Ceremony Officially Opening Beginner's Mind Temple

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This is the bulk of the ceremony, with speakers other than Suzuki Roshi, in Japanese and English


Other, non-Suzuki Roshi, parts of SF-05995 were added to this.
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Auto-Generated Transcript

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i read my new hero logan gain you know
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not a lot
been going somewhere yellow i found out about i i'm not party
now paul the the on that point to unite
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don't think me by philip langner live online or call it
how long automatica online and nine
you already know the forty
not what i'll be posting
what are your name here
are you worried about heard
not be that within know if you want earlier today i'm one on like on
well look i got go will continue to grow up no game didn't know high to i for was my years although the holiday
well either for follow proper we're going green bay plaza
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hello current was you're going to pay not happy with that one day on then
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they don't they become a developing
get going on ebay account of bhutan well what they all voting really effective for you put a process that we have no other i see an who going out be where i don't know about my night
well give me not only on
the volume of nice a lot of over not only not only five people games on monday night mother found on our about the volume and about fake
but are an icon of google on three
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a neighbor who's that propagate the a vote and have it
what another woman
no love for you already have learned a lot like the like a nice day muslim or venga a very nice day
i want to know
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not only like tape delayed by many later
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all right there isn't shape
oil of as the i i think that world that i start working on the other lamp

no him
but not set
lack of my talk
when they have bigger house
you can further

it means
most patients key
you have three
integration or open the sale
which means
that the golden south for them in san francisco
ah as you and well be open to everybody
who is
ah wishing to is was way
ah since coming here
i heard
by the jersey and
people who knows through lost on him
what happened how
ah boys are no available
that's been going on up to now
i'm very glad to hear
the zen buddhism
supported by
that's a good spirit with students than the students
ah have has been continue has a king
he is more than two year
what a why
lets you know it
football mind
are you by
security and
many people for on those two
then i saw on for our mission
it goes without saying that
then worry do being united states
has been ruined well we could contribute it to the
and com
i would like to
as and look of time
artifact this is i'm more into with you
we love http
since coming here
i have i hadn't spent
a for three models in how
two puppies are with you for very wait for training


i have been i felt
that and we have a happy
to see sincere spirit with your practice
ah look it's gone
he has a how these training field
i'm really happy with all due and the archbishop of a monitoring war
who have been appointed of full have appointed
me to serve
then boy to in of lab
mega is
pink very young
please i would like you
to add something more than medical card
michael carter france
something why it says them void
because what will happen when know
hope i won't let you
after more than
the young man can help
maybe younger process than boys movie because
this question
i believe
i sincerely
that that way through
as being and well we contribute it to help
oh you and
maybe house
i hope
you are but his hot and
invoke the bill
that would
i flew about this than good
i'll be back to united states time know what can next time
we didn't say that different
right yeah i know i good the
the after
and looking for new york magazine

mid spring
good friends gather
celebrate buddha
gratitude roads everywhere
mountain bush
blue grass growing up in the city

the opening ceremony of this practice plate not completed





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no plans to move ago



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i am sunday all
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i will have all for all
cisco all model kind
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no fool our our town nari

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balloons n e r v
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the time
no berlin is painted on the movie fan anymore know and nine and your
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you're over here
learn the of on a young mom ninety you all the age of only a more than ninety one on the law
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no guy
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new zealanders
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just bought cars and

all the people
oh helped
johnny and a theory
maple or fine
yes and calibrate
and all it's all
he says that ah
nearby are so barge
so i'll just that are taught to a friend
this mean for ceremony
and also stars of all our members
we want to
continue to arise
i blew that way it's all lot

no want you know is your online
the law
the the the
the know
the people the


welcome everyone
your mama bodies are present now
welcome to our news and center your san francisco
and find new home it is
i'm like you also express our gratitude to everyone who has made possible
for one thing we feel deeply grateful because the that book
with was our home for so long
which ones were center blew it up
we already events so probably very much
i'm like to speak at the about the background of our them here
when it all started it would be difficult
most obvious beginning point would be impurities arrival here that night fifty nine
since it is with his guy and probably most adults are here
going even further back
we should not forget our earlier beheadings with visit to that said as a
and then
in an even broader context
and more can correct
we might mention every these days and surfing against gets exactly
professor matsunaga and many others
imagine there's a few as and medicine
and in a broader context
i'm missing something other why
or something like daughter
it was when you come to think of it it's almost endless
didn't have back that leads to the buddha if not b m
perhaps it will be natural and that the stuff with you them and do again
after that
maybe in a way so projects started with all that about fifteen years ago
they began two thousand and study group
it was a pretty quiet meal is was presented people came it was quite a turn up
later this is a zero-sum game and then some and then zen center really began
it soon began to grow rapidly has been doing so and reasonable
zoom in the the infant was of the lusty the variety
it must involve them and sort of trial so of these patients
i don't know what i repeating that in but it certainly they grow
hey buddy i must be when something else
maybe some zero zero
anyway we grow so fast
we have to think about finding a place of our own
then three years ago we took a great big step
and began the thousand higher mountains and
this of course observe absorbed almost all of our efforts for a few you
but it soon became apparent that we also should not neglect or long you said
san francisco
here it seems high time for us believe that the walls the cookie
so about a year and a half ago
we decided that we should
we needed a place with exam though residents facility states where the events and during their office
look i guess my all day long time maybe even years
especially if we had raised our money needed to bill
there was a possibility however that we might be able to find an old building sort of who are making the move has put much more quickly
we then when i've been sitting on the other looking everywhere
then one day at a weird and sunday newspaper mentioning the building for sale little our residents fluff on site
we go by the domain this one here
and were very impressed
we were shown in the late and week later when we have seen inside
i guess we'll sort of felt that maybe this was it
especially since roshi seem to be all smiles and zero
there were of course a few obstacles such as where we were invited to get some three hundred and twenty five thousand dollars
i believe we have about four thousand dollars in our bank account at the time and we are eighty thousand dollars in debt
at first
nevertheless was decided to go anywhere
we figured we could good without very much burden gems and people are relying on magic resources
unless you call ninety percent financing an urgent send their community some kind of magic as they sometimes go in the same day
so we went ahead with
and then the way we figured we could before it happened
apparently we were being quite realistic in our plan
for our body is pretty much in order
here we all are day
but everything humming along quite nicely
it was mostly liberal studies on the horizon
both here and the us
considering the magnitude of the thing
and loves all of it in only three years
that's well my incredible
huh i think in fact many of us in this building still a wake up astounding
heavyweight are here
and then suddenly find building
those of us accustomed to mark modest surroundings it's almost at times embarrassed
he gave you a few visible details on the building it was no and i think putting a good
for a portion of hundred and twenty thousand dollars
the president basic says valuation is or have a very thousand
if it were built today it would probably cost over six hundred thousand
there's a reinforced concrete structure with rick facing and very solidly built
the six square feet of floor space and residential is surprise
more about seventy five people
roseville by jewish where
the building was name be like well
and what's that
with levels have the unenviable sisterhood
it was used primarily as a residence for it his girl and serve a function similar in some ways that the why that using it
as needs of the empty change is huge at times he was vocational training here use a pleasant
never age service
an authentication
dr etc
more recently the emphasis has been partly you providing a home for any specialty
religious activity here existed primarily in a private anvil lighting service growth in the in this added
and it's celebrating holiday
in the design of the building you may have known as the star of david is up
and over the back door
is that i was rudely swears is a lotus flower
well we were waiting to be let in for the first time we spend their time complaining about
it has on a six petals instead of well but maybe that is boiling over a number
the varden silence and i aren't concerned it's a little
you may have also known as as those that on some of the door jambs no one for the there
it's a tiny cylinder with a scroll with the ten commandments inside
which in touch when entering
perhaps we could get sucked into the precepts
we are looking for a name for the building
but so far we haven't city it's hard to be in android
the se
i wrote me being god is with us
i thought with us
so far eight street is the best
rosie has however given the zendo a good name
it's my is up and go
there's a name i will really be able to deliver
by the way another condition and movie share it with the the capital is our huge architectural theory heard it
they bought an old synagogue
and abounded a good one
someone someone commented that zen centres in the like some furniture breath
wandering around from the shelf and annuities
hundred and ninety three day

this is michael who has been the guiding spirit year and an empty net so long
commented on our mood
he said that building was built to serve people
that as long as it was serving people
it was fulfilling its original content
i think that them center and really late the from
the spirit that that is
who has been a spike a here
it seems that almost everyone who has lived in san francisco for long
it has served angry or well
we're not yet quite sure just what precisely because we will make from the job
it isn't good basic space and quite flexible
presently we have a though downstairs the buddha hall near the dining room on the other side
the august the library near the door
and something is these ladies room
on the path to mark we have residents facilitates for about seventy people about deficits are friend and fourteen i guess
roman board and themes are eighty dollars a month pregnancy
we have born periods of degradation the day you in the early morning one before dinner and one at night
with a special schedule on weekend
attendance by everyone throughout for periods of neither expected nor recommended the spirits of the for periods the bar in the direction of making them though available to more their speaker
resemble is open to anyone and our practice a way being very simple
zombie be rosy express this spirit nine years ago when new expanse to as with its request and them
he replied that he lives doesn't everyone
anyone with them in practice with
yeah we think that spirit that


have to stop funny
ah for let's get technical fresh social mission of san francisco we liked the corner so hard for the mere fact that my keys easier he's not as long as you supposed to be here today that rather circumstances he
he asked me to say a few learn now
the atlantic and now down very on my when i was hoping that he will be a few lot also i can pick it up but he's covered everything chronologically and three and sides
ninety nine to say that we
all the people i so call me
then throw that in years ago when joe santa was a disaster for the then with a group of for high that wanted to
that would say experiment when a particular that them was like are they contact and so lucky ironically yeah
today a models you write the then you have to the rest are all new suppliers not
the original group is concerned
now about a ten years ago i was saying
ah a an embryo on a was on for dance and a half day and back that thought was that will want to spread learned anything throughout the country and united states
the appraised in new york
the face in boston they want to make that eyes or something not everybody but where we were planning that would be
studying and five regime that then meditate
ah i hope
using that thing i don't know one day it on the market will be can hear you don't know
but ah
it's like a family
your chemical move so fast that the old people that push back
well being a our temple the facilities are you know they weren't adequate leader was a boom they got the that the partners know people be dead know when besides that was fine by me feel worse than place where it was back
when the room on they've got them on network
we talked about your version the whole day
new wrong here
well think so
i've brought in last v and much some partner
the timing was perfect is not at that time this final rejects the game available
you're able to perfectly that then double in last place besides the right places
what are we going for money
look world was very strong them the was this is the reason
he was yeah
so the i'm say about the week
they put down the are not logical
he has of our message as with us
sizes can by the way to was as a place where is the purpose
as an example that an aspirin
that was just as hard or even harder because nobody move nobody knew what was that didn't know that the level of for a mouse
really love be very accurate town today
that experience with then and today is
no i a know
and the the
let's see the loss
he can no longer
has a number play prices
is not really handy
right off the freeway
he was an email
i don't see that more
know a guy talk to much
are you running out
the line young other words
what the is a are i haven't been
and ninety
on the enemy is actually maybe about ten years i would know if i'll ever see
that has been the the here
only get old he gave him a month
yeah somebody me that
that easy
the it is available
the laughed as online using data over the was a healthy lead on this earth and you do what the the eat you
in our a quality improvement in well
i am today
the people