Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-5

Given by Suzuki Roshi at Tassajara on Tuesday, October 28, 1969 -- (Series 3, Talk 5)
Third Lotus Sutra Series Tuesday Evening, October 28, 1969 Zen Mountain Center
Newly processed and uploaded recording should yield a little more of this transcript ---------------------------- David Chadwick's notes [The poor sound quality of the rest of the lecture makes accurate transcription impossible. The batteries in the original recorder appear to have faded.] _______________ Source: City Center original tape. Verbatim transcript by Bill Redican (7/5/01). *** File name: 69-10-28: Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-5 (Verbatim) Multiple attempts to improve sound quality, but still very unclear towards end of audio.