Expounding the Dharma with This Body

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Rohatsu Sesshin

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a church now
the case issues that matter of time

i have thought that could have a lecture here in this handout
when he least disruptive to our sitting and most intimate
mary reminds me that in this more intimate setting obsession often we all bound together at the beginning of let you
i didn't want everybody to get up him at not settled again perhaps by tomorrow we may try that
i hope that goes with you're sitting on a times can just stay in your feet and turn this way and show a minimum of people will have to change the of seats from the other side of the divided into the screen
let's see if i can keep my voice and however we can all hear me
i have said that i want me
i've seen a recession can be
been saying she's teaching to expand the diner with this body is of
and thirty return to the ocean of reality
is unfathomable we just accept it with respect and gratitude
and move perhaps
in his lecture on saturday set up
another theme and why plan can help
short down the tops and short notice time
so we don't get into a lot of discursive thinking
well when he caught the that
the line from to fanfare thing we should therefore seeds from practice based on intellectual understanding for healing words and following after speech
and learn a backward step that turns your life envy
live in the south
body and mind and himself from a jump away
and your original face movie manifest
if you want to attain section of
you should practice section of look after late

so here in this random
once again each moment we renew our effort to practice section of the kept too late
well the dharma with this body
what does that mean
well for example
we have been studying
shockey day was guide to avoid body starts of way of life
this practice period
and i'm spent a lot of time
expounding the virtues of the practice of patients
with his mouth
but i had caught my attention just this morning
a way in which i have been expanding the virtue of patience with my now
and has been expanding in patients with my body
when the doshi and she should enter from this door
the don't you have a shorter distance to walk the balance mad and magicians supposed to walk a little faster come around and be ah
in position to bow together with the doshi
mind you should have her foot run over last year and she can't walk that fits and even though i walk rather slowly
she's never there when i am
and so expanding in patients with my body i do the shochu bow and step up on the map to the gosh oh bow before she gets it
and anda
i got call them
and got it brought my attention what else do
so we can watch ourselves and see how do we expound the dharma with this body
in all of our actions
what are we expanding what will we seen what are we teaching what are we learning
everything we do expresses
we are and how we are and our state of mind
and if we're paying attention
we will learn a lot
a said
one on teaching of the dharma which we chant some time and letters with them the buddha's teaching on loving kindness
he says
let us be strenuous or energetic upright and sincere easy easily contented and joyous
and my name happens to be inconceivable job
and sometimes i feel joy
sometimes i go
but how can i express this easily contented and joyous
how can i found it with this body
one thing that i notice in myself
is a tennessee
sometimes angeles my jaw is rather tight
and rather than on analysing why my jaw is tight and what the what that's expressing and where that comes from i can i can speculate i can even make some pretty good guesses
that it has something to do about subterranean anger or control or something or another but another thing i can do this just notice when it's tight and losing it
let it go
soft softener
one way to do that
yes to smiled slightly
not much just enough to soften
the pension
in face and job
but keeping that in mind
i can be more attentive i can be more aware i can be more alert
the ways in which
i'm not expressing
my inmost request with the body

the metro sweeter than one the city
what what be strenuous upright and sincere
easily competitive joyous
like one not be submerged by the things of the world


let one do nothing that is means that the wise will improve may all beings be happy
may they be joyous and live in safety
all living beings were we weak or strong and hire a little or lower realms of existence
near or far or
what to be born
may all beings be happy
who says even as a mother at the risk of her life watches over and protects her only child
so with a boundless mind let us cherish all living beings
suffusing love all the entire world
above below on all around
let one cherished and infinite good will towards the whole world
all living beings
how do we
expel this dharma with our body
one of the ways that i notice
that i fail to it's found that dharma with this body
he said of fun
leaning toward beings that seem desirable and
seem to need desirable pulling away from being
that seem undesirable
i'm not remaining upright
but expressing well
something less than the ideal toward which we practice
i take the teaching of the metro suit is something toward which i practice
and i take an awareness
body rough and mine which i
can particularly see an awareness of body that can find out rather subtle things about mine through and awareness with body
i'm leaning toward and pulling away from
is one of the ways in which i can notice
am i suffusing love over the entire world above below on all around without limit
nor am i picking and choosing

and in my own mind
other aspects of myself which arise that i lean toward or away from
you know the six ancestor used to say to save all beings means to save all being in your own mind

he's all being
ron aspects of my own mind
toward which
i need to i want to extend the same attitude of suffusing love over the entire world above below and all around without limit
may all beings be happy they they've been joyous and live in safety
he's being in my mind
whether they
appear to be in a body
separate from me
whether they are images of self which arrived
can i truly hope wish them all
joy and safety
can i include them all in the same embraced
like a mother watching over her only child
you know these all beings
that we think of as separate from ourselves
in a way yes we are all separate and in a way we're all part of one body of life
it's like the hands and feet of a single body
and particularly in session we can notice
we are like all parts of one body and says shame
if we can practice in that way with one another during session
we may be able to carry that practice into a wider context
when session is open
he's all beings
i'm not separate
from ourselves
not one not too
is the way suzuki roshi often expressed it
self and other are not one
i'm not too
hands and feet
are not one
but they're not separate their airport and all part of one body
all beings are
not separate from us
so how can we expand that dharma
is this body

how can i meet each being
hello and total acceptance
he suffusing love only entire world above a low on all around without them
we can begin with each other
and we can begin within ourselves the many been about online
take note
of the ways in which
you fall short of this ideal toward which we practice
embrace that too
in your awareness
sometimes the best we can do this just
cultivate a little humor
oh well
who have like at that time
who try again
he's explored
as you said
what it means to its found the dharma with this body
please observe what dharma are you it's founding with this body this moment
and please let us continue
with this upright sitting
as the way in which we can study
the truth of all being together
our in