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Sunday talk.


Short talk, then service - mostly left intact.

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a foretaste the to survive targeters words

cyclops has lost its i
and there is terrible pain rage and crying out for revenge

all of the good people at this entire world are called on to redness once again
the great capacity within the human heart for hatred

there was a time not so long ago
when i and perhaps some of you in this room walked the path of hatred
i hated the united states of america
i hated it's president lyndon b johnson
i hated the military even though my uncle my brother my grandfather had been soldiers
for once i had been proud of
i hated the government i hated the weapon makers i hated the bank of america
and i hated the armed police on my college campus
and everyone on earth who supported them in any way i heard it
at times including my own pants
for years for decades
i sat while the star spangled banner was being prayed
i was insulted by that war song and the flag for i felt
what had come to represent
and yet all of those years and all of those feelings
we're taking me further and further away from my own heart
the dark path of hatred was hiding from view the very source of my rage
this time however at the sight of these burning towers
i am able to see clearly
what is underneath my pink
my anguish and my hatred
the source of my fear
am i paying is nothing less than a loving and compassionate regard for the suffering of others
what i hated was that people were being hurt
the children and old farmers and trees and villages were being set on fire and i could not stop it
when my daughter asked me why people flew airplanes into those buildings
i could only say there is no reason
and what i meant was that there is no light
the great cyclops of human industry has lost its i
all the causes and conditions of the ceaseless attacks by humans upon humans that we call history
are once again vivid and pounding on doors and windows of homes offices churches mosques and temples throughout the world
there are no boundaries to this chaos and there is no place on earth to hide
some years ago i became lovers with a man who had been a pilot in vietnam
he and i worked together for an environmental organization in downtown san francisco
he told me without pride that during the war he would get up each morning have a big breakfast in the officers mess and then climb into a magnificent machine
which was shot off the aircraft carrier and into the sky
he would then fly his airplane high above the ground
and by using radar and a map drop his payload more or less on the targets assigned for the day
he was almost always back to his ship before lunch
he never saw a single living being he never witnessed the outcome of his daily actions
the cyclops has no i
along with all of you we have been here watching and listening to the terrible news since this most recent outbreak of the unable tragedy at the core of our human life
and we are joined here with you and with the entire world
to grieve and to bear witness to the destructive power within these miraculous human hands
and of course we are all injured
deeply and immeasurably
and for life
and we've been injured before depending on when you were born you carry in your own body all of the assassinations the playground slaughters the subway poisoning the melting scars and battery acid on young indian
women's faces vietnam uganda baghdad korea world war holocaust and inquisitions on and on and on throughout the lifespan of human beings on the planet earth
we are not well read humans
we suffer from a terrible illness that the buddha called ignorance
we are ignoring our in separability and our interdependence
america has not been attacked
humankind has been attacked we even used the word kind
what these people did was not kind
and yet those are our own blind human children who carried knives into airplanes in isolation from those around them
and who mercilessly beat and tied another to a barbed wire fence and laramie wyoming and then left their sweet brother there to die

and what is it that we have failed to see as parents as teachers as just plain folks doing the best we can i don't know but i am looking
and with you i am committed to understanding
no matter what
even if it is too late we have no choice
so i and all of us here have come to be with you
to be together and to share our community's commitment to the one worthy cause on the earth the cause of great piece
jesus taught this mohammed taught this shakyamuni buddha taught this
as the gandhi the dalai lama martin luther king chief seattle of the north northwest indian nation
and all the gentle people of the earth through all time
but first they had to learn it for themselves
to become the human beings who did not renounce the world but who sat upright in the very center of its pain with open arms and sacred teachings
so this old barn is an ancient sanctuary
from beyond the edges of time and place
within this refuge these human shaped statues
in body for us the principles of wisdom compassion protection and regeneration for which each of us has come here to dedicate our lives
i take refuge in buddha
this is the enlightened nature of all being
i take refuge in dharma this is the truth of all existence i take refuge in sanga this is the community of all life
what we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday and are present thoughts build our life of tomorrow
our life is a creation of our mind
if a man or woman speaks or acts with an impure mind suffering follows them as the wheel of the cart follows the beast that draws the cart
what we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday and are present thoughts build our life of tomorrow
our life is a creation of our mind
if a man or woman speaks or acts with a pure mind joy follows them as their own shadow
he insulted me she hurt me they defeated me he robbed me those who think such thoughts will not be free from hate
he insulted me she heard me they defeated me he robbed me those who think not such thoughts will be free from hate for hate is not conquered by hate hate is conquered by love
this is a law eternal
many do not know that we are here in this world to live in harmony those who know this do not fight against each other
within this boundless sacred hall may each of us rededicate our precious lives to the teachings and the wisdom of the one who is not blind
and as the buddha taught may each of us learned to hold ourselves still and to let the terrible hurt and fear and rage arise in us like those dark clouds in the new york summer sky
and like the clouds to vanish in the night
leaving us all with a great longing for peace
only then may we sing our song

we will now offer a memorial service for all of those who have died and those who are injured and suffering from the terrible events of tuesday september eleventh
service you're welcome to return to the zendo to offer incense and you're also welcome to go outside to hit the big bell

me or intention equally penetrate every be and plays with is a tree the or
no way
me on numbers
hi to save them

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we'll have a memorial service and for that
margaret sanger
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me we awaken the buddha's compassion named luminous mirror wisdom chanting the day each and are on the and and made you grew on meal for protecting life we are
upper this married to the peace will be and say it as in joburg of all those whose lives have been taken in these terrible acts of violence
the peace and well-being of all those injured and affected by terrorist acts of this week
well healing and turning of the planners and perpetrators of these crimes who is damaged hearts and clouded minds are created endless suffering for the present and future
whoa wisdom patients and loving kindness of all world leaders so that they may exercise restraint and care in their action
ne the words of these two drugs and words of dedication i'll peel this world of suffering and confusion
the we with all our eggs so body speech and mind from this day on dedicate ourselves to peacefulness so that the power of human goodness and kindness will overcome human prolly and violence delusion
and may we and all beings find solace and strength in gudas the
no and he
ah the not a he is
ha ha
with now
it's on
hi i'm optimistic
ha i wouldn't do it now


will everyone please face this way again
if there are some kitchen people or food preparation people who have to leave now what they can do it

first of all thank you everybody for joining us today in our memorial service and today will be a little different than usual sunday will be as our speaker for schrader said offering t as usual right outside but simultaneous with that wheel
set up a couple of places near the altar where we can offer incense and also outside they'll be a couple of people supervising the ringing of the great bell outside for a hundred hundred eight times if any of you would like to offer incense or strike the
bill to express your mom
wishes and feelings of compassion and peace or please you're welcome to do so
we will not have a public lunch today we will have a public lands we will not have question answer so that he might be an extended t and r public lunch as usual will be at twelve forty five so in the interim you'd like to join the lunch here a to or rubber ring oceans botanical garden of the line
during this week
and for the immediate future will be trying to stay abreast of current events and tried to serve as then a gathering place for information
pertaining to community events in relation to this week's crisis
so you're welcome to check our the bulletin board near our office check with office personnel or even check our phone message will try to keep up to date information there
the events and for example this evening
real nearby at ten high school in mill valley there's going to be a candlelight vigil about seven thirty
and finally
just a couple more things
our resident teacher may a winter will hold her normal be on sunday t gathering this afternoon and their skills and spaces left and she is informed me that this days to together and will be a memorial together and also reminded the next week we'll have a
one day sitting for which there still some spaces available
those of you who have chant cards as you leave you're welcome to keep them or if you'd prefer not to you can put them on the back of the main altar
and finally on we're going to have another event in here later on today so please keep all the chairs were they are and the it would be helpful however if the rows of cushions that are next to the wall you could gather them at the end of the platforms
and put them away that would be helpful
what you very much