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Treasury of Light

Serial: SF-00926

Sesshin Lecture: light can't be seen - only reflections off objects; Koun Ejo's Treasury of Light Samadhi; myth of Phaeton and Helios - driving the sun chariot; Yunmen: What is...

Lotus Sutra, Bell, Delusion, Discrimination, Subject-and-Object, Zendo, Nirvana,...
Mar 31 2006
Green Gulch

Find Out For Yourself

Precepts, Duality, Suzuki Roshi, Subject-and-Object, Discrimination, Oneness, Heart...
Jul 17 2005

Nirvana, The Waterfall

Serial: SF-03495

Sesshin 3 Day 2

Birth-and-Death, Big Mind, Subject-and-Object, Separation, Continuous, Composure,...
Mar 24 2005

Hokyo Zammai Class

Subject-and-Object, Five Ranks, Emptiness, Birth-and-Death, Nirvana Sutra,...
Mar 10 2005

Hokyo Zammai Class

Subject-and-Object, Ordinary Mind, Discrimination, Ego, Intuition, Attachment,...
Jan 23 2005

Which Is The Real Seijo?

Serial: SF-00967

One-day sitting lecture: when our "soul is split", what is true? Just sitting in the midst of samsara.

Letting Go, Four Noble Truths, Suzuki Roshi, Big Mind, Subject-and-Object, Buddha...
Jun 19 2004
Green Gulch


Serial: SF-04017

Summer intensive

Demons, Subject-and-Object, Letting Go, Separation, Emptiness, Soto Zen, Happiness,...
Jul 31 2002
City Center

August 18th, 2001, Serial No. 03921

Soto Zen, Suzuki Roshi, Subject-and-Object, Lineage, soto, Bowing, Silence, Duality,...
Aug 18 2001
City Center

Wednesday Lecture

Concentration, Suzuki Roshi, Subject-and-Object, Mindfulness, Describe, Zendo,...
May 23 2001
Green Gulch

Surangama Sutra Class

Emptiness, confusion, Cultivation, Silent Illumination, Light-and-Darkness, Subject-...
Sep 18 2000

One-day Sitting Lecture

Dragons, Dharma Transmission, Transmission, Duality, Ceremony, Bowing, Emotions,...
Sep 16 2000
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Anger, Suzuki Roshi, Emotions, Forgiveness, Global Warming, Half-Smile, Vows, Mill...
Feb 14 1999
Green Gulch

Spring Sesshin

Serial: SF-02727


Posture, Subject-and-Object, Vows, Instruction, Zendo, Zazen, Chanting, Observe,...
Mar 25 1998

Spring Sesshin

Serial: SF-02724


Letting Go, Vows, Separation, Repentance, Soto Zen, Zazen, Manjushri, Practice Period...
Mar 23 1998

Mindfulness Practices Panel

Serial: SF-04816

Commercially Produced cassette: Sounds True - - Pain, Love and Happiness with Thich Nhat Hanh - September 1-6 1997 Sponsored by the Community of Mindful Living

Mindfulness, training, Precepts, Commitment, Vows, Happiness, Subject-and-Object,...
Sep 01 1997

Genjo Koan workshop

Serial: SF-03185

To carry yourself forward and experience myriad things is delusion, that myriad...' Delusion itself is the agency of my enlightenment; totally enter delusion and embrace it and...

Delusion, realization, Precepts, Emotions, Subject-and-Object, Monastic Practice,...
Jun 14 1997
Green Gulch

Causes and Conditions

Serial: SF-03660

One-day sitting

Emptiness, Posture, Book of Serenity, Subject-and-Object, realization, Buddha Nature...
Oct 14 1995
Green Gulch

Tokubetsu Sesshin

soto, Ceremony, Transmission, Precepts, Instruction, Subject-and-Object, Bodhidharma...
Mar 15 1995

Wednesday Lecture

training, Practice Period, Heart Sutra, Subject-and-Object, Posture, Instruction,...
Nov 30 1994
Green Gulch