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Stopping and Listening

Serial: SF-00945

Sunday Lecture Children's Lecture: Baby beluga; why are you here?; Dogen's Three Minds: joyful mind, kind mind, big mind; mother's love as essence of spirituality (Dalai Lama...

Big Mind, Bell, Silence, Gratitude, Birth-and-Death, Zendo, Hate, Suzuki Roshi,...
Sep 03 2006
Green Gulch

Find Out For Yourself

Serial: SF-03498

Sesshin 3 Day 6

Suzuki Roshi, Balance, Aspects of Practice, Dharma Transmission, Monastic Practice,...
Mar 28 2005

Hokyo Zammai Class

Precepts, Intuition, Forgiveness, Faith, Patience, Buddha Nature, Letting Go, Five...
Feb 17 2005

Hokyo Zammai Class

Subject-and-Object, Ordinary Mind, Discrimination, Ego, Intuition, Attachment,...
Jan 23 2005

October 2nd, 2004, Serial No. 00980

Emotions, Impermanence, Emptiness, Describe, Intuition, Practice Period, conversation...
Oct 02 2004
City Center


Serial: SF-04082

Sunday Lecture: zen as a return to Buddha's natural questioning, rather than a religious institution with fancy temples, robes, statues, etc

Ordinary Mind, Suzuki Roshi, Big Mind, Diversity, Intuition, Priest, Lay, Faith,...
Sep 26 2004
Green Gulch

May 30th, 2004, Serial No. 01043

Passions, Ceremony, Ego, Intuition, Zazen, Buddha Nature, Skandas, Delusion,...
May 30 2004

February 4th, 2004, Serial No. 04104

Practice Period, Chanting, Tassajara, Bell, Zendo, Suzuki Roshi, Religion, Intuition...
Feb 04 2004
City Center


conversation, Faith, Intimacy, Vows, Concentration, Silence, Passions, Describe,...
Jan 31 2004
Green Gulch


Serial: SF-00158

Sunday talk. Children's lecture.
Legend of the blue bonnets; Seijiki, offering food and light; karmic life and emptiness.

Offering, Ceremony, Emptiness, Emotions, Intuition, Practice Period, Precepts, Karma...
Nov 02 2003
Green Gulch Farm

Sunday Lecture

Posture, Balance, Suzuki Roshi, Zazen, Intuition, Gratitude, Instruction, Lay, Karma...
Dec 17 2000
Green Gulch


Suzuki Roshi, Peace, Practice Period, Intuition, Instruction, Emotions, Gratitude,...
Jan 21 1996

Sunday Lecture

Practice Period, Letting Go, Enthusiasm, Addiction, New Year, confusion, Patience,...
Jan 06 1996
Green Gulch

Five Attributes of a Teacher

Serial: SF-03218

One-day sitting

Book of Serenity, Teacher-and-Student, Humility, Blue Cliff Record, Letting Go,...
Jul 15 1995
Green Gulch

Fire Sermon

Passions, Four Noble Truths, Dependent Origination, Delusion, Greed, realization,...
May 19 1993
City Center


Renunciation, Zazen Mind, Zazen, Buddha Nature, Concentration, Suzuki Roshi, Ceremony...
May 18 1989

Lion's Roar

Emptiness, Hindrances, Ego, Bodhisattva Vow, Peace, Commitment, stubbornness,...
Dec 30 1988

Lion's Roar

Balance, Daily Life, Letting Go, Liberation, Intuition, Lineage, Delusion, Faith...
Dec 26 1988

Lion's Roar

Serial: SF-01907A


Liberation, Lineage, realization, Vinaya, Intuition, Nirvana, Evil, Instruction, Lay...
Dec 26 1988


Serial: SF-01913

Rigpa adulthood

Transmission, Teacher-and-Student, Ego, Instruction, Humility, Emptiness, Sanctuary,...
Sep 03 1988

An Afternoon of Poetry and Discussion

Silence, Diversity, Peace, Enemies, Zoom, Fox, Intuition, Cultivation, Bell, Karma...
Mar 27 1983

March 9th, 1980, Serial No. 01884

Instruction, Greed, Doubt, Religion, Sanctuary, Intuition, Politics, Evil, Emotions...
Mar 09 1980

March 2nd, 1980, Serial No. 01842

Dragons, Religion, Renunciation, Intuition, Liberation, Freedom
Mar 02 1980

Browning's Sordello

Religion, Current Events, Enthusiasm, Lay, Faith, Peace, Intuition, Demons, Dragons,...
Feb 10 1980

January 27th, 1980, Serial No. 01857

Subject-and-Object, Observe, Balance, confusion, training, Religion, Intuition,...
Jan 27 1980

On Kechimyaku, Inka and Robes

Serial: SF-00028

Interviewed by Kazuaki Tanahashi; brief history of studies in Rinzai dojo; nature of being a roshi.

Hate, Dana, Religion, Intuition, Lineage, Evil, Happiness, Freedom, Doubt
Jan 09 1977

May 26th, 1975, Serial No. 02740

First Principle, Sanctuary, Intuition, Dragons, Passions, Religion
May 26 1975
Green Gulch


Intuition, Subject-and-Object, Nirvana, Hindrances, Interview, Lay
May 25 1975


Serial: SF-00124

Differences between exoteric and esoteric religious traditions.

Religion, Evil, Suzuki Roshi, Subject-and-Object, Intuition, Nirvana, Separation,...
Jul 18 1973

Abhidharma Psychology

Subject-and-Object, Intuition, Constancy, Ego, Nirvana, Non-duality, Observe,...
May 13 1973

SF Seminar

Serial: SF-00022

Myths and legends in religious traditions; natural and supernatural language.

Attachment, Heart Sutra, Religion, Emptiness, Buddha Nature, Transmission, Enemies,...
Feb 22 1973

Universal Practice for Laymen and Monks

Serial: SR-00175

Whatever you do is practice; be careful not to practice for the sake of the self. Zazen as a way to find realization and get used to realization. Whether priest or layperson,...

Practice, Zazen, Boddhisattva, Dogen, Sixth Patriarch, Buddha Mind, Faith, Truth,...
Jul 25 1971

Open Your Intuition

Serial: SF-05587-B

Sesshin Meeting
Friday, July 31, 1970
San Francisco

#not-always-so, #sesshin, Intuition, Instruction, Beginners
Jul 31 1970
City Center

Sesshin, Third Night Lecture

Serial: SR-00130

September, 1969

#sesshin, #approximate-date, Emptiness, reality, Passions, Intuition, Bell, Forms,...
Sep 1969

The Ten Powers Of A Bodhisattva

Serial: SF-05106

Sunday Morning, August 25, 1968
[This date is probably incorrect. Earlier (July 21, 1968), Suzuki mentioned that he had already explained the ten powers of a bodhisattva....

Boddhisattva, Dogen, Rinzai, Soto Zen, #improved-audio, Emptiness, Five Ranks,...
Aug 25 1968

Think Everything Out

Serial: SF-05093-C

Monday, August 15, 1966, Lecture C
Sokoji, San Francisco

#sesshin, causation, Attachment, Hate, Intuition, Concentration, Evil, Instruction,...
Aug 15 1966

On Chanting, Sokei-An

Serial: SF-01135

Tape 4 copy 2 - duplicate

Chanting, Bowing, Rinzai, Echo, Ceremony, Bell, conversation, Zendo, Priest,...
Mar 01 1966

Seeing Through the Game

Describe, Ego, Liberation, Karma, Enemies, Birth-and-Death, Evil, Peace, Intuition,...

Third Precept

Teacher-and-Student, Precepts, Karma, Repentance, Ceremony, Intuition, resistance,...