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i wanted to talk about
two things this morning
now the first is
going over what i think we're studying
during this practice period that is to say the money
looking at a particular very often
how are suffering arises where how how we get in this pickle in the first place
and the last thing is to deal with a particular an actual concrete practice one can you when we do find that though
people suffering
and knowing some way it's kind of strange to talk about the the very first it seems to me that them the theories come after you been practicing
i think with by hope the hope that rebounder and came up with a lot of this stuff in terms of the five scandals
i hope he practiced first
that would make it easier to trust
but any road and apparently he was able to slow down everything enough to be able to notice the subtle changes and consciousness and what was going on in terms of
the origination of the suffering continuation and exploitation
you know they're in buddhism well in young but we would call today buddhist psychology
hello psychology of being that were the only means the study of mind
then certainly buddhism is that speak in intricate gunning beautiful
seemingly illogical to my mind
description of a powder of mind work and so there are many and women talking about this one of them lives countless different to twelve bottle there are others and foremost for the four noble truths or one model the five omnipresent fan
which described the ordinary the status of an ordinary and enlightened mind and the twelve link chain which are hospital avoiding to
so the internal five kind of for couldn't
i'm convinced i'm stupid
but in terms of the five sky and as well as the things that we look at other hear inherent mentioned but the first one which is rupa
that course we translate that of form but i'm also sure that it really means what we mean when we say form because i can say no to this this is a this is a fireman this microphone a form of glasses a form that lamps of form as if as if those were on
real independent things from my mind
but i think the technical
understanding of form is something that i have self interest in i was thinking about this last night and how if the director and the ino and the work later were to walk down the path here same path
same scenery there would be seen very different thing they wouldn't have a very different experience director would be that room thinking oh no that route castigate oh how much is that kind of car
work later which the gutters will they all know or not on we have to remove them before portraying you have to the know what's going on between
where are they anyway
so so each of those things for the director of the roof for the you know
berberine was hiding for the work later removed from the gutter each one of those as a form technically because each of those so-called personal self interest for the observer
yeah i don't notice anything that doesn't have something in it for me
that can be a threat that could be a treat
but if i don't put it it doesn't have some self reference for me it don't notice it
i think that's technically well with by form
think it and what happens is that once i notice it it becomes a yet and i become an eye
the negatives he observed and there's the observer of a sudden my ego has arisen to meet the a situation that wasn't there is the moment ago
so what so fritzl is a form which happens automatically beyond our control and then immediately comes to feeling what we call feeling which again as i think an unfortunate word
one one teacher carolyn brasier as the that enough to sedona has called her gut reaction was instantaneous reaction
and again it's that also have myself interested in mind i have my self interest in mind or it does doesn't he does that reacts to weather is pleasant or unpleasant or neutral we present before
for example an example of fun
about one a good actor rupert this for a second an example of that would be a cookie cookie cookie and so that becomes a form for me because
a bednar i like cookie cookie is pleasant
and then a way i'm not really kidding because i think it's it's them as
hello to took effect
as simple as that simple as that i think complicated
so then
so we're bednar comes cookie i want i want cookie
and if
if there's some reason
well if i wanted but
can do anything things one is oh yeah it would be nice it would be nice duncan away
ah well if i wanted and i can't get it
well i think i can't have it then something else might kick in and that would be the the third skanda which we call which we call perception now the the the word it comes from insomnia which means consciousness that arises with something and this is all in trouble
because the because from santana is where we we get hooked where we get trance where we get mesmerized enchanted
i'm cooking
must have
have you noticed that the subject there is missing
i it's no longer i must have cooking it's must have cookie which is a way of saying that when bad enough which is the the gut reaction comes up i'm right there
thank goodness
this may sound terrible for a moment
am i
so when and comes up i'm there in other words man consciousness
is is on
in action the miners consciousness
for those you know is a think it's vassal bundles invention think so that's where the i reside before the manager resides it's where the one who takes charge who thinks it has control who was the i see a golf other words
and that's all fine until until the ego is on
frustrated and then the sauna
the local production pops up the manas consciousness disappears
and the a of consciousness arises
which is a very uncolored for way to say that the gardener
wakes up the ego
sagna put it the snake
better awakens self consciousness and the habit energy the mesmerization put that asleep in other words we disappear and were on automatic pilot have you ever noticed this and not just making it up
where are the songs you know
i think it i think it's really a great to call it for being enchanted because if you if you've ever been in the throes of an addiction could be for cookies could for anything
there's a that we lose our minds we lose our minds we lose minus remove the sense of myself of what's good for me was bad for me and where we go on as i said automatic pilot in order to get what we know will end the suffering of craving
do we know it is a contract with the kids but there are things which will end your suffering if you only have done
of course it never works it never works but that doesn't mean we shouldn't start to time
so the from the qualities of this challenge now the addictive habit driven
the patterns are women's associations come up for example some you heard the for but
when i came to send center i noticed that i i really didn't like bald headed people
i didn't didn't like them didn't like them i didn't like it when they came near me
and i didn't wonder why that's just where it was
reality is that bald headed people are bad
very dangerous and to be avoided and it didn't even get to that level of thought it was just on how one behaves in the presence of
paul people
i realized that gun i remembered that when i was when i was little i was at a bowling alley with them some
very good pitcher too fast
and with some some relatives they didn't really know too much and one of the relatives was married to somebody
who are
i was you know how they you sit in this little chair and keep score with a pencil on sheet and
and there's a light on as if a new table well i would whenever the charity can take an hour our run fitness
i don't know why but i but i like going to enjoy it and one of them to the men there and when their husbands them at one point picked me up rather harshly
you know when applied little too much pressure knitted me on the chair and sat me down
he was bald

i learned something that day which i stayed with me until i realized that the can get was mistaken
he's statement in other words it became
habituated in me
what what buddhism calls that are beaches and love that word abijah abijah is a seed
i think they're going to the good the that america and to the metaphor for i'm something that gets stored of behavior pattern a certain point of view a prejudice and you never have to think about them because when you need them to rescue you from suffering
the right there cortina they come to the rescue to put out the fire from suffering
there are there they're also often mistaken and in fact they create in the end more suffering than they were supposed to destroy
as you probably know
i in fact any time we really lose our minds were probably in trouble and these things don't in these things really only come up when we do with that mine
if you've ever tried to argue with somebody when you're in the throes of anger you know how rational you are of you aren't later
passions that clip for passions have their own logic and anything we call logic served the passions when that when they're around same thing him
when i took buckets so then than the fifth one
is the
this piano which means divided consciousness the divided piano a consciousness and that's where you are you i mean we're not the same when i didn't close
that's an altar by not
this isn't me either
so what's that what's right is right what's wrong is wrong and black why probably is that do actual reality which we have
a lot of practice and it is has launched by this time grown into a very powerful skill
not so helpful but but it does have its merit
but getting out of the way on the bench is coming that's dual has be comfortable
if we didn't have that
happy trouble
and so
what i want what i wanted to to to talk about it by way of example was a is on his anger and i think somebody somebody asked was why he always talked about and why do we always need to talk about anger or you think of an emotion
well i think because it's really really powerful
now most of us experience it
ah it seems to be the kicker can get completely out of control ah i don't do with it well you probably don't do with it well groups don't deal with it well the nation's don't deal with it well so it's a very very powerful part of
our life my life and
i've never found really
any kind of practice that helped me deal with it
ah until i got to buddhism
and lo and behold the buddha gave a lot of attention to it
by way of bomb my background
by way of my background i was i've been well trained in
the evoking anger my my father was on was he's not any longer as a massive heart attack pretty much soften them up
but before then on he would he would be very very prone to anger and then a particularly vicious kind
providing realized this at the time that this little to everybody was but it was the kind of anger that that goat that didn't just say what you what you're doing their upsets me it was
you know good and never happen
it was the kind of angry because right right to the person and tries to actually destroy the person and it was rather effective and so so on that and so on one side i got very good training and how to annihilate somebody with words and push-up have a lot of hate in the eyes or wanna take
and then my mother my mother i got a more passive approach to anger because you know if she put up any kind of resistance that would be an incredible mistake
because that would make bother even angrier
or if she tried to get away that would make him even angrier so i so she was passive so i got my my passive aggressive training ground from another and we use passive aggressive a lot these days especially religious communities
and once a couple things about that is that done spent complicated it doesn't mean just pass it that means the ability to be incredibly passive with your anger and also to be subject to outbursts of anger too but doesn't mean shy it means with the ability to laugh
shh out to
a hand oh you can always tell if you're dealing with passive aggressive behavior if you have a conversation with somebody and they're smiling and you leave and you say ouch what what just happened that was terrible but usually don't say anything because you're smiling and if they really are
that angry it's probably not a good thing to even ask them about it so and apparently i be very good about i hope i'm not so good these days i just haven't heard any complaints
about that kind of thing the conversation that kills you with a smile
when if i there for now
so so that's what that's what i came to practice with
and so how will you really deal with something without a powerful emotion like anger for example is this usually
ah when we meet anger it hurts that'll be that the the bednar is to get away get away
and then if if it continues than some santana pops up and all kinds of association associations with danger association with fun father
you know i mean it gets bigger and bigger and other words the seeds both my own anger start sprouting and the thing gets bigger than it actually is and when that happens then we lose our minds we get enchanted entranced mesmerize and we use they do
what done what every creature on the planet dies in the face of danger either run away run away really quick
fight back or freeze
hum like a deer in the headlights
so those are the the automatic responses
or what i've noticed we do
we we certainly do it here and actually it was any group i've ever been involved with it's called some sun is called tranquil triangulating that's where the fine if i'm upset at you i'll go to her and complain about you
which makes me feel a little better at first
but then when i go what and if this person makes the big mistake and sides with me against you
that's a big problem because that that waters my angry the more and then i walk off doing slightly better only to have it all erupt again and nothing's really changed except i'm a little angrier
i wish i wish it did work because it seems like such a good plan
where you wouldn't have to actually deal with the person that was upsetting it but or with whom you're upset
well an article in our tradition that's because i mean certainly the tibetans have been
a very definite practices with with anger back down that what we call sound now the idea
but mrs backup one that the actual behavior patterns that are that are
fueled by habit energy those are called some scars and those are the mental formation so we've got form feelings perceptions of the mental formations and those are the doesn't have an energy is that we always fall back on for the come and grab us when we need them with think
they think and then then consciousness so the the mental formations the the habits
our around in tibet nicole gun sempre jumper and in
and for us they're called down some scars and in our particular brand of buddhism through japan which then we talk about passions and course in united states with impressions are really bad and we shouldn't have them and if you're any kind of a practitioner you master them to subjugate them
control them and destroy them
but in terms of own ordinary buddhist practice as not to have no no no no no no i mean that doesn't work thing that makes them really makes a lot worse so what you do as you actually go into the passion itself go right into your eyes open heart open mind open
which takes of course
because who would wanna do that
in their right mind would want to do that so how we do that is we practice looking at a white piece of wall learning the discipline of coming back to sell coming back to the body
tom being in charge of where our attention goes in other words developing mindfulness
and keeping an open heart and mind which courses compassion so that we have those two tools in order to to
the mental states
doesn't that sound clinical
i have i'm sick i'm having an afflicted mental state
so what the with practice is yes on recognize restrained and go to the root the three eyes recognize restrain and go to the route
when you notice
the first thing is to recognize what's going on which isn't easy when you're in the throes of the some scars the mental formations because they're very very strong as i said before that the disconnect you they disconnect the mind that the manager is out of town you're on your own and you are on automatic pilot so it's very
a very difficult to disconnect from an addiction
but once once you notice it that's very very good news fact once you notice anything that's good news
and i i noted down for us somehow when we noticed that we have become unconscious a little or we notice
and if any we noticed the truth sometimes we feel bad about that by saying i should have should have seen that before or i should not have lost my mind i should not have done that but but actually that's a misunderstanding i think of the teaching that whenever
ever we notice what's actually going on that's a that's proportionate that that person itself whenever we can see what we're actually doing of what's actually happening that's not that's not lost him in president
were lost in my own personal gain and we say oh is just a cookie is just a cookie or oh my god put a check box through just thought or
this was this is just a feeling it's not the whole totality of reality is distinct in itself with its own self solid nature so whenever we notice anything like that that's really good news is that means our our innate wisdom prajna is alive and well
so i would encourage you to and rejoice
that's why that's why we say mistakes aren't really a problem with once you notice mistake you're pretty grim
hope so
one say something about
then comes a restrained restraint
this is another word we don't like
because i think i think some of us and certainly myself before
lot of restraint as closing myself down as holding myself back of bomb once again being the victim of not have not done speaking out of not asserting myself
and of course that that is a some scott to that's an image of myself where i'm always the victim and you must do something
but this isn't that discovered i mean i think it's not what we mean when we say it restraint
what often happens with with anger is that time will what we can well in those three things that lash out will run away or or will to stand there freeze until it's over and hopefully over quick
but am
so so for example for example
if i am angry with somebody and move actually happens at this point my i will i will
i'll realize that there's something there's something wrong in my body
it's is triggered by this behavior over here and all the sudden or fine that i'm
well fox will start occurring i'm not aware that they're occurring you good just happening and they're saying what's wrong with that person why isn't that person more careful
why are they embarrassing me
after all all of this revolves around me
all of it
hope some that revolves around you to would want to carry this all by myself
so and then then if i'm if i'm not careful what i would want to do would be to say something to them with them but with this difficult a charge
i know what i mean when somebody says something with a charge oh
good god
i'm very glad thank you very much
don't be hard to explain so
which of course the other person
instantly picks up on unless unless they've got has been conditioned to kill nothing ever not that isn't that does happen but if they haven't been conditioned nowhere then they'll pick up on it they may react in anger they may try to withdraw they may just freeze
ah so so what what's happening in terms of buddhist terms is that done with my my little seeds of anger and and behaviors around anger have been brought to life by this sun this event over here and they start to grow and my thinking
it makes them grow even faster
and they blossom and then if i recall it week by week that anger in a charge onto the other person then they they're not really careful their seeds of anger start to sprout and blossom
and the phone and across the they're thinking will increase to one usually how to defend themselves because if i sense danger i becomes very important in equation i must end the danger i must save myself
either by those three things running budding are busy and get so then the whole thing starts to grow and the more attention that time
these are the t get in the plants they create more seeds mustard plants spirit that create more scenes so
all kinds of suits some around
planted in elia media july of consciousness just waiting waiting for the opportunity to sprout and flourish
you would think that if fun
if i were if you're really upset what you need to do is get it out i get it out get it out
get the awfulness outside
you know that makes sense and i remember in the sixties and seventies sir
we were in group work we'd have these bats
foam bats some of europe's please remember that
and we were done pound things and and people people who annoyed us we could pound them in a group
thinking the back on the awfulness out of here and where it belongs on them
that i really i thought that was true
however just a of question buddhism is known all along that oh dear if you if you it's if you act and act your anger on somebody else that only increases your anger it doesn't diminish it to cut back to causes more and not only by making more see
is that will occur if they were erupt in the future not to mention the nasty icky sticky karma they will have to be repaid
now or later doesn't matter it weights
so now even even these days now and in psychological circles so i'm told that they they know that the expression of anger at people really
it doesn't work that doesn't help it doesn't diminish your anger fact it increases it and it hurts the other person
so so what are you do so what do you do you swallow it
currently not currently that doesn't help either so i was reading on picnic on
who has written quite a lot of stuff lately on communities people and communities and how do we even how can we possibly live together
without tom putting horrible harm to each other
so one of the things he talks about with anger is that done it is it's it's necessary to express it
smacking the other person what he uses as a formula is
i'm i'm really angry and i need help
and then leave it
unless the person can you at that level martin also think about the cat and the buddha certainly the tick not hand in lavinia said dumb
whenever you come to a situation where there's fighting or higher speech and leave living in other words protecting yourself against watering the seeds of your anger
the cultivating nazis
so so i don't know about you but i've never dared do that
i think i've mentioned before someone but does it worked with a christian priest one son who for some reason that the capacity to say out whenever anybody made a verbal under the table dig at him i would watch it because people are like that clergy the
yeah especially if they feel overpowered or whatever i don't know disenfranchised seven
they are not and big like a passive aggressive remarks for example
and and he would always say you it's a couch
and ah
i always remember that and i've never duplicated i think that maybe once they adhere to say that because because my training unfortunately was if you're admit you're hurting they'll kill you then they'll kill you
and i apologize to the harshness of that for people have not been condition that way
but for those of you who might have been on how think you probably understand how painful that is so so so ticknor han and maybe they'll have the the occurred sunday to be able to say i'm feeling really angry and upset now i need a timeout need to clean up
as it is now i've used to try to escape
which i'm will rarely works but it may work for to try
i'm kidding not that of course so so it any so then so we've got recognized you recognize what's happening
my chest with it with anger
could be any emotion actually could be sorrow could be join anything
so you recognize what's happening when you notice this is horrible horrible feeling in my stomach there's a tightness in my chest i can hardly breathe if all this thinking that wants to to blame the other person from my suffering
if we have time for questions after i hope somebody asked me if you cause my suffering
what i want to go there were now
so you recognize that that's what's actually happening the physically and mentally know all the thoughts that are making you a bot
the thoughts that time
bringing me how dare you
they like this with me having to the ego gets very very big and inflated
then it disappears and all of a sudden i'm doing the same old behavior
same old behaviors which had seen to have no control over that so once you notice that and that's prajna its wisdom and then and then you refrain by not like wiki not lashing out
but maybe being able to say i'm really upset or i'm really hurting
and i need a little time right now that's restraint
then then the third one the last one is going to the root of the so-called problem
have you would think that the route this in the other person
ah but alas it isn't the root of the problem was actually a my own mind
there was there was pain apparently pain at first but then everything else to follow it came from my mind my mind the seeds of anger the seat of fear were in my mind and there were activated and spouting and and washington
so what what i'm returning to the route is coming back to me coming back to what's really happening and the root of the suffering isn't up here
it's not really in your head
cause the fonts are just thoughts and they only do what they do which has come and go coming out coming up but where
what what's what's really happening and where the is where the energy does and the average is nodding head the energies in the body you know the four foundations of mindfulness body as body breath as breath
that's that's where the root of suffering is and what what you do in returning to the route is to
one one teacher calls the you when you see the thoughts the bouncer like bubbles and you you touch the bubbles of fun with the feather of your awareness
which is using gentleness and compassion by the means about truck covering and we're trying to eradicate them because that never helps that only do them so your gently touch them with your awareness and you're able it thinking just think natalia it's just thinking
and then you take your attention
to the present moment and the way you do that in any situation is to become aware of your breath because if you are aware of your breathing you are present you can't be anywhere else if you're aware of breathing in and breathing out slow breath lastpass breath doesn't matter long by doesn't matter breath his presence
is real
so you followed your breath into your body where the energy is making all that and this comfort the misery that you want to get out and to put it where it belongs on them
but but you don't do that so
so the spiritual practice here the buddhist practice is to go to where the actual energy is deflected energy and painful energy you put your attention to it you keep bringing your attention to it i remember and by now you must remember to
mostly kept saying keep saying kept saying to me can you stand what you're feeling to you stand with your feeling as though were no i can't why should i that's awful
but now with his practice and more course it makes sense because that's where the an action is that's where our energy is a life energy
and it just happens to be in a suffering place right now and so if you put your awareness to it and just feel it as you breathe in and out you keep bringing it back because you don't want to be there keep bringing it back then it changes
but i hope i hope i notice that it it changes and
and what happens is that done yet the energy moves on it gets like almost as if it's reabsorbed into the body
if you to make it it doesn't help but it gets reabsorbed into the body you can apply to spiritual practice
i think come
how it's just it's just raw energy just raw energy
and i think it's i think it resigns or gets attracted to them
chakra is actually not so i know much about them but i do know when when whatever they are are triggered in side new mean i'm pre aware when i feel like my survival is at stake
even if it means arriving to the kitchen and the chips are gone
i'm pretty much aware when they want sexual chakra is the abode of that brought energy
have you are to not let me know about mind but but your own
i'm pretty pretty aware
when the my energy is on the in the power chakra where i feel powerless or overlooked or unseen
on the recipe for disaster not only for me but for those whom i suspect are not seen
it's really it's really pathetic
but to stand on the less and i almost all aware when this raw energy is in my heart as well it's open at some empty it's warm accepting blah blah blah
ah and and elsewhere in the other chakras so when so inflicted emotional states happen
the energy just needs to be appreciated and held and been held and then what is what i find is that done the whole business changes you know no longer need someone to blame because that they aren't the problem
how to that when the last word on this is on know we we started this whole endeavor that the buddha so they can be free from suffering that's all company that's all he wanted
everything he could have that's all he wanted
and i think we as the buddha's disciples preserve or nothing nothing less than that
the all it takes isn't a big heart
compunction and right where it hotspur is the right word
and courage which of course is another worth the hype
that's all i have to say we have any time
what i'd like to it
and and ten talk about is that the practice going to make sure that was clear the theory i know you can you can read about that stuff
so any questions about that fact in america
well on
you know book
good of practice both the time you are the kinds of your own suffering as over insulting about is if it's true than then you have no right
to do that to them
if no right i
confronting competitors is kind of a heart for it worked for me
i think it's more they would use your mind you want to confront not much viola cartago da venda as
i don't know where that came from
it's like carthage must be destroyed

most excellent thank you
home so i tried speaker at the oh
hell yeah
no no no no no no about i
what what what causes okay so what causes my anger revenue because of what just well sort of but not really mean you're one of a new one thousand different causes that it brought this moment about and on and so so and then i had a reaction to the be
papier and and it happened to be is the reaction happened to be sprouting anger seeds will throw in a way you know it's not really their fault good heavens know it's it's mine is what's going on in my mind and i have to direct my practice towards my mind the to free myself from from the affliction
not by killing or blaming but by holding that the energy that it has all the sudden concentrator to come together down here which also which is very comfortable which so that also triggers my mind trying to manage it by coming up
for reasons excuses
blaming and all that kind of stuff that can you can quit you can do with the other person if i'm saying of
i don't know if you want to go as far as to say you know when you did that because the minute you say you have an enemy before you so wish to my mind
so it's it's more if you could possibly say i'm feeling really angry right now or upset or whatever and i need a time out then then we can talk about this later okay
i think that's who i think that will help you were to deal with it but if you're gonna duke it out
it only it only increases and what what's the word on reinforces the media and some scar the behavior patterns habits
they'll have to do
richard and then

oh no
well you know another a yoga person
although i have heard about it
yeah well it's it's where you're sitting there and the thing kept separate it's still an elementary could go for a walk and is just engineered gut know and i sent some of us and so like if somebody had told me this twenty years ago i wouldn't know what they're talking about what you mean would've been feeling down
no there's no there's no feeling down game
as i feel anything it's appear in
and again it's your fault that i'm feeling this way
so i was with years of been doing stupid thing that they kept saying no follow your breath all your breath watch your time timing rise and fall while your tummy lines and paw what that dead unbeknownst to me was to be able to get my awareness my mind
down into my body which it never felt comfortable being promised my life
so so what were you do as you're just but when the fox come to try to make try to allow you to escape from nearby you just just noticed that and oh oh there they are there they are than go with your breath down and just just on
be aware of your belly rising and falling
that that point your mind and your body or one not just my addition body mind so and the feeling is right there it really is and it can be tightened and i don't know i can be that that shakiness or thrilling uncomfortable if it's an effective nasty emotion
and you just keep going back to it you don't want to don't like this this is really this was really awful i'd rather have something to eat or not can you keep going back coming back wish i had a tv copan can we go back to i mean really try to escape it
but we just keep going back to rising and falling the belly eventually help
well that's only if you squeeze it down you hate it
yeah no so you try to bring compassion to it which is i'm i'm hurting i'm hurting here i'm reading and down being kind to it not hating if you bring hate into it it makes it
it's like the fire extinguisher that has gasoline and instead of
really is released as hate
he is really wicked




no no no no
yeah thanks
now that's the danger of on the phone talking about something in public because people have because each of our conditioning so different and we hear different thing
like for some person
they say how do you how you deal with this apple and the teacher says if it's in a group well you put it up and that person's mistake is to always put things of that was the wrong answer
a to russia good teacher wareham they've been who you are and they know that we don't even open it down
don't get me wrong here the behavior that i saw here the triggered my own seeds of anger it doesn't mean that that behavior wasn't malicious for the sooner or later someone isn't going to
what the person whose behavior that was that is harmful for example
i have to deal with my own stuff in that are also not be free
and they have to to because they're not free
and i know about communities is sooner or later
if nothing happens on the buddhist such a great story about about that time but it's a little too long but what what communities do is somebody who causes pain in the community and no one dares to confronted or mentioned it or bring it up pretty soon enough appraiser you can go for several years five
you for five years
before the community starts pushing them out
pushing them out which is really sad really sad
so i didn't mean to infer that down there isn't something else there because there is





well i think
this well i know from for myself is it the more i
develop a sense of compassion and a willingness to stay
where's the was very difficult of new meditation is is learning to stay is practicing stay and not playing come as heard of that is sometimes
i think if you if you stay just a little past
yes that your behavior is harmful to stay just a few minutes longer you'll see oh i got i can see your suffering
which isn't satisfying an eco sense as it's your fault
but i think it i i think it proves that you're going to be able to run
to become aware of the other person suffering suffering
that them
why i think that's where we meet you know we have a diversity training a danger that the sun the summer and a short film
there was a hispanic people and
like africa man can people and to white
effort i'm sorry i don't know the words we called than some two white guys
how european while looking from europe
i don't know if they were from europe
so there we have a bunch of people who at least on the outside but really different now but of course genetically does not enough difference genetically to make any difference at all
but tom the my point is on the term
you know there was all kinds of carrying on and and the angry and victimizing and stupid thing said and it was really very painful to watch know and for oh god this is terrible know and i'm just item you there was a horrible expiries
it's until we got to the end and on and one of the one of the man man who was ah forget his name but carlos that's right he was there and went back black background behind him and he was talking about his kids how he was a for
prayed for for his children
and it hurt so much him that guy with his children will have to go through and stop and then
scuse me
when i could feel it
then i know
i could meet him there in that suffering cause the anger not so much but in the pain that we we share as people that's where mexican
well we know technically as a secondary emotion trumps say better time than if it arises
to protect us from hurt
are a threat or danger chris a is his back to video as a defense against hurt
hi greg
that way

when no one there

oh yeah don't
he didn't listen in it's in there and i was surprised my it cause i surprised and said oh thank goodness thank goodness there is a way we can get out of this so that we can breathe again
you didn't say how he didn't say how would you please excuse me
a get britain pair he didn't say how but and that the whole binya businesses to protect the monks to protect them know ah and enter support and cherish contain so i don't know i don't know
i do know that if if i
if i'm not skillful and i stay
hit hop

tell us that time out something like that and some something deliberate time you know
me personally i don't really have good exit lines like going exclude i usually just disappear
i don't know why but are so i i think of it is important to say on i'm sorry i knew the time out and to come back later once the charges gonna then you can get to what's really happening which is usually pain
no simple pain simple nothing heard and whatever
to happen
how much time we get it

you an okay
i watch to see a fingers nodding off
oh coming back later although what a blessing that is some folks you get the impression that's not a good idea or i don't know what it is
where where it's dangerous so you don't and so that so that means you carry you carry this around for a long time until it until you work with his practice and and maybe to resolve that in itself but is still karma the still karma that waits to be resolved
so anybody who
invites invite you to come back or you invite somebody to come back i think it's a blessing
because then it's whatever whenever there's any conflict or three new toy often sometimes
maybe three responses one is to the hard feelings of past that between two people they can have a have the option of kissing and making up well this didn't really happen where were we really are just friends are we didn't do until next time
you can say a salon i'm outta here and break off the relationship or it can be a call towards deeper intimacy
and that of course with involving and coming back without the charge
and getting to getting down to what was really happening
a champ


that's a really good point term and apparently
the content you know i like some of the stuff that i've mentioned today about my aunts my own self and background as that's content and actually it doesn't have much to hurt much of anything to do with the actual practice the buddhist practice because the content doesn't matter so much it's the process you know it's there it's it's and
the just a raw raw feeling just the just the fox i mean
it doesn't really matter what they are actually that's for for therapy actually that's left the therapeutic arena where you actually track down and try to understand what the details are that go into your suffering so that it can be healed and i think that's really terrific and i i love
that myself i love doing that kind of work
and there's an easier way i think i think
no i don't want to say that when one so i think i think some things are best treated by by a therapeutic approach with an open-hearted loving skillful person
and somethings are available gullible
i don't know with word is through 'em through practice like something's practice doesn't touch i think i think our practice doesn't touch something
so on
yes i mean the because we picked the mind thinks his content is really really really important puts not really
because just great just produce a i think if so the practices to go right right to the root of it not to not all the causes but to the route
what's that this election is the different approach


right right well what's in it for me of course is a giraffe bat in a zen place then the teacher says a chin and compose her
i wrote because i'm in terms of i think come ultimate reality there is nothing in it for you for me in fact my thinking if there is is that isn't one of the core problem
that maybe the road did that i that since itself that wants to win with the wants what it wants doesn't want when it doesn't want
we live in a bigger reality the last
none of that sounds awful long time
zen practice i don't think is is interested so much in making building an ego a better you go a better sense of self and greater sense of greater self-esteem i think it's about
going beyond either going beyond the box of who you think you are who you think it should be
and the way to do that is to enter deeply into the suffering itself which would be to come back during the breath to go back into the body
where the suffering resides
he'll be kept his hands
oh consulate
if things happen
right around the topic
a girl not just after a meeting of that
i can tell a day
here take a parrot
the backside
the fact that another than your body mind know
what a padi
look at it
no death
what will happen yet
have you happened next
oh i'm a the way to it
hey what's next
all again a
get your of technique
was funny and and rack rack
right now
yeah aware
that a right
the world absolutely
is there
water is welfare very very careful that
the yeah
as the simple things are killers will day
i was going to say that that's good that's good yeah it's a it's a i did not have not water are putting the work somewhere else like into compassion
we're into where the real problem is you know where the energy of
ah town
oh shoot
hiroshi apparently said
you know that trouble you have right now you'll have a for the rest of your life
i find out i'll be comforting for at least it's going to be one that i'm familiar with you
and i can practice with
culligan late
thanks very much