May 11th, 1980, Serial No. 01813

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the name of them
our our our of that energy and you have a kind of mystique that that it will happen you don't get to have that so dollop because of dies on the line when confronted with was where i would even begin to that food and i can have no nonsense out his own entrance into the thing read these is matt
in other words you can in this but i'm when he says collected man outstripped the individual that collecting managed to the individual german and a gaming and is when you've got a spirit with collecting man as his family but on a massive whitman's lot is a spiritual entity this is not what humanity looked like misery it looks like
two one two brown who began a knowledge greatness is i your own the marshal service put the poets minds apart that's what running to the era he's going to act up when you're gonna be a poet of my me to the grapevine clause with the poet self
and lol dim yet to claim form divides itself from here
and that divides into two entities one strike one grace this is just the orchestration through and through it because there's a poem about community it rightly it would be atrocious and but i'm going to be a impossible awful that it could be imagination and we did that it could be telling us what the experience of poet's soul
because you're just beginning in pictures of while the whole potentiality is the thing that only the for that the thing you only know when you're twenty that you don't know what new sixty and i can my difficulty would have this new york city which is why but i've read lot of twenty seven there's always that i can't remember it i mean i cannot recall it's clue
and and i keep wanting to disarm on the hardest thing is to go back to what was the journal they acknowledge that it could imagine a tall situation it couldn't do it yet but it could a man all situation was launching what you do know is that you are one of the planes launched and then and
then you've been searching and launched from the end of it not not be yet but but the fact that that's ardella could be written as poorly as it does a gift to have to to portray the inner core all of the well i had a great thing because for instance it didn't have to qualify
i'll be printed in kenyon review and
i would not where i was remember a rounding daddy a for its publication and went broke and browning who about a pretty good reputation for the to pre two previous the poems he certainly protested his readers by and of tuesday by him that they weren't happy and he got a
lifelong reputation for being a man who could that you couldn't understand
why not let him clothes i want to give this passage that struck me about the alchemy of of it
one off are completed this how choose passage that
nor if one man bore brand upon temples while his fellow more the oriole would it have you to decide but for some duly out the future by never will young cat parcel present smile worth bears so much on war all those light a bot in
my bitter and acrimonious of a bright with the the lower jaw took is it took as it is a occasion and only way you'd think bitter and acrimonious breaks can buy this one but it's occasion to dote was exactly what brendan here that the public does not get the poets got to go for me
me what we want to choose between the brand on the handle on the arctic
one measly but the ah it's gonna go beneath that apparently that we're going beneath is that while we're watching back bad with a certain that you think we'd all be offered
carrying banners and protest march that isn't what we're doing in the fall
we're going deeper and deeper and deeper into an identity with back that and this is what i've heard of cars shakespearean is andrea you can do doing henry the a doesn't get to go deeper deeper deeper fully he finally finds certain provides both deeper but but but where i was making my brain is that we can
we have more all out to start a war we can also an intellectual and salts and sell from apply problem but the poetry is to go deep into our imagination of its nature is the again the ill you do not know you're you're you're you're not a cure that and you're out to deep of the experience of it and comment you
and front unapologetic about you the doctors gotten one attitude but you've got another i do that and a poetry got the into finding out of this is a gift it is back if nothing else in fact the philosophy gives you system and knowledge and very into its answer will be live system when further than it interested in the
other contradictions or not but we would never know the richness of god conditions were not that audrey is expected five audience to have rich confident
that's what they want from that run around with it some wise man strength and up and need a wide net
only a few loop if they want wisdom and poetry the end up like in old don landing with the they do my mother's day comforting to read and iraq and the line and you do not need as much in the bank and depression minister
okay made not close with passage of and alchemy not the that the rich room at impact
richard m the than we could have ever gone through it but at the beginning that i closed that would be a little like and er homage with the constitutional law and ever got to magna carta che
don't you think this time we'll get into the magna carta you new enlightenment that he never got the bag regarded in the countries more all unlocked the wonderful that the little group of comes to law students with all of the willard and think oh gosh but up take answer that know exams
well this desert and along that line three hundred and three two
give body and spirit the first right they claim and pasture soul on a voluptuous shame that you have pageant cities denizen are neither violently lodged mid long bar man
can for joy out of sorrow seem to track bright attribute the way for sordid mock yeah managed from that very market use gold
then subject nor scruple to your cruise the world's does gardens not that patch and cities that arrived for on pure wrong i mean how many books backpack each book a thousand or so lines that that the pageantry and the patton said he is the one where he added the naughty and this is a creature entirely that of demo
isn't entirely that patch and city but just already the mock appears and what if it's be a he is a world where we have how a media to the beginning of the nineteenth century was the use and reference of alchemy the stamp of transformation and finding things and then the
other great point for finding golden that in that very not going to them up not now the other that we have another another sort of thing that not doesn't got body the spark which is hidden you go into everything and that is that there will be a process that's the thing that goes on the in chemistry in alchemy that they'd be a process of transfer
imation and the process of sublimation but brown used the word several maintenance on what these are all chemical turns on the for freud uses them and and as matter by many people felt that we shouldn't satellite so their reactions and various ways but but i'm thinking about where this enters in here how
alan patterson on when it comes to uranium being found in and yet growth has a terrific plan that because while we know and is that the is that the curries did not want to know what they knew they did not they so much did not want to know that that ray
aviation with radiation that they didn't want even hear what it would do to their bodies in their cells and they voice their own children like a man medea when somebody in deck rights that and upon mean you begin to grasp the appalling insomnia go further for the fact that we're making discovering that would change
a world of the curry himself carried samples around sean love are they then on the data a bought something like that was
and they were sickening on and and style and rapidly for to was an entire also so there are their shows that we've got a very poor argument indeed to explain the a radiation if you are excited about the radiation
some only because it's other wicked that there's a turn and the embargo turn and this whole thing a man it would go back to is it so easy when i proposed that a milton did that i'll be with milton's party know it also does like just as we would now want like to add to place
donald vision the double flaw we would want to add to mountains spar that of the truth we must now is the poisoning of the truth name is now we will be poisoned by the truth we know most don't see it
and this comes up and down with mine and party he there there is something a passage in which he taught directly within stuff that he can't go back to the fancy can't go back in the state of being abroad that he began with and in mantua because once the idea of mankind has
come to him captain and not internet moral thing that you can't deserted it has got to him and he understands himself now as
ah as big as be
there that's always withdrawing and somebody of these south but he goes back in the fence
he doesn't lose the fancy but the fancy entirely changed in china because imagine and mankind so we see right even if some vain quarrel with itself isn't thinking a lot a good and evil and mankind it's all quantities simply has come into it it can't be so there's enough there's no return
though real ingots pettier pain the plots that yielded them are quite of all the side would play romaine though quench your persian fire who robbed them have you arrange an employer treasure for asked if they create now of course back play haven't been
human fly let me read it again it has shifted other hand and the gold and the clay the gold is almost bringing his poem railway as insights a way for mankind and so what a sight of a whole
and yet something right
give body and spirit the first right they claim and pastures and so on a voluptuous shame that you a pageant cities denison are neither vialli live midst longer men can force joy out of sorrow seem to truck right attributes a way to sort of bot that's the golden gate park that
now that pockets his own human fly yet managed from that very market huge goal than the subject nor scruple to your cruise the world is garden
all think they've thrown away themselves double real ingots pay your pains the plot that yielded them are play while the side would play remain though quenched your urging fire who robbed them have you wrenched an employer trade her for as kids they crave a share that ruined you and will not
say there while i showed sympathy command you with the course that makes your joy nor will remit their whoa would all arrive at joy reverse the order time and struck you nor coerce each unit still some predetermined mode the total the emancipated man rode one men times of drought
well many to rather than arriving so precocious dark before the general march and the patent that ensues is one of over not including one at all but but one
depart for them to that alchemy i want to call it by reading of a asia
recent passages which in which you find that i think you can hear how much been immersed in sourdough has as of
brought and then come into my own work

i had a rubber which i guess this two years ago the summer
where they were having their protests began plutonian i was as the hundred people protested you can't
a metal mean they ever really was observed kinda that that the the that the bill hall brand protest against plutonium itself it engraved or acres of plutonium or this things i've done maybe a and especially i felt it in tanzania because i i'm i read actual life upon not as an agree
green dream and actual live blog and everything seems to me beat but it to be informing and uniform throughout and with so many correspondences the that i don't think that we breed in the message of actual ly hard for off before lived method of really can there is now so many round the meeting with things appear that we certainly been read from one to the other
either and and and
in in the case that the plutonium it hardly seemed to be the center of the questions and what you could movies and that did since to protest before horses that mean that mean through out to bring to an endless species
oh carol i'm in the present time that knew everything that they don't not understand what all of us reading the paper because the paper their media not ours
there i mean i'm point about the power of the which i then whether that and newly the new that workers of the nuclear plant may not want to know that they're going they had a melanoma they then the alarm when they find out they've got iron the melanoma yeah they didn't want to know a lot of because that's all that they like us only imagine
a talk to tommy heart well as of what to be deadly
the on the imagination of they can't invent the can prevent a satisfactory economic powers for with that title that nuclear plants it just costume
and yet they could them the bottom overnight i the every every creative editing it's been forwarded it because that is the real imagination that world with einstein's national network and it was the only green that and the rest was barely fit with kind of
think what we could do you have that was hardly to three other the charge dream so the deadliness of lot i'm going to get out of her death as if you were will call attention that emptiness of the painfully deadly
if if if it is innocent areas you should look and point out and because this one this is the one where where the sign out front but i that i leave it with on him alone and start looking at some of them for them said some of the places where protests that if the that it come from will good so i had a at the rock
i would also struck by again the other aspect because the the on there was a good deal inserted in the group of drop only ionian they're going for we're all together represent a point of view and protecting but there was a strong up there with a strong on a planeswalker
i of a buddhist or while there was a party be a parked car party conscience doctors must be saw that the individual inside of the individual testimony was beginning to be found with beginning the open source of guilt and and
so i started up a
capone and got just the one the first one ground of learning a life to live the word itself has no other foundation
yeah even the line but i got their europa and now and then i go on the palm the first one ground of learning ally to live the word itself has no other foundation lie eats at the live room
the i that a boy to see says speech has only one hard to come from in each low in the one thousand yet the imagination potential a world so that there is no ancient wisdom except in each the ancient from the initial thrust of the elements in evolution
been living in their home is more about ah and catching myself out know the path into dialogue is is comes up at least one hundred this one

this is where it's were a
later alia that it doesn't begin this this is this isn't the begin this is the one proof from nine seventy eight from july nine and seventy eight and is that that that so it waited for the packages it belongs to the people of this nation through our time are not one but a multitude
each from his own heart my coming forward math so you can write down our leader for no one leaves us you will be exhausted before me are to strike down the multitude of coalition's we'd come from war you have sat at the first cry
ert the most profitable and a system of wasted or that for i left that point and prepared with a picture dive or you not only unify protests but of the and volcano allow them to the protests in reality and consequently you cannot get to and and gets
till march together one day to struck me about our marching in san francisco we are how much of the party together industry i mean how much for coming from everywhere rg to gather not at one man's or one thing and yeah and the to the leaders and so forth constantly one mask and thing and then and do we both wanted to form a party out of it declared by the second and third year
won't they were more on the things in life will be with my checkbook
strange message that we have one reading at the and the at long charlotte union were elderly running around telling us that there were people of what should i agree she'll be meets her poems because there are people that the real message was we must take for the self and remember phillip for departments said
and i felt was and and market with middle-class point i said i'm the last of the bourgeois qualifying round march along with event that women have an ipad what well then i know what i'd like to close in reading it is the
to michael palmer i said well i'm getting pretty preachy and and like they may be a preacher is coming into it i think you can see how to start down where i've gotten it and then iconic brand and i said yeah maybe maybe a michael the whole thing is i i other creature in the body come forward and pathogens
and saw it i got gotten above to and applying
the island what i had written and the beginning of of of the passages where the first good opening lines with you're not a demo of a thousand and as i got on the bus to go to the plane and then on the play for got finished preacher you don't
the outpouring of personal law
the magic name the true a donation
and after these have begun to fall they must constantly be found again
and after these have begun them off the truth of the sound there is must be constantly father
transformations very deviation pulsations civilization is it also compose
so the creature arrived it again just when exalted we would call upon the dignity and luminous sell better than transcended the government takers dan
he takes over the boys raising the colonies are aborts just ten ruined the canada lots of wine regions yields to his camp and and probably getting time
i have walked down with amount of this mining presumption i put on the mask of righteousness the law giver the fire at wrap his megaphone in the buildings are allowed to speak again
the master architect has arranged ryan's in renewing design at the end of the avenue of golden tree know they are the area with blood the illusion of a vanishing point contradicts the judge of the vr and what was far as suddenly near in every phrase change the face of color
the bride arrays of tulips remarkably rare i have sent those the very death blue valley not the flowers you know why that name that the spreading power of the lavender and goal and three years law for a circle of alabama column stairs and the garden enclosed open
here i have released the bottom of my allotted space here i shave the opening of the line as if at the limits of art there were a breathless alone this ref before vertigo and address to the time
a scoring the exploitation of the earth of the deceit the palatial designs the master of the reality principle harangued the passes by turned from your pleasures you and raul by returning for the liar music shakes from your nerves and the league thrill of his poetry dream the outpouring prefer
personal law the golden valley sale on the phone all night long magic name die molding entering and leaving body the genius with a five fingered hand moving the are you enraptured and than the death game in the goddamn
but i am awful direction howley i am loudspeaker the injured i have taken offense under die at the drive and be the system of favorite mediocrity i ran against road i got from the rights of joel's men the knife of injustice has been driven home and me nothing and lovely in the end of his time
all the thought nine active dan motion their into the my space time project the desktop her family see got
very likely have fallen in love they will will see path that for down for was to simply pack a you a few day for man only
the the target love been getting the of like have a broad ninety six he served by san francisco and on narrow for april nineteen eighty that the boy is the rye table bought mountain for that emma
over there will be gone for
printing earn in overturning love playing it you allow your accusing the tacos
one of atmosphere one with waiting for sale asia is his hi
if impertinent long
i gotta got a couple of characters are infected and or of got preach trapped

i thank you for your ended me
my not ever been always on the that attribute we don't quite that but neck now all for me like a long overdue i poured a direction now automatic laugh here is they packed and had to and manga and i perfect that they'll want to rewrite and ever
on the bad and and have nothing to do with that and
yes in the fall at new college on a diet free money and helped her and i are designed program poetic imagination a lot of the potentiality
a good benefit of wedding hair ended up pulling up
i know


that one







maybe i don't why we have left
well it
when i do know right
or rather
the longest yard
but that i get it i will

i'm only going to with
and never did
i live with them
and thank you