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intensive my son is
his winter sports wrestling and he went to wrestle mania
and wrestle mania found out later than we thought and mad my as just to new up
a pro basketball team
anyway and
so i picked him up can i made a speech
i would like to see her name's we typically skip the last week so kids
linda that katherine how did he claimed catherine courtney my own
here up count barbara a robin judas which
patrick just drag
you are son jim
so ah
there are a number of things from last class and stayed with beads and i've been turning and turning and occurred to me
today some way of
kind of getting and
expressing and expressing what what what i've been trying to work with it it has to do with the coal on the story the story about
the tenth so on the ship who comes to by the mushrooms and words and phrases and and what our words in one of places i felt like we looked at at last time and also little bit like scratching our heads and sort of her and and i feel like that particular
story teaching story and then the poem and follows show aidos poem about
one two three four five and and the moon into the ocean and i just didn't wanna skip over it so that's one thing i wanted to start with tonight and then
we'll just see how that goes and then back to the text and unless there's other things that you want to i know that danny we were talking last time about
ah you know
the sort of shadow side i guess you'd say of
everything in its place and i didn't know if you if we should go into that further or that if that settled
so we could take that up again to or now
and also you on couple weeks ago had mentioned something which after class which i didn't pick up because we had to plays but it had to do with the insistence on the tens are doing everything
his or herself
new one was bringing apple isn't that sort of like maybe it'll be greedy like getting to do all the things and having to be there in a little ego so there was another kind of way to look at it that he that was coming up for him so those are a couple of things that were hanging that down
we haven't talked about with but everyone so
show shall we talk a little bit first year or shine
going with this thing that i'm not sure husky worst pitch
ha ha
whatever you want even when everyone in the fun
weapon what's the plan of once in the been okay well why don't i try this
so make some space here
if effect
so if you look on your
package look in europe
it does everyone have a cousin and what's my home
i've got one extract
the fascinating simplicity and for down a little bit
how the
you've got people who are freezing and people who are too hot so please move around the room accordingly
a lot about nine visitor know i'm just interesting
i gave just one extra here there's also this book
are you can share or just listen or whatever you'd like it is available anymore which is okay so we are looking on

forty one
and it's at the bottom or at the middle in the bottom but it has to do with the tensile who came to by the mushrooms and
i was very clear about he hadn't permission to stand overnight and he was he left after lunch he was going back
uriah you i'll remember that story yes and jurgens question near the bottom venerable tenzin in your advanced years why do you not wholeheartedly engaged the way which has been go through as as in
or penetrate the words and stories and those are the cohens white tone or hands of the ancient masters instead of troubling yourself by being tens of and just working what is that good for
and the of laugh loudly and said oh good fellow from a foreign country you have not yet understood whole heartedly engaging in the way which has been dough
and you do not yet know what words and phrases are so at this point there's a shift from
why aren't you studying the cohens the stories
the words and stories of the ancient masters or of the old zen masters and then that gets switched to he doesn't say you do and you do not yet know what the words and stories of the whole zen masters are but it's a different word that he uses there and it's translated hear his words and phrases now i looked up in the other
translations by the way we're not going to have did i tell you we're not going to have that booklet of comparing all the different ones and enough it it's got to be too big a project to
do for the class so
so in another translation that you don't have which is in manuscript form
it's from the effect i'm actually not supposed to read it because i have the manuscript and it's not out yet but it's a book that's coming out account nothing hidden by a
show how cool camera and dan late and were involved in this that there's a lot of different teachers who've written articles about the tens of kilcoyne supposed to come out in november but i haven't seen it yet so i'm going to skip that one but it's another translation but it moon in the dewdrop
this he asks
to the tens of why don't you concentrate on zazen practice and on the study of the ancient masters words and then the tensile says you do not yet understand practice or know the meaning of the words of the ancient masters so that's a little different translations
though she's in refining your life's has it why do you not spend your time practice exhaustion or working on the cohens of former teachers and the tensile remarks after laughing loudly and so forth data that you do not yet understand what practice is all about nor do you know the mean
eating of characters
so this word
the word and japanese that's used for the words and phrases or just the words or characters as the gmo she says is this word mon g and i looked up more g
so i mean this is my calligraphy hurts
lawn the first part mon week's letter or writing i get a practice that number test and g his characters like in kanji you know the chinese when you write in chinese they're called kanji rate is different than com jesus i bought was not to come
so the mon g bone his letters that are writing and the g is like the for characters and together they mean the character a letter or writing when you put them together monty his character letters rights little different than words and phrases but if you think about
oh and here's this one
and this is cole on which is co is public and on is a case called public cut on cases those are different so one is
nashville in letters writing character letter writing now i'm taking this calligraphy classing that's why this occurred to me
and i have the calligraphy class on tuesdays and
it occurred to me that it for a chinese or japanese person to say what's translated as words when they mean characters
there's there's a different
valence they are actually and i just wanted to get at it so i brought my
calligraphy stuff to him
now i'm a very new calligrapher seventh don't
you no mistake that but i thought i would just
tip sorry when to protect the lag
so my practice tests
so the tens or says you said

you have not yet understood wholeheartedly engaging in the way and you do not yet know what words and phrases mean are you don't know what monty means what characters and letters are hearing this i suddenly felt ashamed and stunned
now that that's a really strong sense i was ashamed and stuff like just stopped in his tracks
what our words and phrases that he asked what is wholeheartedly engaging in the way the tensor says if you do not stumble over this question you are really a true person and the other translations are
just as to do this with you

choosing is that
in in the moon and the dewdrop dogan since what our words what is practice rather than wholeheartedly engaging in the wages what his practice and the us as if you penetrate this question how can you fail to become a person of understanding that's the true person or person of the way
yea if you penetrate this question the question is what our words what his practice and in that note from ogm it says if you basically throw your whole self into this question as the most important thing that is well
the and one and you just read them

this is the one where judas it scratched her head and said about them you know this name stuff if you understand precisely what you're asking to be the most vital problem concerning the buddha dharma than that in itself is understanding characters
that is practical if you take up a question like this like what is practice or what is monty what our words what our characters if this is if you take this up in a full way not just and whatsoever scared characters what
this is fully engaging in the way fully engage in your life and these phenomenal things like
well in the ten cells case
rice and water and ladles and and this and they're using this monty or characters to kind of get at what our words and he say okay if you really ask about what his words and what our practice that's
you will penetrate their
so if you penetrate this question how can you fail to become a person of understanding
so so the thing about words all words or characters that stand that are
both words and characters are these marks you know on paper whenever that when you
look at them you have a concept you have a concept about what that's pointing to write she didn't understand it it would
if you didn't understand what a character meant when you looked at it it would just be black and white light but
each word in english for us or other languages that we speak or some characters that we might know
phenomenal they are part of just the phenomenal world but what is the phenomenal world this is like form an emptiness you know what is formed
and if you understand what chromium it
i'm completely encompasses everything if you penetrate one you penetrate all things which is the work of the tanzanite if you completely
cut the carrots if you completely wash the race
not thinking about g gm or elaborating israel's been saying
i don't like watching the race
white race we should be having brown rice more often and always makes me watch the race my mother used to get i mean all that if you're just watching the race
you penetrate
one thing you penetrate everything
i wanted to train demonstrate visit
so you can say that about
all source of like all we're all every for everything is
that's right you can say it about everything
if you're just there with your work
not somewhere else oh it's like of law this that's a wait and wait for the paper and it's yes in the shape of acorn to oak was all a coincidence

so my teacher i was this wonderful woman who used to teach in elementary school so she's teaching calligraphy like she teaches little kids you know that and it just perfect for me because that's one
probably not wear this

so when you
just some of your practice calligraphy
yes i have you haven't passed
so what do you think she told me when we first started is that traditionally the pan view
you start with
this is not ground in this is bottled sumi ink but
i use it for when i go to class we grind the eight soap
so when you first start taking calligraphy lessons you start and that for the first three years you do hp which is one which is just
why just eg and
and i was game you know it's like if this is how you teach good v i i'm willing i i figured i told her i had i was
fifty two waiting or fifty years he was last fifty two when i started i figured i have maybe twenty years if i'm lucky to m you know steady calligraphy and if you start out the first three years with ici then
okay you know that's okay with me i was willing but she she'd go that way we we did the other different strokes not just once but
but he you know this
each he is one stroke includes
she she has a calligraphy on her wall that she did which is the meaning of it is one in one thing penetrates all things and the one which is this is big grey be like or across the page and then the other thing so you look at it i mean as
awesome art piece and it's got this loss of black thick and then these other squiggly things you know that compared me i can barely back them you know you look at that one and you
you feel the mind that person you know that's why calligraphy is so marvelous big and everything is like that
everything is like that so so i'll do each it is not quite right
not that i'll do each each he if he will appear it
and also with calligraphy the way she does it we sit in caesar and you first meet of breathing exercises
and then when your mind is ready
when you
express some express that you do the character him

try this other i got this
yes it is what is your office and in that have ninety degrees to the
the goes directly who yes now you look look the brush
vertical does anybody have any water and them
but since creative and daughter
patrick arthur prepared when
she thought to check oh my god

oh thank you hear seven you can continue drinking your water
thank you
what and lovely
i found this
the house in china and with little tiny shop now i don't know if you've ever looked at brushes that they're very expensive they can be really very expensive in this will cost two dollars and fifty cents where and it was the in a dusty old case in this little tiny shop but if what we found
sound is that i wouldn't have known this year ago but it doesn't have a lot of spring it i don't know what the what the hair is but so it's not as responsive
that's why it was in a dusty or been for two dollars and fifty soon
it is enemy it's pretty if asked me
okay so that's why i'm going to do too

doesn't have the bounce yeah
that's even see
this one is very bouncy
and three

to over of paper up an office

ah when our words
what are words what are munchie
and what i realized
every and nothing from that that's that's the poem you know
where's as a thing
so the poem that comes after that
so then later on you know he visits the tens of comes to visit him right
when he's at ten to a monastery and they bring up the issue we've mentioned on the ship about concerning words and phrases and wholehearted engagement in the way
the tens or said people who study words and phrases should know the significance of words and phrases
the significance of them people dedicated to whole higher practice need to affirm the significance of engaging the way what our words and phrases one two three four five
what is wholeheartedly engaging the way
in the whole world
it has never hidden another translation start again
see a marked all these are actually i wrote them all out
where did that know
in mood in the dewdrop when i refer to the discussion of words and practice which had taken place on the ship the tens are set to steady words you must know the origin of words to endeavor and practice you must know the origin of practice what our words one two three four five
what is practice nothing in the entire universe is hidden so
so ah
in in this calligraphy or in anything else you do but in the calligraphy
there's nothing hidden rate i was going to ask if somebody wanted to come up and do eighty you know it's because
your whole entire there is everything that you are and everything that the phenomena brings like the the intimacy between the brush and the ink and this kind of paper and the lighting and the fact that there's a crowd watching or not or this is all intimate
non separate you know there isn't such a thing as as this ici without this particular brush this a this paper and if you change any of those things it's a whole other thing
so nothing is hidden meaning all those relationships all that
dependently core reason
ness is exposed to know it's not hidden there's nothing hidden we think that we can hide you know from each other and from ourselves but actually we're always right out there who we are even our attempts to hide his right out there showing you know amy so it's all
what is the significance of words what is the significance
and of course
everything's there there's nothing hidden in the entire universe nothing is hidden
would anyone like to come up penetrate the key
when interest takes a little more room
where did the gym the hips
the should probably be on the side for you a right handed the roof
so nothing in the world is here

how many press to it
many as the

your arm history of industry and it's good to uphold the paper with the other down there you just to kind of steady at that

you want a try number two and number three
during the a rank you can put up a marine

the road different language winner


is the perfect
the top a good surface
jimmy your
careful about this rug folks young folks

thank you very much
can you go the ethics
crazy about know this is all these are nervous and but they are nervous it's just beginner's mind you know if so we can watch as we try it and this is years of chris
we can see how we immediately
comparing my kicks in rate i mean that the teacher sits next to be and we start doing this and aims looking and and i think she has established some beautifully ask it there
and then i look at mine in the a innovate right but the time is one time she actually gave me this different kind of paper was different and the way the inc sunk into the paper it had this whole different feeling so when i put the brush and it just there's something different about the drag you know and i g
just i
forgot about her forgot about and i just was right there
enjoying the feel of the ink on paper and the and with the like a kid actually it was like that comparative mine just shut up for well and i just was doing it and i got to the end and she didn't exactly clamp that it was like
okay you know finally so but it i knew that it was my mind that was the hindrance it wasn't necessarily they take me for any of these other things it had to do with and this is it had to do with comparing mind and how painful it is right and s the same
with arts all the arts right and anything else we do
shopping baking talking and clint whatever it is it's like
what are words you know if you just completely throw yourself in
now you penetrate right there would anyone else them to try

we can do other country you can do a semi-circle he was a
you know just one of those circles or i that's really hard and
the remind this is more from idea
the role as me
was it
oh yes ma'am
see that's that's
verifying it you really find a real no no i well it may be real thing if but for me it's like this is your world you see those marks and you think roll down maybe you could just learn to be taken a new bup bup bup is kind of in your body and you see that
that and that's what comes up that's like a whole world
you know it's not necessarily it doesn't come from that necessarily it's it's who you are and and that that's very intimate it's very intimate and it's the same with everything
this relationship with things
it was kind of moldy it's
it is made with soot
yeah oh she put the income sfu on whether it was

thank you would you like it

we can keep doing this until we ran a favorite target
so i went well with unicef i just wanted to go onto the home that is think about this home
or meditate on this cold for minute
what he does this ebook reader work before because that's one of them go to the police don't move how you can do it top and around you could do a him around
the semicircle the end so it's some
what does it makes you know
just when you see it
like cycle kind of even
sure yeah yeah
wow completion the entire universe you know
so they're often
well you know suzuki vs and so that it's kind of the logo of zen center now that
but many you if you look in books of calligraphy of zen masters you'll often see their and so in other be and sometimes they're roles groggily you know there isn't and you see their mind right there that's the thing this is their mind they were completely there and you feel who they
which is how it is handwriting and
my jeep
report you can do it either way
that's right and also that left hand this is one thing is to do things with two hands so to have that left hand cannon steadying you study the paper at the bottom area
in august
just a scam i just want to mention let's see if the group can just watch without any comment either sound effect or anything just let it be politically okay let's see how it is

q to everyone

a circle yeah i can
if we cut these pages and have we can have get a few more people
what does it cuts gifts

when it just before you do this i just wonder if this with wild character three characters five and seven characters having thoroughly investigated the ten thousand things none have any
foundation at midnight the white moon sets into the dark ocean
when searching for the black dragons pearl you will find their numerous
so this this beginning part one character three characters five seven these characters
this is the phenomenal world one two three four five that's his that's his answer what our words and phrases one two three four five that's just
the ten so just what are words and phrases
you know just whatever he came up with
and but those very things that seemed like it could have been anything he said wonders you for five it could have been six seven eight nine ten it could have been chicken cows ducks geese it could have been anything but it was one two three four five
and the entire universe came down to those very words one two three four five
everything's there
what is wholeheartedly engaging in the way in the whole world it is never hidden
living like that you know living like that is some
ah is hylan lives
so one character three characters five and seven having thoroughly investigated the ten thousand things none have any foundation or there's nothing you can rely on right because it's always changing impermanence there's nothing if you investigate all this stuff use
see it it's ungraspable you can't hold onto it
at midnight to the middle of in a few picture this as visual at midnight the white moon picture the white mode setting into the ocean
when searching for the black dragons pearl you will find the are numerous to the black drag and supposedly there's a black dragon that carries a pearl or jewel under her i take it to her under her chin and that jewel was built that jewel of
the truth you know and you have to get it yet the wrested away from that black gun but what they're saying is
well there's another translation i actually like even better when searching for the black dragons broglio find his numerous or you'll find it's everywhere it's
the black dragons pearl the pearl of truth is in all phenomena form an emptiness form is not different than emptiness so taking care of form you ah
you understand emptiness can understand emptiness so we take care for emptiness is form an former for and emptiness emptiness which is why each one of these
each one of these is form as forum and you can read you can tell somebody's calligraphy that's their calligraphy is not just undifferentiated
it could be anybody you actually can tell if you know gloopy that so sauce calligraphy right that sounds of painting
form is form on his farm
we'll see right now

no the bull has a market and already on an i asked if
i think it's probably come out of their you think we think the clay with wolves it'll seep in it's glazed visit lived here are good gives a general era
our festivals and sixteen in this area has a
it's the post pretty close to case services yeah that's that's so interesting those of us who are in the cohen class on monday night there's
oh who isn't in that congress list is it is not yeah so one of the lines it the kind of camping lying is
midnight this gives me the moon sets midnight penetrating this this the city things are going through the marketplace so
this is this this is the same line i feel
midnight or no access to hurt him
but when it as he was leaving greatest sports injuries and and going shopping there was out there's no knowledge or to sandwich yeah tomatoes you're actually revealing because migrant crisis the empty and audit felt i was like shattered
it's interesting too because the word in if you penetrate this question near and one of the translate yeah yeah
so are we penetrating the city consumers were penetrating the course well that's
yeah well that's i feel like it's pointing that way penetrating one thing penetrating the city
pennant the city is the phenomenal world right the world of the myriad forms
and what is form
and for
and if you take up their question completely
that will be your penetration right there
let's let linda do and then kept
be sure to keep your include your left science

he shouldn't shy

no it's not great were right when you talk
the phenomenal world with an account and one two three four five contain are being finance the whole world of phenomena
and when you first expressing it suddenly throttling back to the wait twelve and first ask that question and i really loved it is time this talking about words and phrases back to the situation of that terms of who will not let someone else do the job you know because the key
question german systems venerable terms of why do you not
highly engaged last two thousand are penetrate the words and stories of the ancient masters instead of travelling yourself by being turns out and just working and so all isn't it brought it back to just working his wholeheartedly engaging relay and
trading the wordsmith phrase that's right yeah i just came up with and that's where the tend to laugh so loudly yeah no exactly it's all of these translations he's left you get such a big kick out of it
because that's exactly what he's doing and he's saying why don't you help what are you fooling around of being attentive for why don't you penetrate the way and and and disaster
okay what is
you know in in the middle ages they they didn't spend their paintings rate
im not in japan i don't know if you didn't compare but
like the early
many early paintings and outside right
and works of art are not sidewalk
this thing about
somebody coming from profusion i the i thought carol was enough

i was gonna say
yeah know there's the
a tradition of stamping so i'm going to
stanford's those the says my name in
the old script that's the second part of your name
a journey
chico agent
it means
g in this case g coal is gs compassion and cause light the light of compassion and then the m
age and a is eternal like a haiti eternal pieces ag monastery in a eternal a accord journeys
like a river going along in the banks following along that's the image
so it's been translated as a chord
so he said in this case i didn't know
when you read these characters which case right yeah well a risk is it must
well sometimes even japanese people don't know they're like they'll say you know maybe you've seen that they'll say gee something and they say gee then they go you know and then they because there's a lot of characters that have the sound genre just like in english there's a lot of well there's ah
often the similar sounds right but ah
the academic could to
g go and it could mean something else like the g cold carries the incentive that means incense carrier doesn't mean night of compassion i think the coal mine
no i don't really think the cold light maybe it's a light caring and they'll do that for ago
yeah well they'll say a jet and chinese people to if they don't know what character than the kind of do it in on and all that
you always start with them
she's got to but this particular teacher that makes me
at the end of class i have to do a final thing and then stamp it
does everyone have it stamped
guess everyone have a stamp duty us was just me it's just why don't want yeah
they call it a chopra a chop em
no prefers me
now what's interesting is that
we say that the what our characters what are monty and they are what they are the entire nothing's hidden it's the entire your entire mind the entire but this know is made of soot out of trees the paper the whole entire world comes down
this peachy right and then or how can you stamped something with your name and i mean isn't that sort of silly but that's this form as form
so there is form is emptiness doing this is the entire or doing anything but but there's also
so this is this is our life is that it's not we don't want to get caught in either way like stamping all over the place rate differential is the kind of arrogance it like marking your territory like a dog or a behalf is this is by and mrs buying this man
but you know how we do that sometimes you know this is we actually do mark her territory
i like it this way you guys are doing it
you know the dishes should be done this way
that's a kind of but there are times when it's appropriately to your staff
the stamp on your page
how come
how these questions are not some reviews often times
yes but in ribs book your first agency agent
is there a reason why you use first name rather than the second a different time
after dharma transmission that bet that second name is sometimes you this time so
i think i was surprised to used to to
are oyster cheap and yeah he doesn't say thank you to pieces tension so yes somehow he chose that one to use and it isn't my
the free
is it was my understanding that the first part of the navy give you is characteristic to really see weren't than and that second part is where they see you
yes that's that's one
when you're creating the names for people for layered nation the the first part of the name the first two characters are often some
an expression of how you understand the person right then manifesting housing manifest your life right now and then the second part is
how you see them come completing are developing or fully maturing into them into their individuated maybe so there's the kind of not exactly tension but a relationship between the first characters in the second to care
yes i can make it more wet how do i like that look at income and one oh
let's see i think he could pull an easy gets to wow i'm not sure i don't want to it's it's probably it's probably the rate consistency because it comes out of a bottle or so you don't have to add unless it's too thick
and i'm to the brush to use the line or am i don't think reality now you can just correction that loch ness march on getting my panic

i can't keep trucking industry


no one thing about our practice you know is it safe
very big body practice

yeah it doesn't matter how much how many words you've got to describe some thier to if it has to be conveyed and express through your body rate so we have all these
chances i guess to practice with the body or or aoki practice kitchen practice all the work practices are peak body praxis as well as you know we need all parts of respite
bringing the body there and of and a lot of east and just in them itself of course
a lot of these things are tired
through watching meals rules
seeing somebody else even though the as a cast down you actually pick up on how people are moving in the zendo or doing something by by watching and then you try it yourself
that i was just that kind of watching and the comparative mind watching
i feel are are actually two different modes you might say that comparative nine watching his
getting very caught up in
performance and
a kind of self denigrating thing and
chris criticism and a lot of judgment and but the other kind of watching is just
a kind of like a baby learns to do something or
and i don't i don't think those babies learn to walk by watching the learn the just their body
it's unstoppable you know wanting to move in that way as they develop development but watching other things that kids pick up on its they're not comparing and thinking i'm not doing it right or you know when like language actually just copy
paying very close attention
i think i just wonder the apprentice
chip or be mentoring someone or having someone apprentice to you or taking a calligraphy class a lot of it is
but the other clear free class i took before going with her was with cut tough
cause tanahashi tell how she said and he had as look at
our characters that were done by old masters he had them xeroxed and blown up and then we copied them over and over and over and over we copied exactly but of course it wasn't looking like that but then he would make little tiny hints like the horizontals rise up
to the right just slightly
haven't you lurk in the ah because in my mind i thought horizontal is horizontal straight like a table
but horizontal
was tipped up you know it wasn't just straight with just a little but i didn't see it why because i was carrying in my mind the idea of what horizontal us i really wasn't looking i really wasn't down with the paper
i was and this is the same with any kind of drawing those of you who draw you have an idea of what it looks like and you try to draw the table or the bookcase whenever you dry
according to your idea rather than actually what the shapes are and how the lights hitting it that's why they have as draw upside down said down with you left hand hell yeah
the eyes closed with you grew up to doing another work a soldier so you can try to watch

i also notice that the way you hold your brush
seems sort of important to how the strokes
can the pressure that you put on yeah that everything if it if the world ago it's a world i what him a teacher you know sure should do these things that meant but and the brush is just sailing you know it's just and lifting and swooping and down and is if dancing
it's dance right just like any craft is the dance
but life is a dance that way you know
so let's see what character canadian

how to moon

a critical mind just
hi i'm jasmine has hundred and particularly critical by good aesthetic parts to that what part of every character well the way this is touching him the aim of this she'd come down and ah they hook you know this
so linda yeah you were saying that infants you know i i'm more to know yes your infant my little infant my little granddaughter so where does
when does critical mind you know when you were saying they just copy and i thought yeah that's really right well we do but when does it sure at what age yeah
well it's
there is a sense of self even you know at birth their sense of self and self clinging is is there but to see what age disick where they start being self conscious in that way do you say that they have to stop because of your buddhist string yes yeah yeah
i don't know those of you know who know kids
i mean little kids that's why they're so great right that's they're they're just socially they're they're not doing that thing that we all do that the defenses and they're just kind of
ah right up there and isn't possible that it's different from the mountain like when that happened
i have a feeling of hardware pretty much but maybe to some maybe there's some variation according to you know what circumstance for
i haven't been brother and i was talking to your his mother today and she said that at a certain point like were babies really pretty young star
it thinks that it's still a part of who actually i don't throw on mother's day i was just not different from it's mother like psychological is the same game but it's got an arm and then there's a point one realizes that the art yeah not standing and
i was kind of wondering
how one would look at that i guess for a buddhist tiber respective or something like to know i mean to sound my questions or maybe stop yeah something like like over
sugar buddhists say like in response to all the they had a goal or not i'm fifty dollars information
how we
beijing how we present our like yeah well the thing about
the outfit
focus is back
that point rid of separation anxiety you know for the kid for the child is
you know their babies you know want to used to start out you can give him to anybody you know they just will go with everybody and i don't know eight months expressiveness trousers and then you great you can't pass him around anymore because they they want the ones that them
and the smell is different and
but for while there doesn't mean they do they can recognize they're usually the mother the primary but don't go with others sprinters certain point ah nothing else will do unless you go a lot unless you're very familiar like grandma's yeah for and here but i figure
yeah in terms of how that works
how events biologically
oh less frequently is
seventh for february to spare you have had our own only
would you like going to continue to enjoy do it okay not here yes please continue okay
there may be evolutionarily you know how all those things kick in and when they do
i don't know
but when
what is where religious war and is not better just do what i feel like i'm sorry i didn't want internet now i wandered away you're laughing i thought there was a joke happening now is just average to yourself
gangster and it's hard to explain it wasn't a joke of as new york okay
now attitudes
i understand

what's the character called ha ha

i can see how you can do this problems three have twenty eighth

so there is actually of forms for that right
in your first doing it you look at the character and it's doing a certain thing a yes
netflix executives singers will typically accident
however experts
go ahead due to say think you're about to make a wonderful point
can be folded
also at the beginning say it again well there is a form there's a character yeah and so
you practice that characters right yes yes

so it must be very difficult to
not how critical mind
as you're expressing it not to say oh that you know like when you work it should be a little or no
and it felt like i was having a critical manufactory it for then people started saying your that do that
there's a process right i forgot about this
we started out on the fly trying to copy something that's and try and make it perfect and were like and is fine because the beginning when we start out and so we can't do a perfectly and then then maybe the next stage we get closer closer to whatever is ideal and then we have to let go of woods

so did you you're right and many say sunday so we have to let you try if we start out we try to make your first are going to can grasp the ideal and and then hopefully if we want to get anywhere we have to let go to the ideal
yes and i think you know it's the same
games as and you know we come we have some ideal in mind of what the pasture is what we're supposed to look like that and we do our best but at a certain point we just are who we are you know we have to let go of the idea of what it's supposed to look like and just completely be ourselves in that pass
chur and and nobody knows what that is that there's no formula for what that into each person is completely themselves and with calligraphy you know you start out doing this this is what did they call it down
that baths
anyways this formal style but then there's like grass style which is
like cursive right where hats just program with the little route and
she was showing me some and there they just look like long squiggles with how this not even a character she was showing me the character in the box out at next to the grass style and to me they were like but if you know calligraphy you can in that squiggly who you can deliver you
you know what it is they leapt to and left out just like we can read
chris if you know you could read somebody's scribbles that's that a kid couldn't read you know they can't read cursive they can just reheat what is it called our capitals you know they can just read and then cursive finally and then
you know difficult handwriting so
am out that wasn't the point i was trying to make the point i was trying to make less oh once you master
the form meaning that kind of straight old thing than than your freed up to use it at will your treasure store will open of itself and you are using it will
but if you were like an improvisational
musician right you have to learn the scales in the stuff very very well to be able to go and just have that music just express otherwise it's it doesn't work right so music and art and
but not just those things those are all just these
those are just expressions of life but our own life is like that to you don't have to be a musician or artist you can cook you know you can cook for the monks you can clean dishes you can
clean your room you can go for walks you can do anything so what is he saying that in this
as pertains to the kitchen
well evening this one two three right i've i feel like the one two three four five is each one of those things that he goes to so carefully
you look at the stores use you plan the men used you post the menus you have you put the high things in the high things than lot of things that allow your hand off a layoff you well
put on your okay say and do nine mouse towards the monks hall you go to and when the heart goals you know each one of those things is
each one of those things is completely this full expression and i think it's a corrective because our usual just like he said to the tensile why don't you sit zazen and language you studying collins why you out here by mushrooms in hurrying back as just a bunch of
work so this is the tensile kilkenny as it was to the bunks he was practicing this so i feel like it's a corrective to our tendency to separate out you know this is the menial stuff and this is the practice stuff and to have it all categorized and he drops the categories and it's just
one taking care of one thing penetrates all yes michael i'm struck with how much sand seems to fall under an umbrella of intimacy
just in just be intimate with this moment just like when we were infants we were so intimate with that mother force that we weren't mother
now and how now we have learned all these
and our task here not just in practice beauty of it and did their lives to unlearn all that so we can get intimate like we were as youngsters or with the kitchen equipment or whatever a day to day yet still have the skills that got us there
guess but it's more
what do you keep problem with the first one the first when i did i don't know where it went on the table
i'm just too
have that
stars i
a baby's born and at the baby is put under my skin skin to skin within two three hours the baby has the ability to recognize smell or other smell who were babies
the skin which is remarkable
our early start
first the air
and who knows maybe just a week know i think crowd to the grasp on how right men do that too
the county
i mean was funny restraints on the right before care
oh psychodynamic psychology has a lot to say about these things and i and i would just say that
i think it's contribution here in sometimes i know it's not true but sometimes it seems like buddhism or our approached bosom doesn't include
the shadow and it does obviously i'm just saying sometimes it seems like we can forget and try to ignore it and try and not remember
the i guess the best way to explain it is to say that we are trying to get back to that but unless we deal with death
one never get there and all the pain and suffering will never get them but there are not intimate if you don't we don't
i think that beautiful but but i guess what i added to that are trying to add was how it's about the intimacy thick the closeness that we have with with our moments and are moments include i think least my case you know the dark

i are we to tell anyone
it's nine i know this last point

critical my i'm watching life
authentic additional fifty cents

thank you have image it is nine o'clock and i just want to say this one thing about the shadow which is
to me
you can't skip over there and if you cry
he don't find me software
somebody or something or some kind of
an altered state with people can you know fall into and recreate by various
me sometimes anyway it's just full on earth it has nothing to do with buddhism and it's not them it's just tripping so this this meeting one's own pain and once own now
all the parts of ourselves that we get that we denigrate want to get rid of and all that to actually include them right
in each thing that we do stay stay close is
and it means paint it means that there's a lot of payment so that's the only way to go the rest is just fooling around so i know sometimes it's all sounds like sweetness and light you know but as you all know if you're sitting it down
you meet everything is there yeah
okay will thank you very much for count
participating to neighborhood of you to please
and so we have one more class next week as the last class
so hard