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Breathing In, Breathing Out

Serial: SF-01146

Sunday Lecture: simplicity; story of Prajnatara in Malawi; the sun comes up, the sun goes down; connections; the four foundations of mindfulness; Navajo rain dance

Mindfulness, Four Foundations, Book of Serenity, Four Noble Truths, Nirvana, Buddha...
Oct 08 2006
Green Gulch

Sesshin Lecture

Serial: SF-01042

Zendo Lecture Day 1

Mindfulness, Four Foundations, Buddha Nature, Practice Period, Enemies, Instruction,...
Nov 10 2005

Zendo Lecture

Serial: SF-01001

Tanto talk

Anger, Ego, Passions, Four Noble Truths, Fox, Emotions, Four Foundations, Hate,...
Oct 23 2005

Two Paths to the Dharma

training, Practice Period, Liberation, Bodhidharma, Mahayana, Study Period, Lineage,...
Mar 04 2005


Mindfulness, Daily Life, Concentration, Four Foundations, training, Peace, resistance...
Feb 14 2004
Green Gulch

January Class

Mindfulness, Posture, Instruction, Duality, Four Noble Truths, Four Foundations,...
Jan 13 2004
Green Gulch

No Species Is Only Itself

Serial: SF-03103

Sunday Lecture: Tigers are awesome, unchained wildness; species are disappearing; every species exists as an important factor in the world of many other species; for humans,...

Forgiveness, Dream World, Mindfulness, Ego, Four Foundations, Commitment, Beginners,...
Mar 02 1997
Green Gulch

Mindfulness Sutra

Serial: SF-00069

January PP Class; introduction of Mindfulness Sutra; quotes from Henry David Thoreau and Walt Whitman; Walden and Leaves of Grass.

Mindfulness, Four Foundations, Four Noble Truths, Forgiveness, Concentration, Letting...
Jan 08 1997
Green Gulch Farm


Mindfulness, Four Foundations, Concentration, Bodhisattva Vow, Zazen, Impermanence,...
Jun 15 1991
City Center

November 22nd, 1987, Serial No. 01003, Side B

Addiction, Four Foundations, Discrimination, resistance, Mindfulness, Ego, Offering,...
Nov 22 1987

Heart Sutra Commentary

Emptiness, Birth-and-Death, Heart Sutra, Observe, Impermanence, Four Foundations,...

The Five Hindrances

Four Noble Truths, Anger, Doubt, Demons, Mindfulness, Greed, Hindrances, Balance,...
Jun 30 1983

Buddhism and Psychotherapy

Four Foundations, Mindfulness, Precepts, Peace, Happiness, Daily Life, Observe,...