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The Practice of Constancy

Serial: SF-05132-A

SR015 - On this tape is Lecture C and last part of Lecture D. This tape is known as the C lecture tape of as #2 - Track 1 Roshi's Lecture C 9/12/67 - copied

#improved-audio, Prajna Paramita, Boddhisattva, Precepts, Constancy, New Year,...
Sep 12 1967


Serial: SF-05131-A

SR 014 - On this tape: lectures A and B and also first part of D. This is to be known as the A-B lecture tape or #1 ZMC (has been transcribed) Track 1 Roshi's lecture A 9...

Prajna Paramita, #new-audio, #improved-audio, Attachment, Freedom, training, Daily...
Sep 08 1967

To Polish A Tile Is Our Practice Actually

Serial: SF-05135B

===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #18, by Shundo David Haye =====

Further to the date confusion and missing talks discussed last time, it seems that even Suzuki Roshi...

#sesshin, #new-audio, Prajna Paramita, Shobogenzo, #awakening-the-archive, ...
Aug 23 1967