a regular basis
you can see the nourish iphone and actually shifts the wage and back life
and then

so so through these this kind of compensation if we don't have any reason to practice at all in the first place we maybe you started to have a reason after
actress angela battles in this way
and if we already are ions and spiritual path and practicing clearly maggie's helps to
increase the motivation and and wish to be free getting that and we actually have to know that it's possible to be free
kind of thinking americans confrontations and in from a certain angle can see most impressive especially like impermanence and suffering but they're not meant to be three our that make you do
a way to see actually this is either our situation at this time but it doesn't have to be this way we actually chain
you can be for you have this incredible opportunity
very rare but it's passing quickly
everything we do
has some effect and they shouldn't be facts are are wholesome or unwholesome they need your happiness or unhappiness in some sense it was everything we do and some slight way leading to happiness and contentment for to and even the senate
and you will see an array and then to to really examine how this suffering especially with the
low level all pervading kind of dissatisfaction that i don't have to live that way
people are again maybe you completed for granted that was part of life is it's being satisfied
hello time he brought down the buddhism is not necessary it's a me on
i'm going to take some some effort of and contemplation to earn
will be completely free and is an ongoing basis but then it's possible
so then once we have this motivation and and this intention and enthusiasm for practice practice to be free and the and wish to be free from this kind of confrontation than what is the practice
recently i've been taking you know many ways to talk about practice and
toddler at the same vein from different angles got one kind of anna i'm thinking of recently is something like
the practice is
letting go of
the fear of
and the fear of not being in control which are similar but
have you can and said
so you can say well this is an aspect of practice but i think with a lot of these different ways and forty characters view if you take any one of them to confusion it's actually
includes the entire practice so
fear of insecurity
and fear of not being in control i actually like to keep us barrow in furness in the cyclic existence this habitual routine of going around and around
do is spoken five kinds of fear
it's a similar it seems like a similar are returning this but it's actually if you can see if they all include these aspects of insecurity and not being in control
the please there are fears that basically we are being have things
there's fear of death
and this is like
in terms of loss in their fear for all fears of moss one kind or another since would be the sheer loss of life and
you can see how about kind it's actually the ultimate
insecurity and lack of control has actually like not having life anymore
it said the final end of our control and security so it seems
and another feeder is fear of loss of kind of like is may first posted to death by funny like losing body parts were mind parts or health
for happiness these kinds of things
your food loss of time
aspects of body and nine
which is in examined we say liberation and sometimes say is dropping off body and nine so this would be like sounds a what you know that's our that's our sheer actually losing body and nine
so how can that you're vibration
and then another sheer is fear of loss of livelihood nathanson so instead promoting your job or something but actually yeah know ultimately massage from hirsch
no be taken care of materially and how much
can fear that especially if you think or what if we really lost everything we were just edge
on the studio
we afraid of that actually dying in the gutter and with home
without anybody even knowing that were there
this is a possibility is a fear of that then is that fear of
some kind of great insecurity
and lack of control because livelihood is actually about security material security and control in patients with security with
material security tons some sense of control
when looking deeper into views can see the instances new kind of illusory it's kind of control and tickets from binds us nor a genius the psycho suffering dissatisfaction
and then i know
i know their sheer his loss of reputation
and i think they'd be different people have a different kind of tendencies
have different you know different aspects of these five years when the phone would be
were dominant and and accepted from my really worried about livelihood rounds on but i think for new this williams is a really big one this fear of loss of reputation and it's kind of like you can say is basically
fear of not having people like me
so i i feel like actually from early i like kind of avoid conflict and you know pupils bad society sometimes kinds from happens but
by a town this kind of trying to earn cannot ah
cause too much trouble it's actually not that that's a bad thing of course but that it came home from his fear of loss of reputation actually so i left them fifty thousand and then the shift fear is the fear of losing confidence
speaking to large groups
traditionally great opportunity to introduce and innocence i think down onto related to the reputation would you can say it's related to honor them because each are fun if the group is big and enemy enough if you're treading life loss of body parts
and livelihood navy and but at least reputation even in some sort of them are like the home i might take out if people really think that they a very talk today so college lost a little bit reputation so i think it's funny that balance and from
you're a five went on
but i guess you'd see know it's a common thing for her i'm sure if you may be returned and on
when my teacher is getting a workshop on cheater he got this this time he added another one to you which is the fear of being loved
and if you don't say what he said certainly sounds like a fool opposite of his boss and reputation from the reputation one that's kind of like sort of of sheer not been way to love and and as this is her now because the fear of being loved so that our confusing it is to be human
you can be
the basically afraid of
a lot of things so and i fear being lot thirty you could say it son actually did the way
life is actually we are getting a sense ultimately launched
by the universe and by anything that there is there is just
i love happening and but we doubt if we really faced back on it would be maybe
i life would be enough
less secure fear being loved is kind of like giving up a kind of security and
and sense of control
and then i wouldn't seven twenty two this list go today is an
fear of loss of identity
and he said this is i've maybe that m
the they worried he terms of that lot of practice and and you can say it's awesome related to on of netherlands but
they screamed like like our self and identity we live in a sense of the separate self and everything that goes with that that that we think represents but i think represents me to on
to actually on let go of all in all of the police and who i think i am than salami
he's not an ultimate sheer actually
cause it's it's kind of like to share in def it's the end of who i am i really get out and die
and so all of these in seven years and more lord we can think would probably fall into these categories of fear of insecurity giving up
security handy
fear or lack of being in control
and actually the for all based on this they're all based on this lira separate self at son that's kind of all town and yourself it's that we think is in control and we think news on needs to maintain
security for itself
for it was censorship itself to survive a pet com gathers all kinds of security around it to keep it alive is the nature of being a human with a sense of self which is
oh we bought it evolved to be
so to actually realize
how this sense of self self is really just an illusion and we really have to on
really approached this sheer really actually go into his fear of i'm working

after they can be willing to come
at least counterfeiting what it would be like to
let go of his phone
it's belief is pants pollution and it seems like that's given up all security and our control in a sense it is
but this security and control the way we think of it so
the paradox of it is actually when on going beyond giving out that on adds sense of identity and control and security
transcending it
he is are actually the ultimate security
it's the if if you don't know who we are anymore and we don't come have anything left the hawaii to you actually that is the ultimate security in the sense then
there's nothing chinatown can on
shake shack or patch that are on destroy that because it's what can be destroyed
because they've actually it's just what's happening to them even when death comes on
in with without that sense of separate self harm
it's just what kinds
and the actual on what what prevents us from from i see him way seems to be are actually this is kind of blockage of sheer
and how the so how can we overcome next year and
i think we have to i think it a relates to for reminder change and he stated if we really trying to bait how that works over and over and become more and more convinced i came in how it so it is that the your life is incredibly rare quickly passing ah
that everything we do is is making some difference
and better it were kind of balance in is circular patterns that were it seemed to be on just keeping us from from actually being completely allowing free on and how it will read and we really really want to be free and and
then on then we can they be face that fear
it's a nice guy
maybe what it ends up teaching actually games
when needs to happen is that the wish to be free and actually see truth he needs to be stronger than wish to avoid and security
i guess what it all comes down to him again and i
and when it gets to the point where i wish to be free a stronger than it's not like something special has to happen than at than
life is being upon steered by
buy something else that point so
in other words
who were willing to give up
control than actually wrote
we surrender our personal control mirrors and then
which is just the way everything is happening and then bad actually on and the universe home
he is takes care of us actually completely
but it means giving up on thinking that we have to take care of ourselves
what's our all based on belief that there is somebody here is permanent
continuous entity yourself that needs time to be taken care of by us
this so somehow become more and more to see how this illusion he's just really an illusion and i
this is passing the ready for everybody actually see this and another on
i think very subtle form of maintaining a sense of security and control
he is on
he's being on a spiritual path
actually did to set up like an kind of spiritual goal in the future and that now on the spiritual practice sharing on this path and i'm going to realize this thing about know south sunday and then some people get into it like are probably realize it didn't like ten lifetimes from now and he's trying to like just do some good time and if i observe in the a few
the a lousy
but actually even to say that are realize that like in session in here
next week or even next period of xylazine and or something as opposed to like right now for example is our is still based on this site gum setting up this future thing maintains mean change in identity or by a spiritual seeker basically him and spiritual path
it's like this is my identity and your pike and it's a good woman to because if five based on this like liberation thing so
i'm so i think that's a really southern for people who are many really devoted to practice is reset this we set up his future for like this and on
because actually we don't have to face our fears so much then on i get there eventually but actually to on in the present moment is a white one of my holding onto now insurers and nine hundred is she keeping you from
you actually realizing the ceiling just pasting in a moment there's actually i'm nobody sheer to maintaining
but we really i think
you have to really go into that on sheer was putting its back from that
and then we have all made we also will be held on these ideas of what our looks like com
will be unlike anything ever been and and i am i to become really really happy and and
and various ideas that may be worth it when the triage i would just sound like trying the media the or something but are auditioning ceilings ideas about what am i looks like would also i also kind of all gun
there i did their innocence get those ideas are part of would maintain our our identity my idea of what is an awakening for this kind of it's kind of afraid
so it gets very very subtle
what up but it seems to be there when it could actually
takes his actually you completely on not identify with
on anything
he's especially any sense of
self or a panel or anything like this you can say what that why do we have a get a zen centurion and on the is any page is anna a you know we am
there were that they can be good on think that there's tens wheel of time in is anything to actually have time to cry on contemplate she's kinds of things and also you can see it as army
even if even for free of
he even the identity of as being as sahm studio something like this then still we came on we can practice in this way as a has a i was like artistic expression
this is a beautiful way to live and it's enrich at the eighty many many ways can be i would be of live and then that just comes down to ireland positions
even if we even if are free of dispositions
still keep learning to live in a different ways
it's a little high working in a team you know can interact so much with you are i'd say repeats this they're having conversation now read com but since times getting kind of going on you can come requesting the manager she might cause i'm like you care will people think these things

can we wish to be free
ha hand
cody on fear and insecurity be stronger than
the wish to
be secure and the ways that we we are
have we know that's our that's our security