Expound the Dharma with This Body by Letting Life Bloom Through You

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Rohatsu Sesshin

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this the i was excited with other observers
the morning
sorry i keep you waiting for this new format that we have the king said yet
so last night i mentioned this quotation from wb yeats
want to bring it up again
shortly before he died he said when i try to put it all into a phrase
i say
man can embody the truth
but he cannot know it
i must embody it in the completion of my life
man can embody the truth that he cannot know it is embodying the true
is what i think the century of speaking up when he says
teach the dharma with this body
is foremost
what kind of gary he used to say
you can understand your life
but you can live it
this again is
cease from practice based on intellectual understanding for soothing words and familiar with speech and learn the backward step that turns your life inwardly to a live in the self

how the poor
cohen chino erosion
oh well
he voted before there's a quotation from him down in the current g coaching newsletter about session
you may say you going to session and sin
that's a big lie
if you say to your friend or partner
i'm going to die
no one can let you go

you say i'm going to session to die no one will let you
so you say i'm going to sit
no wonder if such a difficult one
one hates is talking about his dime
corbyn is talking about dying and sashimi
you're not speaking of quite the same thing gates are saying i must embody it
in the completion of my life
it's still
his personal life

when i first went to
on as as an instruction and so good temple
cut of your hiroshi
was getting thousand instruction
and he said we sit to settle the sell on the self
then left the flower of your life force moon

i like to think of it left the flower of the life-force loom as you
he's very oliver says in her phone and death comes
i think of each life
as a flower
as common as a field daisy
and as singular
but to settle the self on the self
and let the flower of the life-force room as you
you have to let go
of all of the
all dead flowers
and let yourself blue fresh
when each month
i have shared with you before a letter which suzuki roshi wrote to one of his students
which turned up in the closet of his apartment where lou and i will been i think this must have been the first draft and he was copied it
this is your question of who is you
this question will be answered
when you recognize that there is no self
besides the temporal union of various sectors objective and subjective
physical and mental cetera
moreover body or rain or just temporal existence
although they are capital
they exist in the smallest particle of time
but strictly speaking they're constantly changing to one being to another
if so
our body and mind is the none graspable
the only way to have full experience of it is to follow the being as the two hands of a watch follow the reality
to follow your reading is to follow reality
this is how to have the direct experience of being
the absolute being which is more than objective or subjective mental or physical
to let the flower of your life force bloom in that way
rising fresh on each moment
meeting the circumstances of this moment
without being encumbered by
but definitions memories of the past
or plans or expectations
for attainments of the future
but just being willing
to meet each moment fresh
as you are
this is what corbyn is pointing at when he talks about
going to session to die
this is what to the hiroshi speaks when he speaks of beginner's mind
each moment beginner's mind each moment beginning again when nothing is important
no wonder it's so difficult
just to be willing to be this one as it is without definition
just to throw yourself into the ocean of your life

suppose you think suppose you don't float
what is there who wanted
what guarantees are there
when no guarantees
this assertion
nothing to whole lump
everything to lose and nothing to gain


he just one breath
at a time
another quotation of covens
joe appreciate a lot
zazen is the first formulation of the accomplishment of buddha existing
the more you since the rareness of value
what this life
the more you realize that how you use it
how you manifest it
is all your responsibility
we face such a big test
so naturally
such a person sits down for a while
it's not an intended action it's the natural action
i think we're all here
because one way or another we have discovered
the rareness and the preciousness of this life
and there has
arisen in us
huh undeniable
to find out how
to embody it how manifested
how to

her manifests the truth how to manifest donald
in this life
moment after moment
i think we are here because we all feel some urgency
to find a way
and so we've come to sit down
helps to drop off
lot in mind which impede us from living fresh in each moment
have to trust
throwing ourselves into the ocean of this way
to sink or swim
what else can we do

just to on herself on herself
and let the life or a spoon with the flower of the life-force blue as it will
without our control without a murder machine
just as it were
can we trust him
here we trust
can we do anything else
hey to stay with your breath
throughout session
that everything else go
where are the petro month who will live together and died get it
here here in this room

give up practice based on intellectual understanding pursuing soothing words are following after speech
and learn the backward step
that turns your life inwardly put them in the south
body and mind of themselves will drop away and your original face with the memphis
if you want to attain such as
he was practice such session without it