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Seijiki Ceremony - Relating to Death and Dying

Serial: SF-00029

Heading into winter; what is the most important thing at the end of your life? taking refuge; how are we also hungry ghosts; six realms.

Ceremony, Offering, Vows, Ordination, Death-and-Dying, Six Realms, Sangha, Emptiness...
Oct 29 2006

Birth Death

Birth-and-Death, Practice Period, Death-and-Dying, Suzuki Roshi, Ego, Don't Know...
May 13 2006

Sunday Lecture

Serial: SF-01089

Feet, toes - funny introduction. Memorial Day - historical information. War. Relating Memorial Day to our practice.

Letting Go, Death-and-Dying, Attachment, Interdependence, Echo, Observe, Separation,...
May 25 2003
Green Gulch

Wednesday Lecture

Buddha Ancestors, Death-and-Dying, Silence, New Year, Priest, Suzuki Roshi,...
Apr 05 2000
Green Gulch

January Practice Period Class

Karmic Consciousness, Heart Sutra, realization, Birth-and-Death, Platform Sutra,...
Jan 11 2000
Green Gulch

Words Don't Reach It

Death-and-Dying, Conversation, Right Speech, Heart Sutra, Fundraising, Diversity,...
Aug 13 1997

July 26th, 1995, Serial No. 00919

Emptiness, Suzuki Roshi, Echo, Tassajara, Zazen, Global Warming, Letting Go, Practice...
Jul 26 1995

Jizo Bodhisattva

Serial: SF-04001

Sunday Lecture - Includes Q&A and discussion

Ceremony, Cultivation, Anger, Death-and-Dying, Funeral, Describe, Avalokiteshvara,...
Jun 11 1995
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Cultivation, Patience, Enemies, Anger, Happiness, Emotions, Death-and-Dying,...
Jan 17 1993
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Death-and-Dying, Cultivation, Birth-and-Death, Separation, Constancy, Equanimity,...
Oct 06 1991
Green Gulch

March 1987 talk, Serial No. 03986

Study Period, Ceremony, Death-and-Dying, Impermanence, Posture, Buddha Nature,...

The Human Encounter with Death

Death-and-Dying, training, Letting Go, Demons, Conversation, Emotions, Faith,...
Oct 11 1981
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City Center

The Human Encounter with Death

Heart Sutra, Death-and-Dying, Chanting, Transmission, Subject-and-Object, Mindfulness...
Oct 11 1981
City Center

Unknown Date, Serial 02736

Serial: SF-02736

There are no markings on this tape beyond manufacturers

Heart Sutra, Death-and-Dying, Chanting, Transmission, Subject-and-Object, Mindfulness...