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Tuesday Class

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okay if anybody else from the this at the end of you're if you're actually intending to come with the rest of the sessions of which there are
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we're meeting next week i forgot to bring the paper i think that the nationals i mean the next week for not following week i'm the next week skipping a week and then one world because i said

so we're last time we
the discuss the whole of ziggy
in this time
we're going to see if we can get through all over most of
this text and i and a marvelous time selling today
i really liked the and especially it it's such a great relief from that email fax machines telephones and freeways and that i can tell you how much i enjoyed and today saying this text and really wonderful
in japanese the title of this first call from sheboygan zo is machu said symbol and the mou part needs dream
so mucho means in the midst of a dream
and as such as a means to preach or explain or expound
so expanding a dream in the midst of a dream
beautiful and then of course it's about
expounding the dorm at teaching this is what teaching buddhism is expounding a dream in the midst of a dream
as always in dog and so this is one of several texts in which
dog expresses his understanding of
process and importance and sense of teaching words of the dodoma words understanding the meaning of buddhism in terms of literary texts and so on
and for dog and he always is very lots of contemporary
language philosophers really love doing it because though against thinking on these topics is absolutely contemporary and sort of post vidcon justinian thought it's quite extraordinary and that's why we like dogan as a poet and noise have enjoyed this aspect of billions because for dog and there's nothing
that isn't language
there were dog doesn't see necessarily any difference between the world as we know it the world and appearance the physical world and language itself because actually the world is a language right and are all of our experience we were reading the world of a timely
whether or not there are words it doesn't matter we're always reading the world and there's a syntax to our lives and so dogan says that to make a distinction between language and other kinds of experience as if other kinds of experience more real than language is to mistake the nature of language and the nature of experience
there's a very deep and profound point and i'm sort of giving you a synopsis of it but will appreciate the point i think as we started protect it's a very deep and complex a point that he's making was last characters to set to move move move to choose
and some more move dream to in the midst of or within sets so expounding are preaching will dream so within the midst of a dream preaching after dream we're expanding the dream
on the path of all buddhas and ancestors
arises before the first forums emerge it cannot be spoken of in terms of conventional views
this being so in the realm of good ancestors there is the active power of buddha's going beyond buddhists
since this realm is not a matter of the passage of time
their lives the lives of the buddha's only to long or short can either as quickly nor slow and this cannot be judged by ordinary
in an ordinary way
that's the dharma wheel has been set to turn since before the first sign of forms emerged the great merit needs the reward and becomes a guidepost for all ages within a dream this is the dream you expound
because awakening has seen within awakening the dream is expressed within a dream
so this first point
which is something you know i'm very wonderful think
about the teaching of realism
that the truths of buddhism are taken to be the structure of reality itself it put in a particular language
so that the idea is not that the buddha was a great sage who created a way of looking at life so much as the buddha sort of stumbled into
the pattern deep pattern of our lives in harmonized with it and there are many traditional expressions of this
one is the idea of the seven buddha's before buddha
so it's not that buddha was the first good there there were an insane and particularly in other traditions there's that there's a tradition of many many buddhas before buddha who taught it that it's an unbroken
a stream of people looking at reality the buddha didn't create something
then there's also an expression in a sutra where the buddha says
i've told many people just before the that he was he he said i was like a person
a wandering around lost in the woods
and all the sudden i kind of saw a path that had been overgrown and wasn't apparent but it was sort of you can faintly see it no one had walked in it for a while so it was overgrown and i just sort of started to walk down that path and i discontinued as i walked it became more clear and
as i went some distance it was clearly a path and then i have ended up in this gorgeous pleasure garden so so in other words i didn't make this up this is not something that i have created this is not my original idea i'm just a person who discovered something that was already so
string of of the buddha is
something that goes beyond the buddha and
so this this is some this this sort of absolute
aspect of the teaching is something that goes beyond anything that we can understand because all of our from the standpoint of our way of looking at the world the buddha was the first one and the buddha's teaching is this and that that and so forth but this is a known on a buddhist teaching is nothing other than reality itself really it's just the shape of reality itself which is beyond
our ability to truly appreciate that the whole breath of it so we can judge it in ordinary ways and
this this big pattern of reality is bigger than and see a thing about a dream the west main thing that will be said here is that that a dream is a dream
because we wake up so we wake up in the morning from a dream and we say oh that was a dream how do i know i know that because now i'm here in my everyday world and i see the contrast
but the dream of buddha dharma is a dream that is an endless stream
a dream reality is a dream which has no contrasting reality reality is a unitary
so he calls it a dream because compared to our usual reality which is dualistic and limited conceptually and the big reality of buddha dharma is a big dream but not in the normal sense of a dream from which we wake up
i am so within a dream of the buddha dharma is the dream that is expressing the pattern of the dream
because awakening is seen within awakening the dream is expressed within a dream and this phrase awakening seen within awakening or awakening throughout awakening comes up again the next paragraph and will say more about them
that paragraph establishes the great big picture the sort of non dual
the inexpressible unknowable inconceivable reality of our lives
which here he's falling a dream in an absolute sense
then he says the place where the dream has expressed within dream is the land and the assembly of good ancestors
the buddhist lands and their assemblies the ancestors way and their seats
our awakening throughout awakening
and express
or expound the dream within a dream
when you meet such speech and expressions do not regard them as other than the buddha's assembly it is buddha turning the dharma wheel
this time of wheel encompasses all the ten directions and the eight facets of a clear crystal
and so the great oceans mt silver of the lands and all good as are actualized this is the dream expressed within a dream prior to all dreams
he he saying that the archetype
of the drain within a dream is the archetype of the expanding of the dream within a dream is the archetype of the some kayak buddha which is the whole mythology in bude in buddhism
the buddhas and borderlands and so on this is referring to the my out of literature which is i really rich incredibly imaginative literature and buddhism i always think of the itasca sutra which is this fast
maybe two thousand and page or more sutra what we had a three-year class we read the entire suit your every word of it and it's a mind boggling experience i recommend it
you read this sutra you'll never be the same again because it just the pits and the most vast kind of universe
it's sort of like
the way that like say in our scientific mythology
which we all know we all grow up learning and our scientific mythology we all know that
we're all sitting here appearing to be individuals people and so on there's a social reality and intellectual reality physical reality to are being who we are but we all know the mythology that actually that's not really true the truth is that where this massive atoms and in the atoms their electrons in the electrons that are space and as protons and honest and dna and all this can
sub microscopic stuff is going on and we we believe that we can we say well that's we know that that that world is has a reality beyond the world of appearances right so this is well similarly in buddhism there's a same idea that the only instead of atoms and electrons and for
photons and dna and chromosomes mythology is that on each cell of house is what the other towns to sutra october on a cell of our bodies on each atom on each electron there's a buddha
and this buddha and all buddhists have a particular kind of career and it starts and it starts with the aspiration for enlightenment the boat africa and then then there's training and then the buddha gets a prediction and then the buddhist serves other buddhas and requests teaching and there's a whole thing there's a whole can of course of that happens and then becomes a buddha
and then when they become a buddha they have their own very own buddha land and in that brutal and as all these different kinds of people listening to their teaching and there's beautiful trees and so on it's a very developed mythology and the concept is that in a very tiny on each cell of the body and each physical matter this is taking place and also throughout the vast cars
most this site is taking place in this reminds me i saw this amazing film that the if you take that you should if you can ever get this film editor like get it but you never get a wish gringo should definitely own a copy of this film is called a powers of ten there were see that charles ray and yet
it's like a fifteen minute film it's absolutely extraordinary that the film is just one minute of a person on a picnic in chicago
by the lake
in the camera show is about above the person laying down and a blanket and then it's the camera pulls back
in each time it goes back it's going back to the tent or another power of ten so another where's the cameras pulling back past the earth pass the moon passing of first to see you know like this ship in the lake getting in you can imagine and it goes off a way to the end of the known unit
verse and you see this in about three or four minutes as a kid and then it does the it comes back and that zooms in to the same exactly the same mathematical and you see atoms electrons chromosomes dna i it was very decades ago
amazing this couple charles and ray eames
covert furniture designers and
yeah yeah yeah they made about eighty some movies perhaps yeah yeah yeah they were brilliant designers anyway
you get when you see this thing you recognize the
fact that the you know the very tiny and they're very immense
the actually
it's hard to tell the difference
the experience and the sensitives and it's hard to tell the difference so that's the sense of the other task sutra and the and the
the mahayana buddhist literature is taking the story of the buddha in a pali canon and which is a fairly reasonable story of a person who maybe had a few magic powers and so on but basically was a person who became enlightened
taking that and doing this show and big picture so anyway that whole mythology that well that that's what we call that whole the whole realm is what we call the sam boga kaja body at the good of who
we have a nearby crackdowns
we have that film some of the people ah
just wanted to keep and less than it actually has the other hand second city move justice incredible hot
ah just attack
yeah when they can attacked and yeah know outcome
so anyway
the the imaginative round the language the place in the imagination where this big space that's outlined in the first paragraph his dream takes places in this room
this phrase awakening throughout awakening is sort of the match phrase to the phrase that appears in the next page and also appears in jinja con
delusion throughout the illusion and awakening throughout awaken

the phrase delusion throughout delusion is really oddly enough
the equivalent
this phrase awakening throughout awakening
delusion throughout on the delusion
in cancer colon he says
in the when there's delusion throughout delusion this is like
there is no enlightenment other than delusions throughout collusion and what it means by this is when there is the clear understanding and appreciation of the often as delusion
this is awakened
and our trouble is we take delusion for reality
or enlightenment or reality we don't see it as illusion we see our delusions as somehow not the elusive
and because of that were not awakened but when we really see revolution as the league and then there's awaken and here in the similar way awakening throughout the week and he is when you see awakening as i merely awakening
it's relative to not awaken it's just another state of mind it's the equivalent of delusion throughout the illusion
there's nothing to it there's no substance to there's no difference between awakening in any other state place or a bit state of being
knowing this is to enter this realm of some of kind of enter this sub big space and to know it for what it is
every dewdrop manifested in every realm is a dream
this stream is the glowing clarity of the hundred grasses
so this world that we think of as being
we've nailed down and fairly small and ordinary and you know what it is
is not when we think it is it's a dream is this big dream that he's been speaking
and this dream is the glowing clarity of one hundred grasses hundred grasses means every single thing so this world
that seems like a say
and you know

our the world that we experience on an everyday basis it's pretty much
we're experiencing
our own projection right
it's almost like we're experiencing our own state of mind which we project onto the world so the world doesn't seem very terrific most of the time
but when you're in a heightened state of some sort and all of your projection dissolves and you just see something
as it is it appears to be fantastic
so he's saying that the world actually is like that it is a dream like that it is perfection itself each and everything that arises is perfect and wonderful
but who has time to notice the who etc who has the freedom
who can let go of all that were holding inside long enough to let the world come forward and really appreciate
so that's what we're
trying to do in in practices learn how to let go and it's very difficult to do i see myself i look at my home wireless you how often i
my mind is occupied and something and if i can just let that go all the sudden all problems are gone and the world is comes forward a beautiful way
so it isn't a dream this world is the dream if only we could let go
what requires questioning
is this very point what is confusing is this very point so this is the place that we have to apply our effort you know the effort of being awake
present and letting go in the present moment of our experience you know the the path is always right here and right now it's not in the zendo over in the kitchen or any particular place when it's time to be in the of then definitely the whole of the buddha dharma is only of islam
then when we lived as know and we go out to the cloud hall all the good or realms only exist in the classical we leave the cloud hall and we walk on the path
everything that we could ever need for our life is there on the path with each step that weekend and would it be nice to live that way wouldn't like to live them when we would be a happy state to just
have some areas when you walk down the path recognize that everything is there have some ease when you got in your car and drove away saw that everything was there
not tomorrow not yesterday
then even when you had to negotiate tomorrow and yesterday you know it was delusion through our delusion you did it and was fine but you didn't take it to be other than something in a grant
gee i like them
sometimes i have that feeling and those are happy moments for me
the feeling and i know that it's always there
it's not in the future or elsewhere it's always there and if i don't see if it's not because it went away from me
someone did something tomato to take it away
it's only because at that time i haven't been able to open ways not to it
so that's why says this is the place this is the pivot point of questioning and for dog in questioning his
the pattern is the way to look deeply let go
at this time there are dream grasses grasses within expressive grasses and so on here he does i think i mentioned this in relation that the sankei text this is some technique that dog and often uses here he's got this term
boudreau said sumo
the four characters to one character repeated move joe said so and mural and hearing just applies those four characters know grasses
joel grasses
setzer grasses and so on
when we study this than roots stems branches leaves flowers and fruits as well as radiance and color or all the great dream all the sensory world all the physical world is nothing but the dream do not mistake them as merely dreamy that it words don't when i
say dream here don't think that i mean like a trivial dream that you're going to wake up from i mean a dream with a capital d like the total utter absolute dream
well out of side of which there is nothing

however those who do not wish to study but a dime of believe that expressing the dream within a dream means speaking of unreal greengrass as real
like pilot delusion upon division in other words those people who don't wish to study gould or was set up something as real as opposed to it the dream
and they're looking for something real as opposed to the me and in doing that they pile up delusion upon delusion but this is not true
when you say within confusion is just confusion
so this is the kind of nihilistic because certainly somebody could hear this what i'm saying here and here this text and say oh i get it likes just a dream
so it doesn't matter what i do it doesn't matter what happens everything's unreal
so without
right for you think that
but when you stay that way he saying it's because when you're aware of it or not you are you you feel your input this implies
that there is some other reality
by comparison with which this is a dream
so it doesn't matter because there's another this is unreal unreal means there's real
he say none on this dream requires us to be
it requires us to practice the way it inquires it requires us to practice moral ethical conduct requires us to save sentient beings that requires us to be compassionate and so on exactly because it's a dream
you should follow the path in the vast guy known as illusion throughout delusion just this you should endeavor to investigate thoroughly
the expressing of a dream within a dream is all murders
all buddhas are wind and rain water and fire
we respectfully maintain these names of buddha and also pay homage to those names of other buddhists
to express the dream within a dream is the ancient buddhist it is to ride in this treasure book indirectly arrive in the practice place correctly arriving in the practice place is riding in this treasure boat meandering dreams and directories holding letting go all freely flow like the gusting reasons
so this
holy letting go meandering dreams and direct dreams
directly arriving here
in the practice place
that's the style of the dream within a dream
these are ways of teaching don't meandering
direct holding lettings all this grasping way in the granting way that i'm speaking about some months ago all of these different ways of approaching the understanding of our life every every will every you know indulgence view everything that we do
all of human activity is practice
so within this dream there's a million ways of expressing expounding the green
and they are freely flow like gusting reasons
you see that the means of expression here is inherently poetic expression how how else can you think about such things you know you can't be scientific or psychological about this kind of thing that dog and is talking about you end up resorting to be poetic expression and and
and dogan
i know when you read slater i will read them
hokie hokie duggan's journals that he wrote in china but he's of leveraging enriching used poetic expression
obama sometimes he would give dharma talks that that would be long horns than all that the whole top of the opponent
so mr way logan's express himself here
turning the dharma wheel it's just like this turning the world of the great donna wheel is immeasurable and boundless it turns even within a single particle like we're speaking of unlimited them ebbing and flowing ceaselessly within that particle
accordingly whenever such a diamond is turned even an antagonist knives and smiles no one can
resist so true know it's so
clear that even someone who doesn't like the dharma has the nod and smile wherever such a dumb and his turn it freely circulate like the flowing reasons
that's the endless turning of dharma traverses the entire land in the all embracing url cause and effect are not ignored because in effect means carver it means moral conduct and despite this vast this is the kind of beauty of dogan and i think what's makes
his teaching so wonderful to me is that
he's given you a sense of the absolute quality of every moment of our lives and all our acts as being
the size of and world changing you know this is a wonderful thing you know every moment of everything that you do no matter how mundane and an insignificant it may seem turns the whole world so on the one hand he has that side and when you contemplate that side of course
you feel was the point of morality was the point of ethical conduct and on but he says that exactly because the world is that way that's why
we have to practice compassion and and for turned up
cause and effect to ignore cause and effect
in the against view is to set up some kind of a reality outside the dream
that these two sides clarity of conduct and absolute vision of reality must go hand in him so that's a deep south anything
because usually morality as the way we usually conceive of it is something very small be a good boy the hebron
constrain yourself in all ways like the list of here are the rules the good don't mess up
right that's how morality can usually appears but this is a different sense of ethical time that this is ethical conduct yes care in what we do
but but care that doesn't come out of restraint in the sense of smallness but care that comes out of fastness and that creates vastness it's a beautiful i did a wonderful approach and so it's bit like guess is if your oh she's trying our practices my and correct any mine mind it was were very
careful in what we do and we're very modestly what we do it's not a big spectacular thing and yet inside the whole world opens up and are you on a sense of our life is very graphic
so i'm skipping that
yeah the idea right
the it's pretty hard to understand me hard to live but understanding that sorry
so what's it all things emerge and all things arrive right here

what made him declared what did you do
but they still here he knows he's leaving is that knows him yet
where are in diameter without taking a diameter
just a baby you know this
you know all that
you stupid people have to read these attacks just that know what i already know
actually i'm not that
i say i wondered you know city want to skip along yeah i just wondered whether you know like just go ahead can not like keep reading through but then whatever you know i mean you didn't read the whole thing i lot more or less yeah to of that flooded scan such as a to flow of the ten if you know you might not
i'm going to harm and on emery yeah because deal with me okay investors will be good to hear though just today i can i think that's right that would be a good classes to read it over and over know
after that
so all things emerge and all things arrived right here this being so one plants twining vines
and gets entangled in twining vines
twining violence is another sort of technical term in duggan
twenty vines means entanglements and but it's usually code word for specifically denoting language and especially common language which spins you around and self same self contradicting degree of paradise
so all things that don't have it all things a marriage and all things arrived right here is an expression of a dream within a dream everything right here everything emerges
and everything arrives radio this being so because of this we open our mouths and we get involved and entangled with our own lot with our language and also i i think i would i also interpret and twenty violence as mean we also get entangled with each other somehow confused and our relationships and our human
lives together
this is characteristic of unsurpassable enlightenment so as usual dog and turns these things upside down usually twenty biases bad right get free of language gets free a thorny vines untangle the entanglements medallion says none of this is the characteristic of unsurpassable enlightenment is that we would get entangled just as expression is
limitless sentient beings are limitless and unsurpassable just as cages and snares are limitless emancipation from there was none of this the actualization for the one of my to denies i took them all these marginal notes and i can't read them
so that's why i'm hesitant me my more i said that's something really brilliant what does it say
and i e that sometimes i actually can't see it or can't read it or other times i can read it and i would actually don't understand
every time they couldn't that i should have been there
however the helmet
oh i see what this i sent from oh yes yes and the actualization of the fundamental point is and i have scroll over year gain joe on because that is the term from yeah right with your new array so the actualization of the fundamental point is i grant you thirty blows
so the tangling toiling timely advice in other words
lest you think that after you're getting like there's no more problems dog going to tell you that enlightenment is a problem because reality is appears as a problem and the problem accepted as a problem is awakening
so what is the fundamental pivot point of reality i give you thirty blows you're in trouble
you have a problem you're alive and that's the problem and the light we must appear as the problem of your being alive otherwise there's no enlightenment this is the actualization of expressing a dream within a dream
isn't that wonderful
well i'll walk out there and we want remember or understand it anymore but at the moment is a wonderful thing you hear me up yeah
i said this lessons that i said
ah i can't let somebody else that's not reality is a problem the problem except that problem in right
have you finished
thus a tree with no roots
something that's impossible the ground where no lighter shade falls which is impossible in a valley where no shots echo which is also possible these are you know sort of inconceivable illogical
things are no other than the actualized expressions
of the dream with audrey so these expressions that defy conceptualisation are expressions of a dream within a dream this is needed the realm of humans nor of heavenly beings and cannot be judged by ordinary people because it's inconceivable
non conceptual who could doubt that a dream is enlightenment since it is not within the purview of doubt
so how could doubt we have that as human beings we have doubts about many things we have doubts about the dharma we have doubts about ourselves that's what we're doing and so on that's normal
in a conceptual world in which we can make these kind of comparisons and imagine something better
but you can have no doubts
about the dream within a dream because
it's bigger than them
what's beyond what you can doubt
this is a kind of wonderful thing i think that
what am i
pet ideas
i've been doing this long enough to have several pet i i keep changing the get new ones for runaway pedagogy is is that especially for us
being post modern westerners most of us
and most of us
new to buddhism
we have a lot of doubts with we we might practice and think it's a really great but then in the middle of the night we think went the hell am i haven't had a death sentence
you know i could have been something there's something else
my friends think i'm a little odd and so forth you know we might think even having a kind of faith in our lives as practice
is the only enlightenment we'd ever need
i think we're all trying to develop that sense however even in the middle of the night in the midst of are horrible doubt let's say that we have about our practice or even like
ourselves as a human being which we have people have ducks in the middle of the night
to about their lives
even in the midst of that
the dream within a dream is so true
it's part of it
think of that next time that middle of the night comes around in your wake up a wondering
why was i born wasn't a mistake
i was talking that have a friend feels that way
very sad but even though he feels that way still
it's contained within the dream
so it's beyond out
the can't touch it
so it will be good to know that right because then when you have those moments of doubt
you'd say to yourself well
now i'm in a very bad state
of unhappiness and faithlessness
reality is reality even though
and then that makes a big difference
because that means you're in delusion throughout delusion you know your delusion for delusion you said
you see the difference next big difference doesn't really matter if we're
naturally we're going to have different states of mind the over time good states of mind that states of mind depending on conditions
anyone with bad enough conditions will enter bad days a month
but if you know this is bad state of mind due to bad conditions
and you not
sucked up by it you know it's exists within a dream it's okay
so who could doubt that a dream is enlightenment since it is not within the purview of that who could recognize this dream since it is unrecognizable
and it's not beyond our conceptual thought as unsurpassable enlightenment is unsurpassable enlightenment so the dream is called a journey
there are inner dreams meme expressions expressions of dreams and dreams inside without being within a dream there is no expression of dreams
teaching comes up that's why we why should we need did like have classes like this why should there be poetry why should people make music why why should they
who invented such things it's the most unlikely thing in the world but environment and yet everywhere you look in the farthest reaches of the human history you find such things why is that you know well because
well because the characteristic of being within a dream is it's expounding that dream within a dream and that's why all that kind of stuff comes up without expressing dreams there are no buddhists
without being within a dream buddhists did not emerge and turned the wondrous don't go with this demo wheel is no other than a buddha together with intuitive in a dream expressed within a dream and this is another is actually a title of another of delegates vesicles only a buddha and a buddha
which expresses the idea that there's no such thing
as a see the way we think we think no matter how much we studied buddhism we always come back to thinking in terms of individuals
were separate individuals
it's not true
who have been in a very simple way who we are is a network is the result at any moment of a network of people and possibilities and notions of things that have happened and so on
you know
you don't love me for yourself you only loved me because i do all these things where you
well whoever i'm the one who does all those things for you what me would there be to love outside of almost think to sit at me
so there is no such thing as a buddha there is no such thing as one who is awakened there is dynamic activity of awakening that happens in between in the space between
so awake and happens beto between a buddha in a buddha is always relational it's always in dynamic activity
so this
existing because there's a dream expressed within a dream
simply expressing the dream within a dream and is itself the buddhist and ancestors the assembly of unsurpassable enlightenment furthermore going beyond the dome of body is itself expressing the dream within a dream
with the buddha no attachments are needed to the head eyes mirror and brain or body flesh hands and feet without attached with one who buys gold cells goal
which means
when you're not attached you don't need to have feeling of possession about your body or mine
if you were usually we do of course and this is our problem this is where the suffering and pain comes in
why did why did he treat me like that
i am i possess my body and mind and someone is now threatening it in some way diminishing many so i'm quite upset about it but if i have no attachment to my body and mind of have then i'm free that i can freely receive gold and i can give it up is the idea
numbers i can feel it i can we see i can give and receive freely when i'm not attached to body and mind this is the mystery of mysteries the wonder of wonders the awakening of awakenings the head above the head
this is the daily activity of with ancestors
when you study this head top of the head you may think that the head only means a human skull
without understanding that the head this head right here put your hand on top of your head
superior feel notice that
how many times have you ever like felt the top of him

so the ideas that you think this is the top of your head
it's not
it's viral china buddha
this take an amazing experience of know that there could be taught a sense of touch
that there can be hardness and softness and all the things that you feel when you test w and you think it only makes you think this is ruined school but this was really the crowd of viral jennifer
how can you realize it as the tips of the bright clear hundred grasses who knows that this is the head itself so all the grab everything one hundred grass system means everything to everything is like them everything it's like before we were talking about how things appear as perfection itself
sometimes you have that experience it helps to to sit through three for ten thousand and thirty hours in a row but then after that usually when you sit for a long time
i'm not usually but sometimes it happens and when you sit for a long time
you kind of cool up you know you have all these problems these things are going on in this and that the other everything but after a while
you forget about it
and you just enjoy being present then you go outside they ring the bell they let you out
going to go outside
and you'd take a look at the pond out there
and not that you think this but it just looks like
it's print is perfect
you know what i'm talking about it looks like it's perfect if it looks as if
well you wouldn't call it perfect test appointment yeah it's just there it is you know like just emerges from of they're just like something magical and five yeah
i think that's the reason why really loves drink up so much because they do all this as an immigrant or
that's how i would actually green gulch is beautiful and know that helps
but the truth of the matter is that so is your kitchen table
so's your backyard so as the front seat of your car
if you can see if you know that way
but weren't hundred that
some android app yeah yeah everything is so inside of the so the find that green goddesses viral his head of the steering wheel of your car by chance him and then he goes on to this part you know there's an old saying is in seats one of the things that dog and always loves to do he's so
in front of you know he loves to take these old phrases that are that are absolutely
standard phrases and xin that always mean one thing he loves to take those races and tell you that they mean the opposite
and then expound of in the most profound way and that's what he's really doing here because there's an old than phrase
that's as don't put a head on top of your head we all know the springs i don't put a hand on top of your means
no just be present don't think about everything and make everything complicated it also means they'll listen to somebody else see for yourself have your own experience
so if any sane person will tell you don't put a and tough you know that means when i just set and now he says no no no
you should put a hat on top of your him because your head is really the head of viral china buddha that's what it means to put into that w
it's just the opposite with the and of course
when they say don't put a hit on top of you had they mean don't use language and conceptualisation you should be like that you should be like you know beyond you should get beyond language conceptualization but dogan for dog in
language and conceptualisation transcend language it and in conceptualisation and so there's no difference between conceptualizing
and not conceptualizing because there's no way not to conceptualize ever and to conceptualize and know your conceptualizing is to be free of conceptualisation
the that makes sense that a and trouble
but knowing i'd met i meant to mixes
how and book
you know i knew already that i wasn't true
and i just didn't know that you were from ah
the statutes
a deity statues and handsome okay yeah well that's more like this you know by rotana
that's right
so then next paragraph is about
the expression of the dream within a dream can be aroused by both ordinary people in sages moreover the expression of the dream within a dream by boat ordinary people in stages arose yesterday
and develops today this pattern of this paragraph really got me i let this ruin
you should know that yesterday's expression
of the dream within a dream
was the recognition of this expression as expressing the dream within a dream
the present expression of the dream within a dream is to experience right now this expression as expressing the dream within a dream
indeed this is the more was joy of meeting a bullet
are you said much was it
and i will just read your wife know reminds me of
and then i'll see if i can understand if i can explain to you and if not know you were to me

hey some
ah okay says here
both yesterday in courts
so called yesterday
and now in quotes so-called now
are now
understanding though against point intellectually understanding to against point and letting it go
and just experiencing
so yesterday's expression of the dream within a dream
was the recognition of this expression so yesterday
the dream within a dream expressed itself yesterday
as a recognition
that it's a dream within a dream
today now
the expression of the dream within a dream is experiencing right now
this expression
as expressing dream of movie so
we're studying this text of dog is he wrote this text out of his profound appreciation for the diamond and for this point
he wrote it because he thought it was worth writing and it's lasted eight hundred years
is worth reading it helps us to understand our life in our practice that activity
is useful
to understand
what don't get to say for him to express himself is useful
but it's not explaining something else
when we understand his point and then let go within understanding it
experiences point as a conceptual experienced than were free of than in that way it's a kind of up in a way intellectual yoga which can free us from
intellectual bonds
and i think that very wisely you know he understands like you could get the feeling from a lot of and literature that you're supposed to not be thinking not conceptualized not study there are places in zen places where they don't let you study they would not allow books in there
so noster don't they don't just be present
you know that's what so we can look like thinking and studying and software this is something else but the truth of the matter is
that there is no way not to think and not to have that can contact your mind
i often tell the story of them
my father who used to he was tough on me my phone and he was always complaining about me and part of my problem according to him was that i was always reading and thinking and all nice if you wouldn't read and think so much i'm gonna be so crazy you would get a job there's something useful you know and we have like and and so i used to thank you to eat
no i course i resisted this whole idea mightily i never pass give him any satisfaction and i'm still in the middle of the night
am i would thank you know he's really right
he did he might find it that then went to school or i think didn't read any books they've been like that it's usually right now is extra know why am i thinking
he doesn't have to think about what kind of stuff he's just non conceptual i thought then i began to pay attention
and i saw tears you know my father has his many ideas as i do even more
the only differences they're pretty unexamined maybe that's good but it's not like he doesn't have any ideas there's plenty of a lot going on is it
because everybody receives a lot of ideas from the world around them
so it's a farce i think to think that a human being is not going to have ideas
so and says understand ideas as ideas and be clear about your ideas and let go within the thinking of your ideas and have of course dogan would also say and have your ideas be clear enough with finish your ideas that your ideas become the ideas of buddha dharma
and that's what will happen if you're a really clear about your ideas and understand them for what they are they will be booted arm and then you will be expounding a dream with your ideas will all be the expanding in a dream
so that's how i understand that guess that makes any sense
it's very hard to understand the first mean
we should regret that
although the dream of the buddha ancestors bright hundred grass types his parents clearer than one hundred thousand suns and moons
the ignorant ignorant do not see it
what a pity
the head that is the head placed above the head is exactly the head tops of one hundred grasses
thousands of types of heads the ten thousand kinds of heads the heads throughout the body the heads of the entire world unconcealed the heads of the entire world at the ten directions the heads of teacher and student that join in a single phrase the head of the top of one hundred foot pole that you leap off placing and above
have in place in the head of of and are both heads these words our heads also
we're placing word above the word head these are all hence
study this say investigate with this is the spirit of practice investigate
studied whatever it is that should arise steady that's the only way to sickness old age and death comes investigate
failure comes to investigate success comes investigate something good comes investigate something horrible investigates study and investigate this because everything that comes along is this head
a viral china
does the passage from the diamond sutra that says all buddhas in their unsurpassable perfect enlightenment all emerge from this sutra is exactly expressing the dream within a dream
which has always been the head placed on top of the him this sutra while expressing the dream within a dream brings for is with their unsurpassed enlightenment these buddha's with their enlightened in turn speak this sutra which is the established expression from the dream within a dream
so the diamond sutra makes this claim that you know if only you would just say one line of this sutra then you know all this fantastic things will happen which is an odd
so no idea you know it's like so that left like you can put sutra on the altar and offer incense that the sutra you don't even have to read it or to say one word the sutra in this wonderful things will happen
as the cause of a dream is not obscure
the effect of the drink is not ignored and this i believe is a quotation from the famous sort of bug
in zen
the main place to find
teachings about karma is in the story of he often just fox which i think it's the second case of the
to get let's get it the gate was barrier the movement can you know everybody knows the story you could just box i won't repeat it but the punchline of the story
you know the the the the zen master has asked is the enlightened person free from cause and effect that he says yes the enlightened person is free from cause and effect and then he's condemned to live five hundred lines reborn as a box then he comes back in human form to
his successors and master and says i was asked that question i gave that answer i've been reborn as a fox what would you say and he says the enlightened person is not obscured by cause and effect or does not obscure cause and effect
so a dog and is quoting that here
as the cause of a dream is not obscure
the effect of the beam is not ignored and this is like before and it was making before that you would think that this cosmic perspective would leave any sense of cause and effect karma morality far behind
but know exactly because of this perspective
cause and effect it does matter and our conduct is very important
this is one mela striking one thousand or ten thousand and blows
so when like the butterfly effect to them
when you will find that you do as vast implications
as it is so a thing of such this expresses the dream within a dream
reality such a person of substance expresses the dream with a dream the thing of no sextus expresses the day within a dream a person of no such this expresses the dream within a dream
so lest you think that or search the so good that's what i'm in favor of
also no substance
because don't make something duelist ago don't make something limited on
hold everything
lightly america this point they hold everything lightly as the buddha dharma analytica moment after don't set up something and then make it into a show that they getting home and jumped in and wonder why you're suffering
this understanding has been acknowledged as crystal clear what is called talking all day long about a dream with a dream which i assume is another
i don't know this expression particularly but i assume that it's another standard expression in japanese and chinese
proverbial saying
which means you know they sat around all day
talking about a dream within a dream proverbial expression for you know wasting time talking about reality they should be out like me the fields you know planting rice
and here the whole festival is taking this phrase and turning it upside down and saying no no it is a reality is agreement

making one brief utterance
and beyond knowing
is the expression of dream within a dream
as the expression of the dream within a dream is thousand hands and eyes above lucky disbar that function by any means the power of seeing colors and sounds and hearing colors and sounds
this fully maintained
the expression of dreams and a myriad aspects of dharma or the expression of the dream within a dream taking hold and letting go
our the expressions of a dream within a dream directly pointing is expressing the dream hitting the mark is expressing the dream
then he has this part here which is really quite wonderful but a balancing scale
which and then you think about you know the scales with pants you put something in the pan and it
the behave like
things behave in this world you know like you drop away to false right
so you've put away in the pan pants reacts normal
then you put away than the other pan and then this object flies up into the air right
it defies it's
nature is defies gravity right of course we can explain it by the law of gravity but the experiences this thing flies up
it's a kind of and then so he makes the point that
it flies up because it's empty
the balance feel works he says when you take hold them when you let go
so this is like right every moment of life we take hold of oh yes i'm alive we let go yes and the go this moment is gone
that's like taking hold letting of so when you take hold the when you let go you need to study the common balances feel as soon as you understand that the measuring of ounces and pounds will become clear and will express the day within a dream
unless you know on an ounces and pounds
and without having leveling the balance there is no actualization of the balance point because i guess that i guess he means that if you have ten pound way and you put into pie way over here and nothing happens so you have to understand it's ten pounds of put ten pounds over here so
that's pretty good it's like the buddha dharma
you have to understand it
so that you know how much weight to put in there and you know how to make it work and you know how to operate because you understand the instructions
when you attain balanced equilibrium you will see the balance point
once you know pounds and ounces and you do that what to do follow the instructions you'll see that it's mouth will see the balance point
achieving balance does not depend on the objects being weighed on the balancing scale or on the activity of way of just hangs in emptiness
right so this thing happens using all this equipment which you have to know how to use like practicing good at arm but it isn't equipment that makes it had it's not the scale doesn't work because it scales scales work because of reality right
if we lived on another planet scale would work differently you know each of the same operation
so it's because of the nature of gravity of the scale works that of the nature of scales
so if we if we follow the instructions and practice the dharma
and we find relief and peace in our lives it's not because we practice of diamonds because that's the nature of our life
thus deeply consider that without obtaining balance you do not experience solidity
so the weight
in the balance where the thing flies up
are two sides of the same point you can experience the weight without also experiencing the balance you can experience really experience the reality of your life without understanding the emptiness of of your life
it's pretty good analogy
thus deeply consider that without attending balance he did not experience literally just hang on its own in emptiness the expression of the dream within a dream allows objects to float free in emptiness
within emptiness stable balance is manifested
stable balance is a great way of the balance scale
while suspending emptiness and suspending objects weather as emptiness or as forms expression of the dream within a dream joins settled elysee
i'm getting tired that hurt myself
in a few minutes anything that we should have
bring up it
the thing i think my strategy or talkative that you
nobody for anything in the maybe you can
couple of years can provide just that yeah it's it seems she said it's awesome instead here by champion
yes yes like
yeah it's a very close study here
but i hope that anyway
you have an appreciation for a field for
the depth of was dug in is here speaking of about
i hope so because

now he's name he's not saying
there's this is that
this is right and that's wrong
this not this is the opposite what he said
he's trying to get us to see that that's what we're saying you know has a worsening all the time and that's why we're suffering he's trying to get us to see that reality isn't subject to those kind of categories and those kind of judgments and that it's very deep
and it concludes all of everything if only we would stop taking ourselves so seriously and just didn't fly up like that object in the scale so that's what he's getting at and and also the other main point that came out tonight that at this whole thing
it's not the are the opposite
and ethical conduct but it makes as proponent even more fundamentally important
so when we think about our lives you know and what what are we doing with our lives
we need if i think we this tells me when i think of this that i have to find a way to live my life
i'm not thinking so much about my well being isn't that what i need and everything but just am i'm living a life where i'm really doing conduct as righteous and benefiting the world
because if i appreciate would go going to sing i know that this is the only thing that will give me satisfaction
like many at
strap my heart of the pack my problem man
an enlightening
so it it seems that more steady on what a cat
comey way
like a that my daily reality
apparently the team activity at work ah it seems like different things are operational yes yes yes in japan
so am i can
had a problem acceptance
yes i understand what you're talking about i think that that yes it's a little bit like the old saying when i first started practicing mountains were mountains
and then after a while mountains are not mountains and then mountains or mountains again i think that in the beginning you know we
on face value our daily life in the world and the values of the world
it's just given you a given when we start practicing we notice of dissonance
between our inner life and what we understand of the dharma and what seems to be going on otherwise in the world and so i think that's what you're saying and i know that and that and that have less difficult and it's very difficult and i appreciate that
but if we stay with our practice and stay with the difficulty in any way at certain point you don't have any choice actually
you've finally come around to seeing that that everyone even though they look like they're doing something different in fact everyone shares in this dream it's all one big dream and then you can harmonize with your situation even though it looks like it's from one perspective and certain stage of your
quite opposite from what you're doing but afterward you see for example you look at a mean person nasty mean person said where this this person certainly isn't trying to practice compassion this person is certainly isn't concerned about their behavior and so when so when you look over but then later on you look that same person and you see
this person has had a lot of suffering
and because of their conditioning how could they be otherwise and this is this person's path to suffer what their suffering in their mean this in there whatever it is so your heart goes out to before you think you know what what i can be around these people you know is so awful you know and i want to prime i like go
gringo awesome israel nice a greengrocer all practicing the heart attack and it's really good and at an at work at system as then you realise that actually the truth is that the green gulch and the world people in the same thing everybody's suffering and doing their best and everybody's practicing whatever way that they can give them where they are that time and you see
that you actually see it that way and then you don't feel such a big gap
you may have hard days you know in the office or whenever you work with anything that was a hard day
tomorrow i'd better be more mindful and more careful and i think it was a hard day because i didn't get enough sleep so i'm going to bit earlier tonight
that kind of thing you can see
so i appreciate that that's really important i'm glad you brought that that's really important point
yeah my my life is very different million i know not committee green gulch too much so i'm like regular people on the freeway on it and i understand like how can a pretty standard is really hard
the telephone back which fax machine email freeways errands traffic
it's very hard to live in the way we are living so we have take care of ourselves very well every day everyday maintain good state of mine and happiness and not take anything for granted how
so i'm trying to figure out of practice all day long and mr wallner
not doing that well but there's hope
happens next year
map and a delusion throughout the region i was reminded that character and sacrifice
the worst kind of despair if someone doesn't know that is despair yeah
and and a writers pointing out that the most miserable places are set affluent suburban communities in the usa of the highest rates of sosa is that and that's people not knowing that air and intuition that said strikes me as the opposite of being in collusion threatened yeah
yeah from the importance of really nine illusion as come here if you're in poverty you can think i've gotta get out of poverty that's my problem if you're
pure affluent you can then you might think what's wrong
yeah we all need to think about this and we only to find a way to access to this deepest part of our hearts i don't think we can possibly do without this
really maybe for a short while but it catches up to really does am i kidding