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Auto-Generated Transcript

you're just think arches and say we all know him already
he's been with us for a year
and that
pintura you around the world
back to japan
europe juliet
you really are you coming back in the you know year and to pay for another year
and i'd like to her and the africa thank you or your help
mm permissions his good by a lecture on the edges
i'm not
help you out
in a great doing
can you will do
in your community
studying together
during a practice
have you working and their product
i thank you for your cooperation
i thank you for your support
and sharing time ago
i also run a lot of friends from you
i'm not quite bad
the arena
hi we do
i am a proud to come back to be with them
how green they
roll and cabinet grandmaster i'm doing that girl who lived
have you anything to eighteenth century
and i like to add my throat we paying nothing
ah we're going to show the ride
and i like you to look up
the painting or drawing out painting as they are
and i like to go back
try to talk about
what he wrote
i'm angel
the gap with me
we can't see

tell at real mayor to keep it in it up as an apathy
happy amazed the first ring
of the year
and the one britney
we carry presented by heather
well live on the phone
and column believe in the pan that found
if you're a on long live
on your bed
it's very a fascia
so happened that robot
come again
the exact number be j
one of the boy i tried to him doing of month leading
a fit me
and happy paintings are different levels and different kind and one time is up
something people really liked to have in their home
that's a wrong
i call them open up painting
may may have nothing to do with for the people
this is run
this is a family run circle way to prevent perfect rate them
how you would expect something very scarce
ah picking at replied
contraction something like
hello matter how much way the play not too far from month with the our next province
well i'm agreeing with living
not far from regular seriously
the temple this temple or
alma matter is a t growing visit
i wanna marry off my daughter there
a perfect crime tv
for company people ran right out looking for plenty of course i'm happy that we have a daughter

for this is a one photo is of course a corn and another kind of hating he did was and go on painting
i'm kong where question to be called the realized too
lifted lifted going pro three perfect

the other type of painting
i want they crawled iron man thanks
painting though
check or money for the bodhidharma hate yeah i love for painting a retail
what i like it so
an hour
popular angel

then that via miran property
what about in paintings and i think that translations of the writing on the painting
good for i like to use their translation for this i like to quote about p of them are thinking
hey yvonne
wandering monk
one wonder of wonder
you are doing rather than today
and he says sarah

looks like himself
mortar and pestle
and these are the two and a kitchen will make you crash never been into cake
printer is
a pillar against my back soccer in my crown
come to go company
and found of mother and pestle
how green was a great diameter
what combined probably he wanted a killer against it back
and here is a good
ran away and
japanese name coren is lethal survey so
it's about name rabbit have metal in it at all
a roadway there

he have any are current the questions are we are happy
what would you like it
visitor lady i'm dumping syndrome
on the night i swear dumpling
and the night i fail sampling
and wait for him
he doesn't come the poor man i will pick him in the throat

android has anything to do it when pitching

why don't you found the during the bridge or the afraid mine
for people passing through the rome
three to like a mile town point for ordinary people
all right
why don't you spend during the bridge between during great
have your green line
for the people passing through the wrong
because people crossing the road
crossing the ocean or river or gotten there for a thumping the river crossing
the image picture find the girl with the picture
different handwriting
replied the writing
around this is a so-called and i or he run to about one and it's a mixture of tiny characters and japanese down an alphabet from canada for when we like
chinese character with getting the alphabet with would soft feeling returned to write and marketing style and tucked away
and happening
trafford this way from left to right provide often than running
not do the outdoor nokia the president changes and
ah well usually when a person is looking at this time for a little pride when his car to expect
hey honey
and he has a ten point here on the pan
and has given and cricket cricket from
and there
it fell them from
the doing when his own fail
the pan is pay ten
and happening in china
we can make wind with an anytime a and kick

i fed them when home
hello a pale
and this is based on the very common thing that we pay when old although a town
it's a kind of moral rapids twisted hobby

from someone is sitting on a sailboat
here's a strong math true romance
looking back
passions sweden ban
come on
this is an ions i'm path
held by the king of hell dhamma raja ravi say in montana
hello bro
photos from our group therapy
note who appear the king's dharma
enter paradise
what can stay strong proper line we can see are usually the painting is some wrote half or less than half of the the screen
that purchased legally

come on
and a lot of strong
he did blossom and on thinking because is for from the the or birthday and people really like to have
i'm an immediate acclaim rank and both
how are they open he said
i don't think so
i can usually a buddhist monks don't feel anything so unless he is a professional the georgia how green was the method for with gave away or united
welcome of
the upper throughout rabbit or right right
short upgraded
we've started painting
what actually is painting easily
fucking from and his sixty
he died when he was eighty four but most of paintings are well then it
seventy and eighty seven people
probably he started a little earlier when he was fifty eight or nine
well i'm paying ah
how you know repairs that time he was training run his i'm training with very
they affect very high
he was doing that for a long time that them
when he gets older with he became more compassionate and he started waiting when he was training and getting hard time to killing an irony he could not stand about and then he retired and consented in painting
i don't like to read then
anyway i'm from
his sixties seventies
early ages

this is called up
long arqiva alberta
oh this is a
i'm taking a pyre and now
main figure of one of the main figures of us uganda or mountaineering aesthetics
road practicing exited
so happening
painted a lot of simple again
i know for some guy
after he wrote some computer
so on different level puppets or level she tried to communicate with come on people with the language they could understand
take on the back roads
woodcut when i need the back for interesting technique and then he painted

this painting was
i'm actually given to someone
on have new york gig
and this is painted for
remounted on and
how tiny you know called the recall in congo them
when you lieutenant
ah yes i've done when he would be one
at this time heals very
they and agnico couldn't be
which is one of the favorite pairs of for heroes for a boy

the guy way

have you been
the of the right hand

looks like a be throwing a april moda not exactly that betraying
and now
like inc
oh it's a common here
for a kite for system is like an ordinary

the painting of a traitor to the world
pine tree i know for seven
and what they call it that is fortune with fortune
some i did
when guide them
some very popular
god in the pan

he said them
if anyone asks
what other fees
but the seven gods of good fortune i would say hurt to and co
and to his loyalty to the lawn and caught a devotion to penn
and also to
here is them crack crack crack
did to see from us
missing brother had to say
you can be standing around
for again a roadway and was on
using some folk beliefs

this is a character deal
quick mean longevity and one hundred
how them in different styles

the everyone would to have a pro athletes
he did it
long life

visit them
miss it happen
how green was wrong and sixteen eighty high in a small town called her

and he became a monk when he was fifteen at the people called show in temple in her
and this is a figure which is kept in the team came from
he traveled birth it
when practiced
and when he was twenty four
he was given
he he was transmitted
dharma from
i think on old man killed you
and montagnier in sinaloa
when he became very ill
because of the practice after the enlightenment
and then he went to see
how do it process called the hacker you how you in kyoto
when on
he got to recover
and then at the age of thirty three
ah because his teacher guide a guy
he was at and forced to the the albert however for to a pimple this is a small and boy in a country
mix fear
he became the
hmm head monk of nelson the emperor one of the lie that are major temple in kyoto ring that go
but them
phil next time some
he quit and he went back to sewing temple and actually he'd pay their own his lifetime
he renamed the other two were very small and grow in the country
and hit some air
the tribal career road
biography of happening and according is a poet description of the a hoodie to brought him pakistan and then after that we are spread hitting he dropped her luck and punk
meditation group he and there
monks and lay people
and very energetically it was very energetic are doing that

and his power then has run most of you know islam
coolum them and he actually the one who restored
ah the real common practice by the time calling has became almost like pop quiz them
and what it not quite them
when they are federal prison
the with corn they hard
the him from hitting with for proper that down
now moon
all the major people
i know the maiden paper the other
oh another happened minute
and for he called them
re publica are
replicant panda of green bay during the bank

these are the the boys are go on his coin
i tell them
after keeping an unbroken off
for a number the for a number of bed
he has become a part of my pal
what a joy
for he's not buying
didn't talk got them
hmm okay than can go over
when enlightenment or the theme of reading
roscoe it

had i try to the customers know
over the first have an old village
pro path
home everything is hidden and a quiet
when february ah quin mean agreements right
alien to hide hiding
hybrid the got them
having an empty

my writing

why know
have a having for mountain
how can a single pig
not be quiet

is an offer from
wait for people
the pilot
the tire
time for nathan nathan
what's known as a lazy man that he would call pay rate and made them
i'm okay emperor heard about him and pen for him
prada written the fell down
i'll be there a messenger
it be ripe on here are not tripping
for he said i'm a people had a man i don't know why you have the right yeah right are not let and reading
for this is a toy
wrong with it
and eight a quick twenty three and a grown-up activity didn't create meaning in
dang smoke enters the palate and
burning down and how on

this is one of the penguins he gave many of your painting ah to the people who
what to and said
and little the path
how probably be hadn't there and quick
play the pinball with thermal contention
and head
klayman yamamoto you fall for the fuck are you kidding
how to my throne double barrier
right from that were barrier
code the pound of one hand clapping
little to surprise
and other therapy again
what have been actually created with dan cohen
how about the kind of one hundred and one hand clapping and with pixel
and then he found it very effective
they the problem
christian era make it on
and he wrote about it
have you better known for broke i am
and therapy he campaigned time to bring happen and it fell down and that therapy after the old man or non fattening and the proactive now celebrate on the t can have had invited a new banner of around the buddha
and when he passed away one of the key again quite
paul mccartney something to do it with name
i do like then writing
he kidnapper and probably as a pregnant with our yeah david it may is up the tank chamomile
one how ahead
dubai about done it activated on barrier
john barrier
aucoin of course

have you can see how problem his character and taking a to to the maiden
what style holiday

ah don't do not prefer rock my of kill know no
you may have been mumbai
well the
honk and pacing and hey if it were in pain at their company placing an activity
like hell concentration and filming
my a hundred a pardon
even a hundred million time
ratchet people
i'm hoping to concentrate and in price as able to read
hey when
people don't try thing

from me that he'd now for him
how can i mean inaccurately reported

when the primary era
neil netting over
ah ha moment from not being nothing
i'm dead man
a moment of happy
a dead man

when they feel of it and payment on car i paid one of you know

and i like to run right out from her for the right
but perpetrated very arm
popular it from the taken to the to the the bible
the thing as a single over now living in britain
how combine well sometimes it can right on and on by the ticket and tell sometimes
the painter or come on out like a painting and the peter wright and is on fate of mine
rather than having a picnic
can have them and then i don't know why
i like to cook
what i'm fitting then that he had a good me
in the realm of your thousand without he hated by thousand do that
among the crowd demon
he detected by the crowd of demon
he crafted with army imagination pointed out today
and matter
the heterodox running the month of the generation
he's helping blind old paypal
add more home fail to pound

how can you call can tell
a man who appeared one pregnant year
and actually it has proved that that he was right
i'm not even agree that is
ah probably not important and influential than that the in the other period with you can continue to maintain something
a film company
have these the now the last time i they think that we're going now a paper painting
did nothing the temple in kyoto
they come for the country
in killed on their five mountain made amount in the called five mountain i can made up ago after that for more than done
the battle cry that five not contain those never became rather cocoa and again the petitioner so
no sunday was the bill
to be a real on
my paper packing and condemn your the the founder of the temple
and hoping it under his vineyard
what i write from the train rail run
what doing

this painting painted life or written demand had been used for many years before
the peter peter cooper

visit and a repayment thinking
and by toxic can count on pick up
how to prepare the red man about town
we be prepare than enough he was living somewhere
near the river
among bigger and for people were actually couldn't tell i heard by the cookie clicker by the pocketed read the emperor i wanted to see him repent for him
they talk of to have one weekend
he learned mellon
and the goal it will tell you where we're giving
giving away mellon so people can come under be in the line and the living a nearby and they are
how get it without hand
i you know how them and then i not local antique for bible pockets can leave it without can
oh this is the guy
for it because the developer found them that well

wearing a strong mad among the crowd of beggar
don't those if greed for sweet melon
a student who hit greed for friedman
he's been taken alive
if you give me the truth
without even using your hand and called haven't are you a present
without using my cake

it's the begging bowl of the beta
an onto comprising you're keeping
where have another detail
where do they knew what an epic
they made him the other rather than he didn't kill her
type of with it
packer with it

hey somehow for hacking painting i'd buy important the dirty
according to democratic debate
an adam
that the technique law in
hey and i
no it
i can understand because i don't have been guide

with the bad luck this is another
hmm painting of typo cocky and they to the same thing
have gotten their hands he

and i've gotten comapny into a bigger on from an for a minute
i'm i think gun
he tried to catch melanie
without his him

it is a lot
i you a matter of heparin vineyard
they can them have crocodile figure what's your favorite different name of the temple
for sure
wait a matter of kingdom great fun


a little bummed when he was the when have been worked
and get a the for a last part of his son

is it the mom

have you been
when evolving role i'm sure

the world will fall long why
where do you hear the bell and when haven't dealt with her blog
oh did it all right

this is based on the chinese legend or bodhidharma
ah crossing the river
the rashly
so it said them
from the bed
great mentor bodhidharma on us ray breslin
very can be

this is quite a large painting around
phone by a wealthy family in coding i'm not afraid
i wouldn't be as a painting
and it's called them
oh that i'm a great time
very humid
he probably
one of them
long period of have been
you can heal do with it
hey the nature and a thing
the phone
seeing the make a tanto
now you know why he thought high the day
haven't been a thing
the painting
wait an hour to make an ink
right then
we have them
thanks to more right

hello meet them
me there were better than enough for me
however much you pay
that that that
it's bodhidharma nothing but bodhidharma

no doug
but the details them
then what did obama
and if it from quite upset but then it will take me home
the character how green in
hey decrepit very good to ah were writing an opera caught them
we hope
the phone
ah hey for being for agree
for now how green is even in bodhidharma
how did a little more advanced
and more how to check on them
how quaint himself
around a table body language
hello larry payment when picking on paranoia day in dacula
even though it may not look like it
it is red martha roby dharma taking the world

thank you and i hope the fear again