Our Practice And Our Everyday Activity

Given by Suzuki Roshi at Tassajara on Saturday, August 30, 1969
Saturday, August 30, 1969 Newly uploaded recording should be clearer to transcribe
---------------------------- David Chadwick's notes Source: 69-08-30-II-t.mp3 digital audio archive from DC. Problem set. Thanks to audio work by Angus Atwell, transcribed Transcribed by CM 09/05/12-09/10/12. Audio quality fair, largely audible and fair distance from speakers. Audio grade generally C, with probably something around 70% audible, but with some worrisome flucuation. Some crickets but not many which muffle speech or affect sound being picked up. Unfortunately, a large enough amount of the audio is unclear, causing inconclusive meaning. Tape cuts twice: once it resumes (and is "relooped"), but the second time an unknown period has passed, possibly even a different lecture. ??? denotes at least one muddled word, or just a stretch of bad audio. ?? denotes a guessed word, with an added open bracket meaning a guessed phrase or sentence. Ambiguous words (such as homonyms or where an "a" might be an "un-") stated in closed brackets. *** File name: 69-08-30N: our practice and our everyday activity 1 speeds up 2 is new lect or 1 is 2 an 2 1 [?Transcript in progress. Problem set. Needs further work, checking. Many words in doubt. Notes on transcription methodology follow transcript.]