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so for those of you who don't know my name is paul hello
and i'm a director of agree here and i'm gonna talk
right now there's a line about in this translation which is the one we checked in the mornings i don't know which when you've been working with but this align their it says
fully engaging body and mind to
to here's a question
what is it to do the chant we just did fully engaging body and mind
so i
here's what i'd like to suggest
think about that for a moment
that's what it says here in the ganges coin and if we're going to study it it would seem that would have to somehow let it be part of who we are and what we are and how we do things
so if you would be pleased
amen to fully engage in body and mind and then went to do the chant again and let each of us
fully engaged body of mind
i'm not saying you should think okay what does that what does he think that means and i should comply with it or what does that mean event center or zan or buddhism or wherever i would suggest you they just take it to heart what does it mean to you to fully engage
age body and mind when you chant
and if not now when would you do it
hit the bell again and will do the chant again

and to as penetrating and a diorama is early and were even in one hundred thousand million god as
the to see and listen to remember and an excerpt
the to case it through a avatars words
so how do you know if you've done it
no regrets
no regrets
any other comment
it's your moments
do what i mean

false leather with the physical phenomena
within or without are both within
anyone else
i feel invigorated like king let's have a poll who thinks they actualized body and mind
put your handle
a team like game
thank you thank you who think they engaged body and mind
fully engaged

did you want to say some words god
well these seems like a very phrase it loaded adjective
at night in cali you've said it's impossible to ever do anything fully know the fully there isn't one didn't tell them more than night
so can you think of a part of the gainesville corn that addresses that question
there are lines as
when feel as though with dharma fills your body and mind you feel in person
and then there's something else deals with the hair's breadth deviation yeah seems to back
that's right
happy changes from know it's really know what name's believe in one not me completely inadequate room that's right
and then there's also a with says when buddhas are truly buddha's they do not necessarily notice
so is one of these true and the others not are they all saying the same thing are they pointing a different aspects of practice
it was thinking about as i was chanting there was a moment where i was fully engage in the chair a feeling of harmony and then there is another moment when i wasn't feeling of harmony and trying to get back to your heart of the thinking is one
one less fully engaged than the other and all things so the you know each an appropriate response to
what's happening

i thought
i'm still learning
as you can be just fine
he never were
and the next stand out

our attitude
so i don't like
get else might be holding a pigsty yeah like really mean when you're trying to remember the words that fully when you don't know the word
or to put it another way is is there some
that's a prerequisite to fully engaging
mom decided that lisa
that's an idea
that than the whole point of the is not
is there an absolute notion of goods outside of russo or this is
how to only in terms of where we are capable of

is there an absolute notion of this what what is that this
the degree of engagement
is there an absolute notion that with look to beyond everyone in the room
at this moment
that's an interesting question and i think that there would be
a re a way to answer it but then if we take the word notion
and we're shifted and we say is there a direct experience
that affirms this
that goes beyond
our particular prejudices and judgments and assessments then it becomes a very interesting question and i would say bad is the question of actualizing the fundamental point that is the gang you're gone you know whether it comes up
formerly in these activities that would take on
because we have been led to believe they offer would think that they have a skillfulness about them
which i think links to you a pointless i fit you know is there and mean why bother with any forms if if every moment is intrinsic has an intrinsic capacity to fully express the border way
why mean why chant why do anything in a particular way when i just say well let's go ahead and do it
what are the young would only arches are had great of the really trying here for the fact that you know how to avoid bad
well i think i believe it with i'm gone
you might lie
so and another aspect of our being
of our capacity to be is called into play
it it's it's not just there
the expression
our material being of our mind and body it's it's something more it's our intention it's it's our heart from this
when you if you like you're saying about you never formed in the ritual on my happen
when i can't some time i noticed when i'm listening and when another thing where i'm think at it
i hear sometimes of resolution when we all come together now in a tent and there's a power there yeah
and we kind of sliding together and that i don't find ten pages get my my now and so perhaps a kind of the
each other to be coming into harmony or the harmony are there were trying to enter together
to actualizing a coin
has a realization something is realized about the nature of what is
and then it is is that something that satisfies and affirms our ideas and opinions or is it something that goes beyond our ideas and opinions
so this is another element of
oh over studying a coin of engaging it and i would suggest a base is the key element of ginger gone
jennifer jones said their lives sometimes enchanting where where i do not
when i checked the why it happens a lot and project japanese changing
no but
well it seems as if i understood champion by almost a man
and the word
hey that to get me
voice comes from deep within the body and if the event
it's just it becomes a different gesture is not candy the code and
nice and then eventually bring in all
all thing that i want to do what i love
you know we can work then
to be sure
can you think of a part of the ganges con that captures that
that expresses it
mine now
i'm carry that
and me
come for
don't like down
i'm not getting that last part when myriad things come forth
well there was a way we could seemed appropriate to me is a window
when i think
and it's expression of self smug self than a then it has that
a constriction restriction but when chanting chance
and then it's it's more like an opening it's more like an inclusion and an invitation and then all with the different textures and layers that and that are within that come forth
and but i didn't see when you were talking about balance i didn't get that part
because then have nothing
it is problems as all things that happen it is the same time it is not that long
and it's been how and it is very the same time
can it is not there but and i'll always
hello i'm really really well
like a dewdrop containing the whole moon
but i am not like you're not invited
in a check
in a very minor
are we not close to think of the navy just me thinking kind of like thousand
i'm not a cashmere
but don't you remember i said just do it whatever way he wanted to i didn't have a real life oh it did you do it in a monocle or i will go
nobody mean it when i thought before i i said now do it in a way that that fully engages body and mind for you not in a way that you feel with within compliance
he didn't catch that part hundred and
you didn't really think that's what was being offered
we offer to that i would around
well yeah that's a different question i was just curious as to whether that seemed whether this seemed like an implicit in constraint with within the invitation
did you think it was
i didn't hear that
yeah yeah
yeah that's right
are you didn't think that would that was included within that an invitation
i guess a few pictures of to then fully engaging on my rims on it
would you go to demonstrate the different
her imagination
ah ah
know that i think the
third point it's very very it was big and important point which point we think that the point that even though she didn't understand the meaning of the words he responded the sound and i think
fine spirits of channel is that in the original language there are several low they're meeting the word occurs the acoustical shape of the word and mind is a very capable of responding to a good as music so i was wondering
can a chance be translated if in translation or another language it loses the message of christmas thing too
then i have a question for you it's actualizing the activity of chanting contingent upon whether or not we can enter the that
whether you know you answer that question i mean to you do think so i knew it goes down i i feel that i use the word move
in my practice prison because i feel it has a shape that my mind is intrinsically
designed to grasp as the hand the ball
to grasp the hand well as the hand is designed to address above all i see around there are certain sound that we respond to because of the intrinsic shape of what we are and and you think realizing move is contingent upon that add review
it may be because i respond to sound and why i'm a music
well i would tell you it says in the ganges corn when the south goes forward by two different activity from when the world comes forward and engages the cell
the way i read it it says when the world comes forward when the ten thousand myriad dorm has come forward and realize the self that is realization when the self goes forward and defined and since this is this and this is this and that's that that's night
so i wonder how you read that part
during the part i'm talking about know okay
to carry the self forward and experience myriad things
that's the first part that myriad things come forth and experienced themselves
it's about forward and experience myriad things is delusional yeah that myriad things come forth and experienced themselves is awakening

canada is when you're right
did you get my point i mean i'm interested in in conventional thinking do you see what i was trying to say
i'm not sure that much point i was trying to make i guess is that german chanting the
depends on the sound of languages originally both and i was wondering that that be translated as these are oranges
and i think that's a good point and for for many years here this and sector we can't to be in in japanese or japanese transliteration of chinese for that very point
i will post a well we did it because that's but what the finding teachers did and then we did it because we thought if we change it will we lose something some intrinsic efficacy with with within its syllables its sides you know
in in any yogic tradition or a of of sanskrit there are four basic signs and needs to them resonates in a different part of the body
and and that that is part of the
the activity of mantra
it is that this engagement this going beyond
something some activity of mind in into something fuller and richer
and but still i would still say
his realization contingent upon night you know the realization contingent upon doing it the weights and center does it rather than getting up and dancing and singing around the room is a realization contingent upon com
compliance with ancient sanskrit signs
i think this fast ago by dog is asking us you know the bite at the very start he's saying
what is it you're doing here what exactly is this about wanting cycling is activating the fundamental point
his that in to give that question a a weightiness that it draws us guynn into our own being that it's to stir us up
the maybe we start to notice as jennifer was saying that when we engage body and mind enchanting
there is a residents when we engage those sons when we engage move
there is a happening
that engagement has can you can shift
you know when i was thinking when i was gonna teach this class i thought okay well what would be a nice way to
because the danger of classes
you know the person who's teaching comes in and said stein and you sit there and then we all go into our heads and they will think oh that's a nice idea oh that's now that's not the way show how concerted or the way kathleen said it or the in and then it's just
we're using about this much of our being this territory of discourse of thought
the so i thought okay well how can we make a shift in the something more provocative something more alive something more dangerous unpredictable
in other words something that represents and looks more like our life alive unpredictable dangerous provocative
let us pivot be erected an early age
that was spending a lot of allow them
engaging with that configuration interesting would it be represent need to be a the state of time
what do you say
i book
department can you can you explain that
they've been get king can you believe it is my europe
engagement or less get more engagement
this stinking thinking with discrimination and splitting them a duality
a police do not as good as their in a unified state of mind
could you say a little bit about a more about unified state of mind
with every did a really engaging in end not really engaging
that's why there isn't a hundred times
yet another way to to said would be bit
the buddha just desert
you know and it comes out whatever work comes out
you know it it's it hasn't already been filtered and edited as to whether and judges and a thirst it just it just is what it is
including the thoughts and ideas of mind

well i
news we're going to have been returned to was image of on attention
the life is poker
and be going on the of so conscious arrived is my way
would he
where'd everybody else
and those that real satisfaction maverick whole way
is where will be the most other countries
my words that's pretty good
visit a reflection on was stripping back
those blinds
everything is just
if everything is what it is
and then we get to the corn that at the end of this this right
if the wind is universal if the wind blows everywhere
is it possible that there isn't wind
is it possible that the the full activity of wind is not occurring at all times
what about them exactly
why did it occur a dog and a stick that coin in there was just like he needed something to fill up space
i don't have enough worried
if this is a two thousand word essay and i'm only up to fifteen hundred i know i'll throw him i'd gone
no is he thought this coin as a direct bearing on on exactly what we're talking about
where it is purposeful activity fit into actualization
in jack saying well you know it can bring up for him and can bring up the pitfall that
a ticket in it can bring up discriminating mind
i'm doing it right i'm doing it wrong someone else is doing it right someone else is doing it wrong
this is if this is not it
so the monk thinks will hey when we drop all that
and everything is already fully engaged how could it be anything other than fully and how can you be anything other than completely what you want
you know whether you like it when you don't like it whether you realize that you don't realize it to their it is it's happening fully
though we asked the teacher and then why are you finding yourself
white and that chant instead of just
anything else why even chant
to this fascicle is asking us to do to look at all this
in reference to actualizing the fundamental point

and then there's a very interesting part the dogan says
when you first sikh dharma
your imagine you're far away from its environs
the part of the way i understand that is he saying we start to do these practices because
we think this is not it
this is not fully engaging body of mind something has to be worked on created
and so we seek the practice
yesterday when he noticed when at gamestop and lot of discomfort and interest me i get effort
hello meeting africa on the party is now and day know best bringing up empty-handed and the other two are not and i i myself live anxiety about effort with my time about whether i'm right now and i really think that mean as far away
our way makes this every question com
intrinsically connected
in such pleasure drought an issue that whenever i do the best efforts that i
me that such monday
my usual mode
defying effort
as that's western
lesbian thing or not certainly a
just do it anymore
good and just it
did you know that the guy who wrote back that ad is a buddhist and they asked him where where did that come from and he says i'm a buddhist practitioner and as far as i'm concerned that phrase captures the whole of buddhist practice
so i want you to know that nike is spending hundreds of millions of dollars
i'm spreading the dharma
look for me
was going to be claimed as
visit to can actually live here the why were we recognize it because the there be a thing because i don't permit to me

i got up into the world is
this really isn't it is quite yet
where did you can be a little bit with room
what's your ball
so without with gonna put when we just put it in business unit
we're kind of way
you except that is my feel
you certain practising no matter what i think of
how concerned
this isn't it
but just the way you say a jag it sounds to me like you're saying different things into it sounds like in one hand you're saying
in intimate engagement
i experienced my own separation i experienced the activity of qualification and separation and limitation
but it also sounds like just from the way you said it sounds like you understand something deeper
you know going to do
haven't been before i pop up and say will have you
when presume maybe
the good question and i would suggest maybe
and i think it's important for it's nice to think that
we're not discriminating pie mind pops up but all intimacy has been lost
what about intimate intimacy with discriminating mind
when with the way we wrestle you know the way
and i think there's a way in which as we continue with our practice and
there are painful awareness but there's still awareness
now will if if we go back to the store and so on and leave and we look at it this way and we say
form becomes emptiness okay so beds
that's what i was thinking of to jennifer when you said the patient didn't like so we go beyond the particular and we experience the way potential of everything
and then we experienced the particular particular arising out of the way potential but then it also goes back and forth
an and and more conventional experience
we take up the form and then we we bring all sorts of stuff to it
praising ourselves judging ourselves
and qualifying it quantifying it whatever we do
but that has its own intimacy to
that has its own actualizing
and as as as we take actualizing the fundamental point and we worked and reworked it
part of the intention is that we
more fully realize what the fundamental point is what is it were engaged again
what brings us all here and then the other point is that
that we open up actualizing
that it's not just oh that's actualizing when when everything's like that but bad little pick experience that actualizing and then everything else falls outside of it
that we open up and we started to see two things for the intrinsic potential and everything for actualizing
and then also
a combination
that were not as far away from it as we think
discriminating mine does not have to be banished and turned into the pure land
you did that the request is something different
so we study actualizing we study it in the workings of our own being
and we start to realize that
yeah there is awareness or when discriminating mind arises
and we start to see that actualizing is not repressing discriminating mind it's not setting up circumstances the in wonder which discriminating mine never arises
it's something different from there
beretta i'm sorry this is a hairsplitting greater level that
what is the which point i would not funny
surprised by that point
is it point in terms of of point
a location or is that point like
an idea
are we actually rising the fundamental point of place or army actualizing fundamental reasonable
fundamental reason oh
the enlightened life
the fundamental has been going to apply where actualizing the experience of being awake and away
and we can pick that up anywhere you know we can start off by thing
wait a minute enchanting what is it the chant with full-body body and mike know
that's one place to start you know we could start off anywhere you know we could have taken this experience with point that

i think that get that but you reason connotes
something contained within our thinking and i i would cope that experience connotes something very broad
the that it has angeles literally has the endless ways we can experience
it's not clear about the word itself
watch what ever you say probably not so helpful to get stuck on the english words the fundamental point that one
that's one translated as because the translation of go on
but other translations of than reality
actualizing what is
you know that there there
have you had to get stuck on the english word point
just like get you started
what's going on the other hand is that what's the point of what we're doing here is not a bad way
how are we always actualizing a little boy and we just don't know it
for example by now leading the garden and i'm feeling really angry long been garden for no particular reason if i didn't think you might like even trying to find something in my wife is already unloaded am my my actual life in the fundamental point on leading learned believe it
who can anyone else and to that for you
i mean like that i can say something right and
and we could experiment but it's experiment i'll give you three answers and say we're going
the most residents in your being
okay paul when your weak the garden you're feeling angry or you actualize the fundamental point
that's a different question than you just don't
how does a bait and switch
okay more me as i visit them
this is why i picked a very different questions right
when you put it in this year radical you know it's like
then there is a
does it does that mean there is an answer separate from
our our our personal experience writer
and for it if you ask someone else to say okay
when did you tell me what my experiences
but if you ask someone to tell you their experience or length the they are
fully authorized and empowered and capable of that
that's so it's very different
so when you were asking me what your experience wise i was just gonna make some suggestions and then see how they signed it to you know how does this night no never yes always sometimes yes sometimes no
you know the third one stones right
and i think even though dog is putting forth a different ways to think about this different different descriptions different elucidation of it i don't think he is in any way taking away
the responsibility that's in front of each one of us
no this is your life to live to realize to actualize
and no matter how brilliant he is no matter how personally accomplished in the dharma i realized
that point doesn't change
tech fraught with the republicans and we would go

when we're stuck
when when i relative truth when when we are convinced
but by the statement by the thought by the judgment that comes up in our head
what where when we lose its place
when when it loses context and becomes absolute when it's real fight
when it has lost all the three marks of existence when it becomes permanent because it's stuck when it affirms the so i did
i mean this solid always abiding entity
what you would you call it
so we'll eventually
for words were i
a business on this
this is not reaching
did you avoid their gentlemen do you save him know i got somebody off duty delusion
would you have another word
i'm really liking the column
that's a good point
that's that's a very good point and i do i find you so short simple words or ideas are easier to bring forth than you know long complicated three sentence ideas of then those ones that personally i i only read
member by you know once a month

especially when you're fighting with yourself and it's an argument you for like you've had many times that company
can we don't have the random mesa
so are my nine national
he wasn't falling on yeah you can if you know like on any
is your effort by
right here and you will read my oh yeah yeah gaming destination
the opposite is happening
work that way but yet not of it's really really like as than that found that
the and fatality holiday is followed my
know if the when you know where any autonomic the an
know if that was made after ethernet one more so than the actual in a composite some understand
that's one of the ideas it's being introduced and from it i think it's significant that the coin comes towards the end you know that that he's getting dying to effort towards the end of this i mean a lot of this is thing
here's a way that makes it fluid here's a way that gives it no grind to spend on here's a way that makes it expensive you know here's a way that allies debate dynamic
when you look outside it looks very solid
sure it looks very solid when you look at the bugged
it's it becomes very dynamic so is he puts a lot of time and thought and description in creating that fluidity and then he comes the effort
and then he brings up the con where the monk is if the monk has read what he's written so far his yeah yeah yeah well then i wait a minute
why are these details why do it that way in
schuler fight just enter the zendo
i can i guess the monk saying even more something more radical the monk thing by entering the zendo i'm fully expressing it
and then the teacher is saying but when i entered the zinn do i enter on the left side with the left foot
two effort
and i would say it is reflective of soto and practice in particular
the basic premise is the intrinsic capacity for awakening
the were lacking nothing
we're lacking nothing physically were lacking nothing intellectually were liking nothing emotionally we are fully endowed with the capacity
the practice
this was jackie one is great awakening
all beings without exception
i buddha
except they don't realize it
comment disgrace the palm
a doubt now
how are you know and adore yes is the relate to
how would you be upset
how do i understand it
i think bahamas
that he killed now doesn't it concern will be patient our
but if it's true
delusion and every waking state of when it's fun
and what about them i'm sorry god no but what about the second part of it
the know well the bird to but it's it's that's the same illustration if the fish tries to go beyond the water it will die in life was so against something rather hello
culprits something hopeless yes we are in a world that said that escape from what one
is aware
to me this
to face them
and if you are happy
something can come to us that can be grasped by our post
if you're happy and it's my your work but he said that actualize in the fallen in something that it's not come a can be grasped by our com
i do understand yes
and i i think that's a very significant point
and i think if if if you think further up the the se
buddha's are enlightened about delusion
so does the fish have to go beyond the water of its own being
the gain enlightenment
how does it find enlightenment within the waters
at a time being
intrinsically involved in

for the way i understand it is the dog in his thing
the determinedly to try to stop being yourself to determine determinedly being denied
the road arising existence that you and all of everything else according to you to determined lee to go beyond that
he's not life affirming
is is to shift from
the vitality of your own life
due to realize it within your own life within the very activity within the mind and emotion that says
oh i did it wrong again
there is
the intrinsic capacity and opportunity
to awaken us for that they fear is that
are you envious of the we
by the went to another
and even
they're than yells the early hours of them
i'm not completely
lived with is not complete
only to the you
so you know our state like human being
well to some way
the division and to delusion go for a one stage to another
i would ensure your point this way that
maybe when we actualize in realize the mind it says
damn it i did it wrong again
that that's a small actualization
but to or the park to this come to mind is a pipe that safe
the buddha's guan actualizing within actualizing so i see that moment
maybe i see in that something
in the nature of how i approach life maybe i see in that a basic human characteristic
the that pervades all human
the bad actualization expand
you know that that's that's one point that it brings up for me
and then there's another part with were dog and talking about
he he's talking about activity and consciousness and he think sometimes there's just that
it's it's it's a small engagement and then sometimes we can very wide engagement

i can't like
i can't remember the exact words but that's the gist of it what he's talking about
give an actor is the field is small on their activity is large their field is large and then it goes on and says consciousness is also like this

a israel right

in that section zionism were of me roshi that translates as i see exactly what's the equivalent
no creature ever fall short of its own weakness
i really
appreciate somewhere in there that things with a small remote
that address your point
he don't look convinced you know
was it not clear
i know to some extent that i kept some the serpent
well a mansard an entirely different way okay
it's it's it's like where it says here
when you first think the dharma you imagine your faraway from its environment
so we come to practice from all the ideas and opinions and feelings that we have in our life and they bring us to practice
and then as we practice
and we have our experience of practice it refines our ideas and opinions and feelings
and then that becomes the basis
of how we start to engage and look at the world
if we're lucky
thought for and diligent
so there is a shift
so the to say that we don't go beyond delusion is true
but in another way
it is reasonable to say that there is a refining
and so that teaching that you're talking about is more looking at that
it's it's it's more looking at the gradual whereas this teaching
is is is talking more about
intrinsic capacity and how to engage in transit capacity
it it doesn't have so much to do with

trying to develop it bit by bit the soto way
is too
as to cultivate a deep appreciation so that when we sit down in zazen
there is a deep appreciation
the this is it
this very mind is buddha
this is it with all the stuff that's coming up this is it
in that literally went deep appreciation and conviction
literally enables
the capacity to see what's going on
and then we start fan ourselves
i mean that's what dog and saying you think cleans appreciate this
and then it's okay to fan yourself then it's okay to sit up straight
follow your breathing check your mudra
note your thoughts whatever you do
given this basis that this what he is this creates a foundation
that allows fanning yourself to bring forth awakening rather than to separate from awakening
paradox is that there is
i'm out you can get it can reach her at the some possibilities
cause it's worldly i know
i liked the practice and the pessimists but find that there is some not the than some
imitation of our
state of mind or of our system there is some limitation for us
there is a bad situation is a real limitation of our capacity to awakening
because i'm a delusion that doesn't stop go from one
according to my uncle said the call

wisdom that describes the various loans and doesn't have to be taking the tree
special division also emphasizes that the human burn a very precious opportunity
realize what an injured so it's not human condition doesn't mean that people can't wait
good around
the idea of the rooms
they're actually not not necessary that will human beings can experience what it's like we go slow the animal realm and war in gods now
the human roundish seen as the greatest opportunity to one of the reds up
that vision
right yourself
i'm sure
yeah he layers level inside
come on it almost seems as if where i can take from it at all
from this class is already a youtube roshi lynch com in your perfect the way you are an improvement like it's okay that are just the way they are just keep doing what you're doing with granite kitchen
in and but don't think that gain somewhere
yeah you could say that way that the final call on
and but i would tell a different way i gag i would say

whether you realize it or not whether you are comfortable with it er nog

you're completely you
and fan and yourself
is the very activity
that create within delusion awakening
that's why we found ourselves
in and that's the point of this coin is understanding
the nature of fanning
the nature of actualizing looks for this two points one is what is the fundamental point and what is the actualization ethic
can you say a word games can take it did you say we're committed
i didn't know what i hear the ring is like i thought it may have thought well in the days a week and it for taking it then the actuality were already married a
and while i was using the engage more like that it's like when you when you in when you do something when you engage an activity you do it i didn't mean it as as as the preliminary the to something that happens before we are feel like i permit them up and would be create committed in newgate states like ticket
out more fully pricey by really want to come in to get married but i guess reality is where vintage yeah any to right and i was thinking of another way around i think of commit and i'm committed to going there tomorrow
is different from i'm going right now like putting the car here
can find more of future
well and and of course there are just words right
and what what actualizing as about is
the the intimate inner work
oh whether we want to call it committing or engaging the doing the discovering what what what does that phrase fanning mean in in in the intimacy of my doing what what is it
yes the actualize in the expression engaging the committing whenever the word
as jack session of give it to me in a short phrase that i can throw like become a phrase that sort of is kim is somehow i can become the phrase the phrase can become me where it comes up as close as all the other things that come up in me
why do we have a boat in my case
the hallway
what are the only two things on the but we're gonna have to play like like nine or what
the budget because some people are out how it there's such a thing as disappeared
i have one
because we forget
why do we practice at all
he doesn't mean that the wind is not universal
just another way to ban yourself
just another way to find yourself
good somewhere else over there head other hand the i i
i am
probably one of the want to order to experiences and ever intend to do it myself
i was intending to case or like to them and would want to team after and spoke english after the ceremony yeah come here your question and i i you
i asked him and he gave me
sure seemingly unrelated answer
yeah when i walked down i realize that i was in slave was indeed
fine significance in every
and i was wondering if some time he all right in such a vincent hangover to enslaves us as well
i'm not

that could be part of it but i would also suggest you did
there is a way in which we are gonna think that's what we do the kind of creatures we are we think we we we do use our mind to look at the world and say that's a window and that's another window and we have thoughts and opinions
in in that can be a an unattended enslavement
or are very thinking can become a tool for realization
and and i think that's part of the challenge of
i've studying the teachings
you know can it can our mind become can are thinking to become a tool
you know i think it's not so helpful to think
old coins are just there to tie your mind and nights
and exhaust itself it sort of makes it sound like and you'd be better off without a mind
i mean exactly and i know how they sounded like that bit but you're right that that very confusing for me when when does the mine engineer and will get on and now
recently read the lotus
in february
but mostly because it's immensely word document and i wanted to read it and i found myself wading through a page that prepared to convince me and i finally realized for me the only going on has been in the product was the back away as if from
an immense bureau when i stood too close to the most good as all strokes to the rug and when i stood back from it i i had this overall penetrating feeling
how important was too
thank the right
right and what's your know i i got that from it but when i go to it it didn't mean anything so i guess my question
exactly what you were saying
is thinking a tool that's a question exactly and i think your question of you know when as the mind useful and when is not useful in terms of actualizing
the fundamental point in terms of actualizing our experience i think it's a good question for us sometimes it does very much good anyway
and then sometimes in it stirs us and motivates us and orient takes us and gives us a way to reference that reminds us
what what it is we're trying to do
so i think it's a very good question
the end here's what i'd like to suggest that we end will we began
and to think once again
what would it be to chant
in a way that engages body and mind
in actualizing the dharma
and once again i would say do it your way

just don't harm anyone else
it's add that to at her
what are we going to check to make a really big