How To Have Sincere Practice

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Suzuki Roshi edited from longer recording.

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This has been reprocessed and should be clearer.

70-04-25A on Transcript below with some suggested changes in {curly brackets}.; #please-transcribe, #improved-audio


{Actually ??? wrote about what we have been doing and, }

We … yesterday, our President was expressing great gratitude, and {thankful} -- I have nothing more to say.

Now I should like to introduce Tatsugami roshi, who came to help us. Of course one of our teachers, expressing our {???} -- great teacher{s} in your practice in north U.S.

Actually… but actually, that word -- I understand, is formal logic. {It was in his mind} for many, many years. He went through, (how do you call it?) {??? when he was young} to promulgate, or to practice our way. {Which someone }, who doesn’t know anything about Zen, maybe -- is right here, and is great.

{The most people for us }, who practice Zen, and {} “It’s too hard” and who think {???} without any great effort – even the Buddha’s teaching will be {failure} … when we practice that way.

So, I think, I must actually tell {you for its same idea}, and I will support it {,when you're sincere as you practice ...more than any}.

For this point, my practice {has been ???, as you know,} I am very forgetful. {???}

{Some excuse} in my forgetfulness!

When I think of you, in my mind {I have one thing}. When I see , when I see you practice, that’s it. That’s all that is. {Do not believe in}my private {thinking}.

{???} we must go in. We renew our practice {,completely}, without any hesitation, it is exactly what {we must do,} [laughter] without rules.

We say, “No {one can}, do anything exactly – what he wants.“

I think that is the true spirit of {Zen} student, which we must follow.

Now {???}, some talk after taking this {meaningful home} temple.