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established in school when i think happened was something like
i heard that if my head and said oh no
ah but can i heard it somewhere else and said oh yes
in any event i kept coming back to hear more and but he had to say
because so
the console because i kept so for the next just
my buddy with their patients sounds like your body also went to zaza my party went to size it
just a
deal you put morning and evening my daughter said why things should change around the house when just don't sit
she said this know you know how to kelly with pleasure
i it was sort of like as as of say it was of the driving forces of
life preserver was this if and head
it didn't see my head of alternative
i just
him to do this
he'll and i took that care of as my humor is i'm loving it tell you the truth
have it was also didn't feel as if i had so much choice
the i not the paths of events about it
you get some to move it
the interesting thing was that my husband
said our life as a turmoil in the terminals was the marriage was shaky
terrified of die
when he had gone off to spend the summer taking care of his father and somebody had given him to the countless three dollars and san a hum
so when he he'd that
the east he was sitting size in the completely independent from the heat and kennedy and about of civilizations
he wouldn't go the protection that with me so that's your trip i'm tired of having women run my life he didn't
and so he said a moment and the said
and then between down time when suzuki was speaking in mexico to at home excited
it seems said irrelevant his ticket box and
he has always had more difficulty with the institution of said
because i'm much much more gregarious person that he is is much more
this living in the midst of community for twenty five and this has been with financing
what do you think it was a this and people should some so attractive
you can see his capacity to completely change me just doing advice and think of anything
everybody was acceptable room just like this
i guess
do i want
sanctify or something it's a way i mean that sort of like unconditional love and let's say you're perfect just like we it is unconditional love you do a keyword
a jim
he himself was completely devoted when he was doing
he seem to have some confidence in
she'd have more confidence in even idea
you know i told you his story
outrageous behavior
smoking while i was carrying
littering the often trade
as i look back on it now that is so appalling why didn't just throw me out of the places on the weekends waggle a feeder
he said of slightest of belgium france

and you know that was certainly not the worst thing that ever happened in the how a pretty
people missed it
go off at me to the were they say anything
to the park get stumbles and stuff like that
do you think he knew that they would be
some shakespeare
and still
no he saw
beginner's mind there he saw people who were sincerely practicing the brutal away trying to understand their life
has been repealed the time
people please sign of
fun doing going through own abortions are being a perfect work in order to compare different his temple and you're not ever since onset of you didn't say that comes the necessary
yeah isn't worth it
so it can
i have with barbaric behavior

sexual carrying a hundred
when where was it was pretty appalling to these
reddit stayed little class lives

sure you
also think you need to do
have a corner
yourself have a camcorder and yeah actually create a for really did their quarter you know it might work well he did this corner to you've done all the quarters is up to one i'm working

maybe you could say
bleach stewart it's freezing out here is if it is getting along the chewy i don't know what happened to the sunshine hitler when cruciate when we first spoke out loud the evils
but i guess some studies
hey so as we were walking
here was thinking you know that there
in owner or discussion before when you're talking about your family history in your
your political activities
sounds like you were very interested in the problem of suffering that your most particularly focused on other people's suffering
in that
kinda that when you came to then the it was part of refocusing on your own circumstances
well i became a burden on the way various became clear where notley on something fishy
literally time i think of probably and paid any attention to
come them safely on ah

in any event i just too
seem to be something to do

what thing

hi suppose as much as anything
cause that it
shaker she was really neat coming in i swore the a young and so many neat like that
and the revenue people will do with allegations of typically see here when you when you pay nothing
when said here
the first time i live to
same as the school is incentive
who is undecided a warning improve give with has instructions so
he needs this administration one things he said
really sick
to settle yourself on the self and let the flower of your life for school

nothing about that the matters love didn't say what admit that at like this
there's something you going to have half a pack and time it can be really tedious and money
i have probably could have been a to time
this also from himself and with the
hmm the flower the flower of the force blues
who's say here is is mean it blooms spirits you and know
oh blossoms are different
that fit victory well with perfect just as you are the failure
the rules for he was a rope as nose is perfectly the new
violet women violence perfect and spent say this road
but still it's perfect
the to those couldn't be repaired from him
well seems like that they came into your life it about the same time yeah
you know as a few issues to also subsequently that we have everything we need where he was just walking down the hall with know what can they just turned to make head just be allowed us enough
attitudes toward like and i appreciate
resonate with
so when you first started sitting who was with mel over in berkeley he was to use as and instruction leading the sanga and but but he had made the was maintained very close counter he was then he had he had been ordained are literally two months before i started to sit
they're certainly not yet teaching himself when he first i can teach you wouldn't take a sections of than my beginner's mind and read it out loud and discuss it with you but suzuki roshi was left and once all the booklets and of you can and then you know carload of us would go from the and out to san francisco
to sit
on saturday morning the sort of half day sitting the same
to create your saxon
service or your feet breakfast or period and the famous eyes and lecture
function in me guess
sort of a half day city who did the
have you lose it
then synthesis comes who will go there there
during passover tonight electorate cisco
when we go to one day series and sessions
so there was in quite lot
participation was suzuki roshi in san francisco from the point
not everybody who said the percent of the immune system

appearance or them out how long was it before you moved over to well
the handsome or kids from multiple times and job in berkeley ideas
i went down
when i first went to berkeley santa the only residential practice place there's a pacifier which was recently
and everyday to swung that ah highness it now i should talk that about cassandra searles i could feel about tassajara
no sir herbert
do we all live together and we sit together and we together we work during if you should everybody is you you are minds will see it yourself
can can be any how much revenue as a guest to and seem just wonderful
and the senate would communicate with practice period and i play that is acceptable
but to talk about at home and live can quantify
for three months in under
the first place lou had been blacklisted
i'm allison only one of the job for kids
now he was feeling writing that that was not support the thing with function
oh so
he came down here at night yet turn that is wonderful place he came back after practice food or states so you could come down to him so he came down here december interim when it was cold as hell if he had a terrible time that if it was cold and we a registry know he can go
no just regulatory and driven december to mid january of the coldest time of year right and
hold was not just the weather that that dead
he he would stand in the middle of the plunge you know at one hundred and ten degrees shivering
it was this
the whole experience
it bit never knew i couldn't get him back down here for about three years
the of topics
ah i kept coming down in the summertime but and i applied and i was accepted and then move on said about me going away and i said it was his father and i fly as city in my boss got upset about taking their system focuses for
highly you a certain area as you know
i must be ambivalent about this i think maybe i got ready to go i'm scared
and so i think i just better relax that when i'm ready to go i'll go and that sort of what happened in like a printers have been incremented job well that she still in school i have to wait
but at a certain point it was turned ago and the
when the distortion and principally hear here i did the chris you know jennifer's about this problem which is practicing thing computer
my recollection is that that he came to me and said jerry wants me to live with her out and orinda
i said oh good i can go to high spot this week recollection use when the other three kids were home
well my god going to go to toss a higher i'd better find out someplace to go
who increase which recollections as if i can help and i suspect raises at least as as
is her life here many of them
came down here
when she was still
and seventy
he was team
she stayed with

she was named friend she stayed with with friends
sport there she was there for one semester she did not like the change for first the high school too
whether the high school she's moved to beijing
so lula home state with her who came with you and i did a blue had done a practice trade with category where she actually he was here the times's intuition don't have that was in december seventy one so she did the fall practice to
he said the one contamination

when it came there for seventy two
at that point i just you know i had arranged to take a leave of absence from my job and in my boss says crushing and doesn't seem to want to sleep in the absence could i want to be gone for three months i've been be inherently night and weekend you know that project finish and
i've been a lot lower than trend antique finish but but what happened was i just said point where you might then i don't wanna leave voters because that means i have to come back in december and i wrote a letter won't come back you'd be simpler and what i want to do is quit
body just relaxed and he looked dumbfounded and i'm dumbfounded
a pretty cause i still was young in the family working and that he was still at school and
when i was driving home from the one we can tell them we haven't even talked about this and i told even if it will take of i wouldn't claim that kinda happening
september is a soon as i was really ready to come down here some of the apparent
i'm artistic obstacles kind of melted away
and so
yeah down here and it was terrifying as of the private beach
but also strangely satisfying it
i don't get first practice for me and i cried like lot that first digit yeah
it's interesting we we set all night than during rojas who says sheen on the night of the
neither service you know
and because that's what everybody's doing
how everybody could get me
i've tried to get and tried to do that again here nobody can do it
ah because it's
no one that was just what everybody is doing we all did it and it wasn't a problem
it's interesting
i mean i i i couldn't do it for myself i had couple of people said with me to about two and when with pin
i went to bed soon after i can
i'm an only two people animal practice free didn't want to try on a treadmill
but anyhow we said all night and was a very powerful experience
and during that night was the first time in my whole life and i sat or lay treated without moving my life i had been sitting for three nephews and i had not managed to sit one period with that
changing my legs to
and generally speaking needed myself every time and would perfect
thought i'd move anything
and did that signals a change in your prayer it was a it was addictions to service in the sort of like it was a kind of like a realization oh i see my legs hurt but i don't have to move
it was wasn't actually it was more interesting than a certainly mean really i don't have to move and in it was simply yeah didn't you see already given up moving
a alice in the syrian war had a disparate it's can increase it to check talk about it but it was fun
but it sounds funny to talk about it as a pleasant experience but it was a big screen
the not moving kid was something more than just not really know answer
just to stay with weapons
that was a major experience from the machine
back next the next session that kept waiting for
so great experiences
that's a she of course
and that was a big mistake and at some point i'm a
the ever know that i was
expecting expecting something and he said to me go back to the and don't expect anything
hybrids said loop usa
hertha kind of interesting thing about about suzuki roshi and means he came he would say you're perfect just as you are and and thoroughly mean it and and be completely convincing and yet he was he was able to talk rough
tully move on to its students and i understand some time to get them and ship and knock them around and can be very rough an admonitory with them while he was rough a monitor with me a couple occasions over the planet from around the question i wasn't i know i don't know feet
actually physically not anybody read except i know he did his son and that was some years ago
the son said he picked them up through of and pondless the hotel there
as esther
immigrants are you
must have a lot of frogs i'm happy
i did he say why i'm lucky man
well he just we we were also you know what we were talking about suzuki roshi liking the st and in and said he wasn't a to be see him
listen he wasn't he
a terrible temper
that can help me in a bond one time
well read this talked about him doing that
well there was one one session that lose that lou and i had to take term censorship knickers we have the kids at home so you can both it seems to me so lose at a session with thinking
mel rang the wake up go early and then
the i'm sorry i'm sorry i read clock random well louis away
we'll grab this handling him to sleep and precincts as it was one other person who the museum
and prison situation she came downstairs and came into the sender
let them know
when i felt when you wake up there again at the right time
the regime and sat down and events as a conversion
started talking me
the one thing that little remembers him talking about was
i should you are a church
when the bell rings get up go to the of nutrition to be said and then he said something worth murmurs show me who is priest and who is layman know something like that anymore
and he got jumped down off the time and minerality hit everybody in the zinda if if it's wack wack wack with the case i you just have to yeah
and then
are you know the first people you hit a hit pretty hard
ah but a tiny get around to get all the way around the zendo he's kind of tired or not esteem and it gets so high for the first people really that lack the
so your neighbors that
it doesn't guarantee know that person
during a visit
he was lettering she was that the girl and get it for missing from she's just get up go to the restroom go the center don't even think about it
he sick this morning
yesterday allen said he was his ij said to me she
your pitch should be here your pet should be here your head should be to the east or something like thing so i sat on and so unkind were plenty
and this morning the bell rang
i just don't go to the washroom right into the door

here's kiss her so-called together
that is about like yours

who would stand has was french people do it but this people down the back and get them that the and they mustered
yeah from one side courtroom where do you hate a mature refractor oh she look at actually says she said you see her costing and stitches you know
maybe alaska put down at back your needle comes up a certain distance away from which switch
know it
so they must be just doing in and out in separate stitches and

ha and whose catherine stitches notice the caitlin his pleasant
caitlin wynne
where'd she did a pastry
so is there any more of this well
the interviewer with the quickly cause of yeah i guess we have consider that and also we should consider the time so it's almost three o'clock we have to stop so i'm i'd like

going up okay so last time they got together but the davis on there seems like it was years ago actually before you left oh for the malagasy ceremony wearing a were yeah we were sitting out there and i was working on your xico
i don't remember exactly where we left off in our conversation but my sense of it was that you had spoken about your you know your childhood and from the early some of your early or experiences that
that may be informed you're coming to practice and that i think where we left off voice that you are starting to talk about about your teachers bout of meeting mel and the
oh hey to see
well i think the first thing that happened before i met a teacher
the most significant thing that happened was said
i lick
the san francisco state college at the time of the students strike where my shirt with it refers to and that thing is that working so this isn't moving know about this oh that's probably just because your voices well maybe if we turn up the volume all
i'm so i went on to san francisco state college
because of the student strike and committed leaders had asked the
members are the community come and interpose themselves between police and students to prevent further violence
the first day of strike have been pretty over pretty violent
mr to pick an alliance had been attacked by the every stat was and several hundred students have been arrested including myself
i'm so i went out there with the idea of than imposing myself between police and schools and i received some time
before the rally that had been scheduled at noon and was kind of all looking to see what was happening in this strike and what i noticed was both the strikers and and the strike breakers were both been pretty
aggressive and i was standing there
watching and sort of the same rule waters my side of course by that time i was pretty much a pacifist
and it was hard to identify with your sign
and then there was the the rally was called her out on the quadrangle in it
it was scheduled to be in defiance of of
the administration and
as soon as it began cleaning yeah there was an announcement on the loudspeaker that this is an illegal assembly and around the corner came master tech squad policemen in their full riot gear and the
i read in the crowd started back in away from the i realized oh i'm here to interpose myself i ducked under league outstretched arms up some people in front of me to get between collision students without thinking and by that it was a very heightened
emotional situation
and i was very present but i was backing up
and i made eye contact with the riot squad policemen directly in front of me
and i had an experience of identity
which i was totally unprepared it was very powerful
very real
and totally outside any
conceptual framework that mean that that i understood as far as my
thinking up to that moment was concerned the rice graduate from the sort of thing essence of not me
this experience of identity was very very
say it was well as much more real than any ideas i never heard in the concepts that everything had no
theoretical foundation for it now
i'm not philosophical
i've never read anything about anything like this
so it was not sorted in keeping with anything in it but i knew it was very real and i know i in fact that night i went through a parents' meeting and support the strike and was elected chairman of the parents committing to support the strike and a nice day at a press conference
in fact my shirt of my
oh radical political career ended at that moment because the basis of it
i'm go away
so when you say had an experience identity that's kind of fun
an abstract
that descriptive
term and wonder don't say more power to what happened
not now i can read about in as then bookshelf another and not too but i had no no prior by never read a book about ten
ah there was no boundary as the there was no
how a talk about is the no talking about a concretize it in a way that
and had the experience was what the experience was the sort of identity with would not mean
and i tried to explain to my friends by say well i realized that you know he was doing the same thing i was doing i was trying to protect all and i thought was right and good friend
those awful policeman who were going to destroy it he was trying to fully protect all he thought was right away from those awful
striking students in and destroyed or whatever but that was just all trying to make some sense of it
so i started doing a lot of reading and looking around trying to find out
who knew about something like this and then
somebody gave me a book that the sand
and i went under the protection though
i know there's a long time between by giving me a book about sand and be finding after this is in berkeley
and actually going there is some months between
the of that and friend paul disco told me about the berkeley santa
and actually going there because food british important here in know one of my friends
what a fine and one here themselves instruction
really really appreciate the center
i thought the service was strange and so on ghosts at sentencing me that suzuki roshi we would go over from of and those to
so could you temple every wednesday night for system for emotions lecture
and they resented warning for him they said
which is pretty much the same schedule you can see him
and one i that suzuki roshi
i had the feeling oh he understands that experience i had
i can't say exactly why hasn't except perhaps
you look at me like
i'm not like he something in the same way as well at least
but there's something about and that make you feel that he was here
did you ever discussion with him
don't think i just left there was that my discuss it with a i'm disgusted with the declaration when i told him paper she's doing
manufacture election he brought it up in election
catherine gave the day before the ceremony for to preventative
i don't think our practices going to tango economy
you never talked about at march until you know i started talking about
you know felt like getting a racing mind pok and talking about why i came to practice
anyhow that was with but i think
the most town
often the struggling to find out on i mean it's how you say things like i knew i had to change my life
i knew that
the my at the world was not the way i had thought it did go world was different than i had thought it been
and then
and i didn't understand it but i knew that it meant that i had to get it
the way i was doing things was not
not way i want to continue doing things it on the head partly to do with even before that i know that reason i say i was standing there at the wondering where's my side
i had already begun to question
you know i'm fighting for peace for all these years and in some something
not quite right about that
you know if fighting for peace doesn't sound right
the feel right so what is it
that one needs to turn to
move toward peace
and so i think that that had already prepared me for
seeing things differently than interesting that the question inevitably does that watch
what is this fighting for peace i mean clearly wasn't producing peace
use the piece on a peaceful
why i have a tumor
had experience i had seen the world of such terms of black and white there were the good guys and bad guys and the good guys with the people will be a good guys will be discreet
very simple
and it wasn't so simple anymore
but you know if i had to say there's one moment at which
practice became necessary for me
and i was just extraordinarily fortunate
the time and the place of my life with there was a teacher likes his intuition and santo that now had established a few blocks from my house it
should impending you know
most anywhere else i know that with
one that i teacher in practice
you know what they say about the
the board was a knothole floating in the ocean and know that struggling with true we have a turtle climbing statement blind turns steam their through all
look for the next two years
my main relationship with a teacher or should be fuel i went customer is it gets good
that was or was should i said that one of the city links all the time
see the decisions they could be mean to that
so that was so those are for stoke some and that was prisons of struck school of medicine was pretty intense
so i continue to shit daily for film with more or the park here
when come to the city physician listen
that's is delicious and cognitive illusions like to use them
i heard that a woman teacher was coming from in a situation is coming she was going to the state and city centre and couple of sorts of my vacation to the
adjusted day while she was there is clinton
struck by the fact that a woman will she was calm
feminist for most of my life
and she was teaching of cases stolen
the and and eventually you know one thing another i became identify as a solid teacher because of mine
great concern for me out with women teachers and it's always been a lovely ironic twist to do that out of my tense feminism
but a person i mean who had very carefully never done in the traditional women's work on my life
ah i take a manual training in high school instead of sewing
i had not learned to type so that i would not ever get stuck in a secretary's job
i think studied chemistry physics and mathematics in college i had been a mechanic during the second world war in a fish
ah publishing
i never gave any traditional things work and i prided myself on
i was not going to get stuck in the first place women's work that's pretty to have a lot less than a hope ethical happen
so that it's quite ironic to me back in the same train and that have a drip comic result of mine and feminist tendency i you didn't do
swimming their privacy so in future
quite amusing
lovely twisted thing
but it began with the wanting to be very use when emotions there and she was a very
strict authoritarian aristocratic
please your she version
if your stitches with not exactly one through the part she can be taken out and give him
when i visited for some years later as been confirmed japan are guns for her
consequently the a height and they would come skidding across the think before we invaded august tommy you know they've been bowing essay as they slid across the border is quite
she came twice and i was instantly know when she was they're both times
at the time i came presents and richard baker and his wife virginia were in kyoto for he was studying
and suzuki roshi asked virginia to study you know cases on administration decides he was in disciples so what the corporations well known as some teach munchkin
so ginny baker crew was working with jason son and dad
then a nineteen seventy two
well when i was coming to pass a ha ha
gerson sun king would you take some time to come here
and help us so on
so i i came over and done
no she to make this new people
can your and seventy two into she or the city centre
for some time
ah but she was coming down here and ah
genie was going to be her assistant mention he had to gin mother
don't you know
died at them and then has she had to back to install the at that
i want you to help the church of santa you can do it
so i began working
the second country where many them
i sewed my raucously with her
and the
when i finish she said group of iraq food
oh she said i say that when i talked impression she talked chef beneath from it was never any other mining for weekly intake pipe hurt
ah the you actually remember we want to receive declaration in their services kind of string of japanese conversation between configuration one redirect the happen i was interesting
and i continue in that role in it
she was working very late at night and i could worry about her and gum
no not the one she would consume the night native reflector for to him and all by piercing made reflective which is better if it would be to a local contract manufacturers
have trying to find out why finest she went to your suitcase with some thing
and she took out some incomplete proxies from the shooter of she's busy
in in japanese she said something which i took to be that's why i don't go to be and that's why that's why damages dominance very bad there should never be a half finished buddha's robe anywhere you know
that's why i can't do today
the so on
i know she was trying to see that all of the cases that we've been amazon is that had to be done for this rather large group of people who care for nation the people
ah she's trying to get lost in a proportion and ten
so at that point i promised her i vowed that i would see that they've got completed this should give i had to stay up every night so i would i would take the responsibility if they get here at that point she started the
doing it the things that she had been doing like the corners she had me to have been fine so in corners holding on
but she would she would put the needle for the first stitch than she attended to show it to you and she would take it and when she was handed to me and asked me to do with and crippling you say no to the average quickly
and we did that belong
four days until i'm going on the corners and then we thought something
and then
the day of that ordination i sent her a telegram hippy dippy
after the attack
a a the
you know him but nobody had done a sandwich you had several we went over what size to make some adidas for the rest of its people
who wasn't one size fits all know because we had in that group we had people all the way from i remember jimmy center the have big for
biggest person like jerome song
and how big for the smallest person like at that time you listening to our yeah i think it's this small so instead of a small medium and life
pretty much now in mathematics and a chance to get time
it didn't seem like to roam and delicious should be necessarily using the same side body
so whenever you're joking scientists to come fear most winters because on hydra had moved out onto a not companies to come from she can stay there
for she often can give
and hygiene was really her home monastery the money so they need to branch out or so she's so lucky privileged to make a move that it had been sort of it has been on the outskirts of kyoto and and event diversity from a periodic content surrounded by city and they word gets out and the
countryside against them they sold that
so you tampered with the money to buy a mountaintop out the beach pantsuit
a cold
she wrote me and she sent me some features of the the managed to get field and house they built for her
how anxious to bring house me to turn the air in here and i live now i feel gratitude and that show
that was an important
impressed me simply because by that time she not the help should have the you
has achieved because they could do as she loved that you some real thrilled if she could say in those circumstances have never my that crap tv show
while it took for granted in those early days
i heard a pretty that he had just been ordained and may of the year that i came to mind
when i came to tassajara
her practice for the nineteen seventy two teams directly
ha and then after her we will it cost a higher
ah wow will return to are they bought the house that a change for that they read of the house and the changed political thinker oh she thought his father might be tied to his father is retirement
one the james bay packers can be good for said sunday to have a place out there because we used to start the film and that gets on the time on the women that have a cup of coffee and card courage to change on
bill was no longer living at the marriage and
the met to his son was moved cross the road
and so vigorous you want somebody from center out there to have her
have a halfway place to stop so he there are hello
as we flu and i would like to the face of well in a school bus comes to their
and so much you get the scoop air unit from there
this she was still a home edited on account of yeah
he was then go back to brooklyn take him for so called new would have if you'd like lifts and thirty six
so on
he moved to james byrd and machine broke the school by fifty six miles a day for me a says you have to go back to berkeley
also she didn't like
the kind of upper middle class for point high school for having that the berkeley school she got pretty skills for much
too bad she wanted to go to berkeley high well for simply pick up
and some she said well
you shouldn't stay on him to
he didn't kinda shit
have you gone the extra
she didn't want to little green the ocean i said well i i was very and five
oh i think you're very interesting but if i have to choose between living with you and going to berkeley high back to the principal time
oh i didn't really wanted to back into the house and concrete compact to
so i'm waiting with with stay with and best friend
really friendly
is a few blocks from the good high and spend weekends with first when she actually have good time to spend weekends because for christians standing in the history the putrid steam
turns probably asleep
so from the time i came to tercer higher temps as a jewish time
the courage is from principal teacher i had
so caregivers you have to be done for the file that i was going to send send records information
ah because he as sky high
have very and presence
whole hearted
is throw yourself into the ocean of buddha and that was the way he threw himself into practice
to seattle
but i didn't want yourself
grew almost went so you think made a very good question
he did practice for the practice period at the end of like and seventy one louis here
at the time it see if you can i get the same position in the school
the dependable down
lewis that hidden practice group of companies
but during that practice me to marry me

and thanks that sort of and cutting interesting by wants to be mustered but nobody wants to come to minnesota
i never did say
he that president putin
bear is bad i to be happy
oh you don't know fair in paradise
i want to visit nice to and omaha where you want to
who's that who's that
he picked his teacher i have to cross around her neck and to get i get him out you get an even earlier areas that he doesn't know better yet canada should be beneficial
the rest with sharing hi for me
he stuck it out of the midwest and often my chest
obama i'm
we felt dizzy the all over the new town on youtube
i didn't understand persuade of bay bay area was very irony that i'm you ever need or use permits oh yeah oh right
besides you could get the in school
i'll bet but when he was dying and i respect that decision
the with
to my son the japanese
getting most of my baggage with that
gentlemen smuggle back with certainty
home furniture or practice connection to good luck
what i say i connected very much with him
this was
i never went on his first as the feds come back and getting shot
minneapolis will be stiff well
thought to have
what what i teach back to talk about one is someone good as relevant to my side is no answer sheet or oceans disciple and teachers sewing british rule than the other was wholeheartedness of i learned that from caught again and roshia view mr whole art and himself so what what what i talk about
isn't only completely covered it
there's something about this kind of whole hearted way in which he did everything from cut show to smiling
appeal to me anything much at it
i'm i teach teacher sometimes because of you doing things with a whole heart
there's not for the sacred what you're doing it for the think of a whole lot
it's it's it's own reward
her yourself completely
and he did that is
the first time i went to so courage temper he was
the enchanting description
during first week
i remember the submitted that sentence which he would fit to settle the snow on the seven
and let the flower of our life was blue
he stayed with
often again i often
the original quotation
that feeling of i actually say let the flowers in her life was working at a feeling of letting the flowers of first room
the deer and as you move in here as being and you know in each
the smokers as
at each
person benefits
in the particular
he tripped each person manifesting the computer for the life was with the particularity

i'm talking that way actually cut them can of interesting as
drafted army
the a joshing son seems the clearly made very strong connection and and
that she taught you something
for some things that were very important
and but what you've described to is a practical
aspect of it so important role but oh no what she taught me was it was as i say this i live a life of gratitude and gosh show the
eric and also teaches
it took how the of the way she put herself into effect
same in other same as
having invention of the since one of these the same way i mean
when i know that
but two things i've heard
books i'm talking to a japanese food that team of visit
which the emotion got
the abbot's of a number of this a couple of servants of him in lines over for visit to see those and what suzuki roshi you can here when he left with sewing
oh and she was talking with them about motion
and she was saying
patty is the staff and work on this time for talk so hard and she said complex why work so hard on starting with nobody ever comes here
said that's a fact one person or thousand people still it's the buddha dharma majesty at best
i was hurry
hey do
i'm impressed by that but then i found out that some lectures which cry
given some
there are only those lectures have
can the
introduction to practice thousands of people
i finished translated into virtually of the language and and mean it's with the most widely circulated for understand why
and they were meant to you
what time
do you expect to get a feel for people

yeah it's very moving
have you been it's factor
i like do so miraculous success stories or something you know the therapists in completely inspiring
or i didn't i never believed it could turn out that way

so with goshen son was that who was that you're feeling about her all along and it was a
that that that was the
that will serve the heart of your relationship with her
it was that dealing with if you had about her for reserve is that sort of the capper you in already to well you know i'm i never really realized what a profound sense ten
i might have noticed that for someone who has never been avoided soon longer life and and kind time soon
the something else
but when know some mr well branches will go up transitions in conjunction
ah but
of of taking
emily was sitting in an idea of yeah i'm selling ice cream
i don't know
i took her
when the first time
she was going back to japan and she's going from san francisco in los angeles event she was getting on a plane that it would go to hawaii institute
and so i took her down to los angeles together on a plane that's good
we got down there they can have
how is frank
and you will make phone calls
ah she conventional what was going on it was ongoing communications
finally the got on the plane and was in on back into a mirror
when young japanese people get time
she came to this big hot harry i'm chopping and will be just as big at grace
and and i said piece of paper
dumb fat and be slipping on this elderly japanese woman
pregnancy and and i could contribute continue to hurt him
help you can kill her baggage and started them in honolulu or yeah on here he may seem to think really
but i can see the thing kind of astounded at the beginning
obvious affection and connection between their own japanese november

i think that
i you know an overton had the same kind of affection for her and she said well if she'd been studying tv repair i want to study tv because they will be it is that any children are there you know just that anything that i was there you know how she had this vitality and spirit of ah
enthusiasm that was so infectious wonderful
as you will not that it for well because a different
there would have been i ideally started my internship would oh she said she go but i don't have
they choose to she didn't come out she was that was you only lead the foot she was so devoted to her teacher mean her practice of devotion was sort of total they do
an inoculation issues would have a little finger
thank you
shouldn't have
and i had heard that
she had cut off to shoot she would hearst was fresh that guess she rushes to she lives in an orphan
the teenager she got to humility
what is monster
a mentioned that some hockey career she's really
but changing patriots and as a big deal for someone who is she was a country person she a peasant
still speak and feel awesome
change teachers
that said
one in which you me
most sincere apology
and either as an industry
i would really upset the
gypsy about a japanese market
and in it
a person who had been
a for her
a subordinate to to are like a mafia dawn
is so changing his allegiance to help
an american who had saved his life and them
in in
leaving his his leader
he cut off his finger to show his sincerity and sincere appreciation for this this year and he had to do to the could feel this name is why
well you know he took a night went going to jaw rock
kind of but queen couldn't act
i heard me
the sticker all time

i mean seven a typical
she's not
but she used to sit and read that sounds like you conclude his books any spare time she
it should show me his picture know the better
visit a
the third
the perfect
but she stewards and she would tell me stories about that she was been cancelled at apogee
for ten years and once
and then that she was the only one in the kitchen the she wouldn't have a kitchen crew she cook for the sessions they have monthly sessions for her and she was the cooking
ah and she was telling me about how it wasn't getting you is big piles and she would from you know acted out these autograph and the slow american the whole lot number two on i really rich she just some of coal mine and mine are when it was like
this little bitty order you she was not find she paused or the terrorism
but that's my setup
well yeah she is a victory with ocean systems she said
just took a delight in heaven knows i like that we hiked together all of us including egyptian side at the end of this practice theory height up to are the horse pasture or for his birthday celebration at all
use of protecting them from which destiny
she was by this was before her stroke and credit dc
he's nineteen seventy two pictures from the as prescription just look so sweet ocean
and also the perfectly good
this looks looks like of like like a swinging doors of the managing is wide open pharmacy to see if you couldn't help but be in love with somebody like that and have
don't just good fortune to get
from poor close contact with somebody
well i was i have some free notes you can talking about a while this is quite a lot so maybe this will this be a good place to start the anchor
my concern with second
took the form
part of that was
the influence of my heart and but also was becomes too
have you know when people who were doing in an active or that civil rights in the south and i was growing up the menace on finish that song
publishing downtown
people who were vilified as kindness and phone
what is the real politics knew that whatever the real conflicts with a thin and and that goes all the way from the new deal less convinced in in my mind
it's the new deal was already
up the left and tender how to up
the know the new deal our platform
was lifted essentially the company's party platform of about twenty five years of with him
to something
oh the interview the social programs and then with them
that was the direction that have to try to do something about suffering and understand that was do anything
as i mentioned fighting for peace does not stand
dan know
although i
still strongly support
civil rights

think that
gardening approach
might be in the long run
the around you know successful in the foot of evolution of approach with
it's hard to go from
adversarial to
adversarial relationship to harmonious relationship
you have to establish an illegal
at the in special

i'm heading home after twenty five years of in enslaved in front of of collectively
injustice and suffering that way
them to the conclusion that he was the big them
and i really don't have much interest
what is the best
a coach that
certainly i never you
my point is i a good
since different not ever said
and i think the whole episode of approach in sets of tools and as the basis of a muslim
hi to sleep with
where'd you see him
demonize people who piss poor quality
when it's pretty hard for them again you can you have said
so maybe that's enough for that but i want i be want they became pedophile
profile of leaf of ignored were basically the first twenty five years
for turning to the bathroom is considered back on
because the your concerned school
so i'm a lady found his first
well army
i think it to be
we talked about to her
suzuki roshi on the i'm just joshing sound tan
little bit about mount principally about those two
of erosion games as inspection the first the hamlet this approach temple
the be sent to settle the south on yourself and let the flower of our life for school
very conflict
can i still use it every time he says
maybe i say from that the flower of life force instead of your life
because i think that the flower
how born in this life force
games in each of us
the particularity of is one of them

and that's the exception
how for them
and from him i think that they didn't mention from him of know
i first that this
total high energy home forgiveness
he simplified throughout his life say
i was
it's what it's blinking overhaul it means that we're a higher protein and undiluted
deeply moved by the you
a his willingness to go
shit minnesota and the midwest i can you to talk about doing the bay area's paradise
back they're stuck it out

and i think created reveal fuck available
the free version time
nervous appreciation for
and also his willingness to help sense and at the end of the countries

and she knows or another teacher reminded me when i first came to sense and i had already forgotten
if you've been hearing from back to him
and everybody after that but a wonderful insurance us here
and i met him lately and i found out that some more consistently though she had sent to train today hate you didn't stay had spoken
cooking quinoa by me he was at that time by can try to training as monks in desoto vg
when he was asked to take her job he says i'm thrilled if i can do with and exactly i i driving them without the sofa to help apparently at that time and maybe even still it shows actually it's huge
whether you're interested in
certainly the tradition of history
and he is quite famous in ago
of the attention and integrated
so i guess unclear if you've heard about you and history and he requested him by me when he unselfishly essential
so he came home on a boat where the huge think there as a huge for for the out
the be strong and so she gave to to her
the helping us establish the first manuscript
he brought the movement book they burned up in the fire
get trump will return and about cuvier prepare for the belt who wanted melted down into a fuck off
has said
well we will share with the movie theaters this astonishing at least i got you
he had to stand up to it
of by some like hiking
i be the strikers

because it was used two feet high
the seventieth
and those are made out of one piece of words so and so many truths like that or
facets of
anyhow he brought them out