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i am
to set up parents it's very interesting
yeah it's a gift actually that you give to me so i can sit here and his kind of my eyes can gently you know view the people who are sitting here and
are terrific you know
try name
each person different
some of you i know very well some not at all
but it's right right

okay i got mine
somebody said i had a level one time one time ago we were together for a number of words and they left me afterwards but in leaving they said you can never now you can never say that you haven't been well loved and it was such a tremendous gift because actually that's true
so no matter how broadly i feel or what i go through there's always that
truth and my life

the rest i mentioned it is because i'm going to talk about self and other today and i keep as a reward what i write i keep saying their self and i want you to know that when i say that what i really mean as belief in the self roads are really important
and i want to clarify that
i'm not going to say that there's no self
or that the self doesn't arise it arises but the difficulty is we believe what we think of is herself to be solid real separate and important
so words are really for
hidden in fact i was going to start my time today with some really nasty ones

in other ones i mean
the really bad ones the ones that hurt us
to know
so i'm not gonna say them
oh come on
what else your what is the idea you have of yourself that you're in the most
protective of that you don't want anybody to know about
was kind
and then i was gonna say after i said that my was gonna say something like know what actually do we think we said they're they're just sounds right
but we really invest something in them
and it's important that's the main thing i wanna say today is that it's really important to know that we invest them with something that's the real key the robes whether they're they're not is not so important but that we invest them with something that's really important thank you
that's really important
and in fact i'm studying vassar bonded on the side it's we're going to study it during the three week intensive they were going to do later in august and this is what he calls the accomplished this is it this is the accomplished it is to know the difference between
something arising a word or concept and idea and are imputation of substance on that thought to understand that much
yeah dear
sad a difficult idea to get
some yes and no experience i can explain the later that today
but i don't have a quote for you here's my quote and today
reality out by the way i wanted to tell you that my name is tier
i made an agreement with a group saturday sunday that as canada and i just remembered
this is the crowd of the day
reality is the leading cause of stress for those who are in touch with it
cesena again reality is the leading cause of this is a headline in the newspaper
the it turns out that reality is the leading cause of stress for those who are intention with it
anyway it's july the fourth and it looks like it's a lovely day and so what is freedom anyway
this is one generations idea of it
it's pretty i'm going to read it
if little remember these words he learned a manila go
when and the course of human events it becomes necessary for one paypal to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another
and to assume among the powers of the earth to separate and equal station to reach the laws of nature and of nature's god entitle them
a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they shall declare the causes which impel them to the separation
we hold these truths to be self evident
that all men are created equal that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness
not bad there's some things that are wrong with it but
but actually not too bad for their time
this is another person's idea the buddha
monks all is burning and why is it that is burning the i is burning visible firms are burning visual consciousness is burning visual impression is burning also whatever sensation that to is burning
the burning with what
burning with fire of grade with a fire of hate with a fire of delusion
i say it is burning with sorrows with lamentations with pans griefs with was despairs
and so on the as burning sands are burning your consciousness burning the knows the turn the body the mind monks those who see this become calmed nine attached and thrown an attachment become liberated
so political freedom is freedom from the other
and individual freedom is freedom from belief
that there is another
kind of subtle but significant
so today we celebrate the birth of our country and which was founded on the principles of freedom
except for native american indians african americans and women right
can probably if there were other people who are different they would have excluded them to
but still it was not a bad idea and it's our job isn't it
to fulfill that promise and we keep working on it
but it isn't easy
the reason it isn't easy is because
we're a political freedom
but and it's important political freedom addresses ha
the other you know basic the other
it's going to take i believe personal liberation to really cut at the root of the problem this is my opinion
but i think it's
kind of true because no one knows it has a higher i was it has a for really long time and we used to get the newspaper every week maybe if we were lucky and by the time we got the newspaper the date was a way old and it turns out week after week after week
like year after year after year it made absolutely no difference the news was the same it's absolutely the same news and it was sad so same news different names different countries different situations but the same thing was happening people were being heard out of hatred and
lot of people were getting things out of greed
and the whole thing was based on delusion and the delusion is
believing now get this believing in the illusion of separation it's all based on that
so we have to really address it and it's the and buddhists are the people who are addressing that put in particular
so what about ignorance ignorance is the main
condition for i think the suffering in the world
so ignorance is comes from the word
eg know riri ignore airy it's latin and it means to not know or to disregard to disregard as what we do we disregard the truth of our connection with everything we disregard it

to such a small word as as a huge consequences you know just disregarded leg
i don't have to notice that
but i'm in the consequences are enormous that we ignore that but ignore it for really good reason and the recently ignore it is because the mind naturally make separation it's not our fault it's not anybody's fault and it isn't bad it's just the nature of human beings the way the mind works is it makes
duality makes herself and other and again the problem is is that we believe that that separation that we sense is true female last year there's a me over here and there's a year over there and were separate it's completely bullshit

the right mind works lessons and giant versa banda so what kind of practicing the code i'm gonna be saying later so excuse me but the way the mind works is there's an oregon our eyes ears nose
those whatever a sensing mechanism
located somewhere around one of what we call orleans and then there's a field of activity like light particles of light waves particles and it touches a contacts this receptive event and then out of that arise his consciousness
it's okay so far so good has it has that too much
but you got their birth and yeah never and then what we'll do is naturally this is just a natural event what happens is the next step is a totally mental event having nothing to do with
what just happened
k out there it's a totally mental event and what happens is we take this kind of
image sense image and we reflect something in our mind like a concept actually that's what we do reflect a concept came we look all around and it you know it's not like we look all around the mind as it gets it pulls out what seems to be a ca
on sept like blue right and then it works that concept out there and as soon as it make something out there you get herself
which is not so bad as kind of neat the way it works
and then we believe that what's out there now here's the thing here's the thing here comes okay we've got a cell phone we've got another and then i want that
and i don't want that i like that and i don't like that i want that out there to think a certain thing and a certain way about me and i don't want that out there to thank a different way about me
right this is my territory it's not that person's territory and i'm right
and because that person thanks my territory is there's i don't like them
see how it begins to work truly simple and were completely tied to it

about it is is that when we feel separate from something else we can hurt that
cause it isn't us
and that's really a problem

so on the news a couple of weeks ago there was a
person who was in texas who was severely beaten unconscious i hope
and then tied to the back of a truck and dragged to his death
and we can't forget that person we can't forget that event and we can't forget that man
it's really important to remember that person
because they couldn't have been done unless the people who did that felt really separate from that person
so the way we remember and we must is whenever we feel separate from anything k and this is buddhist practice this was like vow this is what you vow to do
if we feel separate and the way you feel that is you kind of feel like a contraction right it's a physical thing you feel just a little bit contracted and a little bit defended
when that happens when renounce that we renounce burning that that's true we have to do that
we vow to do that that's all thou
we've been that we vow to renounce separation
for ourselves and for everything else
we have to do that
and not just in emergencies
not just in emergencies but all during the day

you know it's odd talking to you in a way because i know that what i'm saying it's kind of you know i know that the people i'm talking to and yeah not below the same thing i bet believe the same thing i do you are i mean right that
kind of why i want very much this is just an aside but i want buddhism to be
neutral because everybody should sit i think you know everybody should consider
deeply this this illusion that we this delusion that we put our belief in separation
nachos people who are you know tend to be soft around this issue in the first place but people who really question it
you know we have to really speak to everybody

a while ago i went to a three month free trade and and it was kind of its kind of fun you know for three months you know talk to anybody you just sit all the time and there's nobody there's no input coming in so what you do is that the stuff that goes on in your mind as the only kind of entertainment that you have so for the first and you're deaf
really want entertainment so for the first strike however long it takes you you reveal your whole life your whole life comes up
so and then eventually what happens is it kind of your whole life it's a very interesting review i wrote i took notes at one point and i wrote down all the paper i knew and what was good about but i thought was good about them and i thought was you know that matter what i thought i didn't i don't mean that but what i thought that like who they were
we're that's what i tried to write down and it's can interesting anyway after all that was finished you don't have very much left except the mind that is our inheritance which is a very wide empty
you know event that's our inheritance it's it's a just
so one day i was walking out from that kind of compound and it was in the fall of late fall so all the trees were kind of like rich the end of fall so the colors were kind of rich and at rich goals and browns and all that kind of stuff and i was thinking about freedom and a sa
song came to mind actually that i wanted to
seeing a little bit with you if you know it you can join yeah okay journalism because

does that mean it's a quarter to eleven i really
oh after i am
they say that free now
here is a constant
a ago they say that free now here's a constant
they say that free now
he's a an industry or go
word i try so ah
i must be free
the freeze and say that free now
here's a guy on the the the say that free and ah here's a constant the
the the say that free
and is the
i try so
no i am on spoof
why must be free the say that for
the is a constant cry the and so on
it's a great sum
and as i was singing it to myself i was remembering the wonderful human being and great great teacher mr martin luther king jr
who when he was teaching
who was teaching nonviolence and patience and i think that in our own trying to understand with our own working through of our own freedom we have to do it with a great deal of patience
because where we need to do is steady and say the arising of the self we have to really study it and to study it is difficult because we don't really want to work there we have to say the dependent co rising of the self what it depends on and how it works and when it arises
uncomfortable so that's why we don't want to look there and to kind of push that away but we can't
so when does it arise it arises when we identify with a point of view and we think we're right and somebody challenges it whether the point of view is about something outside of us whether the point of view is about ourselves as soon as it gets challenged we feel uncomfortable and were
uncomfortable that's when the self as there and we have to notice it
we have to notice when we want others we demand of others that they live in our dream
and they they don't they have their own dream where they want us in their dream and they want us to by the way they managed to be in their dream and when that happens and we get uncomfortable around it that's the self arising and we have to notice it
and our skill actually that takes some skill we have to will they understand clearly what it is that we're holding to and let it go which is not necessarily to say that we don't keep doing the same thing but we can't horror to it as if it's real that's the delusion
humiliation is a great place to look at the self it's a really good thing
humiliation comes and this men effect i was gonna do it to you today
i still have an opportunity hasn't netted ten minutes left
now finger it i mean and however remain a remember i know team so i guess
maharaja thing now am
i wouldn't do it tell you i would ask you to do it to yourself so for example why don't you sit and think for a minute of something that is rural would really humiliate you terribly
like what is your absolute worst fear
right what is your worst fear what isn't something that would really happened to you that you will just die you would just totally die
it happened to me and it's a what actually it's a wonderful thing if it happens to them and likening i'm telling you the you to go thing think of something that would really be awful like for example what if you gave a really important party or it was your graduation or it was some event that was really really important to you and you find your friends to come
right and nobody came
and not only nobody came to that particular event but you had to do that event over and over and over and over again and every time it was announced at work meeting that nobody was coming
that's what i mean an extended wrong period of time where you're just crushed totally crushed or what do you think is getting crushed
ha ha ha
that's the self and that is so stupid you don't even need it it's better if you don't have it and when it dies you'll love it
the process of it's dying is excruciating like it's wrong excruciating because we're invested in it were totally invested and then it is it so sweet you were completely invested in this complete delusion were thoroughly invested in it
we will not give it up it's excruciating when it's challenged or humiliated and yet when with thirst to die is such an incredible relief because then we live in connection with everything
we have energy were concentrated we love truly
we've can feel connected with in the flow of things were not stuck there's no worry
honest it's it's not a bad it's not a bad way to live
and we have to i think the way it is is we have to go through it over and over and over again and saying that's great about practice is once you really have gotten that the self is just an idea that you don't have to invest with anything once you've really gotten that when the self arises you don't hold so tightly you don't defend so much you don't worry
you know identify with the same amount of you know fire as you did buffer because you know it's a lot less painful ultimately to be relieved released of the burden of this
what should i call it new story thank you
and ah
he may i wanted to give you a mantra that is a very useful launch it to do when you're getting humiliated and i i wish for you humiliation in your life maybe sometime today you'll be humiliated thoroughly
you and you will die a little death and it'll be great for you and you can say this is imagine you can say this as it's happening you can say to yourself
freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose
okay this is a very important buddhist mantra
now remember it for them is just a daily basis in truth freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose k when are these things that you think are so important that you holding onto are finally
usually i'm sorry to say have to be wiped away from us right
and we have nothing else to lose we can finally actually stand up as is who we really are
ironic but true
so i'm going to read you a little bit and an end

two things and i think your kid
sometimes people say that freedom means doing whatever we want to do in this way of thinking there's no connection with anything there's just a feeling of getting something

when we have some idea of what we want to get we can't really appreciate what's in front of us and what's in front of us
he's actually who we are say because if there's nothing over here being defended there's nothing no i blew that we have to kin were doing if all this is sort of just sort of melted like the witch and the wizard of oz i wrote know
then that's left is gosh that's interesting who that over there who's that person is that person what's that person gonna do it's just like gosh did that really happen
to somebody really think that about me well far out
maybe it's true gosh i'll have to think about

so that's a real taste of freedom true freedom
and when that happens then there's no struggle right and there's no worry or anything like that it's like very flop dog kind of practice it's just being thrown into the present moment
and what a relief
and now we're live we can try anyway best we can to live our vow which is to live for the benefit of all being
right to bring harmony to everyone free from hindrance mine doesn't that sound familiar
i was gonna move but i'm running out of times as going to read a real pretty navajo poem the navajo people are we are for some reason or another they really have this thing about beauty did you know
they do they make beautiful things all the time and they have a poem about isn't real nice poem
chamberlain it
i'll do it quickly
it's in in beauty may i walk all day long may i walk through the returning seasons may i walk beautifully well i possess again beautifully birds beautifully joyful birds on the trail marked with pollen may i walk with grass
hoppers about my feet may i walk with do about my feet may i walk with beauty may i walk with beauty before me may i walk with body behind me may i walk with body above me may i walk with beauty all around me may i
walk in old age wandering on a trail of beauty lively may i walk into old age wandering on a trail of beauty living again may i walk it is finished in beauty
isn't that lovely
through the game
and of course they had a beautiful earth to walk in we do too but an
i know
it's difficult isn't it
i grew up in los angeles and i was there in the early fifties and in the early fifties it was paradise
and i went to hear i went to you i went to africa to live for a year and when i came back actually i was gone for more than a year about to almost and when i came back my brother and i my brother drove me to simi valley which was where we used to go to camp every summer
and it was all you know built up and i just sobbed sobbed and sobbed and because i had just come from such
you know where the earth is dominant and them
it's another way that we are not connected isn't it that way that we are i don't need to take on it
but i drive a car print
anyway here's the end
each one of us is beautiful
does everybody believe that i hope everybody believes that i really do cause it's true
far and went wrong to stand up as whom we really are and this was one of the great things about a teacher student relationship because the gift of their relationship is the so-called the teacher person that you sort of allow to be a teacher
they brought you to stand up as who you are and they
and they are at least use sense that they know you and you want them to know you really completely i remember the first thing that really struck me about suzuki roshi was that i felt like he knew me thoroughly and accepted me totally to the depth of how i think he knew me
and that's what and and that person the teacher so called teacher they want you to stand up thoroughly to really be who you are
more than you want to be who you are
cause you wanna be safe they don't want you to be safe
anyway it's a gift in a great thing and this is where the buddhist study he studied this life he studied self and other he studied this relationship
usually when we talk about rife the reserves the somewhat self centered idea that it's always about my life which it is after all we're studying the self right
my life has got to be the most important thing and that's what the buddha did too but the life that brought it understood as his life and the life we understand as my life or a little bit different and that's the key what the buddha understood as his life was
that his life was the life of everything else
paul together altogether just living one life
each of our lives is at the same time the life as a whole and that whole life is my life
to live life in that way is freedom that's real freedom
not believe in our stories not believe in are trying to get this that or the other thing but living a life free of all that completely in connection with everything else and letting everything else come forward
and tell you who you are
that's freedom and that's a beautiful path and that's the path that we're walking
that's a path with heart
that's a buddhist path
we're gonna take that path into
if july for it
and i hoped it there
i hope that in are celebrating a freedom political freedom that we also remember to include this individual freedom that is so important to the well-being of ourselves and and everybody else
so have a nice day
man to