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A kōan ( KOH-a(h)n; Japanese: 公案; Chinese: 公案; pinyin: gōng'àn [kʊ́ŋ ân]; Korean: 화두, romanized: hwadu; Vietnamese: công án) is a story, dialogue, question, or statement that is used in Zen practice to provoke the "great doubt" and to practice or test a student's progress in Zen.

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Zen Of Business Administration

Serial: SF-00036

Sunday Talk.
Life at Green Gulch in the 1970s; giving, fearlessness; improv; no mistakes; parenting.

Tassajara, practicing generosity, Interview, Suzuki Roshi, Mill Valley, Daily Life,...
Mar 20 2005
Green Gulch Farm

February 19th, 2005, Serial No. 01010

Suzuki Roshi, practicing generosity, Commitment, Practice Period, Koan, Letting Go,...
Feb 19 2005

Sunday Lecture

Interview, Mill Valley, Birth-and-Death, Koan, Bell, Vows, Faith, Liberation,...
May 21 2000
Green Gulch

Wednesday Lecture

Bowing, Emptiness, Koan, Suzuki Roshi, soto, Chanting, Tassajara, Posture, Offering,...
Oct 06 1999
City Center

Sunday Lecture

Heart Sutra, zen meditation, Mindfulness, Religion, Koan, resistance, Letting Go,...
May 17 1998
Green Gulch

Bring Me The Rhinoceros Fan

Serial: SF-05086

 ===== Awakening the Archive - Tape #21, by Shundo David Haye ===== 

For whatever reason, there are few talks existing from the summer of 1968. At...

Koan, Faith, Echo, Describe, Freedom
Jul 28 1968

Because I Was Not Well

Serial: SF-05143A

SR023 Track 1 Suzuki Roshi's afternoon sesshin 4-23-68 copied [there are also photographs of hand-written notes on missing portions of Q&A - per tape operator's...

Sesshin, Koan, Ordinary Mind, everyday mind, Faith, Composure, Doubt, Religion...
Apr 23 1968