What Is Bodhisattva?

Given by Suzuki Roshi at Tassajara on Tuesday, September 12, 1967
SR015 - On this tape is Lecture C and last part of Lecture D. This tape is known as the C lecture tape of as #2 - Track 1 Roshi's Lecture C 9/12/67 - copied (Problem set) - this is a different version of the talk - some lack of clarity, but much more can be added to the existing transcript CM's 2nd pass -see JG's 1st pass: http://cuke.com/Cucumber%20Project/lectures/transcripts-new-2012/srl-67-09-12-wip.html
Source: 67-09-12 digital audio archive from DC. Problem set. Thanks to audio work by AW, transcribed March 2012 by Judy Gilbert. Further preparation to post by DC. More editing and transcription by CM middle of October 2012 using the enhanced audio. Audio mainly understandable but seems to get worse, particularly around beginning of sentences. Maybe 70-85% is clear, and talk isn't outright straightforward. Tape cuts and resumes almost exactly after the halfway mark. ??? denotes at least one muddled word, or just a stretch of bad audio. ?? denotes a guessed word, with an added open bracket meaning a guessed phrase or sentence. Ambiguous words (such as homonyms or where an "a" might be an "un-") stated in closed brackets. *** File name: 67-09-12: what is Bodhisattva (titled by pf) muffled Crestone took X of