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Sesshin as a Koan for the Body

Serial: SF-00990

Sesshin Lecture: Easter/Buddha's Birthday; enlightenment experiences; dharmakaya; not doing anything; nirmanakaya; this is your life

Buddha's Birthday, Birth-and-Death, Suzuki Roshi, Conversation, Mill Valley,...
Apr 08 2007
Green Gulch

The Teachings of Chao Chou

Serial: SF-00927

Sunday Lecture: the stories of Chao Chou; Hsin Hsin Ming - koan("I alone am the World-Honored One"); mu - cutting through yes and no; not holding to preferences

Discrimination, Blue Cliff Record, Buddha's Birthday, Ordinary Mind, Buddha...
Mar 11 2007
Green Gulch

Gazing at Flowers on the Roof of Hell

Serial: SF-00914

Sunday Lecture: learning zazen with Soen Roshi in Jerusalem - interfaith practice; Easter - rebirth; Issa "Walking together on the roof of hell, looking at flowers"; Wendy's...

Faith, Buddha's Birthday, Dragons, Peace, zen meditation, Gratitude, Don't...
Apr 16 2006
Green Gulch

Sesshin Lecture

Serial: SF-03546

Second Sesshin, Zendo Lecture day 6

Lotus Sutra, Buddha Nature, Letting Go, Karma, Karmic Consequences, Buddha's...
Nov 21 2004

Sunday Lecture

Emptiness, Concentration, Buddha's Birthday, Happiness, causation, Priest,...
Dec 02 2001
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Ceremony, Manjushri, Offering, Heart Sutra, Zendo, Perfect Wisdom, Buddha's...
Apr 02 2000
Green Gulch

January Practice Period Class

Emptiness, Four Noble Truths, Dependent Origination, Blue Cliff Record, Posture, Two...
Jan 15 2000
Green Gulch

Buddha's Birthday

Serial: SF-03241

Sunday Lecture

Buddha's Birthday, Ceremony, Renewal, Liberation, Vows, Happiness, Peace,...
Apr 04 1999
Green Gulch


Dragons, Non-duality, Manjushri, Vimalakirti, Duality, Don't Know Mind, Birth-...
Apr 15 1998

Buddha's Birthday

Buddha's Birthday, Practice Period, Tassajara, Zendo, training
Apr 05 1998
Green Gulch

Just Let Go

Serial: SF-03109

Sunday Lecture: (According to the Buddha), the way to be happy is simple: just let go. Letting go is hard to do. Human mind wants to hold. We could say we are nothing but...

Letting Go, resistance, Buddha's Birthday, Blue Cliff Record, Attachment,...
Mar 08 1998
Green Gulch

Mothers' Day

Serial: SF-03101

Sunday Lecture: being born from a mother guarantees two ingredients, a bit of love and suffering, both necessary for enlightenment. The essential point of zen is questioning;...

Manjushri, Commitment, Karma, Four Noble Truths, Letting Go, Religion, zen meditation...
May 11 1997
Green Gulch

Buddha's Birthday

Serial: SF-03098

Sunday Lecture

Buddha's Birthday, Ceremony, Bell, Heart Sutra, Humility, Chanting, Renewal,...
Apr 06 1997
Green Gulch

Buddha's Birthday

Buddha's Birthday, Renewal, Offering, Ceremony, Bell, Heart Sutra, Nirvana,...
Apr 07 1996
Green Gulch

Meanings of the Word Dharma

Serial: SF-03094

Sunday Lecture

Birth-and-Death, Humility, Buddha's Birthday, Soto Zen, Zendo, Zazen, Family...
Sep 24 1995
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Vows, Buddha Mind, Hindrances, Monkey Mind, Buddha's Birthday, Six Realms,...
Apr 16 1995
Green Gulch

Buddha's Birthday

Serial: SF-03095

Sunday Lecture

Buddha's Birthday, Offering, Ceremony, Renewal, Chanting, Echo, Vows, Bowing,...
Apr 09 1995
Green Gulch

Importance of Shikantaza

Serial: SF-03104

Description of Tokubetsu Sesshin

Ceremony, Lotus Sutra, Priest, Letting Go, Buddha's Birthday, realization, Soto...
Mar 19 1995
Green Gulch

Sunday Lecture

Anger, Birth-and-Death, Monkey Mind, Vows, Attachment, Posture, Impermanence, Buddha...
Jul 10 1994
Green Gulch

Buddha's Birthday

Serial: SF-03249

Sunday Lecture

Buddha's Birthday, Renewal, Ceremony, Bell, Heart Sutra, Nirvana, Offering,...
Apr 10 1994
Green Gulch

OLD - Buddha's Birthday

Serial: SF-05386B

70 #5 - Buddha's Birthday 2-4-70

Buddha's Birthday, Ceremony
Apr 12 1970
City Center