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my father
my love
how the live
i'm saying
ah well again thank you for the common but i noticed on the border that the rob anderson one of the teachers here is doing something with a tangle you know and if you read just the burgh quay is like finding the stillness and
movement and finding movement in the stone so they're not really two different things so sitting meditation you could think of as tango you know if you really understood it but it's very hard to understand silence because and stillness because we're such as ah agitated kinetic society
that we just like have a really hard time with with what looks like nothing know like not doing stillness we get impatient also the main states come up that we don't like the reversal that's the most powerful reason for doing it because now you're cultivating intimacy with all of the earth of mine state that run your life anyway tango
or flamenco yourself with much as you want you still run into a of mine stay upright you won't go as well as you thought they cannot know whatever it is so that the power of recognizing inverse of mine states and having a a myriad of ways to paint recognize them in handle them
hold them are and not get caught in them is profoundly liberating and cat but influence the spontaneity of your life this is you know on one reason i called my book full catastrophe living with a because it will be the rephrase the top of the greek used in zora
who is the quintessential get up and dance in the face of anything you know success failure you will get off the new dance didn't matter k and so that's really the heart of it and you have it already and so did everybody else in the room and we inhabit your own way so this is not an either or
this is in some way looking in the places you most don't want to look and though way you can tell is that's where the most resistances
so the challenges do you want to just go like where you're most drawn kind of whether it's easier but still your humanity includes all of it or do you want to look in the places where you sort of in some way most tried to go gently lovingly with tremendous kindness not some kind of you know
a heavy duty macho punishing trip by avoiding any kind but simply attending to the basic apparatus that gives rise to dance the lots beach grass everything
so it's kind of the ultimate adventure where the ultimate dance and you don't even need a partner or the whole world is appointment
where your your own best partner hearing keeping your learning how to the your good company to yourself
and sit with
impatient frustration boredom and but it's not about sitting about living your life as if it really mattered so in a sense it doesn't matter what path you take the as long as you keep your eyes open
and come to your senses
and then the hard times will be you know
your teacher as much as for the transport of time
hum i want to get asked the question about the center stage in the wind snow
my question is is by the rings this book
intrinsic to the nature of the multiplicity of
know that me i have multiple mine states at the same time or
he said
nine elizabeth
oil way that is
he's been something about concentration in of them
the practice of us have an announcement
good question very very good question can you relate to that question did you hear it but the wings i said something about featuring the bread center stage in the field of winners let everything else be in the wings but then gradually we invited everything else to be like santa states so there's no there's nothing that's not
center really there's no periphery it's just one seamless field of awareness
that can that immediately knows whatever is arising and
so the question had to do it well what about this center stage in the wings and is there some virtue in just cultivating concentrations and the stage on one object that right yeah yeah it is the multiplicity in the nature and together we have the nature of mind or even about now the wings the wings are
part of the nature of mine it's more like a skillful way to keep certain things in abeyance so that you can so that you can develop concentration it's not like the things that are happening stage are any less important to you than the thing that you decide to feature it's more like and this is one way to
think about it on
with you want to study the stars
ah through a telescope were a radio telescope
you have to establish a stable platform so that you'll be able to find the star or the planet that you want to look at and then sustain the look long enough for that enough light comes to city you can see it photograph that measure the spectrum other the software so you need that stable platform so now if you want to use the
mind to inquire into the nature of mind
if the mind is like completely unstable it's like putting your telescope on a waterbed and then trying to find something or you know you shift your weight and telescope good like this so that's that's what happens when we have not cultivated mindfulness was concentration and stability of mine is that we can't really look at the mind because as soon as we look
at it we get carried away by it have you noticed that i mean it's like an an awareness like five minutes later we remember oh yeah oh wait a minute what about the breath
god grant where was i and then you begin to realize just as william james that the mind is continually coming here there everywhere else so very hard to develop enough stability so that you can actually game it never mind sustain the looking beneath the surface of appearance
and that's what we're doing when we append in the present moment as we are actually being with the full spectrum of and experience rather than just been caught in the surface of it being caught in the surface of the thought would be believing the content
believing the content
and then spinning out on the contents so that rather than just one thought and then it comes and goes is like one hundred thoughts about whatever it is people mentioned various things this one
so the two aspects really that are involved in cultivating mindfulness one is cultivating a certain degree of stability of attention so that awareness can be sustained and you do that by featuring one aspect of your experience the breath is typically a very good one center stage understand
you can do that for the rest of your life and it is no unbelievably powerful practice and gives rise to everything else
and the buddha himself taught that called the on upon the saudi sutra in the buddhist teachings and it's like everything at all of the buddhist teachings comes out of just attending to the breath
on the other hand you can expand the field of awareness and as we did this morning rest in a much more spacious feel the winners kind of like a big mirror okay and that mira has the property of whatever comes before it is reflected by the mirror doesn't say well
it go away i don't like that i want this i want more this the myriad of and claim to what comes of goals and it doesn't ah
advertise or poor for anything he just like fan so when we speak about the field of awareness that's not really a mirror but it's more like you could say an electromagnetic field but anytime something moves in the electromagnetic field leaders immediately recognize and known without thought you came it because like a bird moving through the sky or cloud or something like that
so shaken taza or clear present wakefulness which is in the title of you know talk this workshop is about resting in that kind of open spacious
luminous wakefulness well it's easy to say just rest and awareness easy to say he had only comes out to be the hardest thing in the world
so that's why we cultivated but at the same time that it's high to thing in the world that's infinitely available in any moment or we need to do is get out of our own way
and the way we get out of her own way is by noticing how much we get in our own way
and then just by virtue of noticing that noticing that aspect that knows his awareness itself and it's always hear ya

what does this associating mean to you
yeah ah right ok so and what good meditation mean to you
but present being present not leaving not checking out so can you check it and see whether you are this is associating or just being present
how would you know the difference

yeah that that's why this workshop is called the body door okay because in the sense if you can be with the body
then you're not lost k you grounded and that's the first thing the buddha taught in the four foundations of mindfulness mindfulness of body and breath
it's like really grounded
really grounded in something you can always come back to you if there's any question about this associating and you're already you rehabilitating yourself you're establishing residents once again in your own sphere and learning how to be at home
and what of the qualities of being home at home being relaxation
ah comfort
and a sense of
a peacefulness not being disturbed
loss of hope being at home
feels like lost the pope to you
think more about that

because you already complete
ah okay that doesn't sound like loss of hope that sounds like

it sounds like complete fulfillment
if you're really a peace with things as they are
what i would i don't want his first pick get confused on this point because of being at peace with thing he says they are doesn't mean that you shouldn't act in your life to make changes when things that they are are harmful
or a causing suffering
to yourself or other so it's not some kind of state of passive acceptance that is not at all why the discerning that would be ignorant that would be highly toxic
what be with really discern what is going on which is very different from judging like don't like but really call a spade a spade and then choose to move in a direction that is nurturing wholeness kindness wholesomeness as
the post to damage
more suffering more pain and that's a choice we can make virtually moment by moment by moment yeah

well i wouldn't say just it is keep coming back to it but just it's very hard work but yeah in a sense what choice do you have except to rest in awareness in those moments
and maintain open heartedness
you know but not get caught up in your own anxiety usually what happens in a relationship is somebody gets anxious for you get anxious have you noticed that somebody gets angry so hey let's help the situation out i'll get angry i'll take it personally you can't say that to me and then we are fabricating
once again a condition that will and then we have course have to attribute causality and blame so you made me angry i don't think so
have to take responsibility for our own participating in this upwelling and so very often were in complex relationships with people but we're not attending to how easily will fall into these horrific habits many of them genetic so you know like it almost feels like oh my god you know you see it in your
brothers and sisters i know to for me is like
yeah you found my god the curse of being and then you plug in your name
the last name and like cause it if it's in the generations and sometimes skips a generation but you know that stuff that caught the genetic karma and when when the proverbial stuff hits the proverbial fan that's the first thing you'll come up with will turn into your mother or your
father or your sister or your brother and you hear stuff come your mouth that teaches well not believe
yes okay
hmm and does he want to be help
so titrated to that extent
you can see that that's a yoga you know that's a yogi you want to overshoot you don't want our undershoot and in order to do that you have to be very very very sensitive
and then let's say he lashes out at you because you overshot do that ever happen
okay to bad with the that shows another example
doesn't matter but is there ever a time when he kind of
find fault with you
okay but do you take it personally when he does
okay so there's your answer
there's the answer to the question you to post tried to be right here with it all and be a little bit more transparent to in terms of taking it personally
you don't have the latch onto it a you can
that kind of thing just like
hey this is really hard work as much easier just sit on is awful
to be in relationship i mean it's really hard and to maintain moment to moment spacious awareness when you do it for days weeks months years and decades

what spikes out feeling like really effortful and in fact people call it deliberate mindfulness the cultivating mindfulness but we're doing a very deliberately i'm going to meditate now i'm going to go through my period of mindfulness i'm gonna be mindful in daily life i'm going to tell myself and remind myself to be mindful in daily life
i keep telling myself to come back to my breathing all of that scaffolding is absolutely fabulous but you will find more the more you practice the more you will find that it's just kind of like happening effortlessly that it's just more the way you become and then when you fall in a whole guess what you acknowledge that you fell
in the whole he lost it and you just climb out of the whole and then ah
you could beat yourself up for the next ten minutes for ten years about that but you don't have to it's a choice and then just move on next moment fresh
since of

are you talking to yourself or your notice thinking
what did you try to see

but seeing yeah
well it's yeah


so i have you know that
have you know things have changed
yes we are already doing it
what well this is great because you're you're right on top of something here
they don't have to something here maybe your expectation
are clouding
the the moment in the factuality because you are already seeing
so then i would as well what he want
how how would it have to be for it to be satisfied
we're really seeing or whatever you want on the label

yes well it is and if you have any intuition that it might be valuable keep doing it because it's something they grow them in
you take somebody like monet
he spent a lot of time to seeing
heck there's a famous story about monday that he was so
he was a lying and if you've been to el ni can huge gardens which is where did a lot of his painting the water will listen to with and i and part of the garden fronts on the sidewalk and so somebody was walking by a neighbor and he was sitting in a chair with his eyes closed
the neighborhoods ah monsieur money i see you're resting
and he said enormous you i'm working
and then another time he came by any some money anyhow whole bunch of easels out there painting the pond at the different stages of the day and you need move from one to the others the light changed into harmless humour nancy you're working and when they said have known as you're dressing
so the cultivate eyes of home that can drink it in without having to have it be a certain way and to see the light and shadow in the form and the color and movement and everything of your eyes already do that
but they tuned it out over time starting you i'll give you an assignment okay start looking for and really i mean looking for reflections in your life
walk down a a city street and just see how many reflections there are led you to know
because they're everywhere
in glass and most of 'em a distorted so that they're not actually like mirror like reflection they are all sorts of phantasmagorical in all sort of distortions of whatever is being reflected in windows and car windshields and everything else day and card you know bodies
we never feel
why because when we see a car we don't see the car as it is we see our idea of carya honda
we actually see that car
this is a wonderful the exercise to do with children
when you're parenting for and parenting my view is one of the you know most powerful form of spiritual practice of meditative practice mindfulness practice
because it's like you have live in zen masters and they are going to push every single button
and at the most inconvenient time for you just when you thought you were gonna get a moment
hope you're gonna get a moment all right but it's not the one you thought you were gonna get
so can you see your children for who they actually are
as opposed to who want them to be who you think they are who were you afraid they are
very powerful practice in not easy so since you say this is your first day of china's to keep practicing keep seeing keep attending
see where it leads he would happen here

when see
i love
the doing

yeah mate
that the wonderful insight
so knock it off already
give yourself a break
you see your actually acknowledging that you have the capacity to rest in awareness with no center and know periphery and know floor no no place to stand
so flow
or fly for just be you know beyond all concept
and then yeah the mind will intrude and say well you know how can i earn money of this or whatever whatever i mean it's shameless it will but then when that to is recognized and after well you know when you get really sort of
more stable than the awareness those thoughts that knock on the door don't actually intrude because the awareness is so stable that is immediately recognized thought intruding and it just like it's like touching soap bubbles that arises and you touch a soap bubble and what happened to it
okay so thoughts coming up in the mind another image that's used classically the water bubbles of water in a boiling pot you know they they nucleated the bottom and then they come up through the water and put the can just watch the thoughts in your mind you know in this sort of the spacious field of when i thought they ever be
beginning in a middle and the imminent every single pot you will ever think no matter what the content of it is a beginning a middle and the n can you be there for it
try to live to see that that's what kabir said try to live to see that
then all of sudden it's content won't have a grip on knew the way it did it just be one more event arising in the field of awareness one more inaccurate event of what you know i mean you know if you have two or three thoughts in a lifetime that are really profound you're ahead of the getting
a lot of the thoughts that we have a just like they would like the plague you know they're like little secretions little secretions of this and that much of it clinging one thing
that kind of thing yet

when you



absolutely and from cultivating the art of thin
and of course when you try to draw something or even photograph something
it's very humbling
it's very very humbling because
he you know if revealed to you in a way that before you try to join you realize you don't even you don't even see it
is a wonderful story and joseph goldstein book one dharma that's of the naturalist louis agassi i believe and
and he when he trained his students in one story of like you know he made the student draw a fish
a frisbee made him sit with the fish for like three days or something that you just look at the fish before it let him draw it
and you know in every imaginable emotion came up you know and who wants to look at a fish a dead fish for the three day but when he drew that fish he's really do the fish
and if you know the book zen and the art of archery wonderful book you know the teacher made the student draw the bow
for about three years with no arrow before i gave him an hour
just trying to just draw the ball
and be able to stand at the point of higher tension
with no effort and no am
when you can do that then maybe you can have an arrow
so yeah it's very much bath and then if you develop it for seeing or what about the other five senses
can you develop it for melling tasting touching a hearing and knowing
and they all won it it's not like we have the six senses is that all happening in real time simultaneously and that's called synesthesia i mean that the by the multiplicity of the senses all happening simultaneously there's a very interesting for study were reports of people who are missing of them
a story it was a big article in the new yorker about this but maybe a year ago from some guy who is a you have been blind from birth
ah but who has an incredibly develops proprioceptive sense so he feels where he is in space to a remarkable degree k and
and he has the capacity if i remember correctly to through the feeling create a world that's like felt but not visualize so he doesn't see it the way we see it but he knows where things are
he a
he decided that he would repair his roof
one season
and he did it at night drove the neighbors none he was up there on the roof at night cause he didn't need to see
and he didn't fall off
so the senses we have the potential to extend the is remarkably
it said that the aborigines in who could see the moon the large moons of jupiter
their eyesight fucking
and in fact if you have been following
the literature on neural plasticity
ah than the brain actually changes in response to repetitive ah
ah training
repetitive training so for instance the er the right motor and sensory cortex of somebody who plays the violin with the cello with the fingering being left hand and that's controlled by the right side of the body that the spatial representation of the fingers
in the brain of a violinist and accomplished violinist been playing his or her whole life is much larger especially just in terms of the amount of size that picks up in the brain and somebody who played the trumpet
or say the other side where it gets the ball which does require some but not nothing like that or london taxi drivers do you know the story of the london taxi drivers is a part of the brain called the hippocampus which is associated with many many different functions part of the limbic system but part of it is
multiple kinds of information r m it turns out they did a study where they just measured the size of the anterior and posterior that front and back hippocampus in london taxi cab drivers and in people who
are learning to become london taxi cab drivers and london's kind of like a medieval city is very complex street and habits not like minneapolis
and or even san francisco and it turns out that the the license one cab drivers
have a very large posterior hippocampus in a much smaller
anterior the campus the novice cabdrivers have a much bigger anterior it became to so the ratio is very different and as they learn the street map the posterior hippocampus get bigger in the anterior become smaller so there's a certain sick suggest suggestion here that the brain is continually
remapping itself and they are also examples from of people who lost limbs and self-worth and the brains that are attendant to those limbs and phantom limbs off so it actually spreads out to subtended other regions of the body
christopher reeves who was paralyzed you know this horse riding accident has actually recovered sixty percent of sensation where he had no sensation for neck down none whatsoever and for five years had no sensation and we started in on a kind of particular kind of
a computer or electronically stimulated repetitive exercise program and he started to recover
sensation and blowing the minds of those neurologists and and and rehab specialists because he's actually recovering motor function and sensory function they've never seen this happen in the see to power legion
and not just him it turns out there and now like hundreds of paraplegic to work going much further in the direction of recovery rehabilitation than anybody had ever thought possible no one knows what the limits of this are but it's interesting that the nervous system actually response and in in in these
kinds of ways and grows itself in central nervous system ways that we never thought to be the case before
so and then i mentioned last night that some of my colleagues and friends are studying tibetan monks in particular but we plan to get around to all sorts of meditation practitioners the people logged tens of thousands of hours meditation practice in their brains of two very different from regular folk
and so the brain seems to respond to repetitive training of one guy now
and so even handling intense negative emotional distress you can actually improve the way you handle negative emotional distress simply by staying present and practicing and coming to your senses applying mindfulness at the point of contact every single moment that it happens now of course you want because who can remember
it to do it every single moment didn't happen but when someone comes along and give you a ticket or whatever happens those are moments where and you can you'll find you get more and more of them when you're in the shower can you be in the shower when you're in bed can you take a few moments actually realize that you're there can you be in your body it's like a never-ending you eat a lot can yeah
actually taste with you're eating
all of that
i would like to actually take just a few more questions and then practice because you know we're rapidly coming onto the end of the day and while this is a former practice i want to weep it in with the other point of crisis down

oh the these studies with the monks were not randomized trial a trial because at the moment they are so far out that we're just getting data on them and comparing what they can do individually
lee in various sessions and then how they compare to each other
but then not randomized trial
yeah drafting on we're about three one realize
i going be paid after the
another story line
i'm getting
and what city message and given your current bringing us inefficient
lot more resistant whatever
do bring breathing without you
that's that's a very interesting question did you hear the question
i he's a graduate student in neuroscience who has a a desire to actually connect us with meditation practice his own meditation practice and also a study it
so he was asking about back in the days when i started to stress reduction clinic and mindfulness-based stress reduction in the medical school in nineteen seventy nine which was a very long time ago how did i deal with the environment that was not particularly conducive for friendly to that guy
to think and i would say in response to shorts see short answer is that it was not unfriendly for amazing amazingly so but a lot of it really depends on how you frame things so for instance i didn't call it the yoga meditation
a clinic i the distress reduction clinic if you know anything about buddhism often with duca is translated as stress k duca
mean suffering anguish dissatisfactory is the first noble truth is the truth of the universality of duca suffering
so we call it the stress reduction clinic who is not going to relate to that
i mean the universal responses while i could use back where's that so already you set it up in some way to succeed simply by what you call it then when they said well what are they doing that stress reduction for clinic or we do meditation oh yeah that makes them
see what i'm saying whereas if you call it the meditation clamp we will roll their eyeballs or even the mind-body clinic in those days now you can use that terminology but i am i like to point out that the words medicine and meditation sound a lot alike do you know that have you noticed that you know what they mean
okay what the root is in latin as metairie which means to measure which means the cure but the indo-european root is to measure and it's like medicine is it's not measure in the sense of holding up an external standard the things in measuring how long something takes or how wide something is but mm
more that everything has its own right inward measure kind of akin to homeostasis so meditation is the restoring of right in with measure when it's disturbed or deranged
and minute and meditation is the direct perception what did i did did i say meditate medicine is the bestowing of right in would measured did i say that
you don't know
i just did before i said meditation okay so medicine is that restoring of right and would measure when it is disturbed and meditation is the direct perception of right and would measure
seeing what's already here to be seen
et cetera
so in terms of the neuroscience i think if you can find a vocabulary for it that will not trigger a lot of you know
airy fairy kind of you know
reactivity on the part of people like it's just a lot of nonsense and part of it is just learning how to speak about it wasted a sensible talking about the studies that have already published about it
and just and that you should know we just tell the public meeting with the dalai lama a mighty at enough you know about that you yeah the mind and life institute and we're going to hold the summer institute specifically for graduate students in neurobiology and others like yourself so you might want to come in
oh good okay on great
so but i had surprisingly little resistance for any number of reasons but ultimately turns out the mysterious and then the way i like to put it is before they knew what happened the university of massachusetts medical school was more well known by about effect of a million for meditation and
mindfulness than for anything else that was being done there
that's not the case anymore because a very profound discovery happened at umass
a couple of years ago that
i'm not exactly sure what is called it's i rna and i don't remember whether it's interference or an a or what whatever but but some very famous you know
the regulation proteins with the irony
but aside from that been known for my twin and they have no idea how it happened can
hendrick they're not averse to either because
you know it's now seen as part of medicine it's it's not like alternative medicine and the i always hated alternative medicine new age old and stuff i mean this is like just part of good medicine
recruiting the
mobilizing the in inner resources of the patient as part of the treatment you know should be a participatory medicine work
the inner and outer are brought together
and that's that's what have developed so that was one more back there yeah minute

well this comes back to where i was saying earlier
when you say too painful to be mindful what do you mean

you can you be there for part of it for a small stretches
where do you try to just obliterate the time
by distracting yourself other time

until you
well i don't want to
seem facile about it because in know this is as i said very very hard work but it hinges around that issue that i got up earlier about that is the awareness of your pain and pain so
in the sense what you're experiencing is a time of healing
for a potential coming to terms with things as they are
when you don't want to the things to be as they are you have aversion to it then there's a tendency to of just contract to fall into the hole but it's really also an opportunity to be with contraction and diversion
and and that awareness that can hold contraction and diversion and the suffering and the pain is actually ah
a free from in the present moment from those elements even though those elements themselves are very very very much present
k so in a sense it's like a bomb it has the potential to actually soothe or heal
what is going on in the present moment if you're willing to step into it but it's very counterintuitive because you most want to just get as far away as possible until it's over then i'll pick up my meditation practice but it's a tremendously missed opportunity and you don't have to do this like gung-ho all at once you can do tiny little
stretches of mindfulness and repeat them many times in case so just like can you be here for one in breath
one in breath and one outra say an hour
then may be two minutes we did a couple of three minute meditations
did you feel like like they were too fast
what too short
you see him in it really is outside of time if you're willing to do that okay site well half hour would be better okay string a bunch of three minutes together and you got thirty minutes
okay but if you're kind of waiting for something to happen in your kind of just plodding on to as the clock moves well that's not really meditation practice so it's like writing this moment
right this moment
right in this moment
tired take a little break ben
but actually who knows that you're tired that awareness right here already who knows that you're hurting and can't stand to practice mindfulness that awareness
did the understand what i'm figure so it's like it's it's never not part of the repertoire
but it requires to kind of featuring
it's amazing how fast the day goes
would you like to actually do some some more formal practice and we can't even see what the weather's like here but how about we go out in the garden and we practice little walking meditation than come back and we have a final sitting together and closed before four o'clock would that be alright so now here's the assignment for going out there i
want to
spend a lot of time on it but if you're new to walking meditation lot of different ways to do it now you can do it fast you can do it slow but what i suggested that you get down into the garden and just a walk at whatever pace you want to but it could be
fairly slow and
in a where you just with every step and you're experiencing the foot making contact with the floor with the ground and then the shifting of the weight onto the foot tobacco comes up and you're walking or go up to something in the garden of flower a tree and and simply practice standing meditation and just do
rincon what's in front of you don't sightsee but see the sights
okay just look at the hill look at a tree look at a bush look at a bird
and just stand there
okay and then i'll ring a bell to bring you back but just to say
you know be about fifteen twenty minutes the most so don't slow walk out to the garden because you'll never get to the garden
and then when you hear the bell come back at a normal pace so that we get back in this room in time

let's keep up a seamless continuity of awareness even as we come in to the hall and take our seats
sitting in this moment
as if your life depended on it so that does nothing particularly lax or casual about it but it's also not rigid but simply being in your body
in this moment
and finding that are
degree of expansiveness of awareness that feels appropriate to you in this moment and settling into it
when we practice for no reason whatsoever so without any agenda other than to be awake to this moment
in touch with the soundscape
the air escape
the smell scale
the body escape
the mindscape
the now scape
not pursuing anything not rejecting anything
how understanding that in some way this sitting here
this willingness to stop
the present drop in
he's a radical act
of wisdom
a radical act of
self compassion
radical act of
so the remaining few moments of the sitting
seeing if you can really bring
the full spectrum of your attention to the present moment
allowing each in breast to be a new beginning
childbirth prefer complete letting go what has been
a dying so to speak to the future
to the past
and a and embrace
oh the full dimensionality
on this moment which is often so opaque to us or so covered by
feelings or thoughts fixations
and if any of anything
any moment that we have spent together today or last night
there's a nights in some deep way with you
or even in some
necessarily so deep way but that there is a residence here
that dog
maybe related to what brought you in the first place
when nice this is a potential garden for you
nurture and nourish
to explore into adventure adventuring
keeping in mind that there's no one right way
the practice
but finding your way
would the capital w
not driven by
green door version or
boot it
but by
perhaps buyer
a deep yearning to be
the recognize your homeless
to reconnoiter in
map the terrain of
the outer landscape and the inner landscape of your mind and heart and body
and life
have you lived in a way that embodies authenticity and
my merely for yourself but
the bill
this is in some way rather be of service
contribute to
the flowering of
junior sand intelligence and creativity and beauty
in this life in this moment and in this world
hemp perhaps coming to see stillness and silence is profound our allies
that can be cultivated
and the awareness that we already have
perhaps not merely an ally even but
the truest manifestation of who we are
and nourishing
huh moment by moment breath by breath
day by day
has if your life depended on it and i'll come back and twenty or thirty years and we'll see how it's going
he taking a moment or two and just allowing your eyes to open as you maintain
this awareness
and through sensing and
drinking in the presence of
everybody else in the room
recognizing that in some profound way we
i'll share the same heart
and the same mind
and perhaps the same
happiness did not suffer
what wisdom
for compassion
being a part of
something larger
where we can feel seen and
heard and known and
the long
the community
oh all of us
of all life on this planet
expressing itself in
briefest of moments recall
hypnotize does the potential to give rise to levels of creativity and beauty and and
hellboy tree
do not dream
so in closing i would like to simply express my deep
appreciation to all of you
come in here today
poor exploring
i leave you with the
the hope for the wish that
perhaps something that you saw or heard or felt the sands tour
at a moment today
spoke to you in a way that will have its own residence in its own lingering
and that you can continue to in some way or other
nurture feed
address in me
shade of
and that's what we call
the discipline of practice
so thank you
for your attention for your intention for
for your beauty and miss the navajo say and i like this very much
may you walk in beauty
may you walk in giving
and know it
because you already do
thank you folks