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nano plays
i do admire those as usually not required to be for being a nurse
i'm this warm evening
i hope that to
you will not be too disappointed over as to someone earlier
your expectation is your responsibility
hummus i'm still expecting a in diameter
i said that responsible for your expectations
that essentially very important lesson that i learned
when i realized that my daughter is not responsible for my expectations of her
so i can give up being angry at her from it to when i expected to do have a do and just let her her life
it's really interesting i met expectation that can get you closer than a muslim
ah someone said to me on so i find it very helpful because i like simmer there
if you find yourself disappointed
who made the appointment
so i i find it helpful to remember that from time to time
when something doesn't turn out to really had hoped it might
well as you know i'm here i was were doing a similar you know i'm here this week
during the workshop
and then anti ching
shoot the yourself shoot
roughly ten who is
a resident of the city centre and a fabulous teaching and children teacher
and i'm enjoying her from very much and i'm supplying resume and fight
but when i find rural
quite wonderful ways to see you know
we see the connection between the same and damn awesome
ah because i know theoretically that the zana charm as developed in china well as a product of effect or the indigenous roster understanding
who is a buddhist understand that came to china from india
and the resulting
the teaching
it has two calls in now has a great deal our culture has received from thousand
now part of the i was stressed that any
deep human study of
what is it that you know
what's going on here
what is this life where is
what's happening with
what is this love how is it connected with all live ah how shall i live this life of these questions that come up engines on
very often produce a very similar wisdom i was my background was jewish over i was not very upper registers with you but ethnically and jewish and when i began when i discovered them and began practicing
i'm at somewhere in there i ran across a mountain dew those terms with the hasidim
and i started reading and are sort of his own stories
and there
and then you run into the same wisdom in almost every junction with which i have become familiar i'm no expert on to comparative religions that some of the scene understandings of highly on the world
and how connected with everything how we connected with the universe
how the universe expresses itself through each of us
there's an understanding that i'm not so different
there's different vocabulary and certainly different styles of explain
what it means to be human in this world
ah many are the essential teachings
ah are very loaded
what happens to them when they become institutionalised and organized religion is different than when the becomes a sort of or from
setting up a duality between my will have understanding things and they will have understanding things
and my will is better than their way and that sort of staff
which is also one of the ways in which human beings suffer in the world
my identifying
identifying themselves as separate
and the hook and special
just recently i have been moving in a book i was back in north carolina in chapel hill
at the chapel hill and center
the abbess of roaches said tango measuring and nineteen seventy two
on and was here for some reason this director of the city centre and it's now address of the chapel and center and shouldn't have me come back to hear and to practice period which i did and i just finished and she drove me wrong i was the this book called the power of now
this is written by someone named as hopefully and then
when the introduction of says seven years ago
she was in the midst of a suicidal depression of the depths of despair
and he had an epiphany and he writes about it here and the time remembers the power of now
i mean ropes about the importance of staying in the present moment
well golly gee how many of us would hurt dad
ah and are taking our hands froze president meme and only a moment
is one that sticks with me our life is in this present moment
and reverted to a lot of confusion but our thinking and identifying with past and future
maybe he is so i want to read your a little bit of it because it it's it's a fresh languages and will it help doesn't have any sectarian language at all of it
but i'm also reminded her career erosion and all when he's talks about being in the present moment he said
this is passed and this is future and this is present
just when here it has no it has no roots are you know it's with up point it has location but no dimension so the present grow here now
it has no duration is just happening right now and right now right now right now this is our life
and the past and future or to send the room stories are
our fantasies i mean retail stores of the past and the primary some elements of reality to the movies a lot of extra over there
implications are projections or ideas are steps that we add to it
and the more time to tell the story the more embroidered with jets
in a recent weekend plan for the future but we spend a lot of time sort of
a fantasizing about the future or worrying about the future we fear arises around
concern for what might happen
hey doesn't arise in the present moment
if you are immediately
then some kind of defensive reaction comes up a bit shot of adrenaline godwin
but fear is running about what might happen in the future
and many of us many of us find ourselves in that place
am of course now we have a mind
ah we can remember past events no less accurate room and we can plan for the future
the program that will never turn out quite as we imagined
but how much of your life came out to spend in the past and future
all of it
half of it
and how much do have spent right here now what's happening while it's happening been worth of servants can be aware and present with what's going on and respond immediately to what's happening
so that's a good deal of what what zen then practices about it's a good deal of what i notice in the patriots last
to really be aware of what is happening with in this body as as really moving what is happening to to the energy right here right now
feeling the energy from numerous coming into us feeling the energy circulating in our body and the same thing happened since thousand
when you're sitting zazen
i'm giving your attention
to your lower abdomen here but in japanese is call horror and chinese has called than ten
i probably couldn't say it right now
close enough
this is considered him in terrorism that the location
andrew vital energy
the source of a vital energy within us with social lives throughout her body and universe as we also the source which replenishes that's and the vital energy is the same vinyl engine which alive and each one of us is the same vital energy which enlivens to entire universe
how does that sound also like the rest buddhist letter you know it does me to notice this connection
our own vitality and
all brings
category erosion as i've mentioned many times said when he was giving size and instruction the first time and went to zen center
we set to settle yourself on the cell and let the flower of life first bloom
the flower of the life force this life first that he's talking about to me sounds just right for t that we're talking about ember data class
sounds just like
essential nature
i want to read now a little bit from this
the power of now
a has been sitting by the side of a row for over thirty years
honda a stranger walked by spurs and change my the bedroom mechanically holding out his over baseball cap
i have nothing to give you a said the stranger
then we'll ask what's that was sitting on
missouri but that will just mailbox i have been around for as long as i remember
that we looked inside said the stranger more said the bedroom that's the point there's nothing and would have a look and said insisted the stranger
the men who managed to pry open the box rooms with astonishment just been an lotion he that the box filled with gold
i i'm that stranger who has nothing to give you and whose tell you to look inside
madden saddam box as a repairable but somewhere even closer inside yourself
i i'm not a bevel i can hear you say
those who is not found a true wealth which is the arabian jail or beaming and the deep and shows about peace that comes wizard
a barrows even if they have great materials
looking outside for scraps of pleasure and fulfillment for validation securely arrive where they have a treasuries and that madam includes all those things that is infinitely greater than anything we would have can offer
i was right was better than chapel here i was reduced to a morning was eating breakfast pay myself and was just reading the back a soy milk carton
there as i mean there's this serve joke got it
and about came to our bedroom said maple or one rosa rosa well as employer prevent also and then been up for years but i went on a regular restaurant
so so them merit and it to him and the month canada a twenty dollar bill and
subway for many many so where's my change and the vendor said change comes from within
so i hadn't
newsletter sign up to a point but there was a new twist on it that i hadn't heard and i resonated with it
mobile change comes from seeing within
from awareness from awareness
what's here now of of our energy sometimes don't know she had this experience sometimes particularly in session and and these days when doing as and after who do a chain where we really
which is moving
ah the sometimes when i'm sitting
it feels like i can feel i can actually feel
the life energy in the final energy in this body you know it's the royal of describe it myself as a several systems i can feel the says metabolizing i just feel this this out energy and vitality or wrong force throughout throughout this body
and when that happens you know i feel a great commission with everything that so long because the same energy is
is doing the same thing
and everybody will remember them in the middle and all sentient beings
this this vital commission of life energy is in all of us and is
is why we can
real on
he was away with other beings as cry
when we do have
of children dying in africa we feel it ourselves
because we have this vital connection with all that with all it is
and so what i'm really appreciating about the title class when when looting rude some of the year
talks about some of the theory and not just the movement
i feel ah
i feel she's talking about the same thing there has been
so important in zen practice for me
i'm versa
the article is a this is a dust magazine and an article about about the connection between sin and awesome
mm that have a few quotations from
that frustrating here
ah without a jane for example
i'm the recession sit and to a little water clears can remain in stillness until movement is born as to illness
those who follow this way my desires of possessions
for this reason may ever renewed
and another one by allowing ourselves to remain empty
and maintaining i try and to but ten thousand tons arouse as a own accord
as we watched the unfolding we also watched the return
this is called tranquillity
tranquillity is called returning to original nature

so instead of the attacks about some of the origins of charm in china and it mentions the teacher who man causal of my
various leaders perhaps the cataract
help chan buddhism evolve in china including the first ancestral fashion we spotted on a show on film
who's he said to have that sounded the first chan chan community the has failed hundreds of samples he spent a self sustaining monastic community
instead many of the qualities that zionism for to build such as the practice of maintaining the inner spirit of meditation program as a veteran is doing
this included
fan as soon as well as wasn't on the same qualities that we see emphasized the marriage and practice
well enough and our tradition of course
teaching at the spirit as as them into a bit of activity is is greatly emphasized we talk about it all the time and of course you see the photos app as you suggest to it as i've seen the fruit of that in the best season reset a great deal of jasmine
the motor time
and on earth and events and invariably in the beginning of the just season and will take that spirit of says as and into taking care of all of you who come to visit
and then was a back to sit in the back at take care of you back to sweat and baghdad to take over
we have this rhythm of
in an ad in and out breathing in and bleeding out
you can just breathe in
no pretty soon we just pass out because you have to out of and a and make room for fresh air
so this establishing in motion of a petition
the set of miss
i was i in
into the activity of their life
and ah
recession that regularly
now there's established already in china
in the tang dynasty
now this this tutorial attention
wrote a poem consumption men on shows in mind
which produces the great well is not difficult for those who have no preferences
i remember the first time i out of them
oh this way is gonna be difficult for me i had a lot of preferences
i'm stupid mitchell has translated that the great rose not difficult for those who don't cling to their preferences i said imagine that i can actually imagine having no preferences perhaps it will happen one day but i'm not gonna hold my breath
but i can try not to cling to them to nurse when i'm distressed by the fact that
since you're not going the way i wanted them to go i would prefer
blue like this instead of like that
and when i notice myself getting agitated than i have i have the opportunity to say well
it didn't go through and i prefer it that this is the way it is
and to drop my irritation
have the opportunity to just hang on to on it like an old bone and be miserable you know that's up to me actually that's things as it is you know how is this how it is
when i preferred this way that whoa what is this where it is and
i can find a way to be with what is perhaps i can even find a way to influence of to move said what but man if i'm just
for some about it madam i just do an all by miracle by it but doesn't do anything except make the whole situation measurable
so action as some choices about my state of mind
i remember once that the
the abbott who was little repentance period my first prentice period hear that you'd better
set in a lecture
your state of mind is your first priority
and i thought we wouldn't think so
memes that mean
but i come to appreciate it more as a as a practice as i watch my wife as i watched my mind with my state of mind is calm i can do with what's in front of me
but if i'm agitated and an intuitive and and
upset i just get more agitated military and upset and it doesn't affect the situation in the world and i ran it to it just makes a s
so for me to find some
some stability and economic in my mind
whatever is going on
this ruler of primary importance prefer i can actually be in the situation with any kind of
use and was any kind of harmony
i have to take care of my state of mind
i have to be ruing to be where i am in this present moment in this particular circumstance where their reviews
and then it from there i can find out how to respond to it
but if i'm just sort of in my hand reading and rereading about i don't want to be this way
but could present them
it just makes a lot of noise
for me it's so l of this is how it is well now what now what's the best way to respond
anyhow he says the is not difficult for those who have no preferences when freed from love and hope but reverse itself clearly an undisguised
a his birth difference and heaven events are set apart
if a rider to appear have no opinions for or against it
withdrawal of love and dislike is the disease of the mind
when the deep meaning is not understood the mines essential piece is disturbed

iran green-blue recommend dissension mean to any of you who are here and the my in the libraries have no put us on the room total library
i want to read the whole thing too
what's this teaching of
i've been with where is rather than being stuck in when you wish were happening you know that's different than what is doesn't give you very much space to actually be with what is in a constructive way
if you can do of what is now in the present moment with some composure may find a way to go
but she just flew and about saying i don't like it
that's that's all that's happening it doesn't affect the situation so much as just making you in great distress
so let me read a little bit more from the power of now
this is an enlightenment conjures up the idea of some superhuman accomplishment and we were likes to keep it that way
but it is simply the natural stone a fault oneness was being
is the stove of connectedness with something immeasurable and indestructible something that almost paradoxical is essentially you and web is much greater than you
it is fighting true nature been brand name and form
the inability to feel this connectedness gives rise to the illusion of separation
from ourselves and from the world around you
he then perceive yourself consciously or unconsciously as an isolated framework
through arouses and comfort within and with that becomes the norm
i love the most simple definition of enlightenment as the end of suffering
there's nothing superhuman and matters there
of course as a definition it is complete
the only tells me that enlightenment is not most suffering
they have snapped when there's no more suffering
the voters say about that and his silence and players that will have to find out for yourself
he uses a negative of definition says the man can be measured in the something to believe in going into a super human accomplishment a goal that was impossible for you a
despite this perception the majority of the stables and enlightenment is for the buddha not for them at least not in this lifetime

we have this much more sugar and again maybe i moved us in the library
i've found it very helpful
because there's a fresh language it doesn't have any year
sectarian language in it
but the teacher was not so different
then the teaching read me
read or listen to practice
all the time
but how will make it our own
how do we bring our attention to this very moment
again and again and again
durban sent you and his instructions for size in
think that social
how do you think map the clinching know i'm thinking
lissa itself is the central ios as and
sometimes there's a transgression think of that which does not think
but the thing is not to get caught up
in your thinking and believing that that is reality keep coming back to the actual experience and don't identify with thought

don't let your mind in case you over
and on new
the mind is useful for salmon problems sometimes
but it is not you
you are far more than was thinking capacity hair
you are
no one was everything you are one was having you don't have to go to hotdog stand to get one thousand people are we are
our practice is to
test said directly
can confirm that directly
as we should and as will breathe
and as we fool ourselves
enlivened by this vital energy that we share it with the whole universe

there's a poem with crappy erosion were call a peaceful life and i sheets in
it's so exciting recent controversial embarrassing but i couldn't find it in the library
and i can't really remember hoping that i'm going to try
he says being told
when it is impossible
we see in despair
is that swell
the entire little is possible
we say in excitement
that's that's it
but whichever way we choose that doesn't fit the heart neatly
when you ask the is not fitting
i can't say exactly
i have an insatiable desire to know what a mystery human is
as to this mystery

learning how to work with people
showing the way this is
a little bit
that exact height
this is buddha
from my human eyes
i feel it is impossible
can be a buddha
but why i consider what a bit of does i guess i will i will practice obviously forever

this is living in foul
he and his once peaceful life around

so our practice is to awaken the essence
this blue essence with essence
a welcoming with essence of
the life of vitality
that is the essential nature of each one of us
an hour practices to really touch that and
experienced directly for ourselves this connection without paying
and this vow to practice endlessly forever making our best efforts on each moment
living a life of thou
this is he says herein is a peaceful life found

either some questions

it's road
hundred people
but see
you want to do
i now
the did everyone here see
it seems that were going through a good idea
why don't we just do it
what are the impediments to
identifying i think one of the road impediments is identifying
with this body and mind as a separate self and clinging to it
not recognizing
that was a rubber seals it's not a permanent separate self
recent medicine that it's a the fresh in each moment in response to the clothes and conditions of this moment
and that's difficult that's where every practice long and hard
that's when we can't just go to a than the for twenty bucks become one with everything
it's where we have to sit and observe how our mind kreutz a separate self
observe it
i can again and again and again
up to its same old tricks
you know it's
realization of our oneness with everything
i remember one time a conversion says realization is always an accident
zaza makes your accident prone
and another teacher says you know
we can never like realization happen
but we can be ready
we can be open to it
so as we sit to notice in our own experience of this body where we're closed where there is
attention tightness closure gun
what is the where a woman
and when we find that kind of closure some place that feels not open to both
two just letting things flow
if we can turn a kind attention to that construction
i'm just peers it and breeze with it and offered a kind attention to take care of that bit of suffering that will discover in ourselves
not to get rid of it to take care of it very different feeling
so a radio of patience is required and a regular of effort
well this turning to our own suffering which kind attention and care
is how cultivate compassion the time to cultivate a greater capacity to be with others
in their suffering
to because we feel the connection with them
there's something there's no different than ours

so continuous practice is what i would say it this is my first response going through a religion that we said of finish or end in a little know when i first came to practice has a well you know my life as a mess but i'm going to i'm going to pakistan iran i'm going to get my
they'll straighten out and get out of my life
i was thirty five years ago somewhere in the i noticed i'm never gonna get finished with this
then you will get finished with it
a man i thought oh well that means that arrest my i'll never use it up
i'm never going to be over to read practice it's always going to serve to continue to read ground me in the actual
fire life energy that i share with everything
our efforts responsible to your question that that's what comes up from
are they
oh time time rid of it